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Finding Potential Customers in Your Area

Presented at Must Have Local Search Tactics, SMX West 2013 (#smx #22D)

Session Description: If you cater to a local clientele, local search is an essential channel. But the current state of local search is messy, with confusing options, variations and alternatives. Don’t waste your time trying to piece together this multi-layered puzzle – in this session, our seasoned local search experts will help you navigate the maze and get your business on the map when and where people are searching for your goods or services.

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Finding Potential Customers in Your Area

  1. 1. Stalking FindingPotential Customers In Your Area Dana DiTomaso @danaditomaso CEO, Kick Point
  2. 2. Who’s Your Target Market? Pretend you’re a financial planner or accounting firm! 25 to 40 Landed a great, well-paying job Have no idea how to save moneyDon’t really think of planning for the future
  3. 3. Why Not Link Build? Referral business converts wellBuild strong personal connections & social karma Can segue into link building
  4. 4. Capture Before the Buying Cycle Don’t let this happen to you:
  5. 5. Your Goal
  6. 6. Start With Current Spending
  7. 7. Look at Profiles Likes gravitypope & Holt Renfrew
  8. 8. Use Foursquare
  9. 9. Monitor Check Ins Google foursquare corso32
  10. 10. Monitor Mentions
  11. 11. Even More Mentions! Google "zinc restaurant"
  12. 12. Rapportive 1. Pull emails for your best customers. 2. Plug ‘em in. 3. So much social data.
  13. 13. What Have We Learned? Expensive restaurants Expensive clothes Enjoys travel Financially aware
  14. 14. Relate That To InterestsExpensive clothes = Holt Renfrew Enjoys travel = Fairmont
  15. 15. Oh, And You Just Built a PersonaJanet is 25 and has landed her first “corporate” job at a large oilcompany in Edmonton, working in Public Relations. She comesfrom an upper-middle class background, grew up inEdmonton, and enjoys shopping at Holt Renfrew and traveling.She’s just moved out of her parents house and is renting fornow, but has enough in savings to pull together a downpayment on a condo. She makes 50k/year and her boyfriendmakes 70k/year. They will be moving in together soon.She has some financial literacy from her family but wants to talkto a professional. She doesn’t want to hear that she should onlysave – she wants to have a life, too!
  16. 16. Gotta Catch ‘Em All
  17. 17. Now What?
  18. 18. Don’t Forget About ThemCreate lists/circles/whatever for the new follows Check & engage with that list regularly
  19. 19. Build a Referral Loop New Fans Referrals! Great Shared ContentEach loop levels up your reputation
  20. 20. And Then This Happens
  21. 21. And Then THIS Happens*Results may not be exactly as described.Apologies to
  22. 22. Thank You! Slides: Questions? @danaditomaso