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Dita diamonds international Inc_usa

  2. 2. DITA DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL INC DITA DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL INC Corporate Office :616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5647, Valley Cottage, NEW YORK - 10989 .USA Phone :1-888-207-0142 Email: support@ditadiamonds.net | support@ditadiamonds.us DITA DIMAONDS INTERNATIONAL LTD Suite LP22116 ,Lower Ground Floor 145-157 St John Street London ,EC1V 4PW Phone No: 44-20-3514-0327 Email: support@ditadiamonds.net | support@ditadiamonds.us WWW.DITADIAMONDS.NET WWW.DITADIAMONDS.US
  3. 3. About Dita Diamonds Online Diamond Trading Company Dedicated to the distribution of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry better than the retail price Offers a Diamond Trading Program that allows people to earn an additional income by marketing products Paying millions of dollars to thousands of people around the world Founded on July 24th, 2013, Dita Diamonds has gained worldwide attention and a global marketplace by offering the highest quality certified diamonds and impeccable customer service, a vast selection of settings, competitive prices, and custom creations unlike anywhere on the web. Thousands of people worldwide have made their most important purchases with us.
  4. 4. About Diamond Industry 100 Billion Dollars Industry, growing year by year exponentially. Online jewelry purchases have increased by 79% last year with diamond sales increasing by 101% Online diamond sales alone are projected to reach $15.5 Billion worldwide by 2014 Prices of half carat diamonds have risen by 49% since 2001. one carat diamonds have risen by 88% in the same period. Meanwhile three carat diamonds have gone up by 238% over the same timeframe. (source: financial times 7th September 2012)
  5. 5. Why Diamonds? Diamonds are cherished because: They are rare ! They are durable ! They are beautiful ! They have value ! They are expensive to mine and cut ! Diamonds are extremely hard ! In order to cut them, you have to use diamonds only.        Finite Resource No New Mines Supply and Demand BRIC Economies Commodity Tangible Price Independent „There haven‟t been any new big mines discovered during the past 20 years and the current mines are all ageing. Consumer demand is likely to be driven particularly by emerging markets, including china and India with combined diamond consumption to reach 36% of global total by 2020, surpassing the USA (which already consumes around one third of the world‟s diamonds) to become the major importers. (source: Global diamond report 2012/ Bain and co) “There has simply been no significant discovery since the early 90‟s, and that‟s despite an awful lot of effort going into exploration” (source: BMO Capital) Diamond supply has fallen nearly 30% since 2007 and demand has risen by the same percentage in that same five-year period.” (De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier, August 2012)
  6. 6. Facts About Diamonds  For every one million carats of diamonds mined there is only one gem quality 1 carat diamond found.  It takes five million diamonds to find one 2 carat diamond.  Two hundred tons of kimberlitic will need to be mined to find just one diamond.  90% of diamonds that are found are only industrial quality and of the 10% that remain less than 1 in 10,000 are fancy colored.  The Diamond is the hardest substance known to man and it is made of a crystallized carbon that has unique powers of light reflection.  Since diamonds are composed of a single element, they are the purest of all gemstones.  Diamond is a transparent gem made of carbon.  The Diamond came from the Greek word Adams which means unconquerable Diamonds forms in the kimberlitic pipes.  The formation of diamonds began very early in the earth‟s history.  It was conditions that caused deposits of carbon to begin to crystallize deep in the earth.  As the earth's surface cooled, volcanic activity forced streams of magna (liquid rock) to the surface, carrying with it the diamond crystals.
  7. 7. Facts About Diamonds  Later, the diamond-bearing rock hardened, encasing the diamonds in vertical volcanic "pipes".  Subsequent erosion of the top soils over millions of years washed some of the diamonds into streams and rivers, and sometimes as far away as the sea.  The diamond is thousands of times harder than corundum, the next hardest substance from which rubies and sapphires are formed.  Nearly 4000+ varieties of minerals are identified in nature; only a few are referred as gem minerals due to their exceptional qualities and properties.  Gems have been a part of human history for more than 5000 years. Throughout the ages gemstones have been seen as representations of wealth, power and symbols of supremacy.  Gem minerals are usually hard and relatively free from cleavage and occur as transparent crystals, with few exception such as opal, fluorite etc.,  Thus gemstones are artificially polished fragments (faceted or with smooth curved finish) that are used for decorative purposes and personal adornment
  8. 8. Diamond History The first river-bed diamonds were probably discovered in India, around 800 B.C. The volcanic source of these diamonds was never discovered, but the alluvial(1) deposits were rich enough to supply most of the world‟s diamonds. In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, thus beginning the tradition of diamond engagement rings. The reason a woman wears it on the third finger of her left hand dates back to the Egyptian belief that the “vena amoris” (vein of love) ran directly from the heart to the top of that finger.
  9. 9. Types of Diamonds  Pink Diamond  White Diamond  White With Secondary Pink Color  Champagne Diamond  Yellow Diamond  Blue Diamond  Green Diamond
  10. 10. Pink Diamond  The pink diamond is the world's most rare and valuable diamond.  The Argyle mine is the world's foremost source of unrivalled intense.  pink diamonds, producing 95% of the world's supply.
  11. 11. Fancy Coloured Diamonds  Rare  Higher in value  High in demand
  12. 12. White Diamonds White diamonds are produced by mines all over the world in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Africa is one of the largest producers of Diamonds in the World. The white diamonds recovered from the Argyle mine are particularly brilliant and of high quality.
  13. 13. Our Vision To offer high quality diamonds & fine jewellery with international quality certificate through IGI and GIA ,at outstanding price and to continue our leadership in our core business Our Objectives Our Objectives To distribute all over European and Asian continents To effectively manage future expansion Continued establishment & promotion of Dita Diamonds brand to continue to enhance customer experience
  14. 14. LEARN ABOUT THE DIAMOND FOUR C'S Diamond cut A well cut or faceted diamond, regardless of its shape, scintillates with fire and light offering the greatest brilliance and value... Understanding cut... While nature determines a diamond's clarity, carat weight and colour, the hand of a master craftsman is necessary to release its fire, sparkle and beauty. When a diamond is cut to good proportions, light will reflect from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse through the top of the stone, resulting in a display of brilliance and fire. So it follows that a better cut diamond does a better job of dazzling us with its beauty. Many gemmologists consider Cut the most important diamond characteristic because even if a diamond has perfect colour and clarity, a diamond with a poor cut will have dulled brilliance. The width and depth have the greatest effect on how light travels within the diamond, and how it exits in the form of brilliance Excellent / Ideal cut: Represents roughly the top 3% of diamond quality based on cut. Reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond. An exquisite and rare cut. Very good cut: Represents roughly the top 15% of diamond quality based on cut. Reflects nearly as much light as the ideal cut. Good cut: Represents roughly the top 25% of diamond quality based on cut. Reflects most light that enters. Fair cut: Represents roughly the top 35% of diamond quality based on cut. Still a quality diamond, but a fair cut will not be as brilliant as a good cut. Poor cut: This includes all diamonds that do not meet the proportion standards of a fair cut. These diamonds are deep and narrow or shallow and wide and tend to lose most of the light out the sides and bottom. round brilliant cut has 58 facets. Since the quality of the cut is directly responsible for the stone's beauty, the precision with which the facets are arranged is of prime importance - they determine the amount of light reflected to the eye, called brilliance.
  15. 15. Diamond Colour Diamonds are naturally colourless. However, most diamonds mined, display barely perceptible hints of colour ranging from colourless to light tint. Diamonds displaying no colour at all are graded D/E/F and have the highest value An exception is fancy coloured diamonds, where the diamonds exhibit deep colouration such as yellow, pink or blue. In such cases the deeper the colouration, the higher the value. TGJ crafts premium diamond jewellery using D/E/F diamonds only.
  16. 16. Diamond Clarity The formation of a diamond is not a gentle process. Most diamonds are born in extreme circumstances from primeval carbon deep in the earth’s mantle at about 500,000 to 2 million feet below the surface. They are then shot up to the surface at supersonic speeds by eruptions inside the earth. These volcanoes are very small compared to ones like Mt. St. Helens or Stromboli off the coast of Sicily, but the magma originates much deeper, which is what enables the diamonds to be extracted and carried up through the earth. The extreme heat and pressure that diamonds undergo during their ascent can cause unique “birthmarks” that affect their clarity. These are referred to as inclusions when they are internal or blemishes when they appear on the diamond‟s surface. The independent grading report that comes with every diamond we sell shows a diagram indicating the characteristics of your diamond, including any inclusions or blemishes your diamond may have and where they appear. The most important thing to remember when it comes to clarity is that a diamond‟s inclusions and blemishes should not be noticeable to the naked eye, nor should they be so excessive that they affect the diamond‟s durability. We grade a diamond‟s clarity according to the GIA International Diamond Grading System. The GIA Clarity Scale has a range of 11 grades that run from flawless (FL) to obvious inclusions (I3). A diamond that is higher up on the Clarity Scale will be more brilliant – and with all other characteristics being equal, more valuable – because it doesn‟t have inclusions and/or blemishes that impede its ability to refract and reflect light.
  17. 17. Clarity Grading Scale GRADE DESCRIPTION F Flawless. The diamond shows no inclusions or blemishes of any sort under 10X magnification when observed by an experienced grader. Note: Truly flawless or internally flawless (F or IF on the GIA‟s grading scale) diamonds are extremely rare. IF Internally Flawless. The diamond has no inclusions when examined by an experienced grader using 10X magnification, but will have some minor blemishes VVS1 VVS2 Very, Very slightly included. The diamond contains minute inclusions that are difficult even for experienced graders to see under 10X magnification. VS1 VS2 Very slightly included. The diamond contains minute inclusions such as small crystals, clouds or feathers when observed with effort under 10X magnification. SI1 SI2 Slightly included. Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification and may or may not be visible to the naked eye. However, when set in jewelry, the inclusions may become less visible. I1 I2 I3 Included. Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification and are usually visible to the naked eye. This quality allows for a larger diamond to be purchased at a lower price.
  18. 18. Why Become a Dita Diamond Affiliate? The purpose of the Affiliate is to sell high quality diamonds and diamond jewelry at better than the retail price. Dita Diamonds is a dynamic, fast moving and customer centric company that hires only the best of the Diamond and Jewelry industry talent. We're constantly rated for our over-the-top customer service. When customers are happy they buy and when they buy from Dita Diamonds you can earn handsome commission on that purchase.         Handsome Commissions Cutting-Edge Promotional Material Real-Time Live Stats High Conversion Rates Powerful Tracking Tools On-Time Payments Unlimited - Multi-Level Commissions Affiliate Network Earns You More     Aggressive Affiliate Incentives Bonuses and much more Responsive and Dedicated Affiliate Team Innovative Selling Tips  Dita has cut out the middle man, to offer you massive savings  Dita provides to its Affiliates a proven way to make an extra income
  19. 19. DITA AFFILIATES PROGRAM - Designed for Your Success Because success is a team effort, we have created an “Affiliates Program” that provides our partners with strong marketing support and a simple, generous commission‟s package. Who are eligible to become Dita Affiliate Member ?  Diamond brokers and jewelers. .  Anyone interested in high quality diamonds at better than retail price.  Anyone interested in earning an additional income by marketing diamonds.
  20. 20. Refer a Friend Spread the word about Dita Diamond ! When you tell your friends and family about the incredible experience you had with Dita Diamond, it helps us to grow as a company to better serve you! We would not be where we are today without our loyal customers and we'd like to say Thank You! When you tell a friend that they can "Just Expect More" with Dita Diamonds, and they make their first purchase with us. What could be better than making money for promoting something online? How about making money when a friend promotes something online? When you refer your friends and loved ones to us, we will happily take them under our wing and offer them as much assistance as needed. If they are successful and earn commissions you will benefit too. Dita Diamonds will thank you by giving you best income of what they earn; this is paid directly to your account. This is a great way to make some easy money and to link up with friends and family who might want to try their hand at affiliate marketing. Affiliates who partner up with others often find results come quicker, so if you do have a friend who might be interested, talk to them today.
  21. 21. With a large team of affiliate managers on hand, you will never be stranded if you need help. Every new affiliate who joins Dita Diamonds is assigned their own mentor who is available via Phone, Email or Instant Messenger to help.
  22. 22. Why Become a DITA Diamond Affiliate? Dita Diamonds is a dynamic, fast moving and customer centric company that hires only the best of the Diamond and Jewelry industry talent. We're constantly rated for our over-the-top customer service. When customers are happy they buy and when they buy from Dita Diamonds you can earn commission on that purchase  Handsome Commissions  Cutting-Edge Promotional Material  Real-Time Live Stats  High Conversion Rates  Powerful Tracking Tools  On-Time Payments  Unlimited - Multi-Level Commissions  Affiliate Network Earns You More  Aggressive Affiliate Incentives, Bonuses and much more  Responsive and Dedicated Affiliate Team  Innovative Selling Tips
  23. 23. Dita Diamonds Established in 2013, our company has enjoyed great expansion and continuous business growth. Our goal from the very beginning and remains today was the production of superior quality jewelry at competitive prices. AFFILIATES PROGRAM - Designed for Your Success Because success is a team effort, we have created an Affiliates Program that provides our partners with strong marketing support and a simple, generous commission‟s package. Here's how it works: You can join our program at 3 different affiliate levels. Each level is determined by the total annual sale revenue you make from Dita Diamonds & Jewelry items. Our commission structure is the more you sell, the more money you make. The Dita Diamonds jewelry affiliate program is an excellent way to generate additional income and add value to your life and social status
  24. 24. How Much Can I Expect To Earn As A DITA DIAMONDS Affiliate? Well, that really depends on how much you want to earn! Seriously, the sky‟s the limit! Dita Diamonds sells the finest engagement rings, diamond rings and loose diamonds on the web, and we have naturally high conversion rates. Considering an average sale is $ 200 and we offer a highest commission in binary, our top affiliates earn serious money. Simply put, Dita Diamond affiliates make more! What I can get from DITA ?     Safe and Reliable Online Shopping High Quality Diamonds and Jewelry Unique 3D Galleries, Product Videos, Live Chat Unmatched Customer Service  Fully Tested Marketing Materials for a High CTR  Attractive Coupons and Discounts  24/7 Affiliate Support
  25. 25. Refer A Friend 1 Guaranteed Commissions 2 Ethical 3 Personal Mentor 4 Weekly Payments 5 High Converting Offers
  26. 26. DITA ROA PLAN Plan DJ Plan - I DJ Plan - II DJ Plan - III Booking Amount 100 To 400 USD 500 To 900 USD 1000 To 2000 USD Daily ROA 1% 1% 1% Binary Category A – 1000 USD Per Week B – 2000 USD Per Week C – 3000 USD Per Week Terms and Conditions: 1.You will have one week cancellation policy; your money will be refunded excluding bank transfer charges as applicable. 2.After one week it is deemed to accepted. No refund accepted. 3.You can get deliver your product at any point of time on payment of your balance due amount + shipping cost. And you need to pay required customs charges as applicable in your country. 5.No product exchange offer available 6.Your ROA will be credited daily to your E wallet from Monday to Friday. 7.No hidden charges. 8.You can withdraw your earnings over and above 20 USD , check the withdrawal facilities https://ditadiamonds.us
  28. 28. = $3,000 a week = $162,000 a year The earnings portrayed in this literature are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a DITA associate can or will earn through his or her participation in the WOR(l)D Pay Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with DITA results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.
  29. 29. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH AN EXTRA $3,000 PER WEEK? IF YOU HAD ALL THE MONEY YOU COULD EVER WANT AND ALL THE FREE TIME TO ENJOY IT, HOW WOULD YOUR LIFE BE DIFFERENT? A GREAT QUESTION would you live in the same house? TO ASK IS “THE would you drive the same car? would you take more vacations? DREAM QUESTION.” would you pay off credit card bills? would you give more to charity or financially help people you have never been able to help before? - would you spend more time with friends, family and loved ones? -
  31. 31. BINARY INCOME Product Rate- USD 500.00 1000.00 Points Value 500.00 1000.00 Binary Release $ 50.00 100.00 EXAMPLE 2 EXAMPLE -1 Left PV = 100 ------------C/F =100 PV Binary Commission 10% 10% Right PV =100 ----------------C/F = 100 PV Note:1 USD = 1 PV ( Points ) Left PV = 600 Matching : 500 ------------------C/F = 100 PV Right PV = 500 Matching : 500 --------------------C/F = 00.0 PV Note: BV = 500 : 500 = 500 BV X 10% = 50$
  32. 32. BINARY INCOME EXAMPLE -3 Left PV - =700.00 ------------700.00 500.00 ------------C/F 200.00 Right PV = 800.00 --------800.00 500.00 ---------C/F 300.00 Notes: 1. The Minimum pay out should be Weaker Side Matching = 500 x 10% = 50 USD 2. In case of less than 500 PV Both side should be carry forward 3. All pay outs ( Pairs ) should be in multiple of 500:500 = 500 x 10% = 50 USD
  33. 33. BINARY INCOME Left PV = 1300.00 -------------1300.00 1000.00 ------------C/F 300.00 Right PV = 1200.00 --------1200.00 1000.00 ---------C/F 200.00 Notes : 1 . (Left PV = 1300 ) : (Right-PV = 1200) = Matching 1000 : 1000 = 1000 BV x 10% = 100 USD Commission
  34. 34. BINARY INCOME BINARY CEILING Minimum Product 100 To.400 - USD 500 To.900 - USD 1000 To.2000 - USD Binary Eligible 1000.00 - USD 2000.00 -USD 3000.00 - USD Maximum Per week Maximum Per week Maximum Per week Note : 1. Weekly Closing - Every Sunday 12.00 AM USA TIME 2.Commissions will be posted Every Monday
  35. 35. DITA CAREER DIRECT REFERRAL INCOME You are Eligible for 10% of your Direct referral of his / her earning , on every direct sponsor you make irrespective of left / right side . Note : The Direct referral income will be paid Weekly Every Monday
  36. 36. DITA REWARDS http://www.ditadiamonds.us - http://www.ditadiamonds.net Email : support@ditadiamonds.us - support@ditadiamonds.net