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District Photographer Portfolio


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District Photographer Portfolio

  1. 1. Black Tie
  2. 2. Politics as Usual
  3. 3. National Press Club Events
  4. 4. District Photographer Favorites
  5. 5. District Photographer has had the privilege of photographing such figures as President George W. Bush, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Fmr. Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Fmr. Governor Jim Gilmore, Fmr. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, Ambassador John Bolton and many more. Over the last 5 years lead photographer and company President Michael Sanders has photographed over 50 events in Washington DC, New York, California, Oregon and Maine Call for A Quote including more than 25 Congressional and Senate interviews: National Review Mystic Seaport Gala Race and Reconciliation in America National Review Online Michael Brown for Mayor (RARIA) National Review Conservative Summit Linda Cropp for Mayor Ave Maria Law School Center for Medicine in the Public Center for Security Policy Prince Georges County Interest Bob Miglani "Treat Your Customers" Chuck Floyd for Congress Capital HQ Book Launch Merola for Delegate Political Media Templeton Foundation Serbian Parliament Member Nenad Politics Magazine Langhart Communications Popovic The National Tax Limitation Committee The Howard Gilman Foundation Ambassador Jason Kim Senator Bob Corker Congressman Dennis Kucinich Congressman Ron Paul Congressman Louie Gohmert Senator David Vitter Congressman Bob Inglis Congressman John Shadegg Congresswoman Marsha Senator jim Bunning Congressman Charles Congressman Michael C Burgess M.D Blackburn Senator Richard Burr Boustany Congressman Mike Rogers Congresswoman Michele Senator George Allen Congressman Jack Kingston Congressman Paul Ryan Bachman Senator Richard Shelby Congressman Jeff Congressman Tom Price Congressman Joe Wilson Senator Jim Demint Fortenberry Congressman Joe Pitts Congressman Aaron Schock 406 1st ST SE Third Floor Washington DC 20003 202-569-8545