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District 42 Toastmasters Magazine Prairie Horizons Fall Issue Vol 1 2013

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PH Fall Issue Vol 1 2013

  1. 1. PRAIRIE HORIZONS Where Leaders Are Made CELEBRATE SUCCESS 2013-2014 Volume 1 District 42 INSIDE THIS ISSUE District Executive DG Keith Lee …..…….…...1 LGET Doris Henn ………..3 LGM Marg Faryna …….....4 PRO Geetha Nicodemus .6 Revitalized Education .....8 Celebrate Success International Convention 9 Fall Conference …..…….10 Hall of Fame …………….11 Education Awards ……..12 The 2013-14 year is almost half over and there is plenty to celebrate! Congratulations to all of the achievers in District 42 who have earned an educational award, competed in a speech contest, or fulfilled a personal milestone so far this year. Destination DTM …..…...13 Photo Gallery …….….….14 Divisions .........................15 Anniversaries …………..17 The Power of Stories ....19 Inspiring Leader ….….…20 One achievement that I recently completed was ensuring that all 166 members who earned an Educational Award District Incentive pin had received their pin. Thank you to each of them for their patience with my many, many messages regarding this project. Here are some lessons I learned that are relevant to any goal, within Toastmasters or beyond: 1. Set a clear goal. Photo Gallery ...…………21 I knew exactly how many people qualified, and I knew that I wanted to confirm with each one of them that they had received their pin . Compiled By: Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Carol Harrison, DTM Layout & Technical: Nandini Venkatesan, DTM Marvin Henry, DTM 2. Track your progress in a consistent way. I created countless spreadsheets itemizing what had been sent out when, but it was the creation of a single master spreadsheet that I used to track all communication regarding the project that led to greater comfort and confidence that nothing was being missed. Centralizing the information made a big difference in cutting through the noise created by multiple sources of information. Editor: Carol Harrison, DTM District Website: Page 1
  2. 2. District Governor Keith Lee, DTM Sample Text 3. Get help when you need it. Thankfully I had supportive collaborators (thanks Susan! thanks Christina!) who helped keep the project on track and had useful suggestions on how to overcome obstacles along the way. They each assembled teams to take care of their aspect of the project. Subhead Sample Text 4. Reflect regularly on your progress. It was satisfying to see the number of confirmed recipients climb month by month. When half of the recipients had confirmed by mid-September, I was glad. When I was down to the final 10, I was ecstatic. This kept me motivated to fulfill my promise to complete the project. 5. Review and share your lessons learned. That is why I am writing this article :) Build and share your knowledge with your club, your executive and your network so others can benefit from your experience. Members 1. Set a clear goal – what are your goals this year? Have you shared them with your club? Can your personal goals help your club achieve success with its Club Success Plan? (Boot Camps are great for this!) 2. Track your progress in a consistent way – Have you been using the achievement record at the back of your manual? Do you have a personal Member Achievement Record? Does your VP Education know where you are in the program? 3. Get help when you need it – Do you have a mentor within the program? Do you mentor other members? Do you encourage others through your feedback, evaluations and support? How can you help another member of your club achieve their next goal? Photo: Tim Lambert, DTM Past District Governors support Keith Lee. 4. Reflect regularly on your progress – How have you changed through your work on the current project? What have you achieved through your progress in the program? How has your participation developed your skills? What fresh new experiences have you had? What have you enjoyed? 5. Review and share your lessons Learned – Perhaps through a speech? Or perhaps write an article in your club newsletter or website? Or through mentorship of another member? Remember – move with purpose, and choose to consciously, responsible engage your attention, time and energy on projects that will move you forward both within and beyond the club. The opportunities are endless. Merry Christmas! Keith Lee, DTM Page 2
  3. 3. Lieutenant Governor Education and Training Doris Henn, DTM Sample Text Lt. Governor Education & Training Report In District 42 we value the contributions of our members. To help celebrate their success we have implemented a new incentive program this year. Each quarter, we will send individual award ribbons to the Presidents of each club to Subhead present to their members who achieved a Sample Text communication or leadership award. It is our hope that each club will recognize these achievements during a regular club meeting. All District 42 incentives and promotions can be accessed on the District 42 website under the “Discover District 42” tab. We are using Survey Monkey this year to track many of the club awards such as Club Fitness, Speechcraft, Open House and Youth Leadership. These ribbons will also be sent out quarterly to the Presidents of each successful club. The Fort McMurray conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with members from across District 42 who came together to celebrate the “Of the Year” winners, the District Humorous and Table Topics speech contest winners, Triple Crown, CC/CL, CL/ALB awards and 11 proud recipients of the DTM designation. A Destination DTM Bootcamp was held in Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary in November. Toastmasters had an opportunity to learn about how to complete the next step of their DTM journey. The feedback from each session was very positive and we are hoping to have a 2nd round of Destination DTM in the spring where we provide a similar experience for some of our smaller centers across the District. The second round of Club Officer training begins in December. This year we hope to introduce “All Leader” sessions as part of the January TLI/COT in each major center. These “All Leader” sessions will include relevant topics such as Membership Building and Retention, Mentoring, Distinguished Club Plan and Effective Evaluations and will provide value for all members of District 42. The sessions will be held just prior to the breakout sessions for each club executive position. I would like to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a productive New Year as you develop your communication and leadership skills in District 42. Doris Henn, DTM Photo: Tim Lambert, DTM Doris Henn, LGET, Nevin Henn, C39 Area Governor Page 3
  4. 4. Lieutenant Governor Marketing Marg Faryna, DTM Sample Text Subhead Sample Text Marketing in District 42 We are truly blessed to have great leaders in all corners of District 42. Our leaders lead, as in the proverb “. . . Teach a man to fish; you feed him for a lifetime.” Leaders begin with a role on the club program and then by taking on a club leadership role such as planning a contest or guest meeting and then as a club officer. There are so many opportunities for every member. Leadership goes beyond the club, into area and division governor roles and club coaches, sponsors and mentors. There are many more opportunities for everyone. It is very exciting and fulfilling to bring new members into our clubs and bring new clubs into District 42. Let’s continue to grow our membership in all corners. Let’s set a goal to have a minimum of 20 members in each club. Let’s continue to lead by following the proverb and showing more members the power of leadership. We will soon pass the half-way milestone in our toastmaster year and we will soon say good-bye to 2013 and welcome 2014. Every day has been important to bring us to this point in time; without each day, we would not be where we are. Thank you to everyone for making it possible. Welcome the New Year with your dreams, goals and aspirations. Embrace all the new things that will be coming your way and make it a great year! Marg Faryna, DTM New Chartered Clubs Our leaders in building new clubs have already successfully chartered 9 clubs and there are more on the horizon in every corner of District 42. Fearless Speakers, Saskatoon Absolutely Fabulous Toastmasters, Calgary Speak MastURS, Sherwood Park Elemental Toastmasters, Fort Saskatchewan College Plaza Toastmasters, Edmonton Lingo Advanced Toastmasters, Edmonton ATB Calgary Campus, Calgary Groundswell Group Toastmasters, Calgary Crowfoot Communicators, Calgary Photo: Tim Lambert, DTM Marg Faryna, DTM supporting members of District 42 Page 4
  5. 5. Lieutenant Governor of Marketing Marg Faryna, DTM Sample Text New Clubs – Sponsors & Mentors It is very exciting to welcome new clubs into the District. And between July and November, we have welcomed nine new clubs! This would not have been possible without the help of New Club sponsors and mentors. New club sponsors hold demonstration meetings and help recruit members to the prospective new club. They show clubs how to hold meetings, elect officers and submit the charter paperwork to World Headquarters. This process can take from 1 to 6 months and concludes when the new club holds Subhead their charter presentation meeting. Sample Text New club mentors guide the new club through the 6 – 12 months that follow the charter presentation. They ensure the club officers understand their duties, help recruit and retain members, and show the club how to succeed with the Club Success Plan. Up to two sponsors and two mentors can be appointed to serve each new club. Sponsors and mentors receive club-building credit toward an Advanced Leader Silver Award. If you are interested in being a club sponsor or mentor, please contact Congratulations to the Clubs and their Club Coaches for achieving their goals in 2012-13. By the end of June 30, 2013 23 club coaches were successful in helping 15 clubs achieve their goal of becoming Distinguished Clubs. Club coaches are appointed to assist a club that is experiencing difficulties building and maintaining membership. The goal is to help the club become a Distinguished Club. Successful coaches receive credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver Award. If you would like to become a club coach, please contact Marg Faryna, DTM Clubs Coaches Division A Aecommunicators Club Cathie J. Sarafinchan, DTM Division F Christian Club Liz VonKanel, DTM & Marg Faryna, DTM Division G Division F Division E Division E Sunny South Speakers Club Business and Beyond Toastmasters Club Carlton Trail Club Living Skies Advanced Club Beverley L. LeBlanc, DTM & Ron MacTavish, ACS, ALB Dennis Carl O'brien, ACB, CL Judy D. Riou, ACS, ALS Cecilia Elizabeth, DTM & Elizabeth Gadzella, ACS, ALS Division J Division J Calgary Advanced Toastmasters Bankers Hollering Toastmasters Club Fabian E. Asin, DTM & Vincenzo Aliberti, ACS, ALB Raj Janakiraman, CC & Mark Patulski Division F Division F Division E University Toastmasters Club Icebreakers Club Speaking Done Here Club Dennis Carl O'brien, ACB, CL Peter Kolotyluk, ACG, ALB Sarah Parker, ACB, ALB & Paula Noon, DTM Division G Dinosaurs Toastmasters Club Curtis A. Scherger, CC, CL Division B Division A Division F Not-Just-Us Club MacEwan Club Leduc Blackgold Toastmasters Chanchal Sethi, CC, CL & Mavis Joy Matheson, DTM Wendy L. Welte, ACG, CL & Cheryl Schofield, ACS, ALB Joan V. Petruk, DTM Page 5
  6. 6. Public Relations Officer Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Subhead Sample Text Promoting Toastmasters Since 1958, we have been sharing the benefits of Toastmasters program with friends, family and organizations, mostly by word-of-mouth communication. With many of us experiencing lifechanging benefits, we would have used Morse code to spread the word, if we had to! Thankfully the old methods of spreading the word have evolved into newspapers, Television, Events, Websites and Social Media and making channels of communication easier, faster and more exciting. My vision for District 42 this year is “District 42 Discover D42”, an extension of the vision by Past PRO Lorraine Wheatley “Discover District 42”. I hope to achieve this by exploring the communication channels available to promote Toastmasters to the District 42 population (Alberta and Saskatchewan – with 5000 plus members, we have touched only 0.1 percent of the population). Apart from this, I would additionally like to use technology to help support District Leaders to communicate with our members more effectively. The ‘District 42 Dispatch – what’s happening in the District?’ is our main communication channel to all our members. Give the Dispatch a closer look – it is your window to the D42 world! Like our Facebook page for updates and photo albums. I am lucky to be working with a passionate team of professionals. Fred Sawka, District 42 CIO is the architect of our website and the technology expert for D42. Eloise Blackstock as Web Administrator successfully completed the phase 1 of ‘content quality’ project. Carol Harrison as Prairie Horizons editor will be bringing out 3 issues of the magazine this year. Christina Kruis (District Secretary) has been a key contributor to the web team as content provider and Nandini Venkatesan as PR Support. Other dedicated members who have made contributions to website include: Rhys Davies, Jan Olson and our past and current District Leaders. Photos: Crystal Clark Top left clockwise PR team members Fred Sawka, Eloise Blackstock, Carol Harrison, Christina Kruis, and Rhys Davies (left). Page 6
  7. 7. Public Relations Officer Geetha Nicodemus, DTM We have continued the Webinar trainings and have now included topics that would help our members understand and have clarity on the various aspects of their membership and programs. Devan Macpherson will be coordinating the trainings. The trainings will be recorded and made available on the website. Subhead Sample Text Early this year, we were invited by Habitat for Humanity, to provide speakers to talk about their programs to schools and corporations. We also had an invitation from PEMAC for conducting a workshop on speaking skills for their annual Maintenance Management Conference, MainTrain – Nandini Venkatesan and Fabian Asin wowed the audience with their 5 hour workshop. Such programs not only give us opportunities to showcase toastmasters, but something deeper, the generosity and willingness of our members to give back to the community by sharing the program. I would like to thank District Leadership, Division Governors and Area Governors for all their support and contributions. It has been an exciting and fulfilling 5 months so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the year. Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Photos: Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Terry Kozlyk, DTM - webinar and HPL Free Toast Host Promoting Toastmasters at MainTrain Nandini Venkatesan, DTM and Fabian Asin, DTM – speaking at MainTrain Conference Page 7
  8. 8. Revitalized Education Program Toastmasters International Ambassadors to Visit This is an historic time for Toastmasters International as the organization moves forward with the Revitalized Education Subhead Sample Text Program. To that end, we want to make sure you are aware of upcoming developments affecting your District. In early December 2013, World Headquarters is presenting a webinar to all Chief Ambassadors. The purpose is to update them on the Revitalized Education Program and explain their roles and responsibilities. The webinar will also provide Chief Ambassadors with information to share with their District Ambassadors. The Ambassadors, in turn, will give brief presentations to clubs. All clubs in your District will be visited by Ambassadors. The visits begin in December. If you have questions on any of these matters, please contact your Chief Ambassador Chuck LeBlanc or email Thank you for your cooperation. How will I benefit from a Revitalized Education Program? You will benefit from program improvements such as:  A greater use of technology to boost selfdirected learning, to access educational materials and to connect with other members around the world  A clearer path for achieving education awards  Opportunities to develop real-world communication and leadership skills in a globally evolving marketplace Best regards, The Education Program Team Toastmasters International Toastmasters International website Page 8
  9. 9. International Convention Cincinnati, Ohio August 2013 District 42 is a Select Distinguished District for 2012 – 2013 under the leadership of Past District Governor Chuck LeBlanc, DTM. Each member Lorraine Wheatley, CC, ALB has helped to make a difference. C Sample Text Past District Governor Jacquie Schneider, DTM was honored with a Presidential Citation. The convention is an opportunity to meet leaders from around the world to share ideas and network. Hope to see you in Malaysia in Aug. 2014. Subhead . Sample Text Photos: Keith Lee, DTM Upper Right: Chuck LeBlanc, Aparna Verma (D42 Speech Champion), Keith Lee Lower: D42 Exec – Doris Henn, Marg Faryna, Keith Lee, Nevin Henn Page 9
  10. 10. Fall Conference Fort McMurray November 1 - 3, 2013 Congratulations to our Humorous Contest Winners Congratulations to our Table Topics Contest Winners First Place: Jackie Diemart Second Place: Noel Bentley Third Place: Iris Talbot First Place: Kelly Kaur Second Place: Mryna Peregrym Third Place: Iris Talbot Subhead Sample Text Page 10
  11. 11. Hall of Fame Of the Year Awards – Fall Conference November 2013 Subhead Sample Text Newsletter of the Year Rookie of the Year Shelley Goldbeck John Bauer Area Governor of the Year Division Governor of the Year Carissa David Geetha Nicodemus Toastmaster of the Year Bev LeBlanc Photos: Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Tim Lambert, DTM President of the Year Denise Rackett Page 11
  12. 12. Education Awards Distinguished Toastmaster, DTM Subhead Sample Text Congratulations! On Nov. 2, 2013, in Fort McMurray District Governor Keith Lee, DTM recognizes the hard work involved in the highest educational achievement in Toastmasters. Congratulations to all those who received their educational designations. The educational program is the heart of every Toastmasters club. It provides members with a proven curriculum that develops communication and leadership skills one step at a time, with many opportunities for awards and recognition along the way. The communication and leadership tracks are not mutually exclusive; you may participate in both at the same time, if you wish. - Toastmasters International Website Photos: Tim Lambert, DTM Top Row: Sumana Barua, DTM, Carol Harrison DTM Amee Harrison, DTM, Joan Petruk, DTM Page 12
  13. 13. Destination DTM Amee Harrison, DTM Mission Accomplished! I know the journey to distinguished toastmaster (DTM) can seem daunting to many leaving the path travelled by only a few. We celebrate this huge success with all who have accomplished it no matter how long or short a time they take to reach the destination. At the Fall Conference 2013 in Fort McMurray Subhead the Saturday luncheon celebrated the Sample Text completion of this milestone for those in attendance. Amee Harrison, one of the recipients, completed her DTM in July 2013, an accomplishment greater than many realized. Amee had a stroke at birth leaving her in a coma. The doctors and specialists gave her only a five percent chance of survival. If by some miracle she lived, the doctors expected the brain damage to severely limit her ability to accomplish everyday tasks most people take for granted. The statistics included a five percent chance to walk or talk. Reading would be impossible. Her journey through life has been full of challenges yet there have been many successes, small and large, she has celebrated as well. Amee learned to walk and ran track in Special Olympics for fifteen years. She learned to talk but communication remained an extremely weak skill. In 2006 Amee attended her first Toastmaster meeting and joined immediately to practice and improve her weak communication skills. She practiced speaking, had a mentor longer than many have and began to take on various roles. The Competent Leader manual that many seasoned Toastmasters found intimidating, made sense to her and she soon mentored her home club in what to do with this book. Photo: Amee receiving her DTM. She dreaded table topics and still does. When asked to set goals for the year in Toastmasters she often drew a blank until four years ago at a Destination DTM Boot Camp when the presenter managed to have SMART goals make sense to her. Three weeks later she shared her SMART goals for the next four years the culmination of which would see her complete her DTM. She pulled a second sheet of SMART goals she had set for her mom Carol which included earning a second DTM. Amee’s goals meant hard work, extra help with some areas and occasionally becoming overwhelmed as she travelled the road to completing them. In July 2013 Toastmasters International registered the completion of Amee’s goals but the high point came when both Amee and her mom Carol were presented with the DTM plaque, medal and pin at the 2013 Fall conference allowing her to mark her final goal completed. As we celebrate our members’ successes let’s learn the story behind the achievement. We will be encouraged, challenged and inspired. Carol Harrison, DTM Page 13
  14. 14. Fall Conference Photo Gallery – Fort McMurray Mining your Potential November 1-3, 2013 Keynote Speaker: Anne Barab Mayor Melissa Blake, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo declares November 2nd as Toastmasters Day! Co-chairs for Fall Conference are Sangeeta Hull, Larry Andrews and Pierre Du Plessis Subhead Sample Text Photos: Crystal Clark Toastmasters from District 42 share ideas and network at the Conference. Middle row centre – Keynote Speaker, Anne Barab Lower left – Mayor Melissa Blake, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Page 14
  15. 15. Calgary Division C and J Governors Division J “Of The Year” Award Winners Subhead Sample Text The “Of the Year” awards are an excellent opportunity to recognize members who demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the organization either by their contributions and/or involvement. Toastmasters International has 4 categories at the Division level to pay tribute to members who have distinguished themselves. Each category has specific criteria for selection. Testimonials from any members are a big addition to the final selection process. The Division J winners of the 2012-2013 “Of the Year” awards are: Rookie of the Year John Bauer - PMI-SAC Toastmasters Membership Drive “One of the success stories we would like to share is about our membership drive. We had a booth running over a 4 day period during lunch hour close to 2 of our cafeterias, and additionally one of the members who also works for Shaw in the marketing department was able to get a 30 second video ad running on screens near a few exits where a shuttle bus picks up employees to shuttle them to the various parking lots around the campus. We have had huge success and already have almost met our DCP points for new members within a month and have had upwards of 5 guests attending each meeting since the drive.” Robert Litwin President of ShawMasters Toastmaster of the Year Bob Gibennus - Westhills Public Relations of the Year Jen Coyne - Westhills President of the Year John Bauer - PMI-SAC Toastmasters Area Governor of the Year J46 - Nevin Henn Summary of Bob Gibennus’s thoughts on receiving the Of The Year award: “Thank you, Division J for this wonderful award. Thank you, Toastmasters, for introducing me to some of the most inspiring people you will ever meet”. John Bauer, ACS ALB Page 15
  16. 16. Saskatchewan Division E Governor SHARE – LEARN – GROW Like so many others that seek out Toastmasters, I stepped into my first Toastmasters meeting in 2008 to improve my public speaking skills. A career change required me to present to groups and I wanted to do so with confidence. Rather than a motivation to earn designations or awards, I was motivated to improve my ability to communicate in order to advance my career. Subhead The members of Division E have entrusted me Sample Text with leading Division E for 2013-2014. I take this responsibility seriously. My personal goal is to leave, the Division at the end of the year, better than I found it so every member is empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth, just like I experienced. My predecessors have left a legacy of success and I feel compelled to build on their foundations so that my successor can, in turn, build on what I will leave behind. The task is daunting but then I think of Henry Ford’s wisdom, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right.” Then I focus on how I can meet the challenge. The only way I know to meet this challenge is with a team of people working together, sharing knowledge and expertise, learning from each other’s best practices and challenges, and growing stronger and faster than they could alone. The same process is just as effective member to member at a club meeting as it is division leader to division leader. Creating networks to Share – Learn – Grow at all levels will enable Division E to strengthen and continue the pattern of increasing success in years to come. This year has its challenges but these become our opportunity to develop our leadership and communication skills. Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committee citizens can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” My challenge to every member of division E is to commit to making a difference, step up, step out and Share – Learn – Grow. Lynne Marr, CC Page 16
  17. 17. 60th Anniversary Prince Albert Toastmasters SIXTY YEARS OF HISTORY On October 21, 2013 the Prince Albert Toastmasters Club celebrated their sixtieth anniversary complete with a trip down memory lane, archives on display and dignitaries bringing their congratulations. Members, former members, politicians, the immediate past division E governor, present area governor and guests had an enjoyable evening of table topics, congratulatory speeches and the chance to look for familiar names on the various contest trophies displayed prominently at the back of Subhead Sample Text the room. Carol Harrison DTM, past Division E governor presented the Area 21 Toastmaster of the Year award to Jackie Diemert from Prince Albert Toastmasters Club on behalf of the 2012 – 13 Area 21 Governor. No celebration would be complete without photo ops and the opportunity to network while enjoying the celebration cake. The planning committee is to be commended on providing a great evening of celebrating success. Congratulations on achieving sixty years as an active club making an impact in the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and may you continue to have success in the years to come. Photo: Carol Harrison, DTM Jackie Diemart celebrates her achievement with Past District Governor Carol Harrison. Carol Harrison, DTM Page 17
  18. 18. Anniversaries District 42 Toastmasters Subhead Sample Text Happy 60th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Dinner Camrose Toastmasters celebrated on October 18, 2013. Past members and guests gathered at the Camrose Casino to catch up and enjoy the evening. Dawnbreakers in Edmonton celebrated their 30th anniversary at a gala event on November 19, 2013 to “Connect – Again” with friends and former members. Charter member Peter Kossowan. (left). Photo: Marg Faryna, DTM Photo: Marg Faryna, DTM Front left, is Fred Swartz, one of the original charter members in 1953. On the far right, Buffy da Silva, District 42 Governor, 1994-95. Charter member Peter Kossowan Celebrating 10th Anniversary Westhills Toastmasters had a wonderful celebration with guests and members on November 25, 2013. Photo Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Congratulations and Best Wishes to our District Governor Keith Lee and District Chief Judge 2012-13 Laurel Korbo Wedding September 1, 2013 Photo: Doris Henn, DTM Page 18
  19. 19. The Power of Stories District 42 Toastmasters HEART OF A TOASTMASTER Each person who comes to Toastmasters comes for personal reasons. Many choose to stay. What brought you and made you stay in Toastmasters? I love to hear the stories of successes members achieve. I love to use stories as I share the benefits of this Subhead organization that allows us to learn, improve Sample Text and practice our communication and leadership skills. Stories have the power to take the theory to reality and help others remember and be encouraged and inspired. The release of a new book, Heart of a Toastmaster, by Sheryl Roush DTM occurred at the International Toastmasters Convention in August 2013. This book includes 133 inspirational, true, short stories written by Toastmaster members from around the world about their personal experience in Toastmasters. In her introduction to this collection Sheryl writes, “Whether you are new to Toastmasters or a seasoned member, you will enjoy, relate to and celebrate these diverse and genuine stories by your fellow Toastmasters as you share their passion, successes and gratitude for our membership. Photo: Sheryl Roush, DTM Bev LeBlanc, DTM recording audio book We want to celebrate the successes of three District 42 members whose stories were chosen for this book. Bev LeBlanc DTM, our 2012-13 Toastmaster of the year has a story titled If You’re Going To Be A Toastmaster. Bev had the opportunity to attend the International Convention, be part of the book signing on the release of the book and tape her story for the audio version of the book. Carol Harrison DTM has a story titled, I Never Dreamed. The third District 42 member is Bob Hooey with a story titled, 13 Steps. The Heart of a Toastmaster book is available from Toastmaster International store. Page 19
  20. 20. Inspiring Leader Communication & Leadership Award Spring 2013 Leaders in the Community The Communication & Leadership Luncheon is our opportunity to thank our members for their achievements as communicators and leaders within Toastmasters. It is also our opportunity to recognize and thank an individual from our community. The District 42 Communication and Leadership Award was established in 1972 to honour a leading Subhead citizen in our District of Alberta & Saskatchewan for Sample Text his or her communication and leadership skills. The Communication and Leadership Award recognizes that citizen who demonstrates these skills in the field of their expertise and in the community. Past recipients have included The Honourable Dr. Lynda Haverstock, His Worship Mayor Pat Fiacco, Joan McCusker, The Honourable Peter Lougheed, The Honourable Sylvia Fedoruk, and in 2011 this prestigious award was presented to Jim Hopson of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This year’s recipient has earned his place on this impressive list. Ron Waldman was born and raised right here in Saskatchewan, in beautiful Moose Jaw. He went on to receive Honours Degrees in Business and Philosopy from the University of Western Ontario. After university Ron joined the Saskatchewan based Coca-Cola/Canada Dry franchise family owned bottling business where he worked his way to the role of President and CEO. He went on to work at KPMG Advisory Services and then as President and CEO of Business Turn Around & Renewal. In 1999 he made a move that has impacted many of us in this room. He became the President and CEO of The Great Western Brewing Company. As a strategic leader Ron developed successive business plans for the organization. The vision of Great Western becoming a respected and recognized regional brewing company was achieved. From January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Great Western Brewing Company Limited and continues today as a partner and director in the brewery. Great Western’s products have won dozens of brewing awards from around the globe including many of the most prestigious in the industry. Since 2004, the business was chosen as one of “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies” and has earned Platinum status. In 2011, Ron founded and presently serves as President and CEO of Keystone Consulting Inc., a business advisory firm. In 2012 Ron was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer of River Landing Development Joint Venture. In his current role, Ron is responsible for the assembly of opportunities and the oversight of a mixed-use urban development in south downtown Saskatoon with its beautiful river setting. In the past Ron has served on many boards of directors, including the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and as Chair of the Royal Hospital Foundation and the 2011 Light the Night Walk. Just a few of the boards Ron currently serves on are the Saskatoon Airport Authority as the NonExecutive Chair and Board Member of Great Western Brewing Company and Golden Opportunities, Ron has been named one of Saskatchewan’s Most Influential Business Leaders and received the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal in 2005. Leaders have a vision and a passion for the future of their company, their community. Great leaders have the ability to communicate those ideas and see them through to fruition. Mike Conrad, DTM Page 20
  21. 21. Photo Gallery Fall Conference November 2013 Subhead Sample Text Toastmasters in District 42 celebrate their achievements, leadership, and growth. What goals are you working on for 2014? Photo: Crystal Clark Thanks to all who contributed with your photos, articles, and ideas. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Prairie Horizons! Page 21