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Nuevos Productos Enero 2012 VERNIER


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Nuevos Productos Enero 2012 VERNIER

  1. 1. New ProductsVernier Software & technology watch your mailbox in March for our 2012 catalog!
  2. 2. P h y S ic S e n g i ne e rin g & M at h Projectile launcher labView™ for education ORDER CODE V P l use the Vernier Projectile Launcher to investigate important concepts in National Instruments’ LabVIew for education is the latest two-dimensional kinematics. Launch steel balls at angles between 0 and educational version of LabVIew, used in the classroom to 70 degrees and up to a distance of 2.5 m. A unique pneumatic launching teach engineering concepts through hands-on steM and system provides excellent repeatability and allows you to set the launch robotics projects. this is industry-standard LabVIew (used velocity. Built-in photogates simplify the measurement of launch velocity, throughout the engineering disciplines) refined for allowing for precise quantitative analysis. Includes launcher, six steel balls, classroom use, with modules for educational hardware, hand pump, goggles, and accessories. including the following Vernier products: • sensordAQ • Go!Link, Go!temp, • LabQuest Go!Motion • LabQuest Mini • NXt sensor Adapter Polarizer/analyzer Set ORDER CODE Pa K - o e K License available to u.s. high schools only. NI LabVIew for use outside the u.s., in colleges and universities, or the Polarizer/Analyzer set allows students to study light polarization, doing for individual use, should be purchased from National experiments such as Malus’s law. the set consists of three adjustable linear Instruments at polarizers, one of which includes attachment points for the Vernier rotary Motion sensor. A complete experiment requires the Vernier dynamics system track, a Vernier Light sensor, and the Light sensor Holder and Light source from the optics expansion Kit (all are sold separately). optionally, a Vernier rotary Motion sensor allows sensor-based angle measurement. A LabVIEW engineering project to introduce PID control Mirror Set for the optics expansion Kit ti-nspire cX handhelds ORDER CODE M - o e K ORDER CODE ti-nScX, ORDER CODE t i - n S c X c a S the Mirror set for the optics expansion Kit extends the kit to allow tI-Nspire cX handhelds are the latest in learning technology from tI. the students to easily study image formation by concave and convex screen is a full color, backlit display that is easy to read, even in low-light mirrors. A half screen allows light to pass through on one half and situations. the cAs includes computer Algebra system capabilities, which to be focused on the other half. Includes concave mirror, convex mirror, enables students to explore and manipulate mathematical expressions in and half screen. symbolic form. Amusement Park Physics by clarence Bakken Real-WoVERNIER Math WITH rld Real-World Math with Vernier CE CONN ECTIN G MATH AND SCIEN ORDER CODE a M P K ORDER CODE rw V this book is an excellent resource for teachers who want their students to this revised lab book contains 32 activities that explore real-world connect their experiences at an amusement park to the physics concepts applications of math concepts from algebra through calculus. Activities studied in class. the book explains how the instruments used to collect cover topics such as linear, quadratic, and periodic functions, statistics, data, including electronic sensors, work on a conceptual level. the book systems of equations, and much more. the printed activities in this book provides an extensive discussion of the analysis of the data, including By support data collection using tI-Nspire technology. Instructions for other graphs. A key portion of the book discusses taking your class to the tI calculators and the Vernier Logger Pro software can be found on the John Gastineau Chris Brueningsen Bill Bower Linda Antinone Elisa Kerner amusement park, and includes sample lab sheets and problem sets. cd that is included with the book. MEASURE. ANALYZE. LEARN.
  3. 3. ch e M i S try ch e M i S t ry Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry with Vernier WIT H VER NIER ORDER CODE c h e M - o this lab book makes it easy for organic chemistry instructors to integrate Vernier data-collection technology into the organic chemistry lab curriculum. the experiments involve characterization of reactions and compounds using the Vernier Melt station, Mini Gas chromatograph, spectroVis Plus spectrophotometer, and the new Polarimeter. experiments cover a broad range of topics and techniques, including compound identification, synthesis, chromatography, spectroscopy, and optical rotation. download evaluation Pdfs for student experiments at By Elaine Y. Nam Melissa P. Hill MEASURE. ANALYZE. LEARN. Jack RandalleXP eri Ment SUSing a PolariMeter • the diels-Alder reaction of Anthracene • the diels-Alder reaction of Anthracene• understanding Polarimetry with Maleic Anhydride with Maleic Anhydride• Identification of organic unknowns • Friedel-crafts Acylation of Ferrocene • Friedel-crafts Acylation of Ferrocene using Polarimetry • synthesis of Fluorescein• observing the reaction Kinetics of USing a SPectroViS PlUS sucrose with Polarimetry • extraction of spinach Pigments and Analysis USing a Mini gaS chroMatograPh• Isolation and epoxidation of a Natural by electronic Absorption spectroscopy • Fractional distillation of esters Identification of organic unknowns using polarimetry from organic chemistry with Vernier Product: Limonene • the synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin • Investigating Gas chromatography• Analysis of Natural Products • Grignard Formation of crystal Violet • understanding Intermolecular Forces • synthesis of Fluorescein using a Gas chromatograph: enthalpyUSing a Melt Station • synthesis of Methyl orange and Its of Vaporization chemical Polarimeter• determining Melting temperature Application to textiles • Investigating thermodynamic relationships• recrystallization of Benzoic Acid of substituted Hydrocarbons ORDER CODE c h e M - P o l and Aspirin USing a wide-range teMPeratUre ProBe • synthesizing ethyl Acetate by Fisher• Identifying an unknown Analgesic • determination of a Boiling Point: simple esterification the chemical Polarimeter is a device used for measuring the rotation of by Melting temperature and and Fractional distillation • using a Gas chromatograph: Identifying plane-polarized light caused by an optically active substance. the Polarimeter thin-Layer chromatography • Fractional distillation of esters an unknown compound uses a 589 nm Led, a fixed polarizer, and a rotating polarizer to detect the• separation of organic compounds by • the synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin • sN1: synthesis of t-butyl chloride compound’s optical rotation. used with Vernier technology, students no longer Acid-Base extraction techniques • Isolation and epoxidation of a Natural • sN2: synthesis of 1-bromobutane• the synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin Product: Limonene have to determine the optical maximum with their eye, but have a graph that• synthesis of dibenzalacetone by • synthesis of dibenzalacetone by shows a clear change in the light’s polarization. Aldol condensation Aldol condensation • determine sugar-solution purity by optical rotation. • characterize the purity of organic and inorganic syntheses yielding chiral products. • determine the enantiometric purity of optically active compounds. • resolve racemic mixtures. constant current System • study the kinetics of acid-catalyzed and enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis. ORDER CODE c c S - B ta • explore the optical activity of amino acids. the constant current system is a combination current sensor and power supply. It eliminates the need for a separate power supply when performing electroplating chemical Polarimeter Sample cells and electrolysis experiments in chemistry. It is capable ORDER CODE c e l l S - P o l of delivering up to 0.6 A at 5 V dc. use the constant current system to explore Faraday’s law and determine Package of four replacement sample cells. they are 150 mm tall flat-bottom Avogadro’s Number. test tubes with an easy-pour spout designed specifically for the Polarimeter, with height markings in cm.
  4. 4. Bi o l og y Biolog y INV EST IGATING BiologyInquiry Investigating Biology through Inquiry thro ugh ORDER CODE B i o - i CHES AND GUIDED INQUIRY APPROA EXPERIM ENTS USING OPEN our Investigating Biology through Inquiry lab book will help you integrate inquiry into your existing curriculum, whether you teach high school, AP*, IB , † or college level biology. each investigation includes a preliminary activity, teacher information, researchable questions, and sample data. If you are new to inquiry-based instruction, the extensive teacher sections will help you and your students design and conduct their own inquiry-based biology experiments. the book comes with a cd that includes word-processing files of the student sections, so that any investigation may be easily edited to your specifications. this book is designed to meet the new requirements for inquiry in AP biology. By Johnathan M. Melville, Ph.D. Donald L. Volz Michael Collins MEASURE. ANALYZE. LEARN. available March 2012 *AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this product. † The IB Diploma Program is an official program of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) which authorizes schools to offer it. The material available here has been developed independently of the IBO and is not endorsed by it.eXP eri Ment SUSing a SPectroViS PlUS USing a white digital BioiMaging SySteM USing a condUctiVity ProBe• Plant Pigments • Introduction to Molecular evolution • diffusion• chemistry of Membranes • water Monitoring• evolution of cellobiase in Fungi USing a teMPeratUre ProBe• Analysis of enzymes using tyrosinase • sugar Metabolism with Yeast USing a diSSolVed oXygen ProBe• Introduction to Biofuels: enzyme Action • Fermentation with Yeast • Investigating dissolved oxygen• Investigating Protein: the Bradford Assay • water Monitoring • Investigating Primary Productivity Transpiration of Plants from Investigating Biology through Inquiry• Photosynthesis by choloroplasts • water Monitoring USing a co2 gaS SenSorUSing a heart rate SenSor • cellular respiration USing a gaS PreSSUre SenSor• Heart rate • sugar Metabolism with Yeast • transpiration of Plants • evolution of Yeast: Artificial selection • testing catalase Activity (Gas Pressure)USing a Ph SenSor • Investigating osmosis• Investigating Buffers USing an o2 gaS SenSor • Fermentation with Yeast• water Monitoring testing catalase Activity (o2) Praise for enzyme Analysis with tyrosinase from Investigating Biology through Inquiry: “ Aftercompare it tosearch, many wanted todid extractions from apples, pears, bananasother sources and a literature the potatoes, so they investigate the action of tyrosinase from and even sweet potatoes. It proved to be a great inquiry lab. ” Barb Burkhardt, university of Indianapolis Primary Productivity Kit water Quality Bottles turbidity Bottles o2 gas Sensor to ORDER CODE P P K ORDER CODE wQ-Bot ORDER CODE trB-Bot Spirometer adapter this kit is an accessory for one of our most popular ORDER CODE o2-SPr biology labs, Primary Productivity. the kit consists of Box of eight plastic bottles with Box of six glass bottles with lids a box of seven plastic bottles, seven rubber stoppers, stoppers for general water quality for use with the turbidity sensor. this adapter connects an and a set of screens for varying light intensity. this is a use. they can also be used as these bottles are the same as oxygen Gas sensor to a great accessory that can be used for experiments in our replacements for the bottles the one shipped with the spirometer for measuring new Investigating Biology through Inquiry lab book. and stoppers in the Primary turbidity sensor. the oxygen gas concentration Productivity Kit. and flow rate of exhaled air.
  5. 5. Vernier international Vernier asia limited Vernier europe limited 5026 Calle Minorga Block B2A, 13/F Unit 5 Longford Enterprise Centre Sarasota, FL 34242 U.S.A. Hoi Bun Industrial Building Longford Business and Technology Park Phone: +1.941.349.1000 6 Wing Yip Street Ballinalee Road Fax: +1.941.349.2766 Kwun Tong, Kowloon Hong Kong Longford, Co. Longford Ireland Phone: +852.2790.3550 Phone: +353.43.33.36685 Fax: +852.2790.3551 Fax +353.43.33.36687 venglish@vernier-europe.comPAGe 2 PAGe 5 PAGe 6 INVE STIGATING BiologyInquiry throu gh ES AND GUIDED INQUIRY APPROACH EXPERIMEN TS USING OPEN By Johnathan M. Melville Donald L. Volz MEASURE. ANALYZE. LEARN. Michael CollinsNew Projectile Launcher New chemical Polarimeter New Biology Inquiry Lab Bookuse the Vernier Projectile Launcher to Measure the rotation of plane-polarized Integrate inquiry into your existing biologyinvestigate important concepts in light caused by an optically active curriculum, whether you teach high school,two-dimensional kinematics. substance. AP, IB, or college level biology.