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On Tuesday, February 4th 2014 Distimo hosted a Webinar, following up on our latest publication: Asia the Leading App Market in the World. In this Webinar we share some more detailed data about the Asian app markets.
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  • welcome
  • First a few words about Distimo for those of you who don’t know us that well, yet:We are an app analytics company, so we analyze the mobile app stores… We support all major app stores globally, like of course the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play, the Amazon Appstore and you name it…In addition to these app stores, we also support some of the main ad networks as iAd or AdMob within our main product: App AnalyticsThis service basically enables an aggregated overview of your combined app data across all stores and ad networks in a nice dashboard, enabling mobile app developers to track their performance in terms of Revenue & Downloads – completely free of charge.In addition to this we also offer options for in app Conversion Tracking and of course an API for all our data, but our other main product is AppIQ: this offers you information about your competitors and general benchmarks
  • In AppIQ we provide daily download and revenue estimations, this enables you to analyze any app in the market – whether it is your competitor, potential partner or an investment opportunity. So you really get a detailed overview about the app of your interest or even the market as a whole…. The data we present in our publications is mainly based on AppIQ and I’ll give the word to Anne now, who will present some of this data with a focus on Asia
  • Thanks, I will start with a short recap of the main findings and then will into some extra overviewsBefore going to our product AppIQ where we will demonstrate our new Leaderboards.So this report was focused on the position of Asia and its countries in it. This report is based on our AppIQ data on daily estimated downloads and revenue per country and app store. We used mostly December 2013 data. To get a deeper insight into the Chinese market, we have made this publication in partnership with Wandoujia, a leading mobile content search engine for Android users in China.
  • In the report we concluded that Asia is the most lucrative app market in the world. This statements is based the fact that: 41 percent of the total revenue globally in December 2013 came from Asia, while North America generated 31 percent and Europe 23 percent.And combined with the fact that revenue in Asia increased by 162 percent year-over-year (December 2012 to December 2013), while North America’s revenue grew by 46 percent. You can say that Asia is the leading continent in terms of revenue and had the greatest increase in revenue in the last year.In this figure you see the total revenue growth in Asia by app store — iPad, iPhone, and Google Play. You can clearly see that revenue in Asia expanded by 162 percent across the last year. The figure demonstrates that the spikein revenue is due to Google Play (blue). Revenue from Google Play more than quadrupled throughout the last 12 months.On the Apple App Store, revenue for iPhone nearly doubled (94 percent) and revenue for iPad grew by 64% (whichis still more than the total growth in Europe or North America).
  • When we separated revenue by country in Asia for December 2013, we dug up the following breakdown for the top 10 asian countries: Japan wasundoubtedly the most lucrative country, followed by South Korea and China. Below the top three were: Taiwan,Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. To put into perspective the enormous differencein revenue between the top Asian country Japan and Malaysia, Japan’s revenue is 77 times that of Malaysia’s. Theextremely disproportionate revenue share among Asian countries makes clear that the market isn’t evenly divided.
  • How this splits up between pple and Google and even the iPad and iPhone revenue portion for these top Asian Countries?- Google Play dominates in Japan (1)/ South Korea (2) and Taiwan (4) For China no Google Play revenue is taken into account as no paid content is offered for Google Play is offered in China. In Hong Kong (5) and Singapore (6) Apple App Store makes the most revenue. But these the app market in these countries are more twenty times as small as Japan.
  • When looking at the business models applied in these countries. China led the way, with apps generating 96 percent of revenue from IAP. Japan and South Korea were closelybehind China with 94 percent and 91 percent of total revenue from IAP, respectively. The freemium model is acrossthe board the dominant business model in Asia.In the United States 81% of the revenue came through in app purchases. This makes clear that the asian countries really have their own preference.
  • Now for some extra overviews as we had some questions about popular categories. We received a question: What are the categories of application that are doing particularly well in the Asian markets? What are the important categories in Asia in terms of revenue?Clearly the Games/All Games as the category is called in the Apple App Store is the category where most money is spent for both stores.Communication/Social Networking was the second categoryRelated the US?In the US All Games is also the biggest category, but is followed by Music/ Newstand and then Social Networking (apple)And for Google Play Widgets come in Second, after games and Music/Audio are third category and then communicatingSo interesting to see that social is an important category (after games that is). Clearly the LINE and Kakao apps have an influence on that.
  • Another question: - I was wondering, on the monetization, do games show a very different monetization model than other app (e.g., productivity)?Here an overview of all categories on Apple App Store’s iPhone per business model. As you can see over the whole freemium is the dominant business model, but per category that can be quite different. - For example Business, Finance, Medical got more than helf their revenue from one-off fees.
  • Now we’re going into AppIQ to see local popularity of appsDoor klikkennaareenbepaalde app?Continent view in downloads/revenue tabIn the United States, between 25 to 32 percent of apps were locally popular. In Asia, Singapore had the lowestproportion of locally popular apps (between 10 and 13 percent), while Japan had the highest proportion (60 percent72 percent). The proportion of locally popular apps is directly correlated with specific languages and alphabets forsome Asian countries, as well as developers investing in the localization of their apps on the leading platforms. InSouth Korea, the popular platform Kakao has a lot of Kakao-dedicated apps, while in Japan, the LINE platform isextremely popular.You can see that very well when going through our new leaderboards
  • Webinar Asia the Leading App Market in the World

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