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Sigrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir. NVL & DISTANS


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Published in: Education, Business
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Sigrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir. NVL & DISTANS

  1. 1. Nordic Network for Adult LearningGrönland Island Færöarna ge N or Finland e ig er Åland Sv NVL Danmark
  2. 2. Organisation• Decentralised structure• Open, inclusive and flexible organisation / strategic steering from NCM• Strong host organisations nationally• Comitted coordinators with extensive networks• Budget 6,7 million DKK yearly• 50% coordinator staff time in 5 countries• 30% staff in 3 autonomous areas
  3. 3. NVL Strategic goals• To promote Lifelong learning and competence development• To promote quality assurance and development of adult learning• To promote cross-sector cooperation for increasing competitiveness in working live and development of the civic society• To support personal development and democratic participation through further training of adult educators and the development of adult education methodology• To disseminate results and information about strategically prioritised themes in the Nordic adult education cooperation
  4. 4. NVL fields of work• Information• Meeting place• Projects• Thematic priorities: competence development, flexible learning pathways, validation, guidance counselling, innovation
  5. 5. Information
  6. 6. Meeting place• A virtual meeting place among networks and projects, for educators, for planning of projects• A meeting-place for thematic networks and projects through conferences, seminars• A meeting-place for expert networks to initiate comparative analyses and report work, and suggest new policy initiatives to the Nordic Council of Ministers
  7. 7. Project workInitiate projects of strategicimportance (Thinktank)Follow-up andstimulate creatingNordplus Vuxen projectsTest good practice developed nationally or inbilateral cooperation at a Nordic scale (VuxPed)
  8. 8. Project work, implementation and dissemination• Bring together organisations from different sectors at a national level / Nordic level• Inspiration for the development work in organisations and for the regional development• Further discussion on competence development and needs for Nordic cooperation in the field
  9. 9. More on NVL Distans