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Guide to launching a telework program


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Guide to launching a telework program

  1. 1. 11810 Parklawn DriveRockville, Maryland 20810 1-800-76 (IDEAL)
  2. 2. Establish a telework advisory committeeEstablish a team representing a cross-section of departments within the organization to develop thetelework program. Members might include management and representatives from human resources,information technology, policy and planning, and training. The committee’s main role is developing the telework program and reviewing its progress. You should appoint a coordinator to leads this committee and to oversee all activities of the team as well as to serve as the point person for all facets of your organization’s telework program. The coordinator should be a champion of telework and should have the support of management s well as experience with starting new programs. Having the right person start a telework program and serve as a liaison between teleworkers and management is critical to the program’s success. Define the program’s scopeIn order to create the best telework program for the organization, the committee should define thescope of the program and set clear, measurable goals to help guide them through the process. First, thecommittee should consider what the organization wants to gain from telework.Specific goals could include:• Reduce overhead costs and office space needs• Improve employee morale and job performance• Tap into nontraditional workforces• Ensure business continuity in case of emergency or natural disasterConsider a pilot projectNext, the committee should decide consider starting the telework program as a pilot project but shouldalso consider how far the program will eventually reach. Will it be organization-wide or will it be gearedtoward specific departments?A pilot program helps management learn about telework before making a full commitment. It alsoallows for the organization to learn how effective the program is at accomplishing the goals set forth atthe start and how it might be adjusted to better meet the company’s goals. Starting small and expandingoften ensures a greater degree of success.
  3. 3. Finally, the committee will set a timeline with benchmarks for where the program should be after twomonths, four months and six months. A basic outline will help the program stay on track and continue tomove forward. Timelines will vary depending on the size of the organization and the scope of theproject.Identify appropriate telework tasks and jobsTo select jobs suitable for telework, thecoordinator considers each position anddetermines whether there is any potential tocreate a telework opportunity and whether thetelework will be full-time, part-time, or episodicdepending on the individual. A particular positionmay not appear to be compatible with atelework arrangement, but if the position isbroken down into individual tasks, it may bediscovered that certain duties could beaccomplished in a telework setting.Consider a Scalable SolutionWork suitability depends on job content, rather than job title, type of appointment, or work schedule,and a scalable solution enables your organization to add or subtract seats as needed for the workschedule or the job being done at any given time. This is where a SaaS/Cloud solution can be especiallycost-effective. Telework frequency may be as little as one day a week or even once a month and ascalable solution enables you to adjust the frequency as needed and be billed for just what you’re usingwhen you use it. Cloud-based Telework is feasible for: • Work that requires thinking and writing, such as data analysis, research, reviewing grants or cases, and writing regulations, decisions or reports. • Telephone-intensive tasks, such as setting up a conference, obtaining information and contacting customers. • Computer-oriented tasks, such as programming, data entry, graphic design, auditing, and word processing.Assess Equipment Needs and Provide for Security of Sensitive InformationWhile the telework in the cloud eliminates an organization’s need for onsite servers and software and ITsupport personnel it does require that each telework have access to a computer and the internet from
  4. 4. their home or other telework site. Normally, this is not an issue, as most individuals do have computeraccess and internet connectivity readily available.Nonetheless, the committee should include a section in their telework policy regarding how teleworkerswill be equipped. Your organization may choose to purchase all or some of the necessary equipment, orthe employee could be responsible for acquiring equipment. Factors to consider include technologyneeds based on the work of the employee, agency security requirements, and budget constraints.Within those constraints, the challenge for the committee is finding the right balance of budget,security, and effectiveness.To assess their home offices, employees should provide a list of their home office equipment andinternet connectivity status. Some things they mayneed in their home office include:  Telephones  Cell phones  Voice mail  Desktop computers  Laptop computers  Software  Broadband Internet Access  Scanner/Printer  PDAs (personal digital assistants)Develop a Telework Proposal for ManagementBy this point, the committee has designed the basic framework for the organization’s telework program.They’ve defined the scope and goals of the project, determined what tasks would be ideal for telework,established the criteria for participating in the program, and assessed the equipment needs. It’s nowtime to provide management with a document that outlines plans and goals for the program.When drafting the proposal, include the following components: • Definition of telework • How telework will benefit the organization • Program goals and scope • Tasks appropriate for telework • Teleworker selection process • How employees will be supervised • How equipment issues will be resolved • How liability issues will be resolved • Program evaluation plan • Timeline and budget
  5. 5. Write a Telework Policy Once management approves the proposal, the committee can write a policy document that will serve as a guide to inform potential teleworkers and supervisors about how the telework program will work. This policy is the cornerstone of your telework program and will be referred to for years to come as more and more employees apply to telework. This policy should be revised as needed. After the designated pilot project period is complete and the committee has had a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, the policy may need to be adjusted to better fit the company.IDEAL-Cloud – an Effective Telework SolutionIDEAL-Cloud powered by kloudtrack® features a robust data management system that enables securecollaboration for telework. This application module securely and permanently stores your corporatedata assets and information in compliance with all electronic record retention requirements.Authorized users can access data and documents, search, retrieve, print and download their files,collaborate with other users, create work flows and audit trails.This technology improves efficiency and minimizes mistakes. For more information on IDEAL-Cloudpowered by kloudtrack® contact