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Advertising in English

  1. 1. The website dedicated to Italian Post-Graduate Education Because results count
  2. 2. Leader on guidamaster is the first search result using "master" as keyword on Updated on 14 Jenuary 2010
  3. 3. What is guida master .it? guida master .it is the most complete guide exclusively dedicated to the world of Italian Post Graduate Training , with more than 2500 Masters listed on its database
  4. 4. Among the Universities and Business Schools listed
  5. 5. Services on <ul><li>Our services and advertising spaces: </li></ul><ul><li>complete Master Profile + Company Profile </li></ul><ul><li>advertorials </li></ul><ul><li>banners </li></ul><ul><li>banners and advertorials in the newsletter </li></ul><ul><li>DEM </li></ul>>> Daily Updated <<
  6. 6. The Masters Profile is made up of : presentations, objectives, curriculum, course materials, fundings, course requirements, target students, partners, maps, videos, hotels, places available, costs, application deadlines, admissions dates, start dates, finishing dates, contact forms. Also included: • Editorial support for the publication of all the events, articles and announcements , for the entire validity period of the Masters profile. • Events, articles and announcements are summarised in the periodic newsletter sent to the entire database of subscribers and on our social media channels. • Direct contact with users requesting information. Complete Master Profile It’s the essential service for Universities and Business Schools who need to promote Masters
  7. 7. A new option for 2010: your videos We can insert all your videos in the profile: interviews, advertising, lessons.
  8. 8. Banners Web banners are the most used and known advertising solution on the Web. They certainly give a fast and huge visibility. Banners are directly connected to the advertiser’s website. We offer different kind of sizes, sections and positions.
  9. 9. Editorial Advertising   Really interesting!! Each advertorial is highlighted on guida master .it homepage with a logo and a subheading. By clicking on the title the article opens in more detail .   Editorial Advertising has a weekly duration. We have 3 different boxes : 2 advertorial “Close Up” boxes 1 advertorial “Highlights” box   All contents published on are indexed by search engines
  10. 10. Static Banner 500x220 pixel The sponsorship on the general newsletter, which reaches all registered users, is recommended to those dealing with a wide variety of user profiles or to those aiming to reinforce their own brand. Banner and editorial advertisements: Newsletter Highlights box
  11. 11. With guida master .it you can optimise your investments and send specific information solely to selected target users. . Criteria: interests, age, city, title of study, job position… DEM – Direct Email Marketing
  12. 12. Average visitors per month : 85.458 Average unique visitors per month : 60.675 71% new visitors per month Average viewed page per month : 375.940 stats Period 2007 - 2009 : + 55% traffic The main strength of guida master .it comes from its numbers. Despite the dire market conditions users keep on visiting the site and investing on their own education
  13. 13. Gianmarco Nucci Sales & Marketing Ph.: + 39 050 99 13 930/1 Fax: + 39 050 99 13 933 Mobile: + 39 333 69 77 929 Email: Skype: gianmarco.nucci is powered by DIS S.r.l. Company website: Find out more about our Network on Contacts