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Dissertation mojo1


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Dissertation mojo1

  1. 1. Dissertation MojoHow to write a flawless dissertation?
  2. 2. What is dissertation?Dissertation is a detailed piece of research thatanalyses your subject topic in a critical mannerand supports your research question by solidarguments.
  3. 3. So, how to write it effectively?
  4. 4. Don’t worry, its simple!JUST FOLLOW THEBELOW TIPS!
  5. 5. Choosing an appropriate topic Topic selection is one of the most important things that should be considered while writing your dissertation. Make sure: Your topic interests you a lot You are passionate to explore more about it Your topic should not be too broad or too narrow Your topic is relevant to your course subject
  6. 6. Composing a thesisstatement Strong thesis statement is just like a backbone in your body. It is the base of your dissertation that engages the readers till the end of your work.  It should provide with a single question  Don’t add too many questions for creating confusions  Paper down all the ideas and pick the most effective question for your dissertation
  7. 7. Managing time for othersections Dissertations cannot be written in hours. Every section requires appropriate time to stand out efficiently. Try this: Set a specific time duration to write each section Evaluate those areas which require extra time for thorough research Pay additional attention on such areas for carrying in-depth research
  8. 8. Conducting research Good dissertations cannot be written without in-depth research. Effective research is said to be an essential component of dissertation writing that should be done in a legitimate manner.  Go through books, research journals, magazines and various data collection sites  Gather all the relevant material such as examples ,facts, illustrations, statistics and pictures from the related sources  Don’t forget to note down all the related sources
  9. 9. Structuring your dissertation Structure plays an important role when it comes to present your dissertation. See what should be included in your dissertation: Title page must include the title, name of author, course name, date and name of the instructor Abstract is the summary of your entire dissertation, restrict it to one paragraph Acknowledgements must include the names of all the helpers who provided you with great assistance
  10. 10.  Table of contents contains headings, sub-headings along with the page numbers Introduction section should contain your research question, issues, thesis statement, and brief work outline of your entire structure Discussion section should provide all the facts and evidences of your research that allows you to analyse, evaluate and discuss things further Conclusion section is all about bringing facts together by answering your research question. If appropriate, provide recommendations and suggestions! Bibliography section is the collection of your sources. Correctly list all the sources! Appendices section is the representation of all the less important information such as questionnaires, maps, charts etc
  11. 11. Revising your work Revisions are always good to rectify the mistakes from your work. Do practice following things: Read all the sections thoroughly after writing your draft Detect all the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors Further rectify these errors
  12. 12. So, these are some great dissertation writing tips!FOLLOW THEM TOWRITE A PERFECTDISSERTATION
  13. 13. Presented byDissertation Mojo