Indonesian Diaspora Network - Western Australia: Progress Report


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Indonesian Diaspora Network - Western Australia: Progress Report (as per July 2013)

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Indonesian Diaspora Network - Western Australia: Progress Report

  1. 1. July 2013
  2. 2. Indonesian Diaspora Network Western Australia 2
  3. 3. Diaspora by Definition  Diaspora is the movement, migration, settlement, or scattering of people away from their homeland.  In today’s globalised world, it becomes a universal phenomenon and significantly stands at the heart of national and international concern. Australia: the globalization of skilled labour markets and border security management. 3
  4. 4. How many Indonesian Diaspora in Australia? Data: the 2011 Australian Census  50,646 people were Indonesian ancestry (ANCP), in which 32,373 (64%) were born in Indonesia.  63,159 people were born in Indonesia (BPLP), in which 38% had Australian citizenship.  56,166 people spoke Indonesian language at home (LANP), in which 44,579 (79%) were born in Indonesia. 4
  5. 5. Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN)  Globally, Indonesian Diaspora has a wide ranges of skills, capacities and resources that potentially to make a better Indonesia. Yet, it tends to be fragmented/exclusive…i.e.  Student communities  Scientific communities  Ethnic/religion communities, etc. 5
  6. 6. Indonesian Diaspora Network - Cont’d  Realizing that big potential, also inspired by the success other Diaspora globally, the 1st CID was organized in LA, in July 2012 . 6 “To expand connection, multiply opportunities, and promote shared prosperity for Indonesia and its diaspora”
  7. 7. Indonesian Diaspora (Global) Source: International bilateral migration stock database , the University of Sussex DRC - Development Research Centre on Migration ( 7
  8. 8. Indonesian Diaspora in Australia 8
  9. 9. Board Member – IDN WA (2013-2015) Chair: Astrid Vasile Social Culture: Githa Tedjakusuma Science & Technology: Sadat Daroeso Workforce, Immigration & Education: Rinna Hegar Business Development: Fritz Tedjakusuma Treasury: Jodi Suryokusumo Vice Chair: Diski Naim Secretary: Dewi Naim; Venessa External Relation: Bernard Tampubolon Internal Relations: Wieke Gur 9
  10. 10. Task Force – IDN WA (Tentative) Science & Technology (Research & Development) Lead: Sadat Daroeso  Hadi Winarto  Ahmad Room F  Danial Hafiz  Syaifullah Muhammad  Ahmad Taufik Workforce Empowerment / Education Lead: Rina Hegar  Christian (Lae)  Laksmi El Habib  Sunarto Partono  Haslim Mulyadi Business Development Lead: Fritz Tedjakuntara  Sonty Hadyantoro  Iqbal Hafiz  Astit Olszowy  Ricky Lim  Samuel  Vincent Social & Culture Lead: Githa Prasetyo -Tedja  Ayu Apsari  Dewi Winarto  Rhenda Rheisheisa  Gustav Montolalu Internal Relations/ Communications: • Wieke Gur • Syahri Sakidin • Ningsih Turner • Cecilia Nino External Relations: • Bernard Tampubolon 10
  11. 11. IDN-WA Engagement Indonesian Diaspora Network Western Australia Australian Resident Student Temporary Workers KJRI WA Skilled Workforce People Government Businesses Indonesia Indonesian Diaspora Network Australia Indonesian Diaspora Network Global WA - Indonesian Communities Others Australian Community Western Australia 11
  12. 12. IDN-WA Main Programs (2013-2015) Workforce & Education Science & Technology Business Development Social & Culture Communication & Internal Relations External Relations 12
  13. 13. Communication & Internal Relations 13  A single “IDN-WA Portal” (website) for our central communication.  Engagement (Proactively) with all Indonesian communities in Western Australia. Currently, we have more than 45 registered Indonesian Community in WA/  Current communication channels:  Facebook, Mailing List, Google+
  14. 14. Workforce & Education 14  Providing regular “Info Session” for Indonesian community in WA.  Consolidating a “Talent Pool” of Indonesian Diaspora Skilled Workers in WA.  Supporting Skilled Indonesian Worker in the WA labour market.  Focus on Kids Education & Health programs: Autism and Hearing problems.  Focus on Youth Education & Health programs: HIV & Anti-Drugs.
  15. 15. Western Australian - Workforce Profile Source: Department of Training & Workforce Development WA Employment Growth by Industry
  16. 16. Business Development 16  Supporting and collaborating all business activities between Western Australia and Indonesia:  Business to Business  Business to Government  People to People  Connecting with some existing Indonesia- Australia business organisation:  AIBC – Australia Indonesia Business Council  EQ – Australia Indonesia Businesswoman & Professional Network (
  17. 17. IDN-WA Program: Business Collaboration Process Business to Business Business to Government People to People
  18. 18. Social & Culture 18  Working closely with Indonesian NGOs to provide all support for Indonesian who are need help:  Care4Kids  Indonesia Belajar (working together with IDN- VIC)  100o Sumur, etc.  Working together with all WA Indonesian communities and other Indonesian Diaspora Network Australia to deliver the “Festival Indonesia” as our main cultural , tourism & social event in 2014.
  19. 19. Science & Technology 19  Working closely with Indonesian Student Association in WA: AIPSA & PPIA.  Providing science & technology “Info Session” for Universities/Colleges/ Schools in Indonesia.  Involving all Science & Technology activities in WA that has beneficial for Indonesia and Indonesian Diaspora WA.
  20. 20. IDN-WA Program: Batik Ramah Lingkungan – by Fritz Tedjakuntara Melestarikan Batik Menyelamatkan Lingkungan Memajukan UKM Menyejahterakan Perajin Batik Batik Peduli Lingkungan
  21. 21. External Relations 21  Actively, bridging all communication between IDN-WA with other Indonesian Diaspora Network within Australia and Global.  Develop a respectable communication with all Australian organisation in WA that have an interest with Indonesia.
  22. 22. IDN-WA Icon: Wieke Gur  Category: Culture - Language  Born: Cirebon, Jawa Barat  Education: o Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia, with marketing major. o Institute for International Studies and Training in Shizuoka, Japan before she attended o Curtin University in Western Australia to study information management.  Wieke Gur is well recognized as one of the experts on cross-cultural intelligent for doing business in Indonesia.  In Indonesia , she's a well known songwriter.  In 2006 she founded and launched the world's most comprehensive Indonesian language online resource called "".  She is the Vice Chair for Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth Inc. that promotes Indonesia language teaching.  Wieke active one of the committee member of Australia Indonesia Business Council, WA  Wieke Gur is the co founder and Marketing Director of Australian Indonesian Businesswomen's & Professionals Network (for EQ Consulting), head office in Perth WA.  Wieke Gur is a great asset for Indonesia Diaspora.. 22 Source: