SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools in INDESEC Expo 2010 in India


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SalvationDATA data recovery tools took part in INDESES Expo, 2010, from 6thto 8th Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India and met a successful accomplishment.

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SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools in INDESEC Expo 2010 in India

  1. 1. SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools in INDESEC Expo 2010 in India<br />SalvationDATA data recovery tools travelled to INDESEC Expo 2010 with Focus Forensics and gained a nationwide attention in India from different fields.<br />From 6thto 8th September, SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools were demonstrated in 21717002438400INDESES Expo, 2010 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, and attracted much attention from data disaster management field, data security industry and government security professionals in India. <br />INDESES Expo 2010 is India’s only exhibition and conference dedicated to homeland security. Building on the phenomenal success of 2009, INDESEC Expo 2010 maintains its total focus on the Indian governments’ urgent need to procure the most advanced technological solution to meet their homeland/ national security requirements. <br />INDESES Expo 2010 focuses upon Border Security, Maritime Security, Airport Security, Disaster Management, Transport Security, and Critical Infrastructure Security.<br />INDESES Expo 2010’s visitors include ministers and decision makers from the ministry of Home Affairs, central police and paramilitary organizations, the intelligence services, and Ministry of Defense, Coastguard. And visitors from government departments accounts for 27% of all the visitors. And more than 63% of the visitors came from industry.<br />According to statistics of INDESES Expo 2010 organizer, in the next 2-3 years, USD 10 billion will be spent on India’s homeland security requirements, especially on resource allocation and easing procurement.<br />In light of the huge data security market, SalvationDATA formed a partnership with Focus Forensics and were committed to provide data recovery solutions, disaster management solution, and data security solution for customers to Indian customers. <br />In early May this year, SalvationDATA and Focus Forensics Technology built a data recovery solution alliance in New Delhi. In the course of cooperation, SavlationDATA supported Focus Forensics to be the best data recovery solution company in New Delhi and set a series of data recovery solution industry standards.<br />During this INDESES Expo 2010, all SalvationDATA data recovery tools were taken by Focus Forensics to be demonstrated for all visitors. Those tools included HD HPE PRO, File Extractor, HD Doctor Suite, Flash Doctor and Data Compass, which are designed for data disaster management solutions, Data Copy King, combining fast data imaging and data erasing, which are designed for data security solutions. And all of those data recovery tools were focused by local medias, data security industry and government departments. And the demonstration by Focus Forensics was very successful and much appreciated. <br />Both SalvationDATA and Focus Forensics will make a further and closer cooperation with each other in push forward data security solution and data disaster management solution in New Delhi and even the whole Indian market.<br />