Salvation data announces data recovery business calculator


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Salvation data announces data recovery business calculator

  1. 1. Data Recovery Business Payback Calculator<br />SalvationDATA worked out a data recovery business calculator, which was designed for helping customers to balance your data recovery investment.<br />This data recovery business calculator was specially designed for SalvationDATA’ latest data recovery tools--Data Compass 2011, the fourth generation Data Compass, which combines all the advantages and features of the former generations and has also its own world’s innovative data recovery solutions, assisting customers to analyze data recovery investment, namely, when would you recover your cost and how much could you make with it in terms of your data recovery cases. <br />In addition, it can calculate your investment for SalvationDATA’ latest data recovery tools, Data Compass 2011, it also could calculate your investment for other SalvationDATA’s data recovery tools in the 3+1 data recovery flow.<br />How does it work? <br />Supposing you were preparing to invest in Data Compass to recover your customers’ lost data or repair damaged hard drives, you just need to enter the possible numbers of daily logical and physical cases into the checkbox, and click the “Calculate” button to calculate, and it will works out how long Data Compass pay for itself and how much you can make in the first, second and third year.<br />For example, supposed that your daily logical case was 1 and daily physical case was 1 as well, and your cost would be paid back in 6 days; and your profits was 220,825.00 USD in the first year, 331,237.00USD in the second year, and 4411,650.00 USD in the third year. <br />How could it help you for investing data recovery tool?<br />Since the calculator is based on the global average data recovery cost, the current charge by data recovery companies in particular, the results could be one of the referenced factors for your data recovery business. Plainly, it shows your investment payback and profits, helpful for you to make a good data recovery business plan.<br />However, it is acknowledgeable that the business is a systematic project, where there are many factors affecting its success,such as your management, marketing strategies, sales approaches, etc. The figure calculated by the data recovery business calculator is just referenced one, for the data recovery charge in your location may be higher or lower than the global average one. Hopefully, it can help your in data recovery investment.<br />You can calculate your data recovery investment<br /> SalvationDATA Technology LLC<br />