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A Project For Laptop Repair Shop To Earn More——English


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Laptop repair business is going down recently and Data recovery business is the right choice for the laptop repair shops to develop their new business.

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A Project For Laptop Repair Shop To Earn More——English

  1. 1. Title: Data recovery tools help you to create new business, File Recovery, File Extractor Keywords:Laptop repair, data recovery Description: Laptop repair business is going down recently and Data recovery business is the right choice for the laptop repair shops to develop their new business. Data Recovery, help you catch more money Background: The laptop repair business grows rapidly due to the fast growing laptops users in last two years; however, there are many laptop manufactures today who produce different laptops, including both expensive and budget laptops, some clients will choose to change a new laptop when their motherboard is burnt or LCD is scratched instead to send to the laptop repair shop, as a result, the laptop repair business goes down quickly and many laptop repair shops shut down recently, on the other hand , some laptop repair shops catch more and more money even the laptop repair market capacity is becoming less and less,why?Just because they have developed a new business based on laptop repair: data recovery business. Data Recovery Solution Provider-SalvationDATA Technology Data Recovery business is a relative business of laptop repair It is said that most of the laptop repair shops are facing the same problems: Cruel Competition, market capacity reducing and Margin going down of laptop repair, etc; meanwhile, the price for laptop repair replacement parts are raising these years, which makes the laptop repair business much more difficult, nowadays the laptop repair margin rate is only around 20%, only can afford the salary of the staffs and laptop repair shop rent rate. We have met a laptop repair shop boss Mr. Roy in a computer market in this March, Mr.Roy has run the laptop repair business for nearly 10 years, he said that the entry for laptop repair is very low at present, many laptop repair shops come out and makes the price laptop repair reducing a
  2. 2. lot, for the clients, this is a good news, however, for the laptop repair businessman, it is a nightmare, as nowadays the clients usually will choose to change a new laptop when their laptop’s motherboard is damaged or LCB is broken, sometimes the price is very close between change a new motherboard or a new LCD screen and buy a new laptop. Replacement parts of laptop repair. How to survive from the laptop repair competitions? Roy has learned that most clients have data recovery inquiry when they repairing their laptops from some laptop repair friend one day, but most of the laptop repair shops cannot do data recovery by themselves, so usually they will give this data recovery business to local data recovery shops and get some commission. Roy is thinking to choose data recovery as his new business based on laptop repair, as data recovery is not so difficult for him as he already has abundant experience for laptop repairing, besides, he have a lot of client resource from his 10 years laptop repair business, now the only problem is choosing a right data recovery solution to run the new data recovery business. File Extractor, a professional data recovery tool
  3. 3. Starting your data recovery business now! Roy starts to prepare his data recovery business, the first step is to get more information with the data recovery market, it is said that the margin rate of data recovery is around 80%, which is much better than laptop repair, what’s more, most of the data recovery cases are just firmware repair, which you can fix them easily through professional data recovery tools without do any replacement; some cases may need to change the head or pcb,the donor parts are also very cheap which you can find them in the computer market anywhere. However, data recovery business is not a simple work like laptop repair by only change the replacement, sometimes you need to study more and practice more, so an easy to operate data recovery tool with less cost is very important for the newbie of data recovery business. Finally Roy chose the File Extractor produced by SalvationDATA by compared with several data recovery tools in the market, he said that File Extractor not only can deal with logical data recovery such as partition loss, hard drive format, etc., but also can recover the data from multi bad sectors, patient heads and some lightly clicking drives.Besides, the wonderful after sale service of SalvationDATA is also a main reason that makes him choosing File Extractor. Portable Data Recovery Tool-File Extractor Choosing a right data recovery tool is a key factor for success Now Roy has achieved a great success and cash a lot of money from his new data recovery business, “Choosing a right tool and right manufacture is a key point”, Roy said to us when we asked him to share his success experience.