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Data recovery training in italy to be held from june28th until july1st


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SalvationDATA will have the in-depth and comprehensive data recovery training in Italy and all customers are welcome to join and share data recovery tricks and tips.

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Data recovery training in italy to be held from june28th until july1st

  1. 1. Data Recovery Training in Italy to be Held from June 28th until July1st<br />International Recovery Service (I.R.S.), as one of the best SalvationDATA data recovery training centers in Italy, has decided to provide one in-depth and comprehensive data recovery training to those who are serious and wish to succeed in data recovery business from June 28th until July 1st.<br />Training address: <br />International Recovery Service (I.R.S.)<br />Headquartered in Italy<br />Viale Europa 13 Z.I. Casut<br />33070 Brugnera (PN) Italy<br />Main Speaker: Luca Marella<br />I.R.S. has provided such kind of data recovery training successfully to customers from Europe with years’ experience in this field and they have accumulated many useful case studies, data recovery tricks and tips and also they equip themselves with different data recovery tools and solutions.<br />This data recovery training will be given based on SalvationDATA data recovery tools and explain to you from the very basic data recovery and HDD knowledge with real case studies, you will easily and fully understand how to perform a successful data recovery and how to make best use of SalvationDATA data recovery tools.<br />Training Index<br />June 28: June 29:<br />Data recovery and HDD basic CLONING AND DATA EXTRACTION TECHNIQUES<br />Data Loss causes and solutions Data Compass<br />Hot Swap Techniques HD Doctor for Maxtor<br />Q & A Case Study and Q&A<br />June 30: July 1:<br />Western Digital repair training Hitachi repair training<br />Seagate repair training Head and platter operation<br />Case study Case Study<br />Q & A Q & A<br />Download the detailed training courses here<br />Join the training right now, please use the following contact details:<br />Contact Person: Luca Marella<br />Tel: +39(0)434 627 897<br />Email:<br />Website:<br />