Data compass unlimited version--data recovery solution


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Data compass unlimited version--data recovery solution

  1. 1. Data Compass Unlimited Version <br />Data Copy King Is the Add-On Hardware Solution of Data Compass<br />Background: <br />Since the release of Data Copy King—the hard drive duplicator, people develop following doubts: What is the relationship between Data Compass and Data Copy King? Is Data Copy King a replacement data recovery tool of Data Compass? Does SalvationDATA put more attention in creating new data recovery tools while not improving the existing data recovery tools?<br />Confined to the limits of USB 2.0 in transfer speed, hard drive capacity exceeding 500GB cannot be well supported. A well-matched solution is desperately needed.<br /> <br />What is data compass unlimited version?<br />With the release of Data Copy King and under the transfer rate limitation of image function with USB 2.0 interface, Data compass unlimited version comes into being. It is a package solution including data compass with data copy king add-on, which is possessed of all the great performance in data restoration and file extraction of data compass as well as super speed and overwhelming supporting for TB-level hard drives of data copy king. Thus Data Compass becomes more powerful with Data Copy King Add-on hard drive duplicator.<br />On April 12th, SalvationDATA released Data Copy King as the universal hard drive duplicator with disk image transfer speed at 7GB/min and the great feature of supporting TB-level hard drives. Besides it integrates 8GB/min disk wiping hardware solution and 7GB/min disk test solution. <br />Since the release, people have following questions or doubts:What is the relationship between Data Compass and Data Copy King? Is Data Copy King a replacement tool for Data Compass? Does SalvationDATA put more attention in creating new tools while not improving the existing tools?<br />The Answer is: Data Copy King is the add-on hard drive duplicator solution of Data Compass and at the same time, it is one independent high-speed disk image and data wiping hardware. <br />Why USB 2.0 cause limitation of transfer speed?<br />Data Compass was originally designed with UDMA 133 supported; though Data Compass finally adopted USB2.0 design which has a data transfer speed limit, it thereafter met the increasing demand for portable data recovery hardware tools and customers are happy about the portability. Technique limit is always causing problem. When Data Compass comes to image hard drives with big capacities over 500GB, it becomes very slow with the USB2.0 data transfer mode and becomes ineffective:<br />1Byte=8bit, 1KB=1024Bytes, 1MB=1024KB, Mbps= MEGABIT per second=1, 000, 000 Bits <br />USB 2.0 has a raw data rate at 480Mbps, which is also its theoretical data transfer speed=480*1,000,000/8/1024/1024=57.22MB/s=3.35GB/m<br />For a 500GB hard drive with perfect conditions, even if you have reached the theoretical data transfer speed of 3.35GB/m, you need to spend about 2.5hours. However, the theoretical 57 MB/sec can never be achieved due to the margin taken between the sof's. Most users can have a speed of about 25MB/s around. What if you are going to image unstable disks after a head swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors? At that time, you will find USB2.0 data transfer mode far away from a satisfactory imaging speed for drives with big capacities or even TB-level hard drives.<br />One thing is obvious now; it’s the limit of the USB 2.0 design that makes Data Compass slow for imaging disk of over 500GB. But USB2.0 design is also an excellent feature for Data Compass to be portable and the most important, you can recover wanted files, partitions without being affected and without limitation to the capacity of the hard drives or file sizes. You can select easily which files to recover and save in your wanted place. Do please note here:<br />The capacity limit of 500GB is only affecting when you are using Data Compass to image the hard disks, not affecting the recovering function at all.<br />Part I: Data Compass Review<br />Data Compass was originally designed with UDMA 133 supported data recovery tools, it is able to image or recover hard disks and flash drives with adapters supported. It has the following features:<br />01: Easily recover lost data due to file system corruption, virus infection, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion, operating system malfunction and so forth;<br />02: 70% higher success rate of data recovery than traditional data recovery tools from drives with lots of bad sectors or unstable drives after head swap;<br />03: Hitachi firmware bypassing enables it a direct access to the data area even if there’s firmware corruption;<br />04: Fully configurable image options enable you to treat all faulty drives differently<br />04: Recover/Image only partitions/directories/files you need and recover data by selective head(s);<br />05. Real time status monitor-- users can receive real-time working status of the console as well as the patient drive. Users, especially advanced users can acquire lots of useful information from the data showed here<br />Part II: Data Compass becomes more powerful with Data Copy King Add-on disk image hardware-Top the disk image market<br />Let’s emphasize again ‘Data Copy King is not a replacement data recovery tools for Data Compass’ but one important imaging add-on disk image hardware for Data Compass!<br />SalvationDATA always listens to the customers, market and we deeply understand the limit of USB2.0 to image disks with big capacities and therefore we decided to upgrade Data Compass by creating one hard drive duplicator add-on using UDMA133- Data Copy King.<br />Features of Data Copy King:<br />01: Independent of PC and internet, DCK copies bad sectors/unstable drives fast;<br />02: Industry’s highest real-tested disk image speed at 7.0GB/min, disk wipe at 8.0GB/min;<br />03: Automatically resets/reboots drives that get stuck to continue the disk image process;04: Universal support—No restriction of brand, model, OS or file system, supporting TB-level hard drives up to 131072TB<br />05: image or wipe HPA or DCO areas on hard-disk—Access to all the data <br />06: Build-in write protection—Source data protection and evidence integrity<br />07: Stop image and continue from log section from where was left<br />08: DoD wiping data permanently supporting up to 999 rounds of wiping.<br />From above features, you can easily understand, Data Copy King Add-on makes Data Compass the best of the best data recovery tools. Data Compass can now recover lost data from all kind of drives without the limit of brand and capacity; recover bad sectors/unstable drives with 70% higher success rate than any other similar data recovery tools, image TB-level disk with DCK add-on at industry’s highest speed of 7GB/min and wipe drives at 8GB/min and many more features and functions than what you expect from it.<br />Considering a wider application to different fields, DCK add-on is also one independent hard drive duplicator and disk wipe hardware; and you can be wise enough to choose the best solution for your own purpose:<br />Data Compass Standard, Data Compass Premium, Data Copy King (add-on) or Data Compass Unlimited Version (Data Compass Standard +Data Copy King).<br />