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The evolution of shopping facilitated by technology.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. SHOPPING 1
  3. 3. SHOPPING OVER THE AGES In pre-industrial ages, trade and bartering  were primary ways of acquiring things.  With tradesmen conglomerating into big business, currency is more commonly used.  With currency being the majority of exchange for goods, other technologies have emerged.  Shopping can now be done in several ways. 3
  4. 4. SHOPPING ORIGINS “Shopping” likely originated as looking  around for the best barter or trade.  These days the idea is the same, only the exchange for goods has changed to currency. 4
  5. 5. In earlier times shopping consisted of bartering goods for services or vice versa; or visiting the local merchant or tradesman for a small selection of purchasable goods. EARLY SHOPPING 5
  6. 6. SHOPPING EVOLVES Tradesmen conglomerate under a single  business in order to expand their market and enhance their profits by lowering their overhead costs. 6
  7. 7. CONTINUING EVOLUTION Shopping goes retail and begins to capture  particular markets and create specialized retailers.  Technology aids this process with the creation of billboards, radio, magazines and catalogs. 7
  8. 8. FURTHER EVOLUTION Somewhat before television; mailing lists  organize catalogs and print ads for repeat customers’ mailboxes.  Television arrives and revolutionizes advertising by pairing audio and visual stimulus; thus creating more convincing advertising. 8
  9. 9. MODERN SHOPPING With the introduction of retail, print, radio and  television, shopping is modernized.  Each new technology offers more product information.  Consumers are constantly getting new options for location, variety and price. 9
  10. 10. THE ULTIMATE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE The internet is ! introduced, and completely renovates the shopping experience.  Consumers can rally to review products and services.  Access to wholesale goods becomes more widely available to regular consumers 10
  11. 11. TECH SHOPPING Using the internet to shop has made shopping something that can not only be done 24 hours a day but from any country the consumer wants goods from. Buying Italian shoes is as easy as finding a reputable, highly rated website with a secure shopping cart and having them delivered right to your door. 11
  12. 12. EBAY Ebay is an online marketplace where users can put things up for sale. Options for selling wares include: putting things up for bid, putting things up for immediate sale (known as “buy it now”) and allowing users to put up their best offer for an item. Click to learn more! 12
  13. 13. CRAIGSLIST Another marketplace online is Craigslist. Craigslist is like an international classifieds section that allows people to trade, sell, and advertise goods and services. Click on the link below to browse the listings in Winston- Salem. 13
  14. 14. AMAZON.COM is an online marketplace that has collected vendors and online stores from all over. Products can be reviewed from their description page and vendors can be rated from their description pages. Click here to visit 14
  15. 15. OVERSTOCK.COM is an online store that buys  surplus and overstock items from other stores at a discount price and passes the discount onto consumers by selling the goods at a discounted price as well. Click on to visit the store. 15
  16. 16. WORKS CITED lhistory/Milestones_in_the_History_of_the_A merican_Retail_Industry.htm 16