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E-inqwest Staffing Services

  1. 1. Right People at Right Place Get candidates that fit the best in your Business -inqweste
  2. 2. Are you daunted with the quality of applicants in your recruiting pipeline? Are you concerned that competitors are hiring better talent that you were not aware of? Are you frustrated that your traditional recruiting efforts are too expensive and not working anymore? -inqweste
  3. 3. Recruiting Optimization If you are a Recruiter or Human Resource Professional, these are some of the challenges you face every day. Solutions that may have worked in the past are no longer operable because the rules of recruiting have changed. Clients come to e-Inqwest Staffing for innovative recruit generation, recruit nurturing and recruiting optimization that provides better quality applicants to their companies. e-Inqwest R 2.0 for your business -inqweste
  4. 4. What R 2.0 optimization will do for your company? e-Inqwest’s R 2.0 optimization solution will enhance your recruiting efforts by presenting your company and job ad to applicants in a manner that increases the likelihood that the most qualified and best fit candidates apply for the position. We understand that applicants want to learn the culture of a company and have to make the decision; “is this company right for me?” We aim to find the candidate that will engage in the company’s culture and drive the company's success. -inqweste
  5. 5. How Recruiting Optimization Works? e-Inqwest Staffing builds and hosts a recruiting web page that profiles your company. Job applicants link to the page from the posted job advertisement. The goal of the recruiting page is to introduce your company and its culture to the applicant. The recruiting page provides interactive information, the company’s cultural profile, links, and answers to frequently asked questions presented by applicants. The recruiting page enables both parties to connect and determineif the position and company are a right fit.
  6. 6. Spread your Culture Create your R 2.0 page with the Look and Feel of your Corporate Website e-Inqwest Staffing will work with your company to build the recruiting page that provides a look and feel similar to your company’s website. The recruiting page will be branded with your logo and content. Use and reap the Benefits of R 2.0 A key part of the recruiting page is an abstract that defines your company and its culture. A long term study conducted by the Harvard Business School indicates the synergy between employees and the culture of the company is one of the most important factors in maintaining highly effective and productive employees. Customize your page any time you like to The content of the recruiting page can be customized to interact and provide the opportunity for applicants to decide if your company’s culture and their career desires match. -inqweste
  7. 7. Track Recruitments Easily with ATS No Extra Cost e-Inqwest Staffing will deliver at no cost an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) through SmartRecruiters, which has all the rich features of ATS systems companies pay thousands of dollars for. We will Set it up e-Inqwest will set up the ATS and assist your company with its use. The ATS provides the mechanism for your company to create job requisitions, job ads, receive applications and manage the interview process. -inqweste
  8. 8. Our ATS Features Requisition Management • Create requisition • Edit, delete, save and post • Complete view • Requisition history And more… • Candidate account portal • Real time reports and analysis • User account management Candidate Management • Automated response • Applicant history • Candidate archive • Candidate rating • Communication management • Team viewing • Diversity compliance -inqweste
  9. 9. e-Inqwest WEB 2.0 approach e-Inqwest Staffing develops a recruiting campaign to make your job ad viral and community driven. We use Web 2.0 processes that introduce the position and your company to many of the right people. Much like a marketing campaign introduces products/services to the right business or person. Again, the goal is to find the most qualified and best fit candidates for your company to consider. -inqweste
  10. 10. Why e-Inqwest Staffing Services?  Lowest cost solution with a high impact to your recruiting program.  Provides business owners, HR Staff/Recruiters the ability to focus on hiring the right applicant. No more spending time posting to job boards, newspapers and websites.  Get a rich Applicant Tracking System at no cost.  Gain additional visibility from your hosted page.  Ultimately, get better applicants in tune with your company’s culture. -inqweste
  11. 11. e-Inqwest at a Glance -inqweste Resource and Manpower Planning Flexi-Staffing / Staff Augmentation Hiring of IT professionals for overseas Advise on compensation and remuneration On-Campus / Off-Campus recruitment We have a total combined 20+ years experience in IT and HR industry. We are a perfect blend of an IT Solutions and Human Resources Company Every Team Member holds a Masters Degree (M.B.A) in HR or equivalent Deep understanding of the client organization, people, and local culture. Knowledge of varied technology skill sets and solutions Dedicated Account Manager each clients Complete “end-to-end” recruitment supported by a Strong process Deployed an Applicant tracking System for internal use, so that none of the potential Candidate is missed out Executive Summary Services Strengths
  12. 12. We hope you might be interested to get in touch with us… E-INQWEST Level 12, Tower C Building no. 8, DLF Cyber City DLF City, Phase-II, Gurgaon - 122002 Haryana, INDIA Email : enquiry@e-inqwest.com TEL : +91-124-407-9064 -inqweste