Louis vuitton: Fashion Studies


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Louis vuitton: Fashion Studies

  2. 2. IntroductionLouis Vuitton began manufacturing trunks in Paris in 1854, and the company he startedwent on tobecome one of the worlds most famous makers of luxury goods, known especiallyfor its designer luggage pattern: a beige-on-chestnut monogram.Today, LOUIS VUITTON is one of the 60 companies that comprise the Louis Vuitton MoetHennessey conglomerate (LVMH).A few examples of the other luxury brands that LVMH houses are:Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Tag Huer, Dior Watches, Belvedere (vodka).
  3. 3. Their iconic logo embodied by the monogram canvas has come to connoteuncompromising quality and legendary traditional craftsmanship.Today the brand has diversified to include ready-to-wear, shoes, watches,jewellery, textiles wrtiting instruments, accessories and sunglasses in addition toleather goods.
  4. 4. Personality fashionable sophisticated glamorous expensive luxurious perfect stylish Desirable subtle
  5. 5. Corporate Identity Design ProcessPositioningLouis Vuitton is a luxury brand that caters to a niche hi-end market of clientele.It holds its market position due to the rich heritage that it has.But quite ironically it is the worlds most copied brand, with only 1% of themerchandise aroundthe worldStrategyLouis Vuitton products are sold only through Louis Vuitton boutiques found inupmarket locations in wealthy cities or in concessions in other luxury goods shops(such as Harrods in London). This practice contrasts greatly with less exclusivebrands which can be bought in shopping malls around the world.Primary Competitors:Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Prada
  6. 6. Corporate Identity Design Process | Identity DesignPrimary Identity
  7. 7. Corporate Identity Design Process | Identity DesignPrimary IdentityBrand Name:Technical The well balanced and well spaced brand name written in a simple fontText: The company name (Name of the founder) supports the company’s profile and itsFont: Modified Century Gothic core values. Even the choice of theFont Type: Sans Serif colour Black simply supports theirCurnings: 75 point classic appeal.Colour: Black
  8. 8. Corporate Identity Design Process | Identity DesignPrimary IdentityMnemonic:Technical Contrary to the sans serif font used in the brand name, the mnemonic makes useText: L, V (Initials of the brand name) of a serif font. The letters are placed inFont: a interesting overlapping form usingFont Type: Serif again the timeless colour Black.Colour: Black Of the total grid space, 61% of it is occupied by the positive form of the mnemonic.
  9. 9. Corporate Identity Design Process | Identity DesignTertiary IdentityMonograms:Technical The well balanced and well spaced brand name written in a simple fontText: The company name (Name of the founder) supports the company’s profile and itsFont: Modified Century Gothic core values. Even the choice of theFont Type: Sans Serif colour Black simply supports theirCurnings: 75 point classic appeal.Colour: Black
  11. 11. Product Collaterals | stickerSpace division:Mnemonic 25%Paper Base 75%Dimensions:Diameter- 4cmMaterial:Matt baseGlossy printing onsticker paperColours:Mnemonic BaseC 66% C 53%M 67% M 61 %Y 71% Y 73%K 81% K 46%Pantone 419C Pantone 7519C
  12. 12. Product Collaterals | shopping bagSpace DivisionBrand Name 10%Base 90%MaterialsFabric Textured PaperGlossy Embossed BrandName printColoursBase Brand NameC 53% C 66%M 61 % M 67%Y 73% Y 71%K 46% K 81%Pantone 7519C Pantone 419C
  13. 13. Stationery | envelopeSpace division:Mnemonic 2%Paper Base 98%Dimensions:22cm x 11cmMaterial:Ribbed Textured fronPaper tYellow huedMnemonic colour:C 45M 53Y 76K 26Pantone 874 C
  14. 14. backThe flap at the backcarries the address ofthe store.
  15. 15. Stationery | otherGift Wrapping paper Tickets
  16. 16. Store | location, layoutMerchandiseavailable:Timepieces,Footwear,Wallets, Bags,Accessoriesat:Taj Mahal Palace &TowersApollo Bunder400 001 Mumbai
  17. 17. Store | facade Window (Roadside)Store front(TAJ)
  18. 18. Store | colours, lighting, fixturesLighting: yellow.Tiling: beige colourThey had wooden shadowboxes dedicated toevery bag and timepiece.Everything was behind the glasses except forshoes, scarves and stoles.The wallets were displayed under a glass-topcounter and the shoes were shelved on agondola.Window Displays:1.Open back facing the main road2.Closed back to the left of the entranceforming the façade of the store inside TajMahal Palace & Towers.
  19. 19. Communication I process1.All the LV graphics are very story telling in nature, standardized globally to beused for the international buyer.2.They do not localize its communication for the local market.3.When you think of the name Louis Vuitton, what comes to your mind is a fairly racyad with a supermodel hanging her tiny frame over some marvelous piece of luggage.4.As part of the communication process their collaterals are delivered directly tothe consumers without any interference of the stores.
  20. 20. Communication I electronic
  21. 21. Communication | website The format of the website is in complete sync with the visual language of the brand. They place text and graphics inside a white box of the ratio 7:5. The graphic covers up almost 80% of the white box similar to the print ads. After looking into every section we see that they have used a very graphic story-telling communication pattern using Century Gothic font.Screenshot of the home page ofwww.louisvuitton.com
  22. 22. Communication | print adsPrint Ads have a typical format of awhite page with a story-telling graphiccovering up almost 80% of the frame.The brand name is written on thebottom right corner of the page.The addresses of the stores in thecountry are written to the left bottomof the page. Vertical format
  23. 23. Communication | print ads Horizontal format
  24. 24. Communication | thank you cardThe card a goodwillgesture, reaffirming yourchoice in them.It builds on brand loyalty.It features their pioneerproduct, the trunks.Picture covers 80% of the frameMatte Finish Photo Paper
  25. 25. Communication | thank you card
  26. 26. Communication | electronic adsThe company commonly uses print ads inmagazines and billboards incosmopolitan cities.It relies on selected press for itsadvertising campaigns . This is an adcampaign called “Journey” involvingprestigious stars like Steffi Graf, AndreAgassi, Gisele Bündchen and CatherineDeneuve shot by Annie Leibovitz.Antoine Arnault, director of thecommunication department, has recentlyenter ed the world of television andcinema: The commercial (90 seconds) isexploring the theme "Where will lifetake you?" and is translated into 13different languages. This is the first Vuitton commercial adever and was directed by renownedFrench director Bruno Aveillan.
  27. 27. Louis Vuitton in colourFashion designer Marc Jacobs transformed the 152 year old Louis Vuitton logointo an iconic symbol of wealth and celebrity by inviting artists to add their ownvision to the brand; wildly successful collaborations included New York artistStephen Sprouse’s graffitied logo and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s cherryblossom design.Since these most notable collisions of art and commerce, the Louis Vuitton logohas never looked back, constantly reinventing itself with the fashion cycles.
  28. 28. Bibliography- www.louisvuitton.com- www.businessweek.com- www.thehindubusinessline.com
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