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  1. 1. Christina Gagnier | CEO
  2. 2. The Issue 60 million people in the United States do not know how to use the Internet. This number surpasses 5 billion people worldwide. We know this sounds impossible, but it’s true. TRAIL is an online education company dedicated to bringing people their first experience with the Internet.
  3. 3. Online learning has become a revolution, but one that has left many learners behind. MOOC’s allow Internet users to have transformative educational experiences. We asked ourselves: “Why is the same type of experience not available for someone new to the Web?” Our goal was to build a platform that was well-designed and easy-to-use. The Online Learning Gap
  4. 4. Our Solution Build a platform for those who need to master URL before they get to HTML. Organizations out in the community have told TRAIL that they have plenty of would-be contributors to the sharing economy, but they don’t know how to use the Internet. Even with jobs in industries like dry cleaning, companies like LaundryLocker are dependent on the mastery of digital literacy skills by their employees. The Solution?
  5. 5. Product Overview We have been working for 20 months on JobScout Beta, starting in California. The site is currently 39 lessons with four core features. Our experience with JobScout in two languages and for Android and iOS has been that users want more lessons and resources on other life skills areas, like health and finance. What We Have Tested: JobScout
  6. 6. Product Overview We built a backend system for organizations that were using JobScout, COMPASS, to allow them to track their users progress. This information has already been critical for meeting people at their point of need and enhancing service delivery in the public sector. COMPASS: TRAIL’s Data Analytics System
  7. 7. Vision: First Stop on the Internet First time site users are greeted by a video explaining how the site works Users will go to one site, Users are then encouraged to login & create an account
  8. 8. First Stop on the Internet Users will be asked a series of simple questions to craft their site experience. Do they want to learn about using the Internet? Finding a job? Managing healthcare? Tackling personal finance?
  9. 9. Distribution Libraries Community Based Organizations NGO’s Points of Government Service Social Services Offices Workforce Development Centers Secondary Education Adult Education Community Colleges Parent Support for Primary Education How We Reach People Community Service Education
  10. 10. The Market Markets who are currently not served or underserved by the consumer web. Boomers need to fill a skills gap to stay in the workforce or re-enter and connect with friends & family. The Latino Market is dramatically growing and has an increasing number of Spanish speakers in the US. A sizable unbanked population remains. Millennials are encountering these life choices for the first time, whether finding a job or managing finances. 87 Million Baby Boomers 57 Million Latinos 87 Million Millennials
  11. 11. Business Model SaaS Subscription access to TRAIL’s COMPASS Data Analytics system, starting at $50/month Subscription access to provide digital literacy learning certification to users, starting at $100/month White label solutions for organizations, starting at $200/month Custom lesson content for organizations at a negotiated rate Over 300,000 organizations in the US alone with these needs, such as libraries, workforce development centers, schools, prisons and other community institutions.
  12. 12. Business Model Sponsored Lessons Direct Lead Generation Strategic Ad Placement Productivity Generation Getting our users to sign up for a platform during or directly after the completion of a lesson. Lead Generation & Advertising Getting companies to sponsor lesson content teaching people how to use their service. Strategically placed ads as products and services become relevant to users. Our eyeballs are first time Internet users. Companies like Uber, Lyft and TaskRabbit can use these newly trained Internet users as new drivers and TaskRabbits.
  13. 13. Team Christina Gagnier CEO Stephanie Margossian Watts Martin Paul Lucci COO Development Design
  14. 14. The California State Library was the first partner and primary funder for TRAIL’s JobScout and HealthScout platforms. TRAIL’s JobScout was a finalist in Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media & Learning Competition in 2012. TRAIL was one of 30 competing finalists in TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield in 2013. TRAIL’s HealthScout is currently a finalist in the Knight News Challenge for Health. Success to Date
  15. 15. Game Plan Where We’re Going TRAIL Gets Funding Team Build Out Strategic Planning Site Design Content Redux Back End Infrastructure Development Partnership Building Beta Launch User Testing Partnership Building Launch Monetize 2 months 2 months 5 months 2 months
  16. 16. Contact Christina Gagnier | CEO 909.576.1411 christinagagnier