Creative Tourism Experience in Thailand


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Most of the time, you travel to discover new places. What if you could discover another side of you during your journey? Through creative tourism experiences, visitors to Thailand can expect life-enriching lessons that reveal undiscovered parts of themselves. Enrich your life through experiential activities.

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Creative Tourism Experience in Thailand

  1. 1. Creative Tourism in ThailandCreative TourismExperience in Thailand
  2. 2. Creative Tourism Make your vacation a life-enriching experience.Experience in ThailandThere is a part of youthat you have yet to discoverM ost of the time, you settings, be that a kitchen, boxing travel to discover ring or mat on a floor. new places. What if Learning opportunities with you could discover experienced instructors abound, in another side of a wide range of school settings, be you during your that a kitchen, boxing ring or mat on journey? Through a floor.creative tourism experiences,visitors to Thailand can expect Thai cuisine is world renowned. Thailife-enriching lessons that reveal massage is appreciated around theundiscovered parts of themselves. globe, and Thailand’s national sport,From craft making to Thai boxing; Muay Thai, leaves spectators in aweagriculture, like rice farming, to and practitioners more confident. Alltraditional massage and preparing are available for study, and you canour renowned cuisine, local experts increase your immersion in Thailandare eager to share their knowledge. through a homestay that lets youLearning opportunities in Thailand gain a new appreciation for Thaiabound, in a wide range of school culture.
  3. 3. Story>> Thai CookingT hai cooking is within prepare an array of dishes and take the grasp of anyone this skill home. with chefs welcoming visitors into their There are courses for all tastes, from kitchens to learn the one-day classes to weeklong courses. secrets that make Thai Most have only a handful of students, cuisine so delicious and with each receiving personaland healthy. As you well know, it instruction from the chefs, you’lltops the lists of the world’s favorite appreciate you’re new and practicalfoods, and visitors can learn how to skills as will your family and friends.
  4. 4. Directory of places offering Thai Cooking Classes Photo by Wandee Culinary School Photo by Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre Photo by Amita Thai Cooking ClassPhoto by Bangkok Thai Cooking AcademyPhoto by A Lot of Thai Home Cooking Class Photo by Silom Thai Cooking School Photo by Somphong Thai Cooking School Photo by Somphong Thai Cooking School Photo by Baan Thai Cookery SchoolBangkok Chiang Mai Chonburi KrabiAmita Thai Cooking Class Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School Happy Home Thai Cooking School Krabi Cookery www.krabicookeryschool.comBai Pai Thai Cooking School Baan Thai Cookery School Pattaya Cookery School Lanta Thai Cookery www.lantathaicookeryschool.comBangkok Thai Cooking Academy Chiang Mai Smart Koh Chang, Trat Phuket Koh Chang Thai Cooking School Blue Elephant Cooking SchoolBlue Elephant Cooking School Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School www.thaicookeryschool.comMandarin Oriental Bangkok Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre Koh Samui, Surat Samui Institue of Thai Culinary Arts (SITCA) www.sitca.netSilom Thai Cooking School The Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking Sonja’s Thai Cooking Class in Mae Nam Thai Cooking Schoolwww.originalthaicookingschool.comWandee Culinary
  5. 5. Story>> Thai MASSAGET hai massage is undeniably leads to greater wellness another valued skill and longevity. After receiving a Thai family and friends massage, people have increased will appreciate. Learn energy as well as decreased stress about energy meridians and muscle tension. And the person and techniques to giving the massage also gains from open up sen lines, the the experience, including the prideinvisible energy channels that flow that can only be felt by a healer.through the body. Studying Thai Those feelings of compassion andmassage is a holistic journey that giving kindness are invaluable. Photo by International Training Massage School Photo by Sunshine Massage School Photo by Spa Thai Massage School
  6. 6. Directory of places offering Thai Massage teaching Photo by Sunshine Massage School Photo by Lanna Thai Massage School Photo by Spa Thai Massage School Photo by International Training Massage School Photo by Sunshine Massage School Photo by Spa Thai Massage School Photo by TTC Spa SchoolBangkok Chiang Mai Pattaya, ChonburiChoniwes Holistic Thai Massage Training Center Baan Hom Samunphrai Sunshine Massage School Thai Massage Development School htm?page=homepagePhenkhae Thai Massage School Bangkok International Training Massage School Thai Massage School of Chiang PhuketPhussapa Thai Massage School Lanna Thai Massage School Thai Massage Training Center Shivagakomarpaj Traditional Thai Massage Training phuket-thaimassage.htmTTC Spa School Namo Chiang Mai TTC Spa NakonpathomWATPO Thai Traditional Medical School Ong’s Thai Massage School Koh Samui, Surat Thani Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School Samahita Retreat Wellness Thailand course&lang=en&title=Massage%20Course Shivagakomarpaj OMH Thai Massage School html Spa Thai Massage School
  7. 7. Story>> MUAY THAIA nother study Fast paced and exciting bouts are fought in possibility is Muay stadiums throughout the country. Fighters Thai, often called Thai strike their opponent with their hands, feet, Boxing or Kick Boxing knees and elbows at lightening speed. by foreigners. It is Thailand’s national It’s a demanding sport that takes a lot of sport and very training, both mental and physical, to reachprestigious. Dating back centuries, fighting condition. But the benefits of thattoday, an increasing number of training start right away and more andpeople have learned to appreciate it more men and women, Thai and foreignfor staying in shape and building self- alike, are starting to study Muay Thai forconfidence. the conditioning. Photo by Tiger Muay Thai Photo by Sor Vorapin Gym Photo by Chacrit Muay Thai School Photo by Baan Chang Thai
  8. 8. Thai Boxing PattayaDirectory of places offering Muay Thai training Photo by Baan Chang Thai Photo by Thai Boxing Pattaya Photo by Tiger Muay Thai Photo by Chacrit Muay Thai School Photo by Fairtex Bangplee Photo by Fairtex Bangplee Photo by Fairtex Muay Thai Photo by Sor Vorapin Gym Photo by Tiger Muay Thai Photo by Baan Chang ThaiBangkok Chiang Mai Koh Samui, and Phangan, Surat Thani PhuketBaan Chang Thai Lanna Doi Modt Hill Camp Horizon Muay Thai Rawai Muay Thai www.rawaimuaythai.comChacrit Muay Thai School Muay Thai Sangha Lamai Muay Thai Camp Suwit Muay Thai Boxing Gym Santai Muay Thai Gym Thailand Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training www.tigermuaythai.comJaroenthong Superpro Chonburi Samutprakarn Fairtex Muay Thai FairtexKru Dam Gym Nakhonratchasima Thai Boxing Pattaya Muay Thai DoctorPor Pra Muk Gym J D Muay Thai Tony Muay Thai Acade www.jd-muaythai.comSor Vorapin Gym welcome.html Muay Thai Instutute Ubon Ratchathani Legacy Gym Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan Thai Boxing Garden
  9. 9. Story>> RICE FARMINGT hailand feeds the world first began planting rice more than as the top rice exporting 5,500 years ago. Thai life revolves country, and you can around the rice seasons. Planting learn what it takes to in May through July when the rains harvest the crop as start signaling the end of the dry well as gain a deep season, the rice is ready for harvest appreciation for tilling in October or November.the soil and caring for the land thatsustains us. The Land of Smiles offers numerous places to learn about rice farmingAs the country’ staple food, rice is and even work with farmers. Suchat the heart of Thai culture. Farmers a learning experience can bringhave passed on their rice growing knowledge along with fun when youskills for generations, since they are on holiday in Thailand.
  10. 10. Directory of places offering Rice Farming Photo by Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Photo by Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Photo by Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Photo by Buffalo Village Photo by Tigerland Rice FarmChiang Mai SuphanburiMandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Buffalo Chiang Rai Udon ThaniTiger land Rice Farm Photo by Tigerland Rice FarmNakorn PathomRose Garden Photo by Rose Garden Riverside Photo by Geckovilla Photo by Tigerland Rice Farm
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