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Boss hack u-iit-madras-2012


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Boss - Hack U 2012 - IIT Madras

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Boss hack u-iit-madras-2012

  1. 1. Hacking BOSS Sudhir Reddy Hacker @Yahoo
  2. 2. BOSS … What ?• BOSS = Build your Own Search Service• Open Yahoo’s core search features via web services to let 3rd parties revolutionize Search• Monetization - Ads Service : 3rd parties revenue share• Pay per use model. Don’t worry will give you free access for hacking  “BOSS is a data API. It’s not a search API” - Vik Singh, BOSS Architect
  3. 3. BOSS Details• REST based API.• XML or JSON output• Web, News, Image, SiteSearch, and Spelling Suggestion services• Time span filtering for News Search• Image attributes like height, width, etc• Document type filtering• Delicious Tags and Popularity• Keyterm extraction• Microformat and RDF data• Extended abstracts• Complex query combinations and filters• Search for data in different markets• Recognizes most search filters from Yahoo! and Google (backdoor hacks)
  4. 4. BOSS … Authentication ?• OAUTH 1.0• HTTP headers or GET params• Self-serve sample code available – PHP: – Perl: – Ruby: – C#: Base.cs – Java:
  5. 5. Boss APIs … Data Request ?{service,*}?q ={keywords}{service,*}ser vice1.q={keywords}&service2.q={keywords}Arguments: service, q, start, count, market, format, callback, sitesOperators: And, Or, +(Include), -(Exclude)
  6. 6. What can I Hack ?• Some Useful Data Sources to mashup: Y! Answers, Twitter, Youtube, Wolfram Alpha, Delicious, Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia, Foursquare, Open Data, IMDB, Amazon, Netflix, Craigslist, and more…
  7. 7. Previous Hack:
  8. 8. Previous Hack:
  9. 9. Previous Hack:
  10. 10. Inquisitor: Browser Extension
  11. 11. Resources• Yahoo! BOSS:• YQL:• OAuth:• YUI:• Everything@YDN :• Google App Engine:• Amazon Web Services:• Open Data:
  12. 12. Happy Hacking 