How to Write a Good Book Fast


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Learn how to write a good book fast. If you know the material, you can write a book in a weekend. If you have to research a new topic, you can write a book in about 2- to 4 weeks.
Books are a great way to get publicity and credibility. Authoring a book can overwhelming if you do it the hard way. Without a plan, it can take months or years to write a book. If you do it wrong, your book may get bad reviews which result in bad publicity and no money. This tutorial will help you to create a good book fast - even in a few days!
Author Lawrence Harte has written 112 books (so far) ranging from short marketing books (100+ pages) to highly technical 700+ page wireless and TV Technology books. Lawrence Harte now owns a publishing company Althos where he helps senior leaders and qualified people to author books. One of Lawrence Harte's authors dictated his book in 3 hours! No excuses, learn how to write your books now (yes - you should write more than one book)!
There are notes with these tutorial slides. Recommend you download the slides to see them.
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  • How Long Does it Take to Write a Good Book? If you know the material and can talk about it, you can create about 10 to 20 pages per hour. If you need to research materials, it can create about 1 to 2 pages per hour. This assumes you use qualified people to transcribe, edit, illustrate, and layout your book.
    What Challenges Do you Have when Writing a Book? Topic Selection, Outline, Writing, Layout, Time, Other?
    Book Authoring is the process of gathering information into a format that is useful for specific types of people.
    Objectives – need to start with what you want to accomplish.
    Worksheet – single file that holds useful information about your book.
    Presentation Process – create your book as a presentation.
    Research – how to identify what to include in your book.
    Physical Production – converting your files into something that a person can read.
    Distribution – where people can get your book.
    Writing Tips – do it fast with less errors.
    Resources – where you can find additional help.
  • Lawrence Harte - Media communication expert Lawrence Harte has written thousands of articles, hundreds of white papers, and authored over 112 business and technology books as of 2013.
    Authored over 112 Books - on technology and business subjects for industry publishers including McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Artech House, Althos Publishing, NTT, APDG and others. Sold over 200k books.
    Book Publishing – produce and sell books. Non-traditional publishing and distribution. Over 20 authors.
    Magazine Publishing – started 3 monthly magazines as a tool to get access to key executives and technology leaders. Magazines cover TV technology, wireless, and marketing.
    QIC Learning School – short 2 to 4 hour courses on business, marketing, and technology. Learn how to do something from qualified experts.
    Digital Marketing for Business - DMFB- marketing trade show for small to medium business owners, marketing managers, and business consultants.
    DiscoverNet – content marketing network. Use content such as whitepapers and books to generate qualified sales leads.
  • How to Write a Good Book Fast

    1. 1. Book Authoring How to Write a Good Book Fast! Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 1
    2. 2. Key Reasons for Writing Books Publicity Credibility Relationship Tool Leave a Legacy Earn Money Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 2
    3. 3. Media Communication Expert Authored 112 Books (up to 2013) - McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Horizon House Althos, NTT, and Others Lawrence Harte Book Authoring – MPEG Started Book Publishing 1995 Started Magazine Publishing 2005 Started QIC Learning School 2010 Co-Founded Digital Marketing for Business Show – DMFB.Net 2012 Started 2013 © Althos, 2013 page 3
    4. 4. Book Writing Objectives Impressions Connections Sales Leads Sample Media Speaking Invites Sales Revenue - Book - Product Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 4
    5. 5. Book Development Overview Topic Objectives Worksheet Research Production Publishing Promotion Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 5
    6. 6. Book Development Worksheet Objectives Audience Problem Statement Pain Points Solution Promise Similar Books Descriptions Keywords Press Release Links to Purchase Book Reviews Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 6
    7. 7. Book Audience Reader Personas Key Needs Pain Points Search Words & Phrases Media Channels Need: Credibility Media: Linkedin Career Bob Need: Publicity Media: Facebook Boutique Susan Need: New Skills Media: Google+ New Job Peter Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 7
    8. 8. Book Writing Research Book Samples Articles Topic Folders Definition List Interviews Tables of Contents Index Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 8
    9. 9. Book Outline Creation Powerpoint Slides Title Only Keywords Searchable Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 9
    10. 10. Key Book Topic Points Important Points 1 to 5 Words per Bullet Describe in Notes Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 10
    11. 11. Book Reader Questions Topic Questions 1 to 3 Per Topic Discussion Groups Question & Answer Web Page Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 11
    12. 12. Book Presentation Unbiased Questions Group Presentation Web Seminar Record Transcribe Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 12
    13. 13. Book Sections Title Page Acknowledgements Author Bios Table of Contents Body Appendix Index Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 13
    14. 14. Book Images Elements Relationships Example Sketch Create Image Marketing Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 14
    15. 15. Book Layout Unformatted Wordprocessor Book Layout Layout Software Program Layout Designer Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 15
    16. 16. Book Cover Design Cover Purpose Icons Credibility Design Contest Audience Poll Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 16
    17. 17. Book ISBN Bar Code Unique Identifier ISBN Assignment ISBN Bar Code Options - From Printer - Buy ISBNs 10 or 13 Digit ISBN Serial Number Price Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 17
    18. 18. Book Publishing - Printing eBook - Text - XML - PDF Print on Demand - POD Web Press Printing m Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 18
    19. 19. Book Distribution Website Book Listing Online Marketplace Distributors Wholesaler Publisher Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 19
    20. 20. Book Writing Tips Keywords in Title & Headings Heading Styles Automatic Figure Numbers Absolute Dates Exacting Numbers Pay for Every Word No Cross References Contact Info Every Page Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 20
    21. 21. Book Writing Resources Books Discussion Groups Project Websites Worksheet Book Authoring – MPEG © Althos, 2013 page 21