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Guyana Tourism News


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This is an bi-monthly newsletter of whats happening in the tourism sector in Guyana

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Guyana Tourism News

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Honorable Ifraan Ali was appointed Minister of Housing and Water and as Botanical Garden declared a acting Minister for the Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce Birding Sanctuary Guyana 5th Annual Tourism MASHRAMANI 2012 promises to be quite impression with a ‘packed programme’ for the Awards hosted by GTA upcoming season. Guyanese and visitors alike will be in for a real treat, as Guyana observes GTA hosted a bartender its 42nd Republic Anniversary under the theme ‘Mashing with Pride; Keeping the Tradition competition Alive’. Guyana participates at WTM That theme was the winning entry of several submitted, and was the work of Stakeholders met on Agro- Tourism communication icon Ms. Margaret Lawrence, who won herself a substantial cash prize of Another cruise ship docks in $50,000. Guyana The multi-cultural festival will see some new approaches, such as incorporating an Local tourism sector set to educational component with the Mash programme, and documenting and keeping for grow in 2012 future use information from these initiatives, as well as partnering with sister Caribbean EZJet launch non-stop flights countries as Guyana seeks to strengthen the talents of it Soca and Chutney singers. from New York Events to look forward to are the Chutney, Calypso and Health Song competitions; the Barbados tourism delegation visit Guyana Masquerade Band competition; Steel Band competition; the Light Up and Bright-up Guyana Visitors treated to traditional competition; and the main Mashramani event – the Costume Bands and Float Parade. airport welcome Meanwhile, the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry is also working feverishly on the re- Guyana to host STC-13 in introduction of the Masquerade Band competition and the Steel Pan competition, and is April confident that these competitions will come on stream for 2012. Latest edition of ‘Explore As customary, thousands of persons are expected to line the streets of the capital city of Guyana’ launched Georgetown to get a look at the spectacular costume competitions, float parades, masquerade bands and dancing in the streets to the accompaniment of steel band music and calypsos – creating a carnival-like atmosphere.
  2. 2. Ministry of Tourism, GTA conduct customer training programme conducted earlier this year who got a trophy and a trip to Kaieteurservice and frontline training in the Rupununi, Region Nine (Upper compliments of Ministry of Tourism.During Tourism Awareness Month 2011, 225 Takutu/Upper Essequibo). The third prize of a trophy and a day trip to persons were The training targeted ten (10) wardens and tour Baganara Island Resort compliments of given a chance to guides of the KNP as well as new guides from Evergreen Adventures went to Paton Rose of the enhance their nearby villages of Chenapou and Karisparu. Upscale Restaurant and Bar, for his cocktails „El skills through of a The well-received training programme sought to Dorado Ambitious and Sun Seeker‟. series of customer provide the participants with the first-hand service and knowledge and interpretation skills needed to Ministry of Tourism hosts Fifth Annual frontline training conduct tours at the park which attracts scores of Tourism Awards by the Ministry of visitors every year while providing a sustainableTourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority. pool of individuals to conduct tour at the park,In an effort to boost the tourism and hospitality which is home to Guyana‟s premier touristsector and in keeping with the theme of attraction, the majestic Kaieteur Falls.„Achieving Service Excellence throughTraining‟, arts and craft producers; Ministry of Tourism, GTA host bartenderwaiters/waitresses; and barmen participated in cocktail competitioncustomer services training, while frontline As part of its Tourism Awareness Month 2011training was done for Duty Officers, Red Caps, activities, the Ministry of Tourism and theand Customs and Immigration Officers attached Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) into the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, collaboration withTimehri. the DemeraraDemonstrating the Tourism Ministry and GTA Distillers Limitedcommitment to continue training and capacity hosted a „Bartendersbuilding in the tourism and hospitality sector, Cocktail Several persons and entities were recognized forthe frontline and customer service training Competition‟ on their sterling contribution towards tourismsought to enhance the knowledge of players in November 12 at the development in Guyana, at the Ministry ofthe sector and equip them to provide better Umana Yana in Tourism annual Tourism Awards.customer care for visitors and local alike, as they Kingston, Georgetown. The gala event held at the Guyanaplay an integral part in the country‟s tourism The exciting competition attracted seven local International Conference Centre, Liliendaal,related services. bartenders and two foreigners vying for the title East Coast Demerara, also saw persons receivingIn October, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry of „Bartender of the Year‟. certificates for their participation in theand Commerce and the Guyana Tourism Each participant had to mix two cocktails, Pakaraima Mountain Safari; one of the leadingAuthority (GTA) in collaboration with the wowing the crowd with their different style and adventure trips in Guyana.Guyana Trade and Investment Support (GTIS) names of the various cocktails. Part of the Ministry‟s calendar ofhosted tour guide training at the Kaieteur Devon Ramlikhan of the Edge Lounge captured activities to commemorate Tourism AwarenessNational Park (KNP) in Region Seven the first prize with his cocktails „Sweet Kiss and Month, ten individuals, communities, and(Potaro/Siparuni). Tropics‟ and received a trophy and cash prize of organizations received plaques for theirThe three-day guide training session was $30,000. exemplary contributions to the growth of thefacilitated by Mr. Chuck Lennox, Consultant for Second place went to Shawn Allen from the industry.Cascade Interpretive Consulting. He was also Guyana Defense Force Officers‟ Mess Hall for The awardees were: Duane and Sandythe trainer for the GTIS tour guide interpretive his cocktails „White Chicks and Breezy Hotel‟, DeFreitas from Rupununi Trails - Tourism
  3. 3. Pioneers; Rewa in Region Nine (Upper Guyana which has been attending WTM for over The Botanical Garden which is an ImportantTakutu/Upper Essequibo)- Community Based ten years, was once again given the opportunity Birding Area in Guyana, has a land mass of 185Tourism Development; Peter and Ruth to network and link with other tour operators to acres and an amazing over 189 bird species fromRajmangal from No. 58 Rest Stop - promote and sell Guyana as a unique ecological, 41 families.Longstanding Service Provider; Mr. Wilfred nature and adventure tourist destination, and The first such sanctuary in Guyana – is as aJagnarine from Lake Mainstay Resort, Region high interest was shown in the destination. result of a collaborative effort between theTwo (Pomeroon/Supenaam) - Tourism At WTM, the Explore Guyana 2012 magazine Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana AmazonEntrepreneur; Redjet - Improved Access to and the British Broadcasting Corporation ten- Tropical Bird Society and the National ParksRegional Market; Mr. Ashley Holland - Tour part series retracing the footsteps of Sir Walter Commission. Also, a plaque was unveiledGuide of the Year; Mr. Ian Craddock - Pillar of Raleigh for the fabled City of Gold El Dorado by Minister of Tourism, Industry and CommerceTourism Industry; Herdmanston Lodge - Best were launched, while visitors were also given a Manniram Prashad, in honour of the momentousHome-style Stay; Guyana National Shipping chance to sample the Demerara Distillers occasion.Corporation - Support for Cruise Tourism; and Limited popular rum punch. Guyana with over 870 species and counting is athe Cheddi Jagan International Airport - Service birding hotspot and paradise, and has beenfor Travel & Tourism. Botanical Gardens declared a ‘Bird described as “the top new neo-tropical birding Sanctuary’ destination and one of the best birding spots in the world”.Guyana participates in WTMDuring Tourism Awareness Month 2011, Workshop held to brainstorm agro-tourism„Destination Guyana‟ was successfully opportunitiesshowcased and much-talked about at the World The Ministry of Tourism and the GuyanaTravel Market (WTM), the world‟s second Tourism Authority (GTA) in collaboration withlargest travel trade show. the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation onThe Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Agriculture (IICA), on November 20, 2011Tourism Authority led Guyana‟s delegation to hosted a workshop, with the aim to explore agro-the event which was held in London from tourism opportunities consistent with Guyana‟sNovember 7 to 10, in its continuous effort to Low Carbon Development Strategy.promote and market „Guyana – the Amazon Given the country‟s tremendous potential in thisAdventure‟ in the international arena. niche market, the one-day session was part of aIn a show of public and private collaboration, „Destination Guyana‟ which is certainly a series of activities during Tourism Awarenessapart from the Tourism and Hospitality paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, Month 2011, observed under the themeAssociation of Guyana (THAG), private sector and the eco tourist-alike, is a birding hotspot and „Achieving Service Excellence throughcompanies that joined them included Wilderness paradise. Training‟.Explorers, Dadanawa Ranch, the North Its Botanical Gardens found in the capital city of Held at the Splashmin‟s Eco Park and Resort onRupununi District Development Board, Georgetown was declared a „Bird Sanctuary‟ on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway, its objectiveHurakabra River Resort and Rupununi Trails. November 18, 2011, by the Minister of Tourism, were: to broadly define agro-tourism withStaged annually - WTM dubbed the premier Industry and Commerce, Mr. Manniram specific reference to Guyana‟s potential andglobal event for the travel industry - presented a Prashad. current offerings; list the major planks ofunique opportunity for the whole global travel The activity was part of a series of activities for Guyana‟s development strategy that involve thetrade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct Tourism Awareness Month, observed under the natural environment; identify the benefits ofbusiness under one roof. theme “Achieving Service Excellence through linking agriculture with tourism; discuss Training”. challenges and issues; describe and promote at
  4. 4. least one successful agro-tourism enterprise; and Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce First staged in September 2006, the aim isdevelop an outline proposal for agro-tourism Tourism Minister Mr. Manniram Prashad along promoting the location as a major touristenterprises. with President of the Tourism and Hospitality attraction for sport fishing as its waterways areParticipants included United States Agency for Association of Guyana (THAG) Mr. Paul teeming with fishes, including one of the largestInternational Development/Guyana Trade and Stephenson; General Manager of Wilderness freshwater fishes in the world, the Arapaima.Investment Support (USAID/GTIS), National Explorers Ms. Teri O‟Brien and other officials Apart from the traditional fishing competition,Agricultural Research Institute, Tourism and of the Tourism Ministry and the Guyana for biggest or most caught fish, persons wereHospitality Association of Guyana, Kingdom Tourism Authority, ventured on board to interact also engaged in several other fun activities suchApiary, Aquaculture Association of Guyana, with the Captain Mathiev Lebrun and crew. as fishing expedition, fish catching, deboningOnverwagt Aquacultural Enterprise Inc., Bounty Guyana which started out late as a tourist and cooking competitions and guided river toursFarm Ltd, Conservation International, destination has been doing extremely well in the to nearby Golden Beach and Gluck Island,Splashmins, North Rupununi District short time it has been involved in tourism with which has a rich population of birds, at least 140Development Board, Carnegie School of Home eco-tourism being its niche market. species and a natural habitat for the giant otter,Economics, North West Organics, Mangrove Extending a warm welcome to the visitors, big river turtles, „Howler‟ monkeys, labbas,Reserve – Wellington and Cove & John, Minister Prashad said he is happy that the ship is iguanas, bush hogs, black caimans and is homeGardenland Nursery, Mainstay Village, Guyana here in Guyana again, acknowledging that the to the National Flower, Victoria Amazonia. ItsRice Development Board, Guyana School of repeat visit augurs well for promoting surroundings offer possibilities for birdAgriculture, Rock View Lodge, and Guyana Destination Guyana. watching, river safaris, nature walks and sportSugar Corporation. The Captain was presented with several tokens fishing and, as such, the Tourism Ministry has of appreciation by Minister Prashad and also been working to develop the area as an attractionLe Levant docks in Guyana for second time representatives of THAG and Wilderness for visitors.this year Explorers. During its brief stay, some of the passengers Third Annual Orealla launched were able to see some of Guyana‟s rich culture and architecture located in the capital city of The riverain community of Orealla came alive Georgetown, and given a chance to purchase on November 12 attracting scores of visitors for souvenirs, before heading to Grenada. The „Le its third annual regatta. The event hosted by Levant‟ made its first voyage to Guyana in Cortours Eco-Tourist Resorts on the Upper March. Corentyne River, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Sixth Annual Rockstone Fish Festival and the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), launched allowed persons to experience the beauty of the Corentyne River and explore the community Scores of visitors both locally and located approximately 50 miles from Crabwood internationally converged on Rockstone in Creek on the Corentyne Coast. Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Berbice), for itsTHE luxurious French cruise ship, „Le Levant‟ annual fish festival. Orealla is ideal for a regatta and it affordedvisited Guyana for the second time this year, The event which continues to grow annually, residents of the Amerindian community anwhen its docked on November 21, at the Guyana creating more enthusiasm with regard to sport opportunity to showcase, display and evenNational Industrial Company‟s (GNIC) terminal fishing, was held on the weekend of November market their craft. Apart from the series ofin Georgetown, carrying 32 passengers and 54 19 and 20, in the small fishing community 18 exciting boat races, other fun-filled activitiescrew members on board. miles from Linden. included canoe race, cassava grating
  5. 5. competition, greasy pole climbing, canoe tug-o- In another boost for the tourism industry, flights Tourism, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) andwar and cultural activities. Orealla, which has a are operating six days each week. During the other industry stakeholders.population of about 1500, has a rich history of festive season, many Guyanese came home to While Government has been makingculture and heritage as many other Amerindian enjoy the holidays with their loved ones and significant investment in the growing sector,communities in Guyana. friends resulting in a influx of visitors, which Guyana has been hosting several familiarisation has augur well for the tourism sector. The (FAM) trips and maintaining attendance at keyTourism sector set for greater 2012 growth, operating airline for EZJet is Dynamic Airways trade shows such as the International Traveldevelopment of the US, whose parent, Dynamic Aviation, Bourst (ITB), British Bird Watching Fair, and operates more than 100 aircraft and has been World Trade Market.The local tourism sector is set to experience providing air services around the world for the The country has been featured andeven greater growth and development in the past 75 years. highlighted in various popular internationalcoming year, according to the Director of the publications and has gained tremendousGuyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr. Visitor arrivals continue to show positive exposure through shows such as the BritishIndranauth Haralsingh, who said his agency is trend Broadcasting Corporation‟s (BBC) three-partpoised to facilitate this expansion. series - „The Lost Land of the Jaguar‟, popularHe said with the continued support of the United States reality television show „Reel andGovernment and the private sector, they will Birding Adventures‟ and WSEE TV and Onesucceed, and to this end, GTA has proposed a Caribbean Weather, and the recently releasednumber of initiatives, including the continued British Broadcasting Corporation ten-part seriespromotion of familiarisation (FAM) trips and retracing the footsteps of Sir Walter Raleigh inincreasing international marketing strategies to search of the fabled City of Gold, El Dorado.include the Diaspora and attendance at key „Destination Guyana‟ has also beentravel trade shows. featured in Russell Maklin new book called „101In addition, Haralsingh said persons can Amazing Adventures of the World‟.anticipate more packaging next year to attract Several major activities also attractedvisitors and persons from overseas to scores of visitors while there has been increaseDestination Guyana, so that they, too, will be air access with the coming of new airlines likeencouraged to invest. „Destination Guyana‟ continues to show positivePleading to work more closely with the private trends recording a 3.3 increase in 2011, whensector to achieve the common goal of growing compared to 2010.the industry, he also acknowledged that the „Guyana – the Amazon Adventure‟Government has already invested in the which has rapidly been gaining recognition innecessary infrastructure to support and promote the international arena, as attractive ecological,a growing tourism sector in Guyana. nature and adventure tourist destination, when compared to 2010, saw a 159, 910 rise in arrivals, with nine record breaking months -EZJet launch non-stop flights from New York January, April, May, June, July, September, EZJet and REDjet. October, November and December.EZJet, a public charter programme operated by This positive trend shows confidence in Barbados tourism delegation visit GuyanaEZjet Air Services of Guyana and Florida, in the the destination and points to the success in thebusy season of December, launched direct marketing and promotion of it by the Ministry offlights between Guyana and New York.
  6. 6. Georgetown, on Boxing Day. The event, which greeted by carol singing and masquerade proved to be an overwhelming success despite dancing, and were treated to black cake and inclement weather, attracted scores of persons some of Guyana‟s fine beverages. who came out to mingle, lime and have fun. Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, who Joining patrons at the relaxing and enjoyable is holding the responsibility for the tourism atmosphere was President Donald Ramotar who sector, was also on hand to warmly welcome said that the Main Big Lime is an extension of some of the passengers. The Ministry of Christmas, as the Christmas season is a time Tourism had also planned a host of events for which brings people and families together, and the festive season, including the Christmas tree as such communities come out and enjoy light up, the Main Big Lime, and the many other themselves together. festivities in and out of the city for tourists and Because of this, the Main Big Lime has now Guyanese returning home for the holidays. become a signature event on the list of tourist activities as it has grown popular amongA 135-member delegation from Barbados during Guyanese residing overseas, who would visit for Tourism Ministry hosts Christmas tree light-December visited „Destination Guyana‟ on a the season. upweekend retreat. During their stay, the group The Guyana Tourism Authority used the eventheaded by Barbados Minister of Tourism to promote Guyana‟s unique tourism product by The Ministry of Tourism ushered in theRichard Sealy was given the opportunity to disseminating information and interacting with Christmas season, by hosting its Sixth Annualexperience the beauty of Guyana‟s unique visitors at a booth set up, while local producers Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rahaman‟stourism. While here, President Donald Ramotar of arts and craft showed off their products. The Park on the East Bank of Demerara, onjoined them at a cocktail reception hosted by annual event which is aimed at promoting the December 15.Roraima Airways and the Guyana Tourism unique Guyanese culture, while providing His Excellency President Donald RamotarAuthority, at Duke Lodge in Kingston, tourists and citizens with a spectacular occasion switched on the lights on the tree. He took theGeorgetown, when he extended a warm for a “reunion” every year, was first held in opportunity to extend his message of peace andwelcome to Minister Sealy and his delegation, 1999. goodwill. The Head of State extended holidayand invited them to visit and take advantage of greetings to the hundreds of persons gathered.the tremendous tourism potentials Guyana has to Visitors treated to traditional airport After the formal ceremony, the children wereoffer, including the majestic Kaieteur Falls, the welcome entertained by Santa Claus and his elves, whomagnificent mountain ranges, some of the „more Visitors were treated to the traditional Christmas paraded through the crowd to spread even morethan 365 islands‟ of the mighty Essequibo River welcome at the Cheddi Jagan International Christmas cheer.and the colourful and breath-taking flora and Airport, Timehri, during the festive season.fauna. The delegation visited Kaieteur Falls, The Ministry of Tourism, Industry andArrowpoint Resort, tour the Essequibo River and Commerce, in collaboration with CJIA andthe capital city of Georgetown. several private sector bodies, including Banks DIH limited, Madewini Resort and Beharry Group of Companies, provided an opportunityMain Big Lime attract thousands for passengers to sample the true tradition of the Guyanese Christmas.Thousands of Guyanese and visitors enjoyed theMinistry of Tourism‟s annual „Main Big Lime‟ Upon disembarking, the planes and entering theevent on Main Street, in the capital city of arrival terminal at CJIA, passengers were
  7. 7. Guyana to hosts STC-13 next April STC-12 was hosted at Fairmont The official tourist guide of Guyana is one of the Southampton, Bermuda from April 3 to 6, 2011, main marketing tools for the destination on the under the theme “Keeping the Right Balance: international scene. The informative and Rising Above the Numbers”. educational annual magazine promoting „Destination Guyana‟, has an impressive cover Miss Amerindian Heritage Queen receives design featuring Guyana‟s majestic Kaieteur laptop from Tourism Ministry Falls. The magazine showcases a number of optional tourist activities and amazing Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce attractions that one can be involved in Manniram Prashad on November 18 handed throughout the length and breadth of Guyana over a brand new laptop to Miss Amerindian and useful information on Guyana. Heritage pageant Queen Naomi Samuels.Guyana will be the proud host of the 13th Meanwhile, the fifth edition of the „Guyana –Annual Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC- The ministry delivered on its promise, at a Where and What‟ tour guide and handbook was13), from April 15-18, 2012. simple presentation and Minister Prashad took released. The well-designed pocket book In 2011, Guyana copped the Caribbean the opportunity to officially congratulate the reflecting the country‟s natural beauty andExcellence in Sustainable Tourism, jointly with Queen and wished her all the best during her wildlife is published by Mrs. Gem Madhoo-Harrison‟s Cave in Barbados, a prestigious reign, noting that she is an ambassador for Nascimento. It tells you about „Everywhere youaward by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Guyana and our tourism. The Queen was need to go, Everything you need to know…‟ and(CTO), in collaboration with TravelMole. encouraged to continue to promote her rich the local publication continues to be one of the The CTO has been staging its Annual culture which is part of Guyana‟s unique tourism best source of references for tourists coming intoConference on Sustainable Tourism product, and to be a good role model to young the country – as well as for some of us locals,Development, otherwise known as the people especially in Amerindian communities. who need help navigating this beautiful countrySustainable Tourism Conference (STC), since of ours.1997. The Amerindian Heritage Pageant 2011, which Getting involved in tourism development. How? This Conference which will attract conveyed aptly the fusion of diverse culturesTourism Ministers, top media and travel writers that is the Amerindian way of life, was held at Training - Training can be obtained from theamong other officials, is part of the information the National Cultural Centre in Georgetown University of Guyana, Carnegie School of Homedissemination and regional awareness during September, as part of a series of events Economics, International Business College andcomponent of CTO‟s Strategy for Sustainable during Amerindian Heritage Month celebration. School of the Nations.Tourism. The twenty-five-year old from Santa Aratak It looks at how Member States can Mission, Region Three (Essequibo Islands/West The Guyana Tourism Authority is offering groupsdesign and implement sustainable tourism Demerara) took the crown, beating nine other and interested parties FREE training courses in Frontpolicies and programmes, offering a regional contestants. Desk Management, Tour Guiding, Customerforum for information exchange on the Services and Frontline training. Groups andsuccesses and pitfalls of national, regional, and Latest edition of ‘Explore Guyana’, ‘Guyana interested parties can submit their interest by writinginternational initiatives. – Where and What’ launched the Authority requesting these FREE training. STC also serves as a primary arena The Tourism and Hospitality Association ofwhere new and creative ideas about enhancing Guyana (THAG) launched the latest edition of For more information on how to obtain trainingthe competitiveness and sustainability of the the Explore Guyana Magazine „The Call of the please call 219 0094-6.Caribbean tourism product are generated. Wild‟ in December.
  8. 8. Canadian journalist wins CTO Support programme REGIONAL NEWS award for photo taken in (USAID/GTIS). Guyana Storm‟s photo and feature article, The Caribbean Tourism „Where Mother Nature Still ReignsREDjet adds St. Lucia to its Organisation (CTO) in December Supreme‟, was originallydestinations honoured veteran Canadian travel published in the Calgary Herald journalist Theresa Storm with an and subsequently by the MontrealRedjet, the Caribbean‟s first low award for excellence in Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Windsorfare airline during the Christmas photography. Star, Dawson Creek Daily News,season started to fly to St. Lucia, the Times – Transcript, Deltaas it continues to extend it services She was awarded during the media Optimist and the region.The carrier officially began flying awards luncheon held onto St. Lucia‟s Hewannorra December 8, as part of Caribbean Her image captures the essence ofInternational Airport, on December Week festivities in Toronto, for the the unique and authentic nature16 from Barbados with fares best photograph published in and cultural experiences Guyanabeginning at US$9.99, making the conjunction with a feature article offers. It features Diane McTurk,destination the seventh port of call in a Canadian publication in 2010. charming owner of Karanambusince its introduction, in April this Lodge, playing in the Rupununiyear. Storm took the photo in Guyana on River with Buddy, a blind giantRedjet which was officially a fall 2009 trip organized by the river otter orphan. McTurk isintroduced to Guyana in April, is Guyana Sustainable Tourism renowned for her life‟s workalready offering flights to Initiative (GSTI), a joint initiative rescuing and rehabilitatingTrinidad, Barbados and Antigua of the Guyana Tourism Authority endangered giant river otters.with the aim of offering affordable and United States Agency forflights to persons. International Development/ Guyana Trade and Investment January February March April Filming expedition by the History Mashramani ITB – Berlin trade show Channel Launching of the ACCT’s circuit Phagwah weekend Adonia’s Cruise ship Arrival manual celebration Launching of the ‘Guyana Where Stakeholders engagement on a Packaging and What’ Sail Guyana Week in 2012 Launching of a ‘Guyana Board of Directors meeting Finalizing plans to host a Dining Guide ‘ CTO’s STC committee site visit monthly television programme Stakeholders engagement on new Updates on the hosting of STC- tourism sites 13
  9. 9. The Guyana Tourism Authority – National Exhibition Centre, Sophia, Georgetown, GuyanaTele: 592 219 0094-6 | Fax: 592 219 0093 | Email: | Web: |