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UpublishU Enhanced Metadata


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This presentation was given at UpublishU during BEA 2012.

Published in: Technology, Business
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UpublishU Enhanced Metadata

  1. 1. Get Your Book Listed On Search Engines & Book Industry Databases! Rebecca Albani
  2. 2. AgendaWhat is your Goal?Who can help you?Good and Bad MetadataMarketing Online
  3. 3. What is Your Goal?
  4. 4. Who Can Help You? Self- Distributor Publishing Partner
  5. 5. Self Publishing Partner1. Do they supply the ISBN or do you bring your own?2. Do they supply the barcode or do you bring your own?3. Do they register your title with Library of Congress and Bowker?4. Do they attach key words to your titles?5. Do they do view inside the book?
  6. 6. Distributor1. Who do they distribute your data to?2. Do they set the price of the title or do you supply the price?3. How do you advertise my title?4. What percent of the sale price do they keep?5. How do they keep track of your sales and how do they relay the sales data to you?
  7. 7. Good Metadata
  8. 8. Product Description
  9. 9. Cover Images
  10. 10. Author Biography
  11. 11. Confusing Metadata
  12. 12. Reusing ISBNs
  13. 13. Cover Image Placeholders
  14. 14. Check Your Work
  15. 15. Market Your Titles Online
  16. 16. Social Networking Sites
  17. 17. Facebook
  18. 18. Twitter
  19. 19. Author Sites
  20. 20. Widgets
  21. 21. Book Review Blogs
  22. 22. Recap• Identify your goal• Find partner(s) to assist you• Manage your metadata• Take advantage of free ways to circulate your metadata
  23. 23. Thank you Rebecca Albani Renee