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The Trade Print Book Persona with Bowker & Firebrand Technologies


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How can metadata and title management for this traditional format be used in today’s changing marketplace? Tips on best practices and discovery for trade print books.

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The Trade Print Book Persona with Bowker & Firebrand Technologies

  1. 1. •The Trade Print Book Persona: Today •The Ebook Persona: March 3, 2016 •The Higher Education Persona: March 15, 2016 Three-part webinar series
  2. 2. The Trade Print Book Persona
  3. 3. Agenda • Relevancy of trade print books • Readers choose print • Sales drivers • Key metadata elements • Metadata to drive sales & discovery 2
  4. 4. Relevancy of trade print books2010 Ebook sales on the rise Print sales decline Panic over future of print books 2014 Ebook sales flatten Print book sales increase Readers reveal preference Bookstore sales on the uptick: $10.9 billion* 2015 Ebook sales fall by 10% first half Bookstore sales hit $11.2 billion* Digital natives (AKA millennials) prefer print to digital** 3 *Figures released by U. S. Census Bureau. **The Washington Post, “Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.”
  5. 5. Readers choose print • Readers use both print & ebooks • Prefer print for various reasons • Chameleons with various product forms for each reader’s needs 4
  6. 6. Sales Drivers “Although the 2015 numbers are strong… total bookstore sales were still far off from their high point in 2007, when sales were over $17 billion.” -- Publisher’s Weekly Simply put: Specific metadata can drive a reader’s decision to purchase a trade print book. 5
  7. 7. Metadata in the past 6 … not so complex
  8. 8. Metadata today … more complex • ISBN Identifier • Cover Image • Product Form • Pages • Measures & Dimensions • Edition • Annotations 7
  9. 9. Key metadata elements • Product form • Edition • Weight & dimensions 8
  10. 10. Product form (binding) information ONIX <b012> product form type <b333> product form detail BISG business case: • Distinguishes between 2 product manifestations • Provides key data for trading partners & consumers • Aids in purchasing decisions • Use ONIX Code List 7 9 Required
  11. 11. Trade paperbacks for USA: <b012> BC <b333> B102 Mass-market: <b012> BC <b333> B101 School & Library: <b012> BB <b333> B306 Children’s board books: <b012> BH Children’s pop-up books: <b012> BB <b333> B206 ONIX descriptions for product forms 10
  12. 12. Edition Information ONIX <b056> Edition type BISG business case: • Best practice to differentiate ISBNs from each other (e. g., Braille & Large Print) • Retailers & consumers want to know clearly what they are getting • Possible to have more than 1 edition code for a single book. • Use ONIX Code List 21 11 Essential
  13. 13. ONIX descriptions for editions Bilingual books: ONIX <b056> and BLL 12 Study guides: ONIX <b056> and GDP Anniversary editions: ONIX <b056> and ANV Large Type Editions: ONIX <b056> and LTE Media Tie-In Editions: ONIX <b056> and MDT
  14. 14. Weight & Dimensions ONIX <c093>, <c094> & <c095> Measurements BISG business case: • Supply chain needs accurate physical dimensions & product weight to plan inventory management & visual merchandising • Use ONIX Code List 48 13 Required
  15. 15. ONIX descriptions for weight and dimensions Dimensions for trade print books have four elements <c093> • Height • Width • Thickness • Weight <measure> <c093>01</c093> Height <c094>5.00</c094> Measurement in decimal form <c095>in</c095> Measurement unit </measure> 14 Weight <c093>08<c093> Width <c093>02</c093> Depth or Thickness <c093>03</c093> Height <c093>01<093>
  16. 16. Metadata to drive sales & discoverability • Cover Images • Annotations • Status 15
  17. 17. Cover Images 16 ONIX media file tags <f114> type <f115> format <f116> link type <f117> link BISG business case: • Product sales increase with the provision of a cover image. • Image file should be named by the ISBN-13 • Use ONIX Code Lists 38, 39 & 40 Required
  18. 18. ONIX descriptions for cover image 17 Front cover: <f114>01<f114> Methods of submission (check with your data partner) • Cover images can be submitted as a media file link with a complete URL in a data feed. Here is an ONIX composite of a JPG media link complete URL <mediafile> <f114>01</f114> front cover <f115>03</f115> JPG <f116>01</f116> URL <f117></f117> </mediafile> • Images can be loaded to an FTP site with proper naming convention of ISBN-13 followed by extension Example of JPG file with front cover named by ISBN 13: 9780012345689.jpg
  19. 19. Annotations (textual description of content) 18 ONIX <d102> text type BISG business case: • Now critical for publishers to transmit marketing collateral electronically • Imperative for online consumers to have information about a book before they purchase it • Suppliers should be able to provide a detailed description of every product in their data feeds • Use ONIX Code List 33 Required
  20. 20. ONIX descriptions for annotations <d102> 01 Main description 19 Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto published in June 2010 and won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 2011. • Sales languished at 1,000 copies per year • Sales increased to 37,000 by the Fall of 2015 when the annotation field was updated with the sentence below and distributed in ONIX feeds along with book metadata <d102> 02 Short description From the creator, writer, and executive producer of the HBO series True Detective and soon to be a major motion picture comes a dark and visceral novel set along the wastelands of Galveston.
  21. 21. Status 20 ONIX <b394> Publishing status BISG business case • Primary data point used by retailers • Should reflect the product’s life cycle accurately • Key field for tracking active titles in the supply chain • Use ONIX Code List 64 Required
  22. 22. ONIX descriptions for Status <b394>04<b394> active vs. <b394>02<b394> forthcoming 21 Title as it appears on the Bowker Books In Print site: No status update submitted. Title as it appears on the publisher’s site. Status is active here, but not sent to data aggregators.
  23. 23. Resources & Articles • Creating Effective ONIX Metadata: Five keys to Promote Discovery • Metadata Requirements for Cover Images • BISG Best Practices for Product Metadata • The New York Times: “The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print is far from Dead” • The Washington Post – “Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading in Print. Yes, you read that right.” • Publisher’s Weekly – “Bookstore Sales Had First Gain in Eight Years in 2015” 22 Follow us on Twitter @Bowker & @firebrandtech
  24. 24. Webinar #1 The Trade/Print Book Persona © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  25. 25. 1. Include as much metadata as you can. © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  26. 26. 2. Keep it up-to-date. © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  27. 27. Example of the Product Form Code in ONIX © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  28. 28. Example of dimensions in ONIX © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  29. 29. How contributors are tracked in Title Management © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  30. 30. Author information in ONIX © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  31. 31. How author information translates to trading partners Note that Amazon has the “Ph.D” suffix, B&N does not © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  32. 32. Clicking on the author name on Amazon © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  33. 33. Clicking on the author name on B&N © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  34. 34. Searching for the author name without suffix on Amazon © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  35. 35. Two locations in Title Management for tracking an Author Bio Title Information page Author Information page © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  36. 36. Author bio in the contributor field in ONIX (from the Author Information page in TM) Does not display on Amazon title page, but does on B&N © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  37. 37. Author bio in the othertext field in ONIX (from the Title Information page in TM) Displays on both the Amazon and B&N title pages © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  38. 38. Categories in the ONIX file Amazon’s mapping to its own categories © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  39. 39. Table of Contents in the ONIX file Not used by either retailer, but may be used by others © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  40. 40. General list of reviews in ONIX © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  41. 41. One specific review, with attribution B&N shows the review with a heading. Amazon does not. © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  42. 42. Imprint and publisher in ONIX Amazon (left) and B&N (right) handle it differently © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  43. 43. Back Panel Copy inside Title Management and in the ONIX file © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  44. 44. Amazon shows the Back Panel Copy, B&N does not © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  45. 45. Keywords can be entered into TM in the Comments section They come over into the ONIX file © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  46. 46. Amazon does not show them, but it does use them © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  47. 47. Many thanks to these publishers for their samples! Workman Publishing Company Guilford Publications © 2016 Firebrand Technologies
  48. 48. Joshua Tallent Director of Outreach and Education 978-225-2757 @jtallent @firebrandtech © 2016 Firebrand Technologies