Maximising sales through quality metadata


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Metadata is key to discovery in for both print and digital books. This presentation shows small presses what metadata is and how to use it for marketing your titles through Bowker's products and other online sites.

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  • Providing Bowker® details about your title allows us to: Print and digital titles qualify for this program.Other types of items include:printed books including print-on-demand titlese-booksaudio books and spoken word audiovideo, both educational and trade titlesmapscalendars and diariesmixed media such as book + CD or textbook + student workbook + teacher’s guidenovelty books such as bath books and sound bookswall charts, flashcards and other educational materials
  • Each section will be closed with a checklist so that you can easily put into action the lessons learned.
  • Metadata technically means data about data.In the publishing word, this term refers to all of the information about your book that you need to allow customers to find it.
  • Here is a visual example of metadata in action.
  • Here is a visual example where no enriched content exists compared to when it does exist.
  • Positives—Amazon has look inside featureProduct descriptionAuthor biography—make sure you write in complete sentences and not list put a list of crendentials here.What is missing—Customer reviewsInstead of description saying 11 chapters. Possible list the topics of each chapter so the reader understands what the book is about without looking inside. See the publishers own website has this information, but when he chose to cut it down for Amazon, he just cut instead of rewriting.
  • No variation in metadata between titles within your series. Not enough description in the data you supply the reader for them to understand how this book is different from your other books. Series title should not = title of book.Cover images are not enough to tell them of the difference.Changing editions (format, price, content) and still offering older editions for sale at the same time.
  • Bowker is a key search and discovery partner for all publishers.Bowker builds a data repository that meets the needs of retailers, libraries, and schools.We have over 1200 customers representing over 10K locations.We send data direct to users systems as well as provide them online interfaces to use for finding titles.We also integrate with library online catalogs. You may be looking at our cover images and other enriched content on your local library site. Look for the footnote of Powered by Syndetic Solutions.
  • Enriched contentTable of contentsDescription/summary of bookMedia reviewsAuthor biographyIf you choose the custom ISBN or custom universal ISBN option or you have brought your own ISBN to createspace, you can add this extended metadata to Bowker free of charge. We will let you know at the end how to do this.
  • You can do a google search on your ISBN. Here is an example. This was an interesting find that we have not yet discussed, there are social networking sites where readers review books. You can get people to read your book and review it on these sites, which will aid you in discoverability.
  • URLs use ISBNs in order to ensure search engine optimization. This means You want to have an ISBN for your bookYou want to be aware of both your ISBN10 and ISBN13Here is an example of Amazon using the key metadata elements of title and ISBN10 in their URL string.
  • Barnes and Noble uses ISBN13Bowker uses ISBN13 as well in our free title cards, which I will explain in more detail over the next few slides.
  • Free Bowker Title CardsEach title in Bowker’s database has a free title card on the open web. Describe contents of the title card.Using the site I mentioned earlier, you can access your title card and copy the link. Then you can use this link to feature your titles anywhere you wish.
  • Bowker also offers a widget program where you can e-mail a friend, share your book on social networking sites, and program a shopping cart for your preferred online retailer. This also offers a view inside functionality that you control. This is a fee-based program and details will be provided at the end of the session on how to access this option.
  • Maximising sales through quality metadata

    1. 1. Maximizing Sales throughQuality Metadata
    2. 2. No Charge for Enhanced Discoverability• Provide metadata to retailers, libraries, and schools• Communicate price and status updates in a timely fashion to multiple customers• Display enhanced content such as cover images and marketing descriptions for readers and buyers• Increase awareness of your titles
    3. 3. Agenda• Metadata Quick Course• Free Discovery through Bowker’s Products• Marketing Your Titles Online
    4. 4. MetadataQuick Course
    5. 5. Metadata How customers find your book
    6. 6. Core Metadata Metadata Type Your Book Physical attributes Paperback Content Author, Title Availability / Access Price, Supplier
    7. 7. Descriptive Metadata Metadata Type Your Book Physical attributes Page count, Size Subject, Series, Characters, Content Illustrated Audience / Use Textbook, College Level USA only, Hardback rights Sales Rights only Availability / Access On sale date 6/1/08
    8. 8. Content PhysicalRights Use Access
    9. 9. Enriched Content Metadata Type Your Book Author Notes Biography, Credentials Series Title and Series Series Subtitle Excerpts First Chapter Cover Image Small or large Table of Contents General or detailed
    10. 10. Basic Metadata Enriched Content
    11. 11. Good Metadata
    12. 12. Confusing Metadata • 20 different books in the series • All metadata is identical including author and description • Cover image portrait tells me it is different
    13. 13. Metadata Quick Course Checklist Ensure you have these metadata Create these enriched content elements available for your work elements for your work• ISBN • Descriptions• Title/Subtitle • Cover Images• Author • Tables of Contents• Format • Indexes• Price • Reviews (both professional and• Subject user)• Vendor of Record (Distributor) • Excerpts or sample chapters• Status/Availability • Author biographies and• Publication Date photographs• Publisher• Series Title (if applicable)
    14. 14. Free Discovery throughBowker’s Products
    15. 15. Bowker’s Metadata and Enriched Content Books In Print and Bowker Syndetic Created Licensed Content Solutions Content • Author • Full Text Biographies Supply Chain Reviews Content • Bestseller • Review lists • LOC and citations • Media Distributor Your Data mentions Data Feeds Submission • Price & • Awards to Bowker Availability • Knowledge Notifications Profiles
    16. 16. Representative Clients by Market Segment Publishers: Retailers: Libraries: New York Public Random House Barnes & Noble Brooklyn Public HarperCollins Follett College Chicago Public Hachette Stores Johns Hopkins University Elsevier Indigo Harvard Macmillan Yale Cengage Hastings Princeton Wiley Sony Queens Borough Public Schools: Apple State of Oklahoma NYC DOE eBay web services: Anthology Columbia University New York Times EdMap MIT
    17. 17. Bowker Books In Print®:>10K librarians, retailers, and teachers
    18. 18. Bowker’s Enriched Content
    19. 19. Bowker® Syndetic Solutions:>3B queries/month
    20. 20. Submitting Data to Bowker: 1. Enter and view metadata 2. Upload cover images 3. Retrieve Title Card
    21. 21. Bowker Discovery Checklist Review your Bowker Title Card• ISBN• Title/Subtitle• Author• Format• Price• Subject• Vendor of Record (Distributor)• Status/Availability• Publication Date• Publisher• Description• Cover Images• Author biographies
    22. 22. Marketing Your Titles Online
    23. 23. Social Networking Sites
    24. 24. Book Review Blogs
    25. 25.
    26. 26.
    27. 27. Widget Functionality
    28. 28. Purchasing a Widget: Click to buy widget
    29. 29. Marketing Online Checklist Consider These Online Consider These Opportunities Functionalities• Online retailers • Controlled view inside• Social networking websites • Buy buttons • • Widgets • • •• Author or title website• Blog reviews
    30. 30. Questions regarding metadata or use bip.bowkerlink@bowker.comQuestions on purchasing/using ISBN, SAN, and Barcodes isbn-san@bowker.comLink to PDF of checklists from this presentation
    31. 31. About Bowker Bowker is the worlds leading provider of bibliographic information management solutions designed to help publishers, booksellers, and libraries better serve their customers. The company is focused on developing various tools and products that make books easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience, as well as providing services to publishers that help them better understand and meet the interests of readers worldwide. Bowker is an affiliated business of ProQuest and is headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, with additional operations in England and Australia. For more information, please visit Follow Us On Twitter @DiscoverBowker Like us on Facebook