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Digital Book World Business Models, Metadata and Identifiers


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Bowker's case study presentation from Digital Book World.
Connecting Readers to content is the goal of every publisher. Traditional business models are transformed and new business models developed. All rely on metadata and identifiers to succeed in reaching readers with the content they want at the time they want it in the form they want to consume it. This session will discuss:
--Business models and their use of metadata/identifiers
--Role of metadata/identifiers during content creation
--Key metadata fields and how customers view, interpret, use them

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Digital Book World Business Models, Metadata and Identifiers

  1. 1. Presentation Template Slides: Business Models, Metadata, and Identifiers Insert your presentation title/subtitle here; adjust size of text box to fit. (Title Arial Bold 18 pt. black; subtitle Arial Regular 12 pt. black)
  2. 2. Presenters Han Huang Director, Product Management, Data Licensing Patricia Payton Senior Manager, Publisher Relations and Content Development Laura Dawson Product Manager, Identifier Services
  3. 3. Agenda • • • • Bowker mission New business models Customer use of metadata Metadata and identifiers in content creation
  4. 4. Bowker Mission To connect readers with books, and provide critical insights in to readership worldwide 4
  5. 5. New Business Models
  6. 6. Whatever your business model If you are in the book business You compete against Amazon
  7. 7. Business models Business Model Examples Standard Retail Marketplace Rental Subscription Publisher Retailer Discovery / Affiliate model Advertising B&N, Books A Million eBay Chegg Scribd, eReatah Zola BooksiLove Adboku
  8. 8. Competing against Amazon Whatever your business model, if you are new to it, to be successful you will likely need to: • Achieve steep and fast revenue growth from very early on • Have deep pockets with strong investment backing • Be able to run at a loss for a significant period of time • It helps to have industry leading partners on your side • Chegg is a case in point
  9. 9. Bowker is a great partner to help support your business • Bowker is the world's leading provider of bibliographic information management solutions designed to help publishers, booksellers, and libraries better serve their customers • We help our customers compete more effectively across a broad range of business models • Bowker is part of the ProQuest family of businesses;  ProQuest has been highly successful in innovating in new business models for eBooks through such as patron-driven acquisition through its ebrary business • Bowker is the official source of ISBNs in the US
  10. 10. Customer Use of Metadata
  11. 11. Metadata and Identifiers In Content Creation
  12. 12. Bibliographic Commercial Basic book information Classic understanding of metadata Transactional Merchandising Tax codes Inventory Proprietary fields Location Descriptive content Order and billing Royalty and accounting Marketing copy Consumergenerated content Consumers Publishers Four types of metadata
  13. 13. Many sources • • • • • • • Publisher-prepared files Publisher requests (typically e-mail) Data aggregators (e.g., Bowker) Wholesalers/distributors Social reading sites Retailers (online and offline) Libraries
  14. 14. Complicating digital metadata • Differential timing (physical 6 months prior, digital upon publication) • (Some) different attributes • More frequent price changes • Conversions are often outsourced • In relative terms, a new process
  15. 15. Current metadata practices • Created in four primary departments (editorial/ME, marketing, production and creative services) • Management responsibility varies by sender • Most publishers treat publication as the “end date” for updates (changing somewhat) • “Complete” is not “accurate”; inspection limited • Preparing eBook metadata somewhat “ad hoc”
  16. 16. It’s complicated 25
  17. 17. Metadata as a functional map Retailers, Libraries, Search Engines, Trading Partners
  18. 18. Structured metadata 27
  19. 19. Thank You!