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Copyright & Licensing

If you've ever been puzzled by copyright questions, don't miss this opportunity to learn about copyright and expand your understanding of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to intellectual property. This presentation will cover: The basics of copyright law; What is – and what is not – copyright-protected; Fair use: What it is and how it works. In addition, the presenters will offer copyright licensing and transactional tips and reminders especially important for publishers, such as the divisibility of a copyright holder’s rights; the importance of clearly stating a licensee’s permitted use of copyrighted matter (scope of use) along with restrictions on use; having clear termination and reversion provisions; and other important contract items for monetizing content.

At Copyright Clearance Center, Christopher Kenneally develops content and programming covering issues facing the information industry. Kenneally is host and producer of CCC’s weekly podcast series, “Beyond the Book.”

Jon Tandler is a Member of Sherman & Howard LLC, Denver, Colorado, and practices intellectual property, publishing, information technology and business law. Jon teaches regularly about copyright and publishing for academic institutions, continuing legal education and professional associations.

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