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Bowker offers a free program to index the content of a work, print or digital. The indexed content is embedded in our subscription based products, which are sold to librarians, retailers, and teachers.

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  • Searching has changed over time. Here is an example of what content added to a search can do.
  • This is
  • Bowker Full Content Indexing Presentation

    1. 1. Full Digital Content Indexing Jan 2012Jack Tipping Bowker UKPublisher Relations & Data Submission www.bowker.comPatricia Payton Bowker USSenior Director of Publisher Relations & Content
    2. 2. Aggregated & Enhanced ContentContent from the Supply Chain • Data Feeds – National Libraries, Publishers, & Distributors • Price & Availability Notifications – WholesalersLicensed Content • Full Text Reviews – PW, LJ, SLJ, NYT , Guardian • Review citations – 10 trusted sources Included on > 145K ISBNs • NY Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times, San Fran. Chronicle, and USA Today, GuardianBowker Created Content • Author Biographies – > 80,000 authors • Bestseller lists – 23 sources • Including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal • Included on >225K ISBNs even Audio, Video, Print and E-Book • > 100 Years At a Glance synopses • Detail listings for PW and NY Times on position and length on list • Media mentions – 25 sources • Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Good Morning America, Oprah, NPR • Awards – > 400 sources • Knowledge Profiles – 230K unique across all subjects • Genre and sub-genre, Author, Title, Characters of book and traits, themes, keyword related • U.S. titles only
    3. 3. Knowledge Profile Creation
    4. 4. Social Networking Enhanced Metadata Library Thing™ For Libraries • Tags – 59,000,000 individual labels • Reviews – > 800,000 • Recommendations – 1,646,070 ISBNs • Ratings –7,689,333 individual 4
    5. 5. Search & Discovery ProductsBowker Books In Print® • > 1,200 retail & library clients make buying decisions using this online bibliographic reference tool • Content is aggregated and standardized • > 20M records; > 13M “active” book records
    6. 6. Search & Discovery ProductsBowker Data Licensing • Embed data in customer acquisition & workflow processes • 60+ clients including major retailers, small startups, eBook platforms, and search engines • User controls processing rules • Works via pull or push methods
    7. 7. Search & Discovery ProductsBowker® Syndetic Solutions • Library catalog (OPAC) enrichment service and discovery layer • 3B queries/month; >11M content elements; updated weekly • Cover images, Tables of Contents, Summaries, Reviews, First chapters, Author notes, Awards, & Knowledge Profiles • Includes books, videos & music in English, Spanish, German, Swedish & Italian • Analytics show users search “long tail”—29K hits, most requested title 18 “quantitative data” as search term
    8. 8. Search & Discovery Products
    9. 9. Representative Clients by Market Segment Publishers: Retailers: Libraries: Random House Barnes & Noble New York Public HarperCollins Follett College Brooklyn Public Hachette Stores Chicago Public Elsevier Indigo Johns Hopkins University Macmillan Harvard Cengage Hastings Yale Wiley Sony Princeton Apple Queens Borough Public Schools: eBay State of Oklahoma NYC DOE web services: Anthology Columbia University New York Times MIT EdMap
    10. 10. Traditional vs. Content Searching Searches all available contentSearches selectmetadata fields only
    11. 11. Bowker Data Profiler™: Relevant WordsRelevancy weightsare embedded inXML structure.Lexicon providesbasis for relevance.
    12. 12. Data Profiler: Improved Search Discoverable keywords Facets Facets allow for context search
    13. 13. Data Profiler: Functions• Relevant words—within the universe of docs• Context of words—aid in identifying use of terms• Readability tests—grade level and easiness• Assign labels—audience or subject• Summary—most relevant sentences from work (internal use only)
    14. 14. SummaryWe request your participation now• Products will embed XML output in 2011Giving Bowker access to your digital files will enable us to • Increase awareness of your titles to our wide user base • Generate additional knowledge/metadata about titles • Link your digital products to print metadata to drive sales • No sales or access to full content without the express, written consent of the appropriate rights holders Agreement review More Information about this program
    15. 15. About Bowker Bowker is the worlds leading provider of bibliographic information management solutions designed to help publishers, booksellers, and libraries better serve their customers. The company is focused on developing various tools and products that make books easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience, as well as providing services to publishers that help them better understand and meet the interests of readers worldwide. Bowker is an affiliated business of ProQuest and is headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, with additional operations in England and Australia. For more information, please visit Follow Us On Twitter @DiscoverBowker