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BIC Session 2: You and Your ONIX Provider -- Forming a Successful Partnership

Originally presented on 27th September, 2016, by BIC in cooperation with Bowker. Session 2 is aimed at publishers who have reached a point where it makes sense for them to begin using an integrated product and data management system or service that can maintain their metadata and produce ONIX files, or to switch to a more sophisticated system. The session explores how to begin to find the best supplier. Publishing management software vendors and ONIX service providers are plentiful and it’s important that publishers find the one that best meets a publisher's needs.

This webinar panel includes one moderator, Jo Burges, who provides useful tools and demonstrates how a publisher might research ONIX services. Representatives from three product and data management system providers – GiantChair, Klopotek, and Virtusales – also participate.

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