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OBF Academy 10.4.2017 / Advertise the Open Badges you issue!


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In this OBF Academy session we discussed about new features related to OBF and OBP. One of them gives badge issuers the possibility to advertise their badges and badge applications in Open Badge Passport. That way they can reach a bigger audience and also make their operations more visible. It's also a great way for badge earners to know what kind of learning is available in their own country but also elsewhere in the world. That way they will be able to create new badge paths for themselves.

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OBF Academy 10.4.2017 / Advertise the Open Badges you issue!

  1. 1. “Deeper” integration of OBF and OBP More benefits for OBF users Eric Rousselle CEO, Discendum Ltd. and Open Badge Factory
  2. 2. • An open and free badge repository, micro- portfolio and badge earner community • Open means that users can upload standard Open Badges issued by any issuing platform • Plan is to extend our API so that any badge issuing platform can push badges into the Passport • At the same time, we will implement a deeper integration between OBF and OBP, which will bring a lot of benefits to OBF users
  3. 3. Benefits generated by current implementation • Verification of issuer and validation of badge information • Automatic reception of badges in OBP • Possibility for OBF users to avertise their badges and badge applications in OBP
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  12. 12. Coming soon! • More information to OBF users about how badges are used in OBP • Further development of OBP’s “social features” • Dedicated instances of the Passport for Enterprise and Premium+ customers • Implementation of version 2.0 of OBI
  13. 13. Thank you! @eric_rousselle