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Love A Force Of Ferromagnetism Pdf


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Love defined by Science as the process of Ferromagnetism.

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Love A Force Of Ferromagnetism Pdf

  1. 1. at MY BODACIOUS BLOG 3/24/10 5:02 AM MY BODACIOUS BLOG The Concept Chronicles Gazette of a Graphomaniac: Love: A Force of Ferromagnetism? March 22nd, 2010 Popular Science recently published an article in which love was “scientifically defined” through a process of chemistry. A proposal that the nuclear magnetic process of Ferromagnetism was a biological representation of the physiological occurence of “love.” In this proposed correlation, there was one very specific and dogmatic notion: This is not an exact quote, but it’s a close enough neighbor to convey the same concept: Isolated, confined and ambiguous “love” is precisely proven to be a spontaneously occurring magnetism. Ferromagnetism is a form of eventual self destructing magnetism that eventually will become unable to sustane the bond that was formed (the magnetism formed is an illustration of “love” developing, or occuring). Why the quotations on the word love, you ask? Well, I’m feeling a bit analytical this morning, and it must be made clear that this entry is simply a dictation of theory and interpretation. The approach and illustration of the following investigation is impersonal, a universal and nonspecific approach to “love” and all relationships where “love” is present. It is not my love, not my personal love, that I am attempting to interperet or define. My determined love is something which is definitive and fixed, without question, secure in my own heart and mind. The following exploratory is written from an emotionally detached and objective point of view. MY perception and definition of love and personal connection is a distinguished and predetermined resolve, pertaining only to me. In order to successfully and diplomatically approach “love” in terms of inclusive definition and scientific relation, my personal perception of “love” needs to be removed. Therefore, I quote “love” because I am not referring to the love I know and understand, but the mysterious and enigmatic proposed properties of “love” as defined by science, psychology, and substance. Just wanted to make that clear before I continue… Absolute and conclusive love is a phenomenon that I happily acknowledge to never fully understand. Perhaps it is an act of God (if you believe in such an occurence), or perhaps it is an unpredictable and unexplainable force of nature, and maybe terrorism is to blame somehow (refer to your local government branch for this correlation)… Maybe love is an invention of man, a complex and confidential entity used to manage and control mankind, facilitated by a variety of confidential Government Administrations. A population regulation division, composed of a multitude of advisers, assembly, and cabinets whose sole mission is Legislation through the control of the feeling civilians feel as love. There also exists a good possibility that love is a universal element, one that is a Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. at MY BODACIOUS BLOG 3/24/10 5:02 AM confidential entity of the universe. It’s explanation, it’s definition, heavily armed and guarded from man. Perhaps this is simply because one’s absolute understanding of love would negate its’ power, deny its’ consuming ability of the heart and mind. What we now call love may have been one of the worlds’ first nuclear experiments. A particular form of psychosomatic poison maybe? A perfect mixture of carefully chosed chemical components that form a complex structure, eventually invading and effecting the human psyche, thought process, and physiological state. Reasonable, it can be concluded that an exposure to this chemical element causes a spontaneous, chemical magnetization. Acting as a drug, initial exposure to the toxin facilitates feelings such as intense bliss, a natural and intense high of endorphins, often followed by an intense mysery and emotional suffering. The only statement that I have no speculation of is that love is a sensitive, uncontrollable and mysterious force; a bond that is just as sensitive and erratic as it is strong and eternal. That, for me, is enough of a definition. However, let’s briefly investigate this Scientific Theory of love outlined by the process of Ferromagnetism. Spontaneous Vortex Phase of Ferromagnetism A comprehensive overview of the Ferromagnetic Process Scientifically, love is loosely defined as a simple biological and physiological process, a structural equation modeling described by the forming of attachments, bonds, and affinites. Interesting that love was approached as a process, I think… Simply because a process, by definition, includes outlined phases. One interesting appropriation of this process compares love to the magnetic bonding process of Ferromagnetism, the only process of magnetic attraction that is strong enough to be felt. Ferromagnetism is a phenomenon which begins when uncharged materials spontaneously attract and bond to one another, the first phase of this nuclear process. Mortal beings are represented as these individually uncharged separate elements, which form a relatable strong bond and attraction. The Ferromagnetic Porocess involves a very distinct and important transitional phase, which is, according to science, a constant and unavoidable certainty. Following the spontaneous creation of the bond of elements (or individuals), the exchange interaction (viewed as the degree of emotional intensity) of these separately uncharged materials causes an intense rise of thermal energy. As a result of this energy, an extremely high and unsustainabe temperature is reached. It is when the controllable temperature is surpassed when the initial magnetic alignment is destroyed, as the magnetic field has been actually melted by this extreme thermal energy. Although this theory is somewhat romantic in its’ scientific phenomenon comparison of unavoidable destruction, there exists no feasible way that it even closely resembles a constant, determining truth of love. In this comparison, love has no choice but to fail. The unavoidability factor of this phase is not true to life, and holds no water. While becomming more and more rapidly rare and uncommon, love has proven itself to have the ability to be sustained throughout the entire existance of mankind. By simply disregarding these instances, the proposed definition of love is in no way a physiological certainty. At best, it is a mediocre representation. Science has a lot of nerve, in my opinion, attempting to define something so extremely infinite and individually variabled to a predictable magnetic process. At least psychology,theory and philosophy have the respect to acknowledge the presence of varible change, the acceptance that each individuals experience and dictation of love will be varied by personal and environmental forces. Science, as an area of study, is the most arrogant. Self assured but without regard to common sense and comprehensive conclusions, loyal only to properties and reactions. That’s all for today… I simply had to acknowledge the absurdity of defining love and its’ power in absolute and comprehensive terms as entirely illogical, and offensive in the aspect that it succeeds in Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. at MY BODACIOUS BLOG 3/24/10 5:02 AM belittling the knoledge of mankind. I’m disappointed in you, Science. Your distinct inaccuracy and conceit plagues me. I’ll leave you now with this: Sigh No More- Mumford & Sons ♥ Have a great night everybody! -Alex MY PAGES Gazette of a Graphomaniac: Love: A Force of Ferromagnetism? MY FACEBOOK The Concept Chronicles Briefing MY RECENT BLOGS The clock nearing six, hungry, tired, and sick. “And now I cling to what I knew, I saw exactly what was true..” This Heart’s On Fire This is your brain on WP IPhone Test Page 3 of 5
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