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Tire Rotation Instructions


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Step by step instructions on how to rotate your tires.

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Tire Rotation Instructions

  1. 1. Tire Rotation Instructions DIY Auto Maintenance Wiki
  2. 2. Equipment and Materials Needed Floor jack suitable to vehicles rated weight Appropriate size lug wrench Four jack stands suitable to vehicles rated weight Two wheel chocks
  3. 3. Chock the Wheels Make sure the vehicle is on level ground and chock both sides of one rear wheel. The provided illustration shows the correct positioning of wheel chocks to prevent the car from moving.
  4. 4. Loosen Lug NutsOnce the wheels have beenchocked, break loose eachlug nut on all four tires withthe lug wrench by turningthem counterclockwise.Failing to break loose thelug nuts will make it difficultfor them to be removedlater.
  5. 5. Jack up the Car Elevate the front of the vehicle using a floor jack and support it with two jack stands. Refer to the owner’s manual for jack points, and where to locate jack stands. Once the front of the car is supported by jack stands, elevate the rear of the car with the floor jack and support it with the remaining two jack stands. Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual again for where to place the jack stands.Note and Caution: An individual should never crawl under avehicle that is not supported by approved jack stands. Also,one should never jack up a vehicle without one wheel beingchocked. Failing to recognize these cautions could lead toserious injury.
  6. 6. Remove TiresWith the appropriate sizelug wrench, remove the lugnuts from each wheel byturning themcounterclockwise.Remove each of the tires,but be sure to rememberwhich point of the car theycame from.
  7. 7. Rotate TiresThe illustration provided outlines the general rotationpatterns to be used when manufacturer specs are notprovided.
  8. 8. Snug WheelsGently tighten thelug nuts with the lugwrench by turningthem clockwise.
  9. 9. Lower the carBegin by jacking up the rearof the vehicle and removingthe jack stands.Once lowered, chock one ofthe rear wheels and proceedto lower the front of the car.Use the lug wrench to firmlytighten each lug nut.
  10. 10. Your car is now safe to drive
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