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Hereworth blogging slideshow guide 101


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Published in: Technology
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Hereworth blogging slideshow guide 101

  1. 1. A Blog is simply an empty space waiting for your potential!Creating a blog is like an empty book- in todays session we are going to createyour blog- you are creating an empty space dripping with potential; how youutilise that space to enhance your own learning will be up to you.
  2. 2. Put your gmail details hereYour first task is to go to the website and using your gmail account createyour own Blog. If you haven’t had a chance to create a gmail account youcan do that now here too.
  3. 3. You can use any Title you like but for your address there is a little trial and error- startwith what you want and continue to make changes until it is accepted.Then select a template by clicking on it. You can change this at any time so select thefirst one you fancy for now ☺
  4. 4. And like magic your Blog is created!On the left of your View Blog button is a drop down menuChoose the last option ‘settings’
  5. 5. Change? Change?Here is where you can change the privacy settings to suit what you want.You can also change your Title, address etc here.You can return to this page at any time in the future to make changes also.You can also add a description or intention/goal in here too.
  6. 6. Layout Gadjets Next we can put some cool widgets in. Go to Layout Choose a place you want your gadjet then click Add gadget Choose your gadget
  7. 7. Publish! These buttons are similar to ‘Word’Now view your BlogClick the pencil or ‘new post’ to add your first postAdd your textHave a go at adding a pictureChoose Publish when you are finishedYahoo, you have Blogged!