Social media measurement - child's play?


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A short presentation about measuring social media influence with some examples of measurement tools

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  • Social media measurement - child's play?

    1. Social media Child’s play or impossible? measurement
    2. I just don’t get Must show a the ROI on nice clean this spreadsheet Clients....and agencies
    3. “the problem online is never Delicious brings up close to measurability. It's that you can 3000 results for measure too many things.quot; “socialmedia + Randall Rothenberg (IAB) measurement” The problem is we have measurability coming out of our ears
    4. Is it a case of measuring is easy, measuring the right things is difficult?
    5. In theory, it is not actually that difficult, metrics really should look at a combination of three things (Trust, engagement, reach)
    6. Some useful metrics and their pros and cons
    7. Reach - Feed Compare • Feed Compare ( • Let’s you look at the subscribers. More valuable than raw numbers as shows who comes back • However, reliant on Feed burner feeds
    8. Reach - Statbrain However, it’s only a guess and from our experience it seems to overestimate visitor Takes Alexa, Google etc rankings and numbers works out how many visits a site gets
    9. Trust - Twingly • Swedish based search engine • Rather than throw everyone into a big international pot, it gives blogs trust scores measured against other similar language blogs • So Swedish blogs are ranked against other Swedish blogs, Danish blogs scored vs other Danish blogs etc
    10. Trust and reach - Twinfluence • A great open tool that starts from the premise that not all numbers are equal • You might only be followed by 100 people, but they might be 100 v influential people • Gives you 2nd order followers and ‘social capital’ scores • Obviously the person has to be on Twitter
    11. PostRank • Measures engagement - do people actually bother to comment on, bookmark, pass on what you write about • AdAge recently changed its Power 150, with PostRank being the top metric • Good English speaking coverage, sometimes non English speaking sites are patchy
    12. But we’re not big fans of...
    13. Arguably the most A judgement call important criteria
    14. Checking for ourselves • It gets into muddy ROI waters but you miss a lot if you just fall back on the metrics • Sometimes someone may fall through the measurement criteria but you know it makes sense if they are included • Ideally making judgement calls should enhance your expertise - a sign that you practice what you preach and don’t always rely purely on the spreadsheet
    15. “If you treat people's conversations as media -- social media -- your ROI is zero (or even negative) because you'd be doing it wrong. But for social marketing done right, the potential ROI could be infinite -- when you divide a number by a cost of zero (ad dollars spent), you'd get infinity.” Augustine Chou, Click Z Final thought on the matter
    16. Find me at • Twitter - dirkthecow • • •
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