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Shifting the conversation


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From features and function to users, their goals and experience.

We are all in the same boat! Our customers and prospects are asking for solutions to business problems that imply the integration of several products and services. Questions being asked by business leaders are more sophisticated than they have been in the past; this means people in customer facing roles must become more consultative than ever in order to establish trust and clearly articulate their role and the value it will create.

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Shifting the conversation

  1. 1. Shifting the conversation: From features and function to users, their goals and experience. Created by: Dirk shaw
  2. 2. It is time product company’s adopt customer centric approaches if they want to elevate the conversation from the feature function spread sheet to the boardroom.
  3. 3. Solutions answer questions , define return on the investment and the necessary building blocks,
  4. 4. Focus on users, goals and experiences Using personas and scenarios allow us to demonstrate how our products can deliver a next generation experience thru the eyes of a customer, employee or partner.
  5. 5. Think about multichannel scenarios
  6. 6. Design channel specific scenarios to increase conversion rates
  7. 7. Prototype the future state experience
  8. 8. Develop a vision that describes the clients next generation in the context of their business landscape and thru the lens of a customer, employee or partner.