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agario, agar io

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  1. 1. Agar io Game Agario is most popular game in the world these days. It seems really easy to play but you need to learn some tricks about it to be successful. This game is played by mouse control. You can control your blob with direct it with mouse cursor. All you need to do is open its’ website and determine and nickname. Then you will be ready to play! There is no level system for this day; so when you lose you will start over. You will see non-moving objects all around you. Eat them to make your blob bigger. When your blob reaches certain size you can eat your opponents too. But be careful, you can only eat blobs which are smaller than you. Otherwise you might be the bait. When your blob become too big; it can split with space button. Bigger blobs move very slowly; so if you have to run away splitting might be work. Some people like to play as a team. Team mode is one of your choice. If you are in team mode you can split particles to feed your friends. Press W button to feed your team friends! In time, you will develop your own strategies in Agar io.