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Fusion Middleware 11g How To Part 1


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Installation of Metadata Repository for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

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Fusion Middleware 11g How To Part 1

  1. 1. Fusion Middleware How To Series Creation Metadata Repository Dirk Nachbar
  2. 2. Metadata Repository • For several Fusion Middleware installations we will need the Metadata Repository to store informations about the components • For the creation of the Metadata Repository schemas the usage of the Repository Creation Utility is necessary
  3. 3. Metadata Repository • For following Fusion Middleware components we need the Metadata Repository • Identity Management • Enterprise Content Management • WebLogic Communication Services • SOA and BPM Infrastructure • WebCenter Suite • Portal and Business Intelligence
  4. 4. Prerequirements for the metadata Repository • In order to create the necessary Metadata Repository following requirements must be fullfilled • Oracle Database or higher • Depending on the components which are used the SGA size should be 1.5 GB • Init.ora parameter sessions and processes equal 500
  5. 5. Necessary Software • The Repository Creation Utility (RCU) can be found under http:// products/middleware/htdocs/ fmw_11_download.html for Windows and Linux Platforms • A remote usage for the RCU is possible, therefore the target database can be residing e.g. on a Solaris server and the RCU can be used from a Windows Desktop
  6. 6. Installation of the RCU • The Installation of the RCU is pretty simple, just download the RCU for your platform, copy it to any location on your machine and unzip it • The RCU contains a full Oracle Client, so that no additional software is necessary • The documentation for the RCU can be found under docs/cd/E15523_01/doc.1111/e14259/ toc.htm
  7. 7. Run the RCU • After the extraction of the RCU utility change to the directory rcuHome/bin and startup the RCU utility either with ./rcu (for Linux) or rcu.bat (for Windows)
  8. 8. Repository Creation Utility • Just acknowledge the Welcome Screen
  9. 9. Repository Creation Utility • Choose the Option „Create“
  10. 10. Repository Creation Utility • Define your connection to your target database • the connect must be done with SYSDBA privileges
  11. 11. Repository Creation Utility • Acknowledge the pre- requirement checks
  12. 12. Repository Creation Utility • Choose the components you need and define the schema prefix • see slide 3
  13. 13. Repository Creation Utility • Aknowledge the pre- requirements checks
  14. 14. Repository Creation Utility • Define the components schema passwords • all schemas the same password • use the main auxiliary schema password • specify per schema a seperate password
  15. 15. Repository Creation Utility • Manage the necessary tablespace • use the button „Manage Tablespace“ to define the location of the datafiles
  16. 16. Repository Creation Utility • Aknowledge the warning, that the tablespaces will be created
  17. 17. Repository Creation Utility • Aknowledge the tablespace validation check
  18. 18. Repository Creation Utility • Aknowledge the summary of the RCU
  19. 19. Repository Creation Utility • Wait until the creation process is finish
  20. 20. Repository Creation Utility • Completion summary
  21. 21. Dirk Nachbar