How swarovski crystals are made


Published on Swarovski has come a long way particularly when it comes to jewelry creation. There are lots of beads along with other hand crafted jewelries which make use of these precious effervescent crystals - from day-to-day wear to Swarovski jewelries that are made and crafted by honored jewelers and worn by internationally renowned personalities.

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How swarovski crystals are made

  1. 1. ries
  2. 2. Swarovski Jewelries
  3. 3. QUESTION:So how do they create theselovely Swarovski Crystals?
  4. 4. ANSWER:They create crystal glass that permits light to refract in a rainbow spectrum.
  5. 5. To complete it and to develop a lustrous pattern, they coat the crystal glass with metallic coatings like Aurora Borealis (AB) which gives a rainbow appearance, CrystalTransmission, Aurum, Dorado, and Volcano.
  6. 6. Coatings can be applied on partof the glass crystal or coated twice.
  7. 7. Later on, variations of glasscutting techniques emerged likethe copyrighted cut Xilion which is designed to optimize thebrilliance of Roses (components that have flat backs) and the Chatons or diamond cut.
  8. 8. Other products of Swarovski are Tyrolit - the makers of abrasive cutting tools, Swareflex - the reflective and lustrous road markings, Signity - the artificial and natural gemstones and Swarovski Optik - the opticalinstruments like rifle scopes and binoculars.
  9. 9. Swarovski is a lot more than just a title now.
  10. 10. It’s a greater portion of a way of life as it goes on to expand and widen its range, not only in creating jewelry, figurine making, cutting tools, road markings,
  11. 11. but it also has joined withelectronic devices giant Philips to build “Active Crystals” electronic devices variety likethe 6 USB Memory Keys, 4 in-earheadphones, Bluetooth wireless earbuds.
  12. 12. Other exceptional productionare the Swarovski figurines that are great collector’s items.
  13. 13. Swarovski made a greatprogress way particularly when it involves making jewelry.
  14. 14. There are numerous beads as well as other handmade jewelries which make use ofthese precious stunning crystals - from day-to-day wear to Swarovski jewelries that are specially designed and crafted by celebrated jewelers and worn by internationally renowned personalities.
  15. 15. Swarovski jewelry piecesguarantee unique splendorthat will accentuate both women and men.
  16. 16. The widest collection onSwarovski jewelry - wedding necklace, wedding earrings, or wedding bracelets are here…