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  • Suggested leading questions:Are you doing email, text, and social media marketing for your business? How do you feel about the solution(s)?Would you have a few moments to learn about a “card-less” loyalty program that largely automates your email, text, and social media marketing activities?Do you think a loyalty program would enhance your business?
  • With our program, registration is as simple as giving your mobile phone number or email address.For example, when picking up the bill with payment, your servers ask your customers if they would like to join your loyalty program. If so, the server writes the customers mobile number or email address on the bill and takes it back to the POS for processing.
  • While checking out the customer, your server presses the loyalTXT icon on the POS screen to display our application. Quickly, the server enters the customer’s mobile number or email address and presses <enter>. Our application transmits that information to our servers for processing, and our screen disappears so that your server can finish processing the customer’s payment. The entire process takes just a few seconds and is unobtrusive.
  • While your server is applying the customer’s payment at the POS, loyalTXT sends a text message instantly to your customer.The text message welcomes the customer to your loyalty program and invites the customer to reply with their email address.Every time the customer visits, they provide the same mobile number or email address to the server, and we track their visit and send the customer an update advising them of their status in your program.It’s just that simple.
  • For customers that elect to reply to the text message with their email address, loyalTXT immediately dispatches an email to that customer with your establishment’s branding. The email thanks the customer for visiting and joining the program and invites the customer to complete registration in your program.The customer reads the email when they arrive back home. It’s another opportunity to put your brand in front of your customer, and it offers the customer additional incentive to engage with your business.Optionally, you can set loyalTXT to ask the user in the email to complete a survey. After completing the short survey, your customer has the option to fully register.
  • Look at what we already have, and how easy it was to get it. We just took 10 seconds to have a server present the program, then took a few more seconds to enter the customer’s mobile number into our POS during the checkout process. We have mobile number for instant text marketing and email address for email marketing.No paper forms to leave on the tables, collect, and get entered into a system. No cards to distribute. Simple. Easy. Clean.
  • Remember the email we sent to the customer? If the customer clicks on the email, it takes them to a web site we brand specifically for your business. The web site allows the customer two choices for completing registration into your program. The customer may choose to “Facebook Connect” to your loyalty program using our loyalTXT Facebook application, or they can choose the traditional web-form sign-up method.
  • No matter which method the customer chooses, we collect the remaining data from the customer that’s important to your program:Name, address, date of birth, and anniversary.We even allow the customer to leave you comments about their last visit with you. (“Service was great” or “bathrooms could have used a little sprucing”)When done, the customer has access to a small “micro-site” with your branding that allows them to check on their reward status, update preferences, and track their progress.
  • Recall that on the web landing page where customers complete registration there were two options? One was “Facebook Connect.” If the customer chooses to connect with your loyalty program using their existing Facebook account, some important things happen.First, the customer simply has to click “allow” to two prompts from the Facebook application, giving our loyalty program access to their Facebook account. This is standard for Facebook applications and Facebook users are quite accustomed to the process. As soon as the customer authorizes this access, the loyalTXT program posts a note to your customer’s Facebook “wall” for all of their friends to see:“Travis has joined Pizza Valdiano’s reward program to earn 2 cheese slices and a fountain soda FREE. … [Travis’s friends] 2 FREE slices for you now!”
  • Why would we post such a thing?Facebook is used by over 350 million people, half of which check in daily. The average Facebook user has 130 friends and family connected to their account. That simple wall post is available to be read by all 130 of those people. loyalTXT, with it’s automated processing, allows you to reach all 130 friends and family members of each one of your Facebook-connected loyalty program members. FREE is the most powerful marketing word on the planet, and this viral marketing opportunity is the perfect opportunity to use it.Just look at the difference between the reach you are afforded with a traditional loyalty program vs. what loyalTXT + Facebook offers.
  • All you’ve done is train your servers to ask customers for their mobile numbers and enter them into your POS. Something that just takes a few seconds and is easy to do.What you get is enormous: mobile numbers for text marketing, email addresses for email marketing, complete customer profiles with name, address, date of birth, and a viral marketing program using the world’s most popular social media site.And, all you do is set it and forget it.Now let me show you how easy it is to use this data to build your business.
  • All of this data is available on our web platform. You simply log in with your user name and password to a web site.The most important functions involve reaching out to your customers. From the web site, with one click, you can initiate a text blast to all the customers in your loyalty program. You simply type in the message, tell the system to automatically generate a coupon in the message if you would like, then click <send>. Within seconds, loyalTXT delivers a text message to every member of your program with your message on it. Text is powerful: Nielsen Mobile tells us that over 90% of text messages are opened and read by the recipients within 15 minutes of delivery. Nothing else offers that powerful reach: not email, direct mail, even direct-dialed phone calls have a lower reach percentage.And, directly from the web platform, you can initiate an email message to all your members. There is a library of attractive message templates from which to choose, or you can upload your own. We can design some for you if you do not have any. Enter your message subject and message body and click <send>. Our system adds CANSPAM-compliant footers allowing customers to manage their subscription and sends your message to all of your members.The loyalTXT system shows you how to post messages on your Facebook fan page for all your Facebook-connected customers to see.We can even deliver direct mail for you via the US postal service! You simply upload the graphics for your direct mail piece, and our system can variably print your customers’ information right into the message, then address the message and insert it into the US Postal stream for delivery. The picece is digitally printed in a variety of formats, from postcard to catalog, and benefits from the lowest available pre-sort bulk rates even on batches too small to meet bulk delivery guidelines.
  • Of course, the web platform also delivers the reporting you expect. We collect a tremendous amount of data and present it to you in easy-to-understand graphic form. You can watch your visit trending, see how your members are bubbling through your program, and even track which servers are doing the best job signing up customers.Should you choose to use the feature, you can even track coupon redemptions on with our site. We know the average time coupons are outstanding and who redeems them.We also provide open and click tracking for email messages sent through our platform.
  • OUR PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK if your servers do not push it. Your staff holds the key to success for your program. It is critical that they are trained to ask every customer to sign up for the program and enter in each customer’s mobile number.We recommend that you run a server contest – the server to sign up the most customers gets $50 cash. It’s in the server’s best interest to sign up customers: the more they sign up means the larger your marketing pool becomes. With a large marketing pool, you can draw customers back to your establishment, keeping your servers busy and the tips flowing into their pockets.A typical “small” location, with proper staff training, can easily do 1,000 registrations in the first month. We see this level frequently. Busy establishments will do better.
  • Use the power of text messaging to send important updates and last minute promotions, while realizing an ultra high ROI based on text’s ability to deliver positive results. Remember, that Nielsen research shows 90% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt.
  • There is no contract. The service is offered month to month. If it does not work, we’ll fix it or help you move your data elsewhere.We can’t think of a better guarantee than that.It’s very affordable: $99 to setup and $99 month per location. Email and Facebook are free, but we have to charge for text message delivery because the carriers charge us. They’re the arms dealers of the communication age, but text messaging delivers powerful features and results, so we think it’s a critical component worth the expense.
  • Because there are no cards to administer, we can have you up and running immediately. It’s not uncommon for our customers to purchase the system an hour before the next meal rush and be collecting customer data.We go online and create an account for you. We set a few parameters (how many visits and what reward, what will you give away to first time customers you’ve never seen before, how do you want to entice members with birthdays and anniversaries) and the system is set up.We then install a small application on your POS (requires an Internet connection) that your servers use to input the data. Depending on your POS, we either make it accessible via a button press or as a floating icon on the screen.Finally, a quick training and motivation session with your servers and you’re off and running.Simple. Easy. Clean.
  • loyalTXT is a hot new program already generating industry interest. It’s an automated mechanism not only for text and email marketing, but it’s a clever way for you to leverage social media to help your business grow.
  • Hungry Howies – average of 10% redemption rate on their text blastsIndigos – Over 1,600 registrants from a new store in six weeksCousin Vinnie’s – Over 4,000 registrants as a rural, 1,000 sq. ft. wing establishment
  • If you have a wireless Internet connection, I can register your program and install the software now and you can be running before I leave today. Or, I can take your information and set up the system back in my office and have you running tomorrow morning.
  • If you have a wireless Internet connection, I can register your program and install the software now and you can be running before I leave today. Or, I can take your information and set up the system back in my office and have you running tomorrow morning.
  • C:\\Loyal Txt, mobile marketing tool

    1. 1. loyalTXT™<br />A “card-less” loyalty program<br />
    2. 2. Registering Customers<br />Server: Would you like to join our rewards program? Visit 5 times and we’ll give you a free appetizer. It’s easy!<br />Customer: How?<br />Server: I just need your mobile number or email address.<br />Customer: 407-965-3210<br />
    3. 3. POS Integrated<br />
    4. 4. Completing Registration<br />A welcome text message is sent to the customer requesting email address<br />Customer replies to welcome text with their email address<br />Branded email is sent to the customer<br />>From: 32757 <br />Welcome to Pizza Valdiano Rewards! Please reply with your email address to complete registration. BONUS – 2 visit credits!<br />
    5. 5. Email Received @ Home<br />
    6. 6. Sample Survey Response (Merchant Copy)<br />
    7. 7. At This Point, We Have…<br />Easy way to track visits<br />Server asks customer for mobile / email<br />Quick POS entry and moves on with work<br />Customer data<br />Mobile for text marketing<br />Email for email marketing<br />That’s already a lot, but there’s more…<br />
    8. 8. At Home, Customer Clicks on Email…<br />
    9. 9. Name, Gender, Birthday…<br />
    10. 10. Facebook<br />Remember, first registration screen offered “Facebook Connect”<br />
    11. 11. Your loyalty program has “gone social”<br /><ul><li>Facebook
    12. 12. 350 million users
    13. 13. 50% of users log in daily
    14. 14. Average user has 130 friends
    15. 15. Reach them
    16. 16. Simply create a “FREE” new customer offer and sign up customers in store – loyalTXT automates it! </li></li></ul><li>Now We Have…<br /><ul><li>Easy way to track visits
    17. 17. Server asks customer for mobile / email
    18. 18. Quick POS entry and moves on with work
    19. 19. Customer data
    20. 20. Mobile for text marketing
    21. 21. Email for email marketing
    22. 22. Facebook – social messaging & viral coupon marketing
    23. 23. All automated. Now, let’s use it…</li></li></ul><li>Web Platform<br /><ul><li>Blasts
    24. 24. Text messaging
    25. 25. 90% opened within 15 minutes of delivery
    26. 26. 160 characters – great for last minute promotions
    27. 27. Email marketing
    28. 28. System and custom templates, easy web platform for sending
    29. 29. Facebook fan pages
    30. 30. US Postal Service
    31. 31. Right from the web!</li></li></ul><li>Web Platform<br />Reporting<br />Activity<br />Program Status<br />Visit Tracking<br />Participant Stages<br />Server Data<br />Coupon Tracking<br />Email Tracking<br />
    32. 32. Your Servers are the Key<br />Must push the loyalty program at every transaction.<br />Ask customer to sign up<br />Enter mobile / email into POS at checkout (takes just seconds)<br />Everything else is automated. Set it and forget it.<br />Typical location: >1,000 registrants in 30 days!<br />
    33. 33. Marketing Tool<br />Marketing<br />Promotional messages delivered at 4:30pm just prior to evening commute <br />Reach loyal customers at the time they are making meal plans and influence their decision with mobile-only promotions<br />Sundrop Café hosting appetizer night! Visit us early for a relaxing drink before dinner tonight and enjoy a half-priced appetizer in the bar.<br />
    34. 34. Price<br />NO CONTRACT<br />If the program fails, we’ll make it right or help you move your data to another service.<br />$99 one-time setup fee<br />$99 monthly service<br />FREE unlimited email and Facebook<br />$0.10 - $0.07 per text message based on quantity purchased<br />
    35. 35. Getting Started – 15 minutes<br />Create an account at sundropsystems.com<br />Set your loyalty parameters<br />“Visit/Earn” “X” “times/points” and receive “reward”<br />Birthday and Anniversary offers<br />New customer offer for Facebook viral marketing<br />Install software on each POS<br />Train servers to push program<br />
    36. 36. loyalTXT in the News<br />loyalTXT is a HOT new program<br />Direct Marketing News<br />Loyalty Marketer<br />Loyalty 360 / NRA<br />
    37. 37. Who’s Using it Already<br />
    38. 38. Frequently Asked Questions<br /><ul><li>Customer Acceptance
    39. 39. Every text message we send offers the customer the option to opt out by replying STOP. We are MMA and CANSPAM compliant: opt-in only marketing.
    40. 40. Coupons
    41. 41. We distribute unique codes that can be verified and redeemed using the POS software to prevent fraud.
    42. 42. Multiple Locations
    43. 43. We create one master list and a sub-list for each location. Customers can move between locations freely in the same program. You can market to customers of an individual location using sub-list.
    44. 44. Facebook
    45. 45. If you do not have a Facebook fan page, we can create one for you. The fee is $45 to get everything set up, and this includes a 15-minute phone consultation to train you or a staff member on usage.
    46. 46. Point of Sale
    47. 47. We are fully integrated into PAR PixelPoint. We run on Aloha, Micros, Aldelo, MS Retail, or any windows-based POS with .Net 2.0 or later and Internet access.
    48. 48. No Point of Sale (Internet required, DSL or better)
    49. 49. We offer a stand-alone registration station consisting of 17’’ computer display, keyboard, and “thin” computing client. We fully configure and ship to you. The charge is $399 plus S&H.</li></li></ul><li>May I Take Your Order?<br />Name: __________________________________________<br />Business: __________________________________________<br />Address: __________________________________________<br />CSZ: __________________________________________<br />Phone: _____________________<br />Web: __________________________________________<br />Email: __________________________________________<br />CC #: _____________________ Exp. _____________ CVV: _____<br />Billing Address: ________________________________________<br />
    50. 50. May I Take Your Order?<br />Program Parameters<br />Program: Visit ____ times and receive__________________________.<br />(Points-based program require PixelPoint POS)<br />Birthday: ________________________________________________.<br />Anniversary: ______________________________________________.<br />Facebook Offer: ___________________________________________.<br />Facebook: ________________________________________________<br />O – Prompt user to complete survey in welcome email message<br />The customer logo can be uploaded to http://sundropsystems.com/<br />Download POS software from customer account once it is created online.<br />