2006 Winter Newsletter


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2006 Winter Newsletter

  1. 1. Paid Advertising Inserthealthy people. better world. since 1948.
  2. 2. 2 INDEPENDENT ADVERTISING INSERT ACCOUNTABILITY NOVEMBER 23, 2006 www.DirectRelief.org TOP RANKED IN EFFICIENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND LEADERSHIP Consumers Digest Forbes magazine ranked Direct Relief the recognized Direct The Nonprofit Times eighth most efficient Relief for the fourth named Direct Relief the charity in America, with consecutive year “Biggest Mover” of 2006, a program spending as one of only eight as the organization moved nonprofit organizations from number 100 to 53 in efficiency of 99.1 in the U.S. that is 100 this year’s “NPT 100” percent. Direct Relief percent efficient in charity rankings. also ranked 13th fundraising. overall in the cost to raise $100. ACCOUNTABILITY In addition to being named a Four Star Charity for the fourth year in a row, Direct Relief was cited this year as one of the “10 of the Best Charities STRICT BOARD OVERSIGHT AND GOVERNANCE: Direct Relief’s Everyone’s Heard Of” and had the operations are conducted in conformance with an annual operating lowest percentage of funds spent on budget that is vetted and approved by its 35-member Board of Directors, administrative and fundraising costs which includes several former and current top executives of leading of the ten charities named. U.S. and international companies with over 150 collective years in the investment business, three physicians, three PhDs, and three accomplished attorneys. TRANSPARENCY: Direct Relief pioneered open Shareholders’ Meetings for all its “investors” (every individual, company, or organization that HELPING MORE PEOPLE has contributed money, material, or time to Direct Relief) to brief them BY INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY on how their investments were spent. The organization held its fourth annual meeting this year which was covered by the New York Times. INDEPENDENT AUDIT: An audit committee, comprised of both non- Director and Director members, retains and meets with an independent $ 200 $200 million public accounting firm that conducts the annual audit. The committee also meets with the auditor, independent of any staff including the CEO and CFO, to discuss findings. The Board’s Executive and Finance 150 Committees meet monthly to review performance against budget and conduct general oversight. 100 STAFF COMPENSATION: The compensation of all Direct Relief staff members is benchmarked each year against a survey of nonprofit 50 compensation levels throughout Southern California, similar nonprofit $26.1 million organizations nationwide, and publicly available compensation data. Millions in Aid 0 The CEO’s performance and compensation are reviewed annually by the Board of Director’s compensation committee. 1996 2006 BOARD LEADERSHIP – PERSONAL FINANCIAL INVESTMENT: In fiscal INCREASED GROWTH year 2006, the volunteer Board of Directors and International Advisory Board personally contributed enough to cover a significant part of the From 1996 through 2006, Direct Relief has expanded its medical fundraising and administrative costs of the organization. assistance program by 666 percent, while maintaining strict cost controls. In 1996, each dollar spent generated $14.30 in aid; in BOARD LEADERSHIP – FUTURE FINANCIAL SECURITY: The Board has fiscal year 2006, each dollar spent generated $25.51 in aid. created a Board Restricted Investment Fund to ensure the organization’s future financial security. With a goal of obtaining and maintaining two years’ operating expenses, the Fund is intended to balance current TRUSTED BY LEADING CORPORATIONS and future needs and provide annual support for operations, but not In the last ten years, product donations have increased permanently restrict funds that may be required to provide humanitarian 263 percent – $5.6 million in 1996 vs. $152.9 million in 2006. assistance. THE IMPORTANCE OF YEAR-END DONATIONS: Direct Relief typically receives more than one-third of its total contributions in the final eight Cover Photo weeks of the calendar year. Operating at a deficit for 50 weeks per year, Cambodian doctor with young patient the organization relies heavily on year-end contributions to meet annual photo: Daniel Rothenberg operating expenses.
  3. 3. www.DirectRelief.org NOVEMBER 23, 2006 GENEROSITY INDEPENDENT ADVERTISING INSERT 3 COMMERCIAL EXPERTISE FOR HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES FedEx ENHANCING DISASTER PREPAREDNESS CAPACITY IN CALIFORNIA Direct Relief and FedEx are helping prepare California’s safety-net clinic system for natural or medical disasters through a statewide telemedicine system with the Californiaphoto: Katie Arnold Primary Care Association (CPCA). The CPCA will use the system to develop statewide emergency video conferencing communications, utilizing CPCA regional clinic groups as points of access. This will allow clinics and health centers throughout the state to support their colleagues in the event of a natural disaster or disease outbreak. For 15 years, FedEx has provided Direct Relief free transportation and logistical services to assist people worldwide. Logistics and transport partnership expands humanitarian aid worldwide Abbott DIRECT RELIEF PARTNER IN IMPROVING NUTRITION IN CAMBODIA With financial and material assistance from Abbott, Direct Relief and Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Cambodia are collaborating on a year-long nutrition education and support program. The partnership addresses the high incidence of pediatric malnutrition and will improve the health of thousands of Cambodian children and their families. In Cambodia, malnutrition is a major contributor to early childhood mortality and is associated with more than half of all childhood deaths. Approximately 45 percent of children in Cambodia are underweight, and photo: Daniel Rothenberg many suffer from specific micronutrient deficiencies. The Abbott-funded nutrition program uses a multi-pronged approach to nutrition education through a team of nutrition education nurses, a demonstration cook, and a gardener. General principles of nutrition, healthy cooking, and growing nutritious plants are all emphasized in this innovative program designed for patients and their families. Since 2003, Direct Relief has provided over $10 million dollars of medical material support to AHC. The most recent assistance included Abbott- Mother and child at the Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Cambodia donated nutritional and rehydration products to complement the nutrition program, as well as anti-infective agents and other pharmaceuticals specifically requested by the hospital. Santa Barbara Wine Community CONTRIBUTED OVER $1.47 MILLION SINCE 2000 Since 2000, the Santa Barbara Vintners’ Foundation has held a biennial wine auction to benefit Direct Relief. The auction has presented the opportunity for one of the region’s fastest growing industries, which is gaining international notoriety for its wines, to rally together to put the “fruits of their success” toward a greater good. The Vintners look for perfect pairings in food and wines, and recognize a similar goal with Direct Relief, who looks for these pairings with health partners worldwide, providing them with the tools and materials they need in the places that need them the most. The Vintners’ auctions have raised over $1,020,000, which leveraged with Direct Relief’s unique ability to stretch donated dollars, has furnished over $30.6 million in medical material aid provided to those in need. Direct Relief has also benefited from a winemaker dinner series that was the brain child of two of its board members, Phil Battaglia and Kate Firestone. The series, in its fourth year, provides the opportunity to introduce Direct Relief to new supporters in an elegant, yet casual and enjoyable environment. These events have raised over $450,000 for Direct Relief. It is an honor for Direct Relief to receive the generous support of the Santa Barbara County wine community.
  4. 4. 4 INDEPENDENT ADVERTISING INSERT PROVIDING A SAFETY NET NOVEMBER 23, 2006 www.DirectRelief.org Global Health Problems, Local Solutions. 1. our approach: Direct Relief is nonsectarian and privately financed. Our medical assistance programs equip health professionals working in resource- AT HOME: poor communities to better meet the challenges of diagnosing, HELPING PEOPLE WHO NEED A SAFETY NET treating, and caring for people without regard to politics, religion, Direct Relief’s U.S. safety-net clinic support program has provided gender, race, or ability to pay. needed medicines to working poor and fixed-income persons who are 2. our partners: uninsured and would otherwise go without care, or pay high, non- negotiated rates for their prescriptions. Direct Relief’s network of partners includes more than 300 healthcare facilities and organizations located in over 60 countries. The program has strengthened the donation supply lines to low-income, Partner facilities range from small rural outposts to large hospitals uninsured patients in need of prescription medicines by targeting serving thousands each day. qualified free clinics and community health centers. These are essential pieces of the healthcare safety-net for the more than 46 million people in 3. how we select partners: the United States who are uninsured. Partner institutions and organizations are selected through a Since the inception rigorous qualification process. The selection criteria include the of the domestic clinic extent of poverty and disease burden in the region, the knowledge support program in and skill of the healthcare providers, and the quality of the services 2003, Direct Relief has provided. Priority is given to facilities focusing on HIV/AIDS and provided $42.1 million providing educational and preventive services to mothers and children. (wholesale) of medicines and supplies. Direct 4. how we help: Relief’s domestic partner Direct Relief provides medicines, nutritional supplements, medical network now includes permission Venice Family Clinic supplies, and equipment to approved partners. By encouraging over 150 clinics located healthcare companies to donate appropriate products, Direct Relief throughout California photo: Margaret Molloy furnishes items specifically requested by facilities’ medical staffs. and the Gulf States. In the first ten months of 2006, Direct Relief has provided aid to Direct Relief’s expansive over 25 million people through 564 shipments. Direct Relief’s efforts to support clinics professional staff includes a Chief Medical Officer and two serving hurricane- pharmacists, who review requests from partners to ensure that all affected patients in medical donations are appropriate for the level and type of healthcare the Gulf grew out of services being provided. our statewide efforts in California over the Direct Relief has provided $15.2 million in 5. why it matters: previous two years. essential medicines to community and free clinics throughout California. Health has intrinsic value for every person, but it is also essential for As Hurricanes Katrina people to learn, work, and make a living. In developing countries, and Rita illustrated, these clinics also serve as natural and essential financing health services is extremely difficult. The trained health components of an emergency medical response. professionals in medically underserved communities represent the Direct Relief has been licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy most important part of the healthcare infrastructure. Direct Relief’s for 45 years and recently became a licensed pharmacy distributor and support enables them to stay productively engaged so their patients wholesaler in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. can receive needed care. These licenses allow Direct Relief to assist resource-strapped clinics and develop efficient channels for emergency response. 6. shared investment and self-help: To ensure a shared stake in the assistance provided, Direct Relief requests that each partner assume responsibility for a portion of the port charges and the in-country transportation costs from port-of- entry to destination. 7. leading companies trust us: Direct Relief works closely with the philanthropic initiatives of dozens of healthcare companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Abbott, BD, Bristol- Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, and MidMark Corporation. For a complete list of our medical product donors, see page 7. 8. our experience and qualifications: Direct Relief’s programmatic approach has been refined by 58 years of experience. We are a licensed wholesale pharmacy, and our staff has vast experience in international health and development. Visit our web site to see a complete list of our credentials and qualifications (www.DirectRelief.org).
  5. 5. www.DirectRelief.org NOVEMBER 23, 2006 HELPING MORE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE INDEPENDENT ADVERTISING INSERT 5 OUR PARTNERS In the first ten months of IMPROVING GLOBAL HEALTH 2006, Direct Relief partnered with local health professionals in 55 countries to provide PREVENTING CHILDHOOD BLINDNESS IN EL SALVADOR medical assistance. The total wholesale value of this support Direct Relief has collaborated with Leiner Health of all ages received eye screenings and examinations. If was over $101 million. Products, the largest private label vitamin manufacturer diagnosed with poor sight, either a new pair of glasses Afghanistan in the U.S., to provide high-dose capsules of vitamin were provided on the spot (447 received reading glasses, A over a three-year period to El Salvador’s FUDEM 141 prescription glasses) or an appointment for follow- Bangladesh to distribute through its clinic system in the country’s up service was scheduled. In addition, each child from Bolivia poorest regions. FUDEM, which provides visual six months to five years of age received a high-dose Burundi screenings for 63,000 El Salvadoran children, will vitamin A capsule, as well as a tablet of the antiworm Cambodia administer the capsules to patients once every six months medication albendazole. Cameroon for three years. China According to a USAID-funded D.R. Congo national survey, one out of every Dominican Republic three children under five years of age Ecuador in El Salvador is vitamin A deficient. El Salvador Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) is the Estonia most common cause of preventable Ethiopia blindness in children worldwide and Fiji leads to increased morbidity and risk Ghana of mortality. Grenada The Women for Direct Relief, photo: Sherry Villanueva Guatemala a support group comprised of Guyana community member supporters and Haiti members of the Direct Relief board Honduras of directors, embarked on a trip to El India Salvador to help distribute the vitamin Indonesia A capsules to children in rural areas. Jamaica During three days of a mobile medical Kenya and visual campaign visiting three Grandmother with granddaughter taking part in vitamin A campaign in Kyrgyzstan different towns, nearly 1,700 people El Salvador Laos Lebanon Liberia CORPORATE HEALTHCARE TALENT INVESTED IN GHANA Malawi Mexico In the last ten years, medical technology company BD Morocco (Becton Dickinson) and Direct Relief have had a successful relationship helping people in developing countries Nepal and disaster-ravaged areas by supplying and delivering Nicaragua specifically-requested medical supplies to medically Níger underserved communities. In 2007, BD employees will Nigeria get a chance to experience the challenges and successes Pakistan of Direct Relief’s partners in Ghana first-hand. Papua New Guinea Working side by side with clinic staff from Maranatha Peru Maternity Clinic and Motoka Clinic, volunteers from Philippines BD will play a direct role in the positive health outcomes Romania of women and children in Ghana. From upgrading lab Sierra Leone facilities to helping construct a clinic in a rural village, Somalia they will immerse themselves in the daily realities of South Africa Direct Relief’s partner organizations and return home South Korea with a new appreciation of the public health system and Sri Lanka struggles in Ghana and the developing world. Sudan Located in West Africa, Ghana has a population of over photo: Sarah Thurston Tanzania 22 million, with a life expectancy at birth of 49 years of Thailand age and child mortality at approximately 112 per 1,000 Uganda births (WHO). Although the Ghanaian government has Ukraine worked to build and stock health facilities throughout USA the country, the most rural communities have virtually Uzbekistán no medical care, and people must travel several hours Venezuela to reach the nearest health provider. This unique West Bank/Gaza Children gather to see Agatha Amoateng-Boahen, partnership between BD and Direct Relief will bring head nurse at Maranatha Maternity Clinic. The village, sorely needed medical equipment and supplies to rural Zambia Bonkwaso, has no access to health care beyond the Ghana, while also upgrading these two specific facilities Zimbabwe weekly outreach clinics offered by Maranatha. to become major medical centers in the region.
  6. 6. 6 INDEPENDENT ADVERTISING INSERT EMERGENCY RESPONSE NOVEMBER 23, 2006 www.DirectRelief.org DISASTER RELIEF AND EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE The same programmatic standards apply whether providing ongoing assistance or disaster relief – we must know specifically what is required, who is responsible, how the material will be used, and whether there is a secure logistics channel. Following these principles, in 2006, Direct Relief responded to five disasters around the globe. HURRICANES KATRINA AND RITA PAKISTAN EARTHQUAKE Furnished $31 million in post-hurricane assistance to the Furnished $8.7 million in medical assistance to the region Gulf Coast, composed of $26.8 million in medical material while providing 1.5 million courses of treatment aid and $4.27 million of targeted financial resources to Nearly 60 years of disaster response experience has taught Direct Relief rebuild the health infrastructure that traumatic injuries caused by earthquakes require extensive long-term care and rehabilitation. In recognition of this, Direct Relief has focused its Direct Relief’s support efforts have been aimed at both the major anchor available financial support for the Pakistan earthquake on organizations, facilities that provide specialized services and the network of safety-net facilities, and programs involved in rehabilitative medicine – ranging from clinics that play the key role in caring for people who have little money prosthetics to physical and occupational therapy. and no insurance. Direct Relief financed one of five prosthetic centers for the Pakistan Direct Relief continues to support the Gulf Coast region. Recently, the Capitol Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences (PIPOS) for two years, City Family Health Center (CCFHC) in Baton Rouge received $106,716 to covering everything from salaries to the materials used to create new support their community health center. CCFHC provides preventative and prosthetic limbs for injured patients. PIPOS is the eminent amputee primary care to residents living in medically underserved communities in hospital in the country and provides new artificial limbs for patients at its the city of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish. In the aftermath of five clinic sites. In the aftermath of the earthquake, PIPOS has been the Hurricane Katrina, CCFHC provided medical and dental services for more only prosthetic and orthotic organization to keep its doors open. than 800 hurricane evacuees, of which 74 percent were uninsured. The financial assistance will cover comprehensive medical and dental visits for 264 patients over a one year period, including medical and diagnostic equipment, supplies, laboratory fees, and the yearly salaries for a case manager and a consultant who will coordinate outreach efforts to hurricane evacuees that remain in FEMA trailer parks. $0 $17.3 amount of disaster contributions spent million infusion of financial on administration and fundraising resources granted in the last 23 months 2004 SOUTH ASIA TSUNAMI Provided over $55.5 million in direct aid to tsunami- affected areas since December 2004, including $44.7 million in medical material aid and $11.8 million in targeted cash assistance Direct Relief’s tsunami response efforts, consistent with the organization’s overall philosophy, helped to strengthen and rebuild the local health infrastructure. During the last two years, the results of Direct Relief’s tsunami-response efforts include: • To strengthen local health infrastructure, Direct Relief funded the construction and rehabilitation of 52 community clinics and hospitals in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka; photo: Jodie Willard • To reach displaced and remote populations, Direct Relief purchased 13 ambulances, 4 mobile medical units with diagnostic capacity, and 18 medical support vehicles for India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka; • To provide safe drinking water and prevent spread of communicable diseases, Direct Relief funded construction of 627 water wells, 871 toilets, and the cleaning of 5,303 wells of debris and salt water in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Displaced children in a refugee camp in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan soon after the earthquake
  7. 7. www.DirectRelief.org NOVEMBER 23, 2006 OUR INVESTORS INDEPENDENT ADVERTISING INSERT 7 Our Investors January 1, 2006 - October 31, 2006MEDICAL PRODUCT DONORS ExxonMobil Corporation/ Mr. Erle Holm Stephen and Carla Hahn Foundation Cottonwood CanyonAbbott ExxonMobil Foundation Mr. and Mrs. S. Roger Horchow/ Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hatch Mr. Lance Connor and Ms. Nancy WernerAlcon Laboratories, Inc. FedEx The Horchow Family Charitable Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Hedrick CPP, Inc.Alkermes, Inc. Google Foundation Dr. Karl F. Hens Mr. Stephen CummingsAmerican Diagnostic Medicine, Inc. Kind World Foundation HSBC Community & Philanthropic Services Mr. Brian F. Hershkowitz and Curtis WineryAmgen Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hubbard Ms. Diana Miller Damitz, Brooks, Nightingale, Turner &Anda, Inc. The Orfalea Fund International Transport Solutions Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hodek MorrissetAnsell Healthcare Incorporated The Osprey Foundation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Mr. and Mrs. George Holbrook, Jr./ Dierberg Estate VineyardAstraZeneca San Francisco Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson George W. Holbrook Jr. Foundation DMI Capital Investments FoundationBausch & Lomb Surgical Company Santa Barbara Vintners’ Foundation Ms. Wendy E. Jordan Dr. and Mrs. E. Carmack Holmes The Doehring FoundationBaxter International Inc Mr. Michael Scott Dr. and Mrs. John P. J. Kelly Mr. Thomas Hudson Ms. Elaine DuffensBD The Sixty Four Foundation Mrs. Caroline Power Kindrish Trust Mrs. Mary Hulitar Mr. and Mrs. Christopher EberBlue Ridge Medical Inc Mrs. Grace A. Tickner Mrs. Louise F. Maison Mrs. Alice W. Hutchins Electronic Systems Consultants LLCBoehringer Ingelheim Cares Kim Margolin, M.D. Hutton Foundation Firestone Vineyard Consul General - ($50,000.00 + )Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Marks Family Foundation International Foundation Mrs. Deborah S. Freedman AnonymousBSN Medical, Inc. – Orthopaedics GBU Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Keelan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freedman Bradlees Stores, Inc.Cardinal Health Foundation Mayo Foundation for Mrs. Marvel Kirby Mr. Allan Ghitterman and Ms. Susan J. Rose Francois and Sheila Johnson BrutschCarlsbad Technology, Inc. Medical Education and Research Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klausner Glenbard West High School Bush Hospital FoundationCera Products, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. John Knox-Johnston Goleta Valley Junior High School The Capital Group CompaniesChild Health Foundation The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation Dr. and Mrs. J. William Kohl Ms. Terry Grant Charitable FoundationDen-Mat Corporation Ms. Patricia M. Mitchell Mr. Larry Koppelman and Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Gumins Central Minnesota Community FoundationDeRoyal MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. Mrs. Nancy Walker Koppelman Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hardin Roy R. and Laurie M. Cummins FundE. Fougera & Company Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Murray/ Kreitzberg Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David F. Hart Dodge & Cox Herbert and Gertrude Latkin Mrs. Raye Haskell/The Haskell FundEdgepark Surgical Andrew Murray Vineyards Mr. Paul Harman/Harman Family Foundation Charitable Foundation Mr. Phillip HobbsEthicon Endo-Surgery Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nakasone Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Johnson, Sr. Mr. Fredric C. Leutheuser Iditarod Systems, Inc.Ethicon, Inc. Ms. Anita C. Nonneman Mr. Donald S. Kennedy Once Upon A Time Foundation Lopker Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Irvinevo Medical Solutions Montecito Union SchoolForest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Opal Restaurant & Bar The Hon. and Mrs. John D. Macomber JE Campbell Industrial Marketing, LLC The PRASAD Project Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Ostini / Mr. and Mrs. Frank Magid JJ Haines FoundationFree Wheelchair Mission Rock Paper Scissors FoundationFSC Laboratories, Inc. The Hitching Post & Hitching Post Wines Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mansfield John A. Campbell Lumber Co. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schwartz Ms. Barbara L. Pagano The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation Mrs. Gertrude B. JohnsonGlaxoSmithKline Sea Smoke CellarsGlobal Links Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. James P. McAlister Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Johnson Trust Company of the West Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Pitts The Ralph H. and Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C. KassGlobus Relief FundGowllands Limited Global Emissary - ($25,000.00 + ) Dr. Kevin W. Plaxco and Mrs. Lisa Plaxco Ruth J. McCullough Foundation Mr. Matthew J. Kaufmann and Ms. Holly BellHavel’s Incorporated Anonymous Mr. John Powell and Ms. Melinda Lerner Mr. Cal Meeker Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kiewit, Jr.Henry Schein, Inc. American Jewish World Service QAD Inc. Mr. Richard B. Mendelsohn Mr. Bruce E. KingHerban Essentials BD Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund Morrow Family Foundation, Inc. Ms. Barbara C. Koutnik and Bunzl USA, Inc. Mr. John Rogers and Ms. Beth Whitehead Mr. Mark Nelkin Mr. Melbourne SmithHogil Pharmaceutical Mr. Bruce Campbell Ms. Nancy D. Russell Ms. Mary M. Newman and Dr. Kirk LarsonHollister, Inc. The Capital Trust Company of Delaware Mr. and Mrs. Denis R. Sanan Ms. Felicity Figueroa Ms. Nancy M. Lessner and Mr. Paul F. GlennHospira, Inc. Dendrite International, Inc. sanofi-aventis Oral Health America Mr. Mark LevineInverness Medical Nutritionals Group Mr. and Mrs. Gary Finefrock Mrs. Nancy B. Schlosser/ Orfalea Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LiebmanJanssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. The Gunzenhauser-Chapin Fund Nancy B. & C. William Schlosser The Pajadoro Family Foundation Mr. Chih-Long LinJohnson & Johnson Henry Schein, Inc. Family Foundation Mr. Austin H. Peck, Jr. and The Wm. Brian andJohnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Izumi Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jim Selbert Mrs. Carolyn Amory Peck Judith A. Little Charitable TrustJoseph Weintraub Inc. The Nurture Foundation Mr. John M. Selig ProFund Advisors Mrs. Judith LittleKawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. Shaker Family Charitable Foundation Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. and Mr. and Mrs. David Rasmussen Lorraine Lim CateringKendall Healthcare, Tyco Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons / Mohammed Shaikh, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riedel John A. Malley, M.D.King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Harold Simmons Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sommer The Roberts Brothers Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Calvin MarbleKM Medical, Inc. Ms. Carol L. Skinner Mrs. Tana Sommer-Belin Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Roberts Margerum Wine CompanyLeiner Health Products Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sweetland Rose Hills Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark MattinglyMajor Pharmaceuticals, Michigan Steinmetz Foundation Swift Foundation / MSST Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Roston Mrs. Joan T. McCoyMatrixx Initiatives, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tomchin The Foster Charitable Trust Mrs. Henry B. Roth and MedisyncMcKesson Medical-Surgical The Thomas Collective the Babette L. Roth Irrevocable Trust Ms. Gail S. MillikenMcNeil Consumer & World Health Envoy - ($10,000.00 + ) Tonto Apache Tribe Mr. and Mrs. Nick Runnebohm Mr. Matthew Mohebbi Specialty Pharmaceuticals Anonymous Mr. Clint Turner Dr. Stephen Sacks William Morton-Smith, MDMedical Innovations, Inc. Mr.and Mrs. John Adams University Surgical Associates San Juan Unified School District Moss Motors Ltd Inc.Medline Industries Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adams Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Vapnek Santa Barbara Chapter/MOWW MyFonts.com, Inc.MedPharm, Inc. Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Weersing Ms. Edith Sator Northstar CafeMedtronic Neurologic Technologies Allergan Foundation Weingart Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schall ODC/TLO Winter Social CommitteeMedvantx, Inc. Anner Trust Schleyer Foundation Pacific Capital Bancorp Ms. Jodie WillardMentor Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni Sear Family Foundation Mr. Bart Pair Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Wilson IIIMerck & Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shattuck Ms. Carmen Elena Palomo Wood-Claeyssens FoundationMicroflex Mr. and Mrs. Lance Bauer The Caryll M. and Norman F. Sprague Ms. Ilana Panich-Linsman Mr. and Mrs. Robert WooleyMidmark Corporation Bison Films Mr. and Mrs. Anant Yardi Foundation Mr. Devon PatelMiltex Instrument Company John G. Braun Charitable Annuity Trust Yardi Systems, Inc. Mr. Robert Steele and Ms. Nancy Haydt Mr. and Mrs. Mike PatrickMylan Laboratories Inc. Brimstone Group Mr. N. Alex Stein Peruvian American Medical SocietyNational Library of Medicine, NIH Dr. Bronwen G. Brindley and President’s Council - ($5,000.00 + ) Anonymous Mr. Michael Swier Ms. Andrea H. PfisterNavix Diagnostix, Inc. Mr. John L. Warren Tea Tree Therapy Mr. and Mrs. John PillsburyNexxus Beauty Products Catholic Healthcare West Mrs. Katherine Abercrombie Adesta Mr. Rick Theis and Ms. Carolyn J. Johnson Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.North Safety Products The Hon. and Mrs. Henry E. Catto/ The Thomas Henry Wilson and Polk Brothers FoundationNovartis Pharmaceutical Corporation Bank of America Foundation, Inc. Catto Charitable Foundation Family Foundation Price, Postel & ParmaOHM Labs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barr Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clendenen Triton Container International Ms. Anthoula M. RandopoulosOral Health America Ms. Jocelyn Bauer Community Action Commission The Trustmark Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Randopoulos/Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bellowe Ms. Helen S. Converse Mrs. Margaret V. Turney Metson MarineQuest Diagnostics Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bolen Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Crahan Mr. and Mrs. George Turpin, Sr. Ms. RaeLynne P. ReinReliant Pharmaceuticals Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Paul Turpin Mr. Hugh L. Rice IIIREM Eyewear Bristol-Myers Squibb Company CSI Capital Management Mr. and Mrs. James Villanueva Richman Family TrustRigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Ms. Marlene Bulfone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cusack Venoco, Inc. Mr. and Ms. Jeff SanguinetSage Products, Inc. Henry W. Bull Foundation Dallas Security Traders Association Mr. and Mrs. Guhan Viswanathan Mr. and Mrs. James P. SchaefferSandel Medical Industries, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buquicchio Mr. and Mrs. Killick Datta/GBMI Burke, Williams, & Sorensen, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Wayne Ms. Peggy Schmidtsanofi-aventis The Julia Stearns Dockweiler Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Weber Mr. Michael G. Schmidtchen andSappo Hill Soapworks Mr. Frederick P. Burrows Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Eric K. Butler Mr. Cooper Williams Ms. Linda F. ThompsonSchering-Plough Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dow Wine Cask Mr. George E. Schoellkopf andSpectrum Celebrity Poker Showdown / Picture This Mr. and Mrs. James Drasdo Television, LLC – Mr. Jorge Garcia Winky Foundation Mr. Gerald IncandelaSRI Surgical Dr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Drew Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman Rudi Schulte Family FoundationSTADA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Charles Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eiting The Cheeryble Foundation Ministers of Health - ($2,500.00 + ) Silver WinesSucal Medical, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Eiting Mr. Anthony Siress Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coates AnonymousSunrise Medical Estonian American Fund for Mr. Gregory Sonbuchner Mr. Mark Coleman Alma Rosa Winery and VineyardSunstar Butler Economic Education, Inc. Mr. Richard Steigerwald Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Collette Amigos Del Peru Foundation, Inc.Surgistar, Inc. Fox Point Ltd. Susila Dharma USA Computer Associates International, Inc. Mr. Michael L. Armentrout andTaro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Tantara Winery The Crawford Idema Family Foundation Ms. Wenwei YangTEVA Pharmaceuticals USA Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Gerber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tella II Mr. Charles De Marais / ProPacking, Inc. Dr. Douglas ArnoldThe Harvard Drug Group Mr. Martin Gore Ms. Lee Thomas Ms. Paula Diemer Mr. Joseph Atwill and Mrs. Elisa AtwillTher-Rx Corporation Dr. Bert Green and Ms. Louise Tighe Mr. and Mrs. R. Chad Dreier Mr. Donald BalickTri-anim Ms. Alexandra Brookshire/ Mr. David Ting and Mrs. Grace H. Ting Farheap Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey BarbakowVitamin Angel Alliance Brookshire Green Foundation The University of Michigan Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Frederick BeckettWaldwick Plastics Mr. and Mrs. Pierson M. Grieve Mr. and Mrs. Mark Valence First Quadrant Beckmen VineyardsWatson Pharma, Inc. Guyana Medical Relief, Inc. Varallo Mary Alice Fortin Foundation Mr. Andrew M. BraaschCASH DONORS Mr. W.T. Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gersho The Branson School WellPoint FoundationAmbassador of Health - ($100,000.00 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Ken Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Glenn Mr. William S. Burtness Mr. Melvin White IIAnonymous Priscilla Higgins, PhD. and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Godfrey Mr. Bernard P. Caplan, Jr. Ms. Sally XavierAbbott Fund Mr. Roger W. Higgins/ Mr. and Mrs. Greg Goodman Carl Zeiss Meditec Zickler Family Foundation Higgins-Trapnell Family FoundationAmgen Foundation, Inc.The Antioch CompanyMr. and Mrs. William Casner Mr. and Mrs. Brett Hodges/ WWW Foundation Mr. James D. Gorham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goulette The Green Park Foundation Mr. Richard Certo Claremont Toyota Cold Heaven, LLC Thank You!
  8. 8. Give the gift that tells someone you care about them...and others! Upcoming Events • December 7, 2006: Volunteer Personal Care Pack Day • December 14, 2006: Holiday Open House • January 14, 2007: Winemakers Series Dinner featuring Beckmen Vineyards at Four Seasons Biltmore Resort • January 25, 2007: Santa Barbara International Film Festival Opening Night Cocktail Party • February 25, 2007: Winemakers Series Dinner featuring Margerum Wine Company at WINECASK - Los Olivos • May 17, 2007: Fifth Annual Shareholders’ meeting • June 2007 – May 2008: Fifth Annual Winemaker Series • July 2007: Global Health Journey to Kenya and Tanzania For more information, please contact Lori Willis at Direct Relief at 805.964.4767 x126 or visit www.DirectRelief.org.If you would like to give a gift in honor of someone, we can maila tribute card by award winning photojournalist Jodie Willarddirectly to your family, friends, or business associates telling them 2006 Direct Relief International • 23.9 million people assisted • Facts $21.2 million received foryou’ve made a generous donation in their honor. These cards are • 56 countries served disaster relief over the lastalso available for purchase if you would like to use them for the two years • $190 million or 850 tons ofholidays. medical material aid furnished • $0 of disaster relief contributions spent onBy purchasing one Direct Relief tribute card, you make it possible • 612 individual shipments administration or fundraisingto provide a full course of medical treatment for approximately • 0.8 percent of total support • 32 full-time staff (FTE)100 people. spent on fundraising and administration • $25.51 leverage (wholesale)To purchase cards or for more information, please call for every $1 spent805.964.4767. NONPROFIT US POSTAGE PAID SANTA BARBARA CA PERMIT #75627 s. la patera lanesanta barbara, ca 93117tel: 805.964.4767 fax: 805.681.4838www.DirectRelief.orgpresident & ceo Thomas Tigheinternational advisory boardchairman Frank N. MagidHon. Henry E. Catto • Lawrence R. Glenn • E. Carmack Holmes, M.D.S. Roger Horchow • Stanley S. Hubbard • Jon B. LovelaceHon. John D. Macomber • Donald E. PetersenRichard L. Schall • John W. Sweetlandboard of directorschairman Denis Sananvice chairman Stanley C. Hatchsecretary Bruce N. Anticounitreasurer Frederick P. BurrowsCarolyn Amory-Peck • Rick Beckett • Frank Blue • Jon ClarkMorgan Clendenen • Kenneth J. Coates • Killick S. Datta • Ernest H. DrewGary Finefrock • Catherine B. Firestone • Louise Gaylord • Bert Green, M.D.Brandt Handley • Priscilla Higgins • Brett Hodges • Tara HolbrookEllen Johnson • Richard Johnson • Lawrence Koppelman • Dorothy LargayAlixe G. Mattingly • Michael McCarthy • Robert C. Nakasone • Natalie OrfaleaNina Palomo • James Selbert • Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. • Jim ShattuckRichard Steckel, M.D. • Paul H. Turpin • Sherry Villanuevahonorary boardpresident emeritus Sylvia Karczagdirector emeritus Dorothy Adams