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2009 Summer Newsletter


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2009 Summer Newsletter

  2. 2. SPECIAL REPORT: Direct Relief USA “There’s not a single health center that Direct CARE FOR 60 YEARS, TODAY, TOMORROW Relief USA doesn’t tell me that they have more patients coming in CHARITABLE the door any given day than they can possibly handle.” DIRECT RELIEF ARCHIVES The NEARLY 46 MILLION AMERICANS LACK HEALTH INSURANCE, – Dan Hawkins, National Association of Community and that number grows daily as financial pressures push many Health Centers Policy Director, as told to the more people into a position of needing help . But quietly, every Chronicle of Philanthropy day, more Americans are getting the care they need at their local nonprofit community clinics and health centers . Direct Relief USA is supporting more than 1,000 of these clinics in all 50 states. HEALTH Since 2004, we’ve provided more than 10 million free prescriptions worth over $140 million for our neighbors who SAFETY NET cannot afford them . It’s a high-impact, low-cost program made increasingly important as the economy has faltered. The network CRISIS IS and information systems built to run this program have aided fast and precise responses to emergencies that hit here at home, REAL. from fires to hurricanes to the daily emergency of unmet need for medicines . While we’re likely better known as an international and emergency response organization, Direct Relief has assisted U.S. partners for over 60 years. In 1948, our founders William Zimdin and Dennis Karczag organized shipments of food, clothing, and medical aid out of a pantry in Zimdin’s Santa Barbara home. While most attention was focused on postwar NEARLY recovery in Europe, they kept a close eye 2/3 OF ALL on local needs, too. Just as a worldwide emergency BANKRUPTCIES was the impetus for our creation, local STEM FROM emergencies prompted the beginning of our programs domestically, largely in our INABILITY TO home state of California, like the Northern PAY MEDICAL California floods of 1956 and the local BILLS. Coyote Canyon Fire of 1964. Later, when MARGARET MOLLOY – The American Journal of Medicine, devastated parts of the nation needed June 2009 help—the Bay Area after the earthquake of 1989, the Midwest during the floods of THERE 1993, the Gulf Coast during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 ARE MORE —Direct Relief drew rapid, efficient responses from a long history UNINSURED of providing emergency aid. PEOPLE Likewise, our everyday work with clinics and health centers was IN LOS incubated over decades of support to the under-resourced medical safety ANGELES net. In 1970, Direct Relief was instrumental in the launch of the Isla Vista THAN Neighborhood Clinic near the University of California at Santa Barbara. THERE ARE Donated exam tables, surgical instruments, and pharmaceuticals helped RESIDENTS OF outfit the fledgling clinic. Last year, the clinic and its two Santa Barbara MONTANA. affiliate clinics provided 48,000 low-income patient visits. As the national healthcare crisis grew, we grew as well—to hold licenses that enable us to be a wholesale pharmacy distributor in all 50 states and DAMON TAUGHER the District of Columbia; to conduct massive responses to natural disasters and prepare the most vulnerable regions for future emergencies; to becomeCOVER IMAGES: LOS ANGELES FREE CLINIC, MARGARET MOLLOY the largest nonprofit program of its kind. In close partnership with these private nonprofit safety-net clinics that are the healthcare “homes” for 19 million Americans throughout the country, Direct Relief USA is positioned, right now, to help ensure that the most desperate individuals and families have access to healthy lives . “We reject the notion that if you’re poor and uninsured, it’s acceptable that you don’t get the care and medicine you and your child needs. We serve people who aren’t served by markets and government.” – Thomas Tighe, Direct Relief President and CEO 2 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  3. 3. SPECIAL REPORT: Direct Relief USA Search asthmatic, uninsured, now what? GODirect Relief USA and Teva Pharmaceuticalshelp 500,000 ASTHMA PATIENTS ou just lost your low-income job and with it your health insurance, which was thin to begin with. You’re asthmatic—an often chronic condition—and you’ve tried enrolling in an inhaler manufacturer’s Patient Assistance Program but that requires access to a doctor and now you can’t afford to see one. So what do you do? The local emergency room is an option, but those are stretched to capacity by the throngs of others also doing their best to access health care. Where do you go to get help with your asthma? You are not nearly as hypothetical as we all wish you were. You, along with millions of other Americans weathering similar circumstances, will most likely leap for the safety net—thousands of community based nonprofit clinics and centers providing key points of access to health care. More than 16 million patients receive care at these clinics and health centers, and on average 40 percent of these patients have no health insurance. The national associations that bring these independent healthcare facilities under one umbrella are at the forefront of assisting clinic efforts to reach patients facing difficult economic straits. So when the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world sought Direct Relief USA’s help in distributing 500,000 ProAir® HFA HEALTH CARE FOR THE HOMELESS, INC. inhalers among asthma patients in need nationwide, Direct Relief gauged clinic demand Baltimore, MD through long-time partners the National Association of Community Health Centers “We very much appreciate the ANGELS COMMUNITY CLINIC and the National Association of Free Clinics. generosity of Teva Murray, KY “On a daily basis, we work to get donated medicine in the hands of sick people,” Pharmaceuticals in helping us “This is a prayer explained Direct Relief USA Director Damon Taugher. “Working through the national serve our very vulnerable and answered. Thank you so health center and clinic associations, Teva Pharmaceutical’s extraordinary donation very much.” indigent clients.” was aimed at those most in need.” RENITA CARTER, JEFF SINGER, President & CEO In the heart of one of the poorest districts in California (over 40 percent of the Executive Director 15th Congressional District’s children are uninsured—the highest percentage in the country), Harbor Community Clinic in San Pedro sees 1,800 patients each month. Sixty-three percent of Harbor Community’s patients live on less than $500 per month— well below the federal poverty level. Executive Director Michele Ruple believes that Harbor Community’s patients deserve the respect of quality healthcare. “There’s a misconception that the uninsured are not working individuals…they are,” says Ruple. “They often perform some of the most dangerous jobs in the community or other essential services. We are a safety net so these hard working individuals can maintain their health and get needed medical care.” Harbor Community treats 600 asthmatic patients each month. The clinic received 200 of Teva’s donated inhalers. Ruple was thrilled with the company’s generosity and Direct Relief ’s distribution model. “On behalf of the patients in the Harbor Area as well as our medical staff,” she said, “we thank you for this most generous donation to those in need!” YORK COUNTY COMMUNITY ACTION CLINIC Sanford, ME “Because we provide care at the homeless shelter, we were thrilled to get the inhalers. Many of these patients have no health insurance—not even Medicaid—and finding resources to buy medicine is a real challenge. Your contribution means a great deal to people who have very, very little. On their behalf, please accept our thanks!” BARBARA CRIDER, Director, Health ServicesSINCE FEBRUARY, DIRECT RELIEF USA HAS SUPPORTED MORE THAN 500 CLINICS IN ALL 50STATES WITH TEVA’S PROAIR® INHALERS. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 3
  4. 4. RSPECIAL REPORT: Direct Relief USA Direct Relief PREPARES CLINICS ALONG THE GULF COAST FOR THEE 2009 HURRICANE SEASON Hurricanes are an annual potential disaster for people living along the Gulf Coast, particularly those who are low income, have chronic medical conditions, or have limited access to transportation to evacuate. Of the 12 storms predicted between June 1 and November 30 this year, forecasters say six will become hurricanes and two will reach Category 3 or more. Last year’s devastating hurricane season produced a record number of storms. Five of the 16 storms were Category 3 or higher, and for the first time on record, six consecutive storms made landfall in the U.S.A The low-income, uninsured people who are disproportionately affected by damaging hurricanes are the same patient population seen at Direct Relief ’s partner clinics and health centers. To ready these clinics, Direct Relief USA and Abbott have engaged, expanded, and improved the three-year-old Hurricane Preparedness Program to healthcare providers in “hurricane alley.” In 2008, Direct Relief ’s HURRICANE HURRICANE PREP PACK PUERTO RICO PREP PACKS were indispensable to the physicians at the 18 U.S. clinics that received them, as well as to the evacuee patients these clinics treated. If an emergency strikes this year, medical supplies will be on hand or close by, enabling providers to respond quickly to the medical needs of those affected. FLORIDA, PUERTO RICO JOIN PROGRAMD This year, Direct Relief deployed 25 HURRICANE PREP PACKS to partner clinics and health centers in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, and expanded assistance to new partners in Florida and Puerto Rico. Five additional packs stand at the ready in Direct Relief ’s warehouse in case a hurricane strikes another area. Recipients were selected for their location, past experience with emergency response, patient population, and capacity to treat victims during an emergency. Each HURRICANE PREP PACK holds enough medical supplies to treat 100 patients for a variety of conditions, from injuries to chronic illnesses, for three to five days. At a wholesale value of almost $12,000 for each pack, contents were informed by responses to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, work with the Texas Blue Ribbon Commission on Emergency Preparedness and Response, and constant feedback from recipients since the program began in 2007. Prep Pack contents can be easily absorbed into DIRECT RELIEF’S regular clinic inventory to avoid waste if not needed in an emergency. EMERGENCY RESPONSE The waterproof packs are designed for use in clinic settings or at COORDINATOR BRETT WILLIAMS REVIEWS alternate care sites, and are easily transported, as recipients demonstratedY THE CONTENTS OF last year. Coastal Family Health Center in Gulfport, Mississippi, used the THE IMPROVED 2009 HURRICANE PREP PACK HURRICANE PREP PACK it received in 2008 aboard its mobile medical WITH JUDITH PEREZ, unit, which traveled to evacuation shelters in Texas and Louisiana during RN AT LAFAYETTE COMMUNITY HEALTH Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Guadalupe Health Center in Texas received CARE CLINIC, LOUISIANA. last year’s Prep Pack just a few days before hurricane Dolly struck and THE PACK WILL HELP PREPARE THE CLINIC FOR flooding destroyed the clinic. They were able to flee the clinic with the WHAT IS PREDICTED TO BE AN ACTIVE HURRICANE Prep Pack and use it to treat evacuees while the clinic was closed. SEASON. FOLLOWING HURRICANES KATRINA AND RITA, LAFAYETTE PREP PACKS provided to U.S. clinic COMMUNITY HEALTH partners CONTAINED MEDICAL CARE CLINIC TREATED ITEMS TO TREAT 100 PATIENTS THOUSANDS OF DISPLACED EVACUEES. FOR 3-5 DAYS: Anti-infectives Biaxin and Omnicef from Abbott; FreeStyle Test Strips, FreeStyle Freedom System Kits, Sure Dose Syringes and FreeStyle Lancets for diabetes care, also all from Abbott Atenolol, Metoprolol, to treat hypertension Gentamicin and Sulfacetamide TO LEARN MORE Advil tablets for pain management Opthalmic Solution for eye infections about hurricane from Wyeth Silver Sulfadiazine Cream for burns preparedness in the U.S. Albuterol for asthma Metformin for management of and vulnerable Caribbean Povidine iodine for preventing diabetes countries—and hear how wound infections Stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs Direct Relief’s Prep Packs and exam gloves Anti-inflammatory ibuprofen and WILLIAM VAZQUEZ came in handy last year— Children’s Tylenol tablets Gauze and elastic bandages for visit: Epipens for emergency wound care epinephrine doses Clotrimazole and triple antibiotic EmergencyResponse/2009/ Carbamazepine, Depakote from ointment for skin infections HurricanePrepProgram.aspx Abbott, and Gabapentin for seizure control 4 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  5. 5. SPECIAL REPORT: Direct Relief USA JESUSITA FIRE WAREHOUSE RESPONSE CHATTER ALAN PENNER Jesusita by the NUMBERS 30,500 PEOPLE EVACUATED 8,733 ACRES BURNED 24,000 N95 PARTICULATE RESPIRATORS DISTRIBUTED AWARDED HIGHEST GRADE FOR SECURITY, COMPLIANCE The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has approved Direct Relief as the nation’s first nonprofit recipient of Verified- Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) certification. This achievement means that we meet or exceed the highest security and compliance standards for the distribution and storage of medical goods, and have the strongest controls on materials of any nonprofit. Other organizations with this high certification include leading businesses like CVS, UPS, and Walmart, among others. RSON ANDE LICENSED TO HEAL MATT READ MORE AND WATCH A VIDEO OF THE MASK DISTRIBUTION at: Direct Relief holds the licenses to distribute prescription drugs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This, on top of our federal registrations and certifications, lets us receive and deliver highly controlled H1N1 Flu materials, and allows us to reach any clinic, Response health center, and state or local government who require assistance in an emergency. Like our VAWD accreditation, Direct Relief is the D irect Relief coordinated its response to the H1N1 influenza outbreak in March with responding partners and associations in the U.S. and Mexico for the most only nonprofit in the U.S. to hold this level of licensing. effective and targeted provision of medical aid. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending that clinicians use protective supplies to prevent transmission of the new viral strain, Direct Relief immediately sent requested materials to clinics and PREPARING OURSELVES FOR community health centers in California and Texas. This EMERGENCIESPHOTO:REUTERS/JORGE DAN, COURTESY OF WWW.ALERTNET.ORG provision included Tylenol to treat patients’ fever symptoms, N95 particulate respirators, and hand sanitizer products. The best emergency preparedness begins N95 respirators, or protective masks, were specifically at home, and Direct Relief’s home in Santa indicated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Barbara, California is no exception. We Prevention to help prevent transmission of the virus. recently completed a 30-month project The National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico City—a nonprofit children’s hospital that provides care at low or no of planning, permitting, and installing cost—received an emergency aid provision of 5,000 N95 an electric generator to ensure that our particulate respirators, Tylenol, gloves, and hand sanitizer operations can continue to run in the event product. of a power failure for six days without Direct Relief thanks BD, Cera Products, Inc., Henry refueling. This backup capacity is crucially Schein, and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies important for medical materials in our for their generous contributions to the H1N1 flu emergency response. warehouse that require strict temperature controls, and for ensuring our ability FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT THE WHO at: to respond in the event of a regional emergency. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 5
  6. 6. We interrupt this report to bring you… FIND THE REST OF THE IT at DIRECTRELIEF.ORG WORLD CYCLONE AILA RESPONSE Asia Program Officer Matt MacCalla was in Bangladesh when Cyclone Aila struck the country’s and India’s southern coasts on May 25. Matt was conducting a follow up assessment trip with partners who responded to 2007’s Cyclone Sidr, REUTERS/JAYANTA SHAW, COURTESY OF WWW.ALERTNET.ORG and was coordinating the placement of emergency cyclone and flood modules in anticipation of this upcoming cyclone season. In response to Cyclone Aila, Direct Relief shipped the critically needed cyclone and flood relief modules along with a provision of essential pharmaceuticals and supplies to partners who were already serving thousands of people injured and displaced by the storm. Four disaster preparedness and response HEALTH INITIATIVES modules have been air-shipped to SUPPORTING partners in Bangladesh and India. MOTHERS WORLDWIDE Cyclone Aila affected more than The World Health Organization estimates that a 3.6 million people, left more than woman dies each minute from complications during 750,000 people homeless, and took pregnancy and childbirth—more than 500,000 each 300 lives. year worldwide. In developing countries, pregnancy is a life-threatening condition, as pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death learn among women of reproductive age. Many of the risks more for pregnant women and children in developing EmergencyResponse/ countries are related to general conditions of poverty, 2009/CycloneAila.aspx KRISTIN BROWN nutrition, and severely limited health resources and watch access that affect everyone. video from JFK Medical Direct Relief focuses on maternal and child Centre and meet the women whose health has been health—interventions that directly address the specific threats to women restored through obstetric during pregnancy through childbirth: expanding access to care by bolstering fistula repair. in-country health systems; ensuring safe delivery through midwife MILKEN INSTITUTE, learn training and kits; addressing complications with emergency obstetric GLOBAL CONFERENCE ourfocus/mch/ obstetricfistula.aspx more care; restoring health through obstetric fistula prevention and care; and 2009 about mothers and children living healthier lives at preventing mother to child transmission of HIV. Direct Relief President and CEO Thomas Tighe participated on a panel called “Global Aid Workers: Heroes on the Front Lines” at the Milken 100% OF CONTRIBUTIONS Institute’s Global Conference 2009. ARE DEVOTED watch video of the panel at TO OUR PROGRAMS. gcprogram.taf?function= etail&EvID=1637& eventid=GC09 All overhead (non-program) expenses are covered by a generous bequest.6 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  7. 7. Who’s thinking of Direct Relief? Named Direct Relief the nation’s #1 Slam-dunk Charity , and recognized Direct Relief as “exceptional” for earning a Four-Star Charity rating five years in a row. The Santa Barbara County Medical Reserve Corps Direct Relief committed to equipping volunteer emergency health professionals with custom- designed backpacks outfitted with supplies appropriate for emergency-response. Emergency Preparedness Sponsors Abbott provided vision and generous contributions to support Direct Relief’s Hurricane Preparedness Program in 2009, resulting in expanded prepositioned aid to more sites in the U.S. and Caribbean. With P&G’s generous financial support, Direct Relief was able to include PUR water purification packets in the hurricane modules and strengthen the ability of our partners in the Caribbean to assist patients with their drinking water needs. The medical supply manufacturer and corporate supporter featured Direct Relief and its partner volunteer project in Ghana in the May issue of National Geographic Magazine. The Boehringer Ingelheim CARES Foundation’s donations of medications are delivered nationwide to many low-income uninsured patients through Direct Relief USA’s work with U.S. free clinics and community health centers. YOUTH FOR DIRECT RELIEF A dynamic group of students from five Santa Barbara high schools raised more than $25,000 for Direct Relief programs through their March flower sale. That’s an A+ to us. BRYAN WATT Make a legacy gift to Direct Relief and extend your generosity beyond your lifetime. Your commitment and dedication will help Direct Relief continue its efforts to help people affected by poverty, emergencies, and civil unrest live better, healthier lives far into the future. LEAVE For more information, contact Jill Muchow Rode, CFRE, Director of Development A or (805) 964-4767 x181 LEGACYWE EXTEND OUR DEEPEST THANKS TO ALL OF THE COMPANIES WHO HAVE SUPPORTEDDIRECT RELIEF USA OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS. 3M CVS Corporation Johnson & Johnson Pharma Medica Abbott Cypress Medical Products Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. Progressive Medical International Aearo Company Cypress Pharmaceutical, Inc. King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Prometheus Laboratories Alcon Laboratories, Inc. DAVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Marlex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Purdue Pharma, L.P. Alkermes, Inc. Den-Mat Corporation Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. Quidel Corporation Inc. Allergan, Inc. Dey Laboratories McKesson Medical-Surgical Redwood Bio Tech American CleanStat, LLC Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories LTD. McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharms. Reliant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. American Health Products Corporation E. Fougera & Company McNeil Nutritionals, LLC Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Amgen Foundation, Inc. ETHICON Meda Pharmaceuticals Rye Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Amsino International Evo Medical Solutions Medical Action Industries Sage Products, Inc. Aramco Services Company Fenwal Inc. Medline Industries Inc. Sandel Medical Industries, LLC AstraZeneca FNC Medical Corporation MedVantx Incorporated Sanofi Pasteur Baxter International Incorporated Forest Laboratories, Inc. Merck & Company, Inc. sanofi-aventis Bayer Consumer Care Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC Sappo Hill Soapworks BD FSC Laboratories, Inc. Microflex Schering-Plough Corporation Beaumont Products Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Midmark Corporation Sperian Protection Boehringer Ingelheim CARES Foundation Graham-Field, Inc. Miltex, Inc. Sunnight Solar Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Henry Schein, Inc. Neutrogena Corporation Sunstar Americas, Inc. Carlsbad Technology, Inc. Herban Essentials Nexxus Beauty Products Tarascon Publishing Cera Products, Inc. Hi-Tech Pharmacal Company, Inc. Nisim International Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Chattem Inc. Hogil Pharmaceutical North Safety Products The Harvard Drug Group Cobalt Laboratories Housechem OHM Laboratories, Inc. Titan Corporation Colgate-Palmolive Company InstyMeds Corporation / RedPharm Drug Omron Healthcare, Inc. Tri-anim ConMed Corporation Invacare Ossur Zee Medical, Inc. Covidien Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. Procter & Gamble Zooth, a Division of Gillette Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Jarrow Formulas, Inc. Pfizer Inc. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 7
  8. 8. Get Connected with Direct Relief LEARN MORE SPREAD THE WORD INTERACT WITH EVEN RAISE MONEY! OTHER SUPPORTERS a fan and join with other Follow our tweets and learn about what’s Watch our videos (there are already Use your Facebook, MySpace and other socialsupporters, get our updates, and share happening daily in our world—photos from 27) and subscribe so you’re notified network profiles to support us by getting itwith your friends. Our page also links to the the field, updates on outgoing medicines, when new videos are live. sponsored by your favorite brands and puttingCauses application, where you can set up and more. a badge on your page. SocialVibe supportersyour own fundraisers. have already earned us more than $15,000. > MORE AT DIRECTRELIEF.ORG/SUPPORTUS/GETCONNECTED.ASPX Follow the Leader. Bring your friends. —Win a tote. Help us meet our $100,000 challenge DirectRelief.orgSARAH WILKINSON NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA BARBARA, CA PERMIT #756 27 S. LA PATERA LANE SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 TEL: 805.964.4767 TOLL FREE: 800.676.1638 FAX: 805.681.4838 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR Dorothy F. Largay, Ph.D. VICE CHAIR Thomas J. Cusack SECRETARY James H. Selbert TREASURER Kenneth J. Coates Frederick Beckett • Jon E. Clark • Patty DeDominic • Ernest H. Drew, Ph.D. Patrick Enthoven • Gary Finefrock • Paul Flynn • Richard Godfrey Bert Green, M.D. • Raye Haskell • Stanley C. Hatch • W. Scott Hedrick Priscilla Higgins, Ph.D. • Brett Hodges • Ellen K. Johnson • Donald J. Lewis Robert A. McLalan • Rita Moya • Carmen Elena Palomo • John Romo Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. • George Short • Ashley Parker Snider Gary R. Tobey • Sherry Villanueva INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD CHAIRMAN Frank N. Magid Lawrence R. Glenn • E. Carmack Holmes, M.D. S. Roger Horchow • Stanley S. Hubbard • Jon B. Lovelace Donald E. Petersen • Richard L. Schall • John W. Sweetland PRESIDENT & CEO Thomas Tighe HONORARY BOARD PRESIDENT EMERITUS Sylvia Karczag CHAIR EMERITUS Jean Hay DIRECTOR EMERITUS Dorothy Adams8 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SUMMER 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST