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2006Summer Newsletter


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2006Summer Newsletter

  1. 1. the bulletin healthy people. better world. since 1948.SUMMER | 2006USA DIRECT RELIEF BY THE NUMBERSCalifornia Statewide Program Provides Essential Medicines First four months of 2007 fiscal yearto Community and Free Clinics April 1, 2006 through July 31, 2006An estimated 6.6 million people in California Since the program’s inception in Decemberwere uninsured all or part of the year in 2005. 2003, Direct Relief has provided $15.2 millionCommunity and free clinics in California serve asan essential component of the healthcare safety- (wholesale) in pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to 80 community and free clinics $32.2 million wholesale value of medical materialnet in the state. Direct Relief’s California Clinics throughout California. aid furnishedProgram began in 2003 Direct Relief hasin response to the state’s been licensed by theongoing budget difficulties,which placed an even largerstrain on clinics and the California Board of Pharmacy for several 11.3 million people served (courses of treatment decades. To expandpatients they serve. The provided) its support to theprogram has continued, U.S. safety-net clinics,growing annually as Direct Relief recently 426 tonsrising patient volumes and became a licensedexceedingly tight funding pharmacy distributorforces clinics into more of medical material aid furnished and wholesaler indifficult situations. Alabama, Louisiana,Focused on increasing Mississippi, New York,material donations toclinics with which Direct and Texas. This status allows Direct Relief 227 number of aid shipmentsRelief has long-standing to strengthen ongoingrelationships in the local support to resource-community, the programcontinues to branch out toother areas of high need. strapped clinics and develop efficient channels for emergency 116 medical manufacturers who contributedWorking directly with the response. Direct Relief products for shipmentsCalifornia Primary Care photo: Margaret Molloy also has applicationsAssociation’s regional clinic permission Venice Family Clinic pending in severalgroupings, Direct Relief has Direct Relief has provided $15.2 million in essentialbeen able to identify clinics medicines to community and free clinics throughout other states. $7.9 million assistance provided to South Asiain need of material support. the state of California. Nationally Recognized Pharmacist Joins Direct Relief Staff $6.5 million assistance provided to Africa Direct Relief is pleased to announce that Ruth 11 years at the clinic she was responsible for Smarinsky joined the organization this year to implementing pharmaceutical services and expedite the allocation of products throughout the United States. Ruth primarily works with was able to greatly increase the variety of pharmaceuticals available to patients while 4 million web site visits primary healthcare clinics in Gulf Coast keeping annual expenditures low. Ruth has States that suffered greatly after Hurricanes also worked in hospital pharmacies, chain drug Katrina and Rita. She is also a pharmacist at stores, and has owned a pharmacy. She has Clinica Msr. Oscar A. Romero in Los Angeles, been honored with several awards, including California, a community clinic serving more a 2003 Medpin (Medications for Patients in than 15,000 low-income, uninsured patients. Need) award for Pharmaceutical Management. Ruth is the former Director of Pharmacy Direct Relief is excited to have Ruth’s expertise Services at Venice Family Clinic, the largest and background as the organization looks to free clinic in the United States. During her expand its domestic programs. Healthy people. Better world.
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors Corporations Step UpFrom April 1, 2006 through July 31, 2006,Direct Relief International received medicalproducts with a wholesale value of over$46,592,772. We thank the followingcorporate medical material donors whose Baxter International, Inc. Assistsgenerosity has enabled us to help millions of Indonesia Quake Victims and Partnerspeople around the world. in El Salvador and Papua New GuineaAbbott In June 2006, Baxter joined Direct Relief’s list of donors providing highly needed medicalAlcon Laboratories, Inc. resources to dedicated health providers in the developing world. Baxter initiated their supportAmerican Diagnostic Medicine, Inc. by contributing urgently needed blood collection bags and I.V. solutions to support relief effortsAstraZeneca of Direct Relief partner Muhammadiyah in the aftermath of the May 27 Java earthquake in Indonesia. With the use of Baxter’s donations, physicians were able to provide quality care toBaxter International, Inc. people suffering from injuries resulting from the earthquake such as broken bones, crush wounds,BD dehydration, intestinal infection, and lacerations.Blue Ridge Medical, Inc.Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation Baxter’s generous product contributions have also been provided to partners FUSAL in ElBristol-Myers Squibb Company Salvador and Wewak General Hospital in Papua New Guinea. To date, Baxter has donated $1.5BSN Medical, Inc. - Orthopaedics GBU million (wholesale) worth of medical supplies and medications to Direct Relief. As a result ofCarlsbad Technology, Inc. Baxter’s support, Direct Relief will be better able to meet the specific, critical, and ongoing needsChild Health Foundation of medical facilities and health programs worldwide.Den-Mat CorporationDeRoyalE. Fougera & CompanyEdgepark SurgicalEthicon, Inc.Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Unique Corporate/Nonprofit PartnersFSC Laboratories, Inc.GlaxoSmithKline Collaborate to Eradicate Vitamin AHavel’s Incorporated Deficiency in El SalvadorHenry Schein, Inc. A partnership between the United States’ largest private label vitamin manufacturer, California’sHerban Essentials largest humanitarian aid organization, and one of El Salvador’s leading nonprofits has initiated aHollister, Inc. program to eradicate vitamin A deficiency among poor youth in El Salvador.Hospira, Inc.Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. Direct Relief has collaborated with Leiner Health Products to provide high-dose capsules ofJohnson & Johnson vitamin A over a three-year period to El Salvador’s FUDEM to distribute through its clinicJohnson & Johnson Consumer system in the country’s poorest regions. Through the partnership, Leiner will provide high- dose supplements of vitamin A that Direct Relief will deliver to FUDEM’s eye clinics in El Companies Salvador. FUDEM, which has provided visual screenings for 63,000 El Salvadoran children, willKendall Healthcare, Tyco administer the capsules to patients once every six months for three years.Leiner Health ProductsMatrixx Initiatives, Inc. In September, Direct Relief’s Communications Director, Jason Kravitz, will join an executiveMcNeil Consumer & from Leiner to launch the initiative with the Salvadoran Ministers of Education and Health at Specialty Pharmaceuticals FUDEM in San Salvador.Medical Innovations, Inc. According to a USAID-funded national survey (ESANES), one out of every three children underMedline Industries five years of age in El Salvador is vitamin A deficient. Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) is the mostMedvantx, Inc. common cause of preventable blindness in children worldwide and leads to increased morbidityMentor Corporation and risk of mortality.Merck & Company, Inc.MicroflexMiltex Instrument CompanyMidmark CorporationMylan Laboratories, Inc.Nexxus Beauty ProductsNorth Safety Products Direct Relief CEO Moderates Discussion onNovartis Pharmaceutical Corporation Public Health Services at PQMD MeetingOhm LabsPfizer Consumer Healthcare in LondonReliant Pharmaceuticals The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), an alliance of 27 non-governmentalREM Eyewear agencies and healthcare manufacturers, held its summer meeting in June 2006 in London,Sage Products, Inc. England. The meeting was hosted by member company GlaxoSmithKline and provided thesanofi-aventis opportunity for members to hold a “transatlantic dialog” with European counterpart nonprofitSappo Hill Soapworks organizations and medical manufacturers. Direct Relief’s Vice President of PhilanthropicSchering-Plough Corporation Investment, Anthoula Randopoulous, has served as chairman of PQMD for the last two years.SRI Surgical Direct Relief’s President and CEO, Thomas Tighe, moderated a panel discussing approaches toSTADA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. address those in need of vital public health services who are not served by either the market orTaro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. existing public systems. Mr. Hans V. Hogerzeil, Director of Department of Medicines Policy andWatson Pharma, Inc. Standards at the World Health Organization (WHO), was one of the panelists.
  3. 3. New Africa Health InitiativesDirect Relief to Provide Vital Surgical Equipment Direct Relief and South Africa’s Hospicesto Africa Collaborate to Improve Quality of LifeIn 2006, Direct Relief launched a program to provide valuable Direct Relief has joined with the Foundation for Hospicessurgical instruments and equipment to hospitals along the eastern in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Hospice Palliative Carecoast of Africa. The majority of hospitals in Africa lack the basic Association of South Africa to improve the quality of life forequipment needed to perform quality surgery. The vast number of hospice patients in South Africa.surgical operations there are emergencies and life saving procedures. Eighty-two percent of people under hospice care in South AfricaYet surgeons have to work with dated, often broken equipment, are HIV positive. The network of hospices and trained hospicewithout adequate lights, using rusty and inadequately sterilized blunt workers provide a growing source of palliative care and monitorinstruments, and limited anesthetics or none at all. HIV positive patients on antiretroviral therapy.Direct Relief aims to save lives by supplying partner hospitals Direct Relief willwith first-rate operating room facilities and giving Africa’s doctors furnish medicaland nurses hope, as well as the confidence to stay and provide products andmeaningful service in their own countries. personal care itemsA core group of four Direct Relief partners has been selected to to patients in thepilot this initiative in 2006-2007: JP Kapnek Trust in Zimbabwe, growing networkMulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi, Kawambwa District Hospital of hospices, with anin Zambia, and Mukaranga District Hospital in Tanzania. initial focus on six anchor hospices inEach surgical suite will be customized to meet the needs of the the Eastern Capefacility and will consist of a mix of in-kind contributions of used, region of Southrefurbished equipment and new equipment. Surgical data will Africa. The materialbe gathered from each partner on a regular basis to determine resources Directthe health impact resulting from the addition of each of these Relief provides willcomprehensive suites. In addition, the surgical suite equipment complement the In addition to end-of-life care, South African hospicesprovided will be leveraged by hundreds of thousands of dollars human resources and provide long-term care and services to patients and(wholesale) worth of in-kind contributions of specifically requested their families. The children above sing songs at a technical assistancepharmaceuticals and medical supplies provided by generous hospice-sponsored educational daycare facility. of our partners.corporate partners.Hurricanes Katrina and RitaIn the year since the landfall of Hurricane photo: Touro Hospital Consistent with Direct Relief’s longstandingKatrina, Direct Relief has furnished over practice, all medical material and financial$30 million in direct aid to the Gulf States resources were specifically requested byand remains intensely involved in efforts to partner health leaders and professionalsaddress both current and long-term needs. from local hospitals, clinics, and health organizations. Direct Relief targetedDirect Relief’s support efforts have been high-priority needs with material andaimed at both the major anchor facilities cash support to help jumpstart localthat provide specialized services and the health services, rebuild essential healthnetwork of safety-net clinics that play the infrastructure, and enable emergencykey role in caring for people who have medical transport.little money and no insurance. Both typesof facilities have undergone tremendous With the remaining hurricane funds, Directstrain from a surge in patient visits, lack of Direct Relief provided essential medicines and Relief will continue to invest in the keyrevenue, and in many cases, storm-related supplies to 66 nonprofit clinics, hospitals, and shelters frontline health facilities in the affecteddamage. throughout the Gulf Coast region. areas serving hurricane victims. Direct Relief’s Hurricane Response Direct Relief’s Cash Investments with Hurricane • Furnished $26.8 million (wholesale value) of Contributions Have: needed medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, • Helped retain medical professionals in the region with a grant to the constituting 1.66 million courses of treatment through Reuben T. Morris Wellness Foundation, who purchased a new medical van 95 shipments to transport patients and deliver supplies to clinics • Disbursement of 87 percent of the $4.77 • Supplied the Gulf Coast Health Center with 13 state-of-the-art exam tables million in cash donations received for hurricane relief to increase the capacity of their clinic sites, which served 14,629 patients following the hurricanes • Infusion of $4 million in critically needed cash grants to 34 partner clinics, hospitals, and Visit to view an in-depth report about Direct Relief’s associations Katrina and Rita recovery efforts.
  4. 4. 2004 Indian Ocean TsunamiSince the South Asia tsunami in December 2004, Direct Relief has many of whom remain in displaced persons camps over 20 monthsprovided $44.7 million in direct medical aid and $11 million in cash after the tsunami. The funding will cover the costs of a laboratory,grant assistance to support the recovery and advancement of the related supplieshealthcare infrastructure in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and reagents,and Somalia. and expansion of the Foundation’sIn Indonesia, Direct Relief recently provided $200,000 to the medical team forMeuraxa District Hospital in Banda Aceh to support equipment 12 months.and supply needs to enhance the facility’s obstetric, emergency,and administrative capabilities. The funding will strengthen the The Rainbowhospital’s maternal and newborn care through provision of medicine, Clinic’s servicesnutritional supplements, medical supplies and equipment. The are completely freemain referral hospital in the region will also use funds to enhance of charge, enablingemergency care services and improve the efficiency of administrative access for low-operations through procurement of technical and medical equipment. income families asDirect Relief also awarded funding to the Foundation of Goodness, well as previouslya nonprofit organization in Sri Lanka that works to improve middle income Direct Relief funded Sarvodaya to conduct first aid families that lost training programs for volunteer community healthopportunities for the rural community of Seenigama, a coastal workers at its 30 health posts that Direct Relief alsoenclave near Hikkaduwa on the southern coast. Grant funding will property, assets, financed. Sarvodaya recruited another Direct Reliefsupport the operation of the Foundation’s Rainbow Clinic, a facility and livelihoods in partner, St. John’s Ambulance Sri Lanka, to conductthat is meeting the healthcare demands of the high-need population, the tsunami. the training on a pro bono basis.Pakistan EarthquakeDirect Relief has responded to the massive October 2005 earthquake In addition, Direct Relief supports 12 hospitals, four mobile medicalin northern Pakistan by furnishing over $8.6 million in direct aid teams, four ruralthrough emergency medical shipments and targeted cash grants for health centers,Pakistan and Kashmir relief efforts. three prostheses photo: Jodie Willard centers, and threeThe organization recently provided funding for two extensive maternal-childprojects in Pakistan that will cover the operational costs for a health facilitiesprosthetic limb facility for two years and cover the cost of operating throughout thethree rural health centers for one year. affected regions.Direct Relief is currently supporting 20 Basic Health Units (BHU)that have replaced demolished clinics in villages throughout theearthquake zone. The BHUs are vital for women and children, thepopulation most adversely affected by malnutrition and starvation. • $7.5 million (wholesale) medical resources furnished Children outside of the Village of Hope center in • 1.5 million courses of treatment of specifically requested Mansehra, Pakistan, to which Direct Relief provided medicines, supplies, and medical equipment to care for earthquake victims funding for faculty salaries, medicine, medical supplies, equipment, and office supplies. The center, run by • $1,053,032 in cash grants to assist the rebuilding of the health infrastructure the International Medical & Educational Trust, is a temporary home for 1,000 children orphaned by the earthquake and their living family members.Indonesia Java Earthquake and TsunamiDuring a two month period, both a devastating earthquake and Two months later, a tsunami caused by a strong underseatsunami struck Java, Indonesia killing over 5,000 people. Direct earthquake off the coast of Indonesia’s Java island caused additionalRelief first responded to the earthquake by providing $4.5 million loss of life and extensive physical damage. Direct Relief provided(wholesale) of medical material aid and over $136,109 in three three cash grants totaling $80,553 for the purchase of medicines andtargeted cash grants to Indonesian-based partner organizations and medical equipment, operation of mobile medical clinics to delivercolleague U.S. nongovernmental organizations with medical teams. potable drinking water to the affected population, and provision of operating costs of mobile medical teams to assist those in need ofThe medical material aid included antibiotics, wound dressings, medical attention.sutures, and surgical instruments. Direct Relief also awarded fundingto purchase two ambulances and provided supplies and equipmentfor field clinics to Indonesian-based partner organizations. Direct • $4.5 million (wholesale) medical resources furnishedRelief staff members Annie Maxwell and Brett Williams arrived inYogyakarta to assist relief efforts within a week of the quake and • $216,662 in cash grants to assist the emergency relief effortswere able to expedite aid to the organization’s partners.
  5. 5. 2006 Shareholders’ MeetingIn May, Direct Relief held its fourth annual provision of health services and rebuildingShareholders’ Meeting at Fess Parker’s of the health infrastructure after Katrina;DoubleTree Resort in Santa Barbara, Dr. Jerome Sulubani, the only pediatricianCalifornia. The annual meeting provided for several hundred square miles in northernthe opportunity for Direct Relief to report Zambia, where most of the people areto its “investors” – both Direct Relief’s in- children who have been orphaned by HIV/kind and cash donors – about what services AIDS; and Katherine Pickus from Abbott, athe organization provided, who ultimately key corporate partner of Direct Relief’s thatbenefited, the cost-effectiveness of Direct has provided over $13.5 million in cash andRelief’s work, and its plans for the future. medical products.CEO Thomas Tighe reviewed financial Due to the unique nature of an annualand programmatic performance, trends, shareholders’ meeting, the New York Timesand future plans. He also addressed how covered the event. The Times article andDirect Relief seeks and measures value video highlights are available on Directand leverage in using its resources. The Relief’s website, was enriched by the perspectivesof Direct Relief partners from domestic andinternational health programs and a leading Direct Relief Board Member Sherry VillanuevaU.S. healthcare company. with Dr. Jerome Sulubani at Direct Relief’s Fourth Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Mrs. VillanuevaThe meeting featured Dr. Alfred McNair, led a group of Direct Relief donors to Zambiathe head of an informal African-American where they visited Dr. Sulubani’s hospital.physicians network along the Mississippi The Los Angeles Times covered their trip and photo: Monie PhotographyGulf Coast who was integral in the the article can be found at InvestorsGifts received from April 2006 to July 2006Ambassador of Health - ($100,000 + ) Dr. Kim Margolin Minister of Health - ($2,500 + )Anonymous Marks Family Foundation Amigos Del Peru Foundation, Inc.Abbott Fund Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. Associated Students UCSBAmgen Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Petersen The Branson SchoolSanta Barbara Vintners Foundation Mr. John M. Selig Carl Zeiss MeditecMrs. Grace A. Tickner Shaker Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Mark Coleman Mrs. Tana Sommer-Belin Mr. Charles De Marais/Pro Packing, Inc.Consul General - ($50,000 + ) Swift Foundation/MSST Foundation JE Campbell Industrial Marketing, LLCThe Capital Group Companies Mr. and Mrs. John Swift Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson Charitable Foundation The Foster Charitable Trust Mr. Bruce E. KingRoy R. and Laurie M. Cummins Fund The Thomas Collective Mr. and Mrs. John Knox-JohnstonDodge & Cox Tonto Apache Tribe Dr. and Mrs. J. William KohlFedEx Mr. Clint Turner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LiebmanThe Orfalea Fund President’s Council - ($5,000 + ) Mr. Chih-Long LinRock Paper Scissors Foundation Mrs. Joan T. McCoyGlobal Emissary - ($25,000 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bolen Moss Motors Ltd, Inc. Burke, Williams, & Sorensen, LLPAnonymous Price, Postel & Parma Computer Associates International, Inc.BD Rudi Schulte Family Foundation First QuadrantFrancois and Sheila Johnson Brutsch Ms. Sally Xavier Mr. and Mrs. Greg GoodmanIzumi Foundation Zickler Family Foundation Mr. James D. GorhamKind World Foundation Hutton Foundation Thank YouSteinmetz Foundation Herbert and Gertrude LatkinWorld Health Envoy - ($10,000 + ) Charitable FoundationMr. and Mrs. John H. Adams The Hon. and Mrs. John D. MacomberAnner Trust Mr. James P. McAlister andMr. and Mrs. Philip M. Battaglia Mrs. Mari R. McAlister/Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Crahan The Harold McAlister CharitableThe Julia Stearns Dockweiler Foundation Charitable Foundation Morrow Family Foundation, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. James Drasdo Mr. Mark Nelkin Estate PlanningMr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Ms. Barbara L. Pagano Please consider rememberingDr. Bert Green and Ms. Alexandra Brookshire/ Dr. Kevin W. Plaxco and Mrs. Lisa Plaxco Brookshire Green Foundation Direct Relief in your will or intervivos Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Roberts/Mr. and Mrs. Pierson M. Grieve The Roberts Brothers Foundation trust. Once you do, let us knowGuyana Medical Relief, Inc. Mrs. Henry B. Roth and the Babette L. Roth and we will make you a memberPriscilla Higgins, PhD. and Mr. Roger W. Higgins/ Irrevocable Trust of our Legacy Society. For further Higgins-Trapnell Family Foundation Turpin Family Charitable Foundation information, please call Janice PegramDr. and Mrs. John P. J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. George Turpin, Sr. at (805) 964-4767 x 131.Mrs. Louise F. Maison Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Wayne
  6. 6. Events and Activities Save the DateVintners for HumanityOctober 2006 to May 2007 A Taste of Andalucia at Montalba Sunday, September 24, 2006The Hitching Post Winery and Restaurant kicked off Direct Relief’s 4:00 pm - 7:00 pmsuccessful fourth annual Vintners for Humanity Winemaker DinnerSeries in August. Last year’s Please join George Schoellkopf and Gerald Incandela for a festiveseries raised over $200,000 sunset soirée at their private estate in Summerland, California tofor Direct Relief. benefit Direct Relief.Upcoming dinners include: Vintners for Volunteer RecognitionSanta BarbaraBoutique Wineries Humanity IV and Open House Thursday, October 12, 2006October 22, 2006 5:00 pm - 7:00 pmBeckmen Vineyards & Direct Relief will honor over 80The Four Season’s Resort local dentists who participate inJanuary 14, 2007 its local Healthy Smiles DentalWINE CASK, Margerum Program, which has servedWine Company, Firestone hundreds of low-income, uninsuredVineyards children and their family members.February 25, 2007 Holiday Open House Thursday, December 14, 2006 For details about or reservations for any of the 11:00 am - 6:30 pm activities listed, visit us at Direct Relief welcomes volunteers, donors, and the public to or call Lori Willis at (805) 964-4767 x126. visit the organization. Docent-led tours of our warehouse will be held on the hour and special presentations will be at 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm. at please send an e-mail to Laurie Ann Tuttle electronically (and help us save on postage) If you prefer to receive this newsletter address service requested fax: (805) 681.4838 tel: (805) 964.4767 Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Santa Barbara, CA 27 S. La Patera Lane Permit 756 PAID U.S. PostageNon Profit Organization