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2005 Summer Newsletter


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2005 Summer Newsletter

  1. 1. the bulletin healthy people. better world. since 1948.SUMMER | 2005Direct Relief Your Money:By The Numbers Direct Relief International Shareholders’ MeetingFiscal Year 2004 On Friday, May 20, 2005, Direct Relief International Direct Relief’s annual Shareholders’ Meeting is uniqueApril 1, 2004 through held its third annual Shareholders’ Meeting to report in the nonprofit sector. The organization was one ofMarch 31, 2005 the results of the fiscal year that ended on March 31, the first U.S. organizations to respond to the tsunami 2005. The meeting was free and open to the public. disaster and to disclose a strict, detailed policy regarding• 22.4 million: the use for donations designated for tsunami relief. The meeting occurred against the backdrop of people served (courses unprecedented private and corporate giving for tsunami “This year’s meeting was particularly important relief, chronic health challenges in developing countries in given the extraordinary generosity that occurred after of treatment provided) Africa, and evolving nonprofit standards of governance the tsunami,” said Direct Relief President and CEO and accountability. Direct Relief’s report to its investors Thomas Tighe. “People and businesses who entrust us• 54: countries served included briefings from leaders in each of these fields. with their money and products deserve to know what we do with it, and why.”• 525 tons: weight Direct Relief International, ranked for several years as the largest international nonprofit organization in Tighe reported on the increase in private charitable of medical material aid contributions that resulted in $20 million in cash California and among the largest in the United States furnished based on private support, donations and nearly received over $200 $200 million wholesale• 529: number of aid million in contributions worth of medical product shipments of cash and medical donations from the U.S. material resources in pharmaceutical and medical-• 66%: assistance fiscal year 2004-2005 manufacturing sector. furnished to least – more than doubling “The perspectives of photo: Monie Photography the previous year’s local health leaders in the developed countries results. tsunami area and in Africa are rarely heard directly• $122 million: The organization and unfiltered,” said announced its wholesale value of results and briefed Tighe. “We are honored medical aid furnished investors on finances, to provide them with this humanitarian health opportunity to share the• .018%: percentage of programs, and the realities of their work, which we support as total support spent on extensive tsunami relief Direct Relief President and CEO Thomas Tighe with extensively as we can.” efforts, which spurred fundraising a significant increase in International and Corporate Partners (L to R) Shang, Direct Relief also expanded Ariyaratne, Colatrella, and Stamp cash and medical material its domestic assistance• $12.8 million: donations. efforts and reported furnishing nearly $9 million contributions received in wholesale medicines and supplies to nonprofit Keynote speaker Trent Stamp, Executive Director of for tsunami relief Charity Navigator, ‘America’s premier independent community clinics in California, where more than 6 million residents lack health insurance. charity evaluator’, discussed The Future of• 0: amount of tsunami Philanthropy in the U.S. contributions spent Dr. Judith Shang Brenda Colatrella, the director of corporate Dr. Judith Shang is the Executive Director of the on administration or philanthropic efforts from Merck, a leading U.S. Shemka Foundation in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Dr. fundraising company, which provides extensive support to Direct Shang is a Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology, Relief’s humanitarian efforts also provided insights received a Masters in Science in Medical• 64%: Increase in into the company’s corporate efforts. Microbiology from the University of London, has warehouse staff’s Other speakers included international health leaders a Bachelors of Science with Honors in Biomedical whose work in their home countries is supported by Sciences form the University of Bradford, UK. operational productivity Direct Relief: Shemka Foundation runs the Direct Relief- (pallets handled) supported Quality Healthcare Unit. Shemka Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, Executive Director of Sarvodaya, Foundation also develops and assists in• 27: Staffing level (FTE) the largest nongovernmental organization in Sri Lanka, implementing micro and community development discussed the tsunami and the challenges of the recovery. projects and provides education and training Dr. Judith Shang, Executive Director of the Yaoundé, scholarships for the underprivileged. Dr. ShangHealthy people. Cameroon-based Shemka Foundation, spoke on the is a member and Co-Chairperson of the U.S. role of private health services and development efforts Embassy AIDS Task Force in Cameroon. Better world. in Cameroon.
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors In FocusFrom April 1, 2005 through July 31, 2005,Direct Relief International receivedmedical aid with a wholesale value ofover $25.2 million. The vast majority ofour donors are American Corporations.We thank the following donors whosegenerosity has enabled us to help millionsof people around the world.3M PharmaceuticalsAbbottAcryMed, Inc.Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Direct Relief VP Elected Chair photo: Jay FarbmanAllergan, Inc.Amsino International of Leading Industry-NonprofitBausch & Lomb ConsortiumBDBoehringer Ingelheim Anthoula Randopoulos, Direct Relief’s Vice President, Philanthropic Investment, was recentlyBristol-Myers Squibb Company elected chairman of the Partnership for QualityCypress Pharmaceutical, Inc. Medical Donations (PQMD). PQMD is aDen-Mat Corporation nonprofit membership association comprised Direct Relief and Henry ScheinEast West Associates Extend Partnership to Help Increase of non-governmental organizations and leadingEdgepark SurgicalEthicon, Inc. pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers Access to Healthcare Services in who share a common commitment to advanceForest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. effective drug and medical supply donation the Developing WorldFSC Laboratories, Inc. practices. As one of the leading authorities on Henry Schein, Inc. has proved once again that it trulyFuji Photo Film USA medical donations recognized by the World Health is a worldwide leader in healthcare excellence. As oneGlaxoSmithKline Organization (WHO) and others, PQMD facilitates, of the largest distributors of healthcare products andGlobus Relief Fund measures, and communicates best practices in the services to office-based practitioners in the combinedHDC Corporation field; informs the media, government, and academic North American and European markets, the Company,Henry Schein, Inc. community about the role of drug and medical product through its global corporate citizenship program,Johnson & Johnson donations; encourages the private sector to engage Henry Schein Cares, has served as a key partner withJohnson & Johnson Consumer Cos. in effective donation partnerships and programs; Direct Relief International in its efforts to help supportKawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. conducts relevant research, and documents the impacts healthcare outreach programs and has provided inKendall Healthcare, Tyco and achievements of the donations community. Ms. 2005 nearly $150,000 in product donations to DirectKing Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Randopoulos will serve in that capacity for two years. Relief, in addition to the nearly $250,000 of productLaddawn donations for tsunami aid. These contributions haveMarlex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reached thousands of people in over 80 countriesMartin Roth & Co. worldwide. Thank you, Henry Schein Cares!McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharms.Mentor CorporationMerck & Company, Inc.MicroflexMicrolife USA, Inc.Midmark CorporationMiltex Instrument Company Direct Relief International andMylan Laboratories, Inc. STADA Pharmaceuticals Provide Abbott to Support Women andNAPO Phamaceuticals Access to Medications for Children in AfghanistanNaryx Pharma, Inc.National Library of Medicine, NIH Uninsured Residents of California Direct Relief International announces a new initiativeThe National Pediculosis Due to the current fiscal crisis in California that is in partnership with Abbott that will improve Association, Inc. having a devastating impact on public health services, the health of women, infants, and children inNellcor Direct Relief has stepped up its efforts to help low- Afghanistan.Nexxus Products Company income and uninsured Californians. Over 16,000 Afghan women die each year fromNordent Manufacturing, Inc. As with our international program partners, the pregnancy-related causes, making Afghanistan theNorth Safety Products clinics with which we work in California provide second-deadliest place in the world to give birth.Omron Healthcare, Inc. care on a non-discriminatory basis. The Sierra Health The majority of child-bearing women have no skilledPfizer Consumer Healthcare Center (SHC), serving residents of Fullerton and assistance during labor and delivery. It is estimatedProgressive Medical International Modesto, is one such clinic. SHC sees approximately that 25 percent of Afghan children die before theirQuest Diagnostics 11,800 patients a year, 94 percent of whom earn fifth birthday, mostly from preventable illnesses, andSage Products, Inc. incomes 200 percent below the Federal Poverty Level. over half of them are stunted due to malnutrition.Sappo Hill Soapworks With the generous support of STADA Pharmaceuticals, Abbott will help Direct Relief address these issuesSchering-Plough Corporation Direct Relief has provided more than $11 million among women and children in Afghanistan bySTADA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. wholesale value worth of pharmaceuticals and supplies donating nutritional and other healthcare productsTEVA Pharmaceuticals USA to 70 clinics throughout California since December to our partner, Afghan Institute of Learning, and byVitamin Angel Alliance 2003. Thank you STADA Pharmaceuticals, for making sponsoring a training program that will prepare 25Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. critically needed medications available to Californians women to serve as midwives in outlying villages. WithWestern Scientific Co. who otherwise would lack access to treatment. this effort, we expect to reverse these terrible statistics.Young DentalZimmer Orthopedic Surgical Products
  3. 3. Trip ReportTrip Report: ZAMBIA - Luapula ProvinceJuly, 2005Christienne Durbin, Program OfficerZambia is ranked 164 out of 177 countries Zambia and aroundon the United Nations Development Program the world.(UNDP) Human Development Index (HDI). Since 1988, DirectThis index combines multiple economic, Relief has beensocial, physical and political factors to express supporting locala nation’s ability to move its people toward medical programs infreedom and the improvement of their lives. Zambia, collaboratingThe country’s population of 11,261,795 is with the Mansa Rotaryenlarged by a significant number of refuges Club to ensure that thefrom neighboring countries: 58,894 fromAngola; 58,405 from Democratic Republic consignments reach theof the Congo; and 5,767 from Rwanda. most needed facilities.Current life expectancy at birth is a low 39.7 Mansa Rotary clearsyears; this is partly due to the high adult HIV the shipments throughinfection rate of 16.5% (920,000 people living customs and distributeswith AIDS). UNICEF estimates that more the material to each ofthan 1 million Zambian children are orphans the end recipients. They Mother and child (patient) at Mambilima Hospital, Zambia(19% of all children). play an integral part in the provision of the aid that Direct Relief The Zambian people are warm, sincere,Other health concerns in Zambia that impact provides, and we are fortunate to have such and friendly and I feel I have made lifelongthe well-being of its people include bacterial excellent partners. friendships among locals that I met on thediarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, trip. I even received a very special gift fromplague and schistosomiasis. Direct Relief currently supports seven one of the Rotarians. One day I was admiring hospitals and programs in the LuapulaIn July of 2005, a small volunteer group a beautiful outfit that one of the ladies was Province.of local families, along with our Medical wearing. A couple of days later she handed meDirector and I, visited several of our partner One of them is Mansa General Hospital, a package that contained one of her colorfulhospitals in the Luapula Province, located the main referral hospital in a district that and beautifully tailored wraps, tops, and headin the Northwestern corner of the country, includes over 1 million people. This hospital dress. I am saving that outfit for a very specialapproximately 850 miles from Lusaka, is the cornerstone of a wide-reaching referral occasion. Thank you Margaret!the capital city. In addition to the personal system that involves smaller hospitals and I received many updates from the doctors andconnections we made, we formally handed rural health centers, some over 200 km nurses on the current and most pressing healthover antibiotics and anti-malarial drugs to away. Mansa Hospital has 470 inpatient needs of the area and since my return haveeach hospital we visited. The volunteers beds and emphasizes pediatric, neonatal, been working to implement the meeting ofhad personally packed each box, and Direct and maternal care. In 2001, Direct Relief those needs with more shipments. I am deeplyRelief had shipped them to meet the visitors provided the equipment and supplies to help honored to be able to help in such a small wayupon their arrival. It was a powerful and start a Pediatric ICU at the Hospital. This to improve the health and well-being of somemoving experience for all and one I’m was a great relief to Dr. Jerome Sulibani, of Zambia’s neediest people.sure will never be forgotten. This group of one of two pediatricians in the country. Thecommitted supporters also raised more than donation is a part of a program that seeks to We are planning a Zambia trip for July$100,000 for Direct Relief’s programs in upgrade several of the other health facilities 2006 now. Please contact Lucy Anderson in this remote area. at if you are interested. The main health concerns of the hospital are malaria, with subsequent anemia, respiratory tract infections, malnutrition, tuberculosis, neonatal septicemia, and HIV/AIDS. The ability to provide surgical interventions as well as pediatric ICU capabilities will greatly reduce patient mortality, especially among infants and children. Children at airstrip in Mambalima, ZambiaNurse in HIV/TB ward at Mbereshi Hospital, Zambia
  4. 4. Tsunami UpdateTsunami Update and Indonesia Trip ReportSince the tsunami of December 26, 2004, Direct partners in the field. Crucial primaryRelief has provided over $32 million in direct care, maternal and child health, andaid to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, specialty medical services are beingand Somalia. Direct Relief is funding over carried out in both relief camps and50 health-related projects and has donated affected villages. Feeding programs12,500 tons of specifically requested medicines, are preventing child malnutrition, wellsupplies, and equipment serving over three cleaning is restoring safe water formillion people. families, and medical equipment andIn July, Jayne Kulzer traveled to Indonesia to computers are rebuilding public healthevaluate Direct Relief-sponsored projects in the infrastructures. Mental health servicedevastated Aceh Province. In Aceh, the tsunami needs are being addressed as well. Whileclaimed 124,000 lives and over 111,000 visiting a relief camp participating in apeople remain missing. There are an estimated mental health program that Direct Relief500,000 people who have been displaced, and sponsors, a 40ish man put a human face Maternal and child health mobile clinic in Banda Acehthey carry with them the loss of loved ones, to the tragedy. He told Kulzer how thehomes, jobs, communities, and life as they knew waves tore his three small children from Direct Relief product donations and grantit. A recent peace agreement and enhanced his arms as he tumbled in the surf. He survived, funding are filling important health needs andrelief coordination efforts have spawned vital his wife and children did not. Counseling and helping to transform lives, yet it is the remarkabledevelopment projects. treatment have restored his ability to sleep, faith and resiliency of the people of Aceh thatKulzer reported that it was heartening to reduced his nightmares, and enabled him to get will ultimately bring about full recovery.observe the valuable work conducted by our involved in community rebuilding.Public Healthcare Infrastructure Reconstruction in the Andaman and Nicobar IslandsThe Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an Indian centers and 30 primary healthcare sub-centers. of September. The final three sub-centers, to beUnion Territory since 1947, are a chain of 572 The islands are remote and difficult to reach built in extremely remote locations currentlyislands stretching over 500 miles in the Indian with construction materials and equipment; inaccessible by boat, will take additional timeOcean. The islands were hit particularly hard heavy rains, rough seas, and earthquake to finish. Upon completion, the facilities will beby the tsunami due to their close proximity to aftershocks have made them an extremely handed over to the Public Health Department,the earthquake epicenter. Close to 7,000 island challenging place to rebuild. which will staff and administer them. Directresidents are confirmed dead or missing. Despite the harsh conditions and logistical Relief will help stock and equip the centers andIn collaboration with Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana complexities, 14 of the healthcare sub-centers sub-centers with pharmaceuticals, nutritional(BJS), an Indian NGO specializing in are due to be completed by the end of August. supplements, medical supplies, instruments,construction following natural disasters, Direct Thirteen sub-centers, and the four healthcare and equipment items.Relief is rebuilding four primary healthcare centers are scheduled to be completed by the end Mumbai FloodingEmergency Response to Flooding DOCTOR’S CORNER: Leptospirosisin Maharashtra, India In the aftermath of heavy rains and flooding in Maharashtra India, 19 confirmed cases of cholera have been reported, while in Mumbai alone-FedEx and Pfizer Again Step Up 352 hepatitis, 30 leptospirosis, 10 dengue fever, and over 11,684 cases ofOver 1,000 people lost their lives and over 20 million people diarrhea and gastroenteritis have been reported as of August 10, 2005.have been affected by heavy monsoon rains, including a record Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease, caused by the bacteria Leptospira, that37 inches in a 24-hour period, in Maharashtra, India. The severe affects humans and animals. Outbreaks are usually related to exposureflooding, up to 10 feet in many areas, left thousands stranded to water contaminated with the urine of infected animals, usually cattle,and destroyed homes, crops, and commercial products including pigs, horses, dogs and rodents. Humans become infected through contactstocks of pharmaceuticals. Direct Relief’s in-country coordinator with water, food, or soil containing urine from infected but usuallycontacted the Public Health authorities to offer assistance and asymptomatic animals and may occur by swallowing contaminated foodwas instantly provided with a needs list. Direct Relief immediately or water or through mucosal skin contact, eyes, nose, or broken skin. Theprepared and sent an emergency shipment which included Pfizer’s disease is not known to spread from person to person.Zithromax© and Vibra Tabs©, anti-parasitic agents, analgesics, oral The time of exposure to illness is two days to four weeks and the initialrehydration salts, and water purification tablets. These products manifestations include high fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches,were specifically requested to address outbreaks of waterborne and gastrointestinal problems including vomiting, abdominal pain,diseases such as leptospirosis, hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera. jaundice, and diarrhea. If the disease is not treated, meningitis, kidneyThe Mumbai Public Health Department, which distributed the and liver damage can occur. Death is rare. A deluge of rain in areas withmedical goods, is assisting victims of the flood disaster though poor waste disposal has led to the development of many water borneits extensive network of hospitals, primary health centers, and diseases including leptospirosis. Treatment consists of antibiotics such asdispensaries located throughout western Maharashtra. Direct doxycycline which should be given early in the disease.Relief’s 5,000 lb. shipment was flown to Mumbai free of charge by Bill Morton Smith, M.D.FedEx and was received by Mr. Vijaysinh Patankar, the Municipal Chief Medical OfficerCommissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
  5. 5. Thank You“Signature Supporters Society” Wish List Direct Relief is renovating itsOn May 20, 2005, Direct Relief International Their generosity has made a tremendous positive warehouse and pharmacy withrecognized a core group of people who have made a impact, and we hope they will continue to find our a generous grant from a localgift consecutively every year for at least ten years. Their work worthy of their support. foundation, doubling the palletsupport has been critical to the continued operation storage capacity and providingof Direct Relief and, more importantly, the millions of equipment needed for the newlypeople who have received care that otherwise would designed space. Additionalhave been unavailable. equipment needed includes:It is not possible to convey fully the depth of appreciation 1 Crown Narrow-Aisle Reachof their generosity. In recognition of their importance to Est. cost $35,500Direct Relief, The Signature Supporters Society has been A forklift suitable for theestablished to honor these important donors. new narrow aislesWe believe that their extraordinary commitment has 2 Crown Stockpickershad a tremendous impact. In 1995, we supplied our Est. cost $26,855 eachpartners with an estimated $31 million worth of medical A forklift with a ride-alongaid, providing an estimated 6 million full courses of cage allowing for safe andtreatment. efficient picking of productTen years later, thanks to their continued support, from high shelving unitsDirect Relief sent an estimated $121 million worth of 2 Crown End Control Palletscritically needed pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and Indefatigable volunteers Hattie Bowie, 94, Marian and Carl Est. cost $11,830 eachequipment, enough to provide a full course of treatment Greenfield, 90 and 88 respectively. Each has over 30 years A motorized pallet moverto more than 22 million people around the world. of volunteer service to Direct Relief! Our InvestorsGifts received from April to July 2005 Phoenix International Freight Services, Ltd. Amigos Del Peru Foundation, Inc. Islamic Society of Greater Youngstown Mr. John Powell and Ms. Melinda Lerner Au Bon Climat/Qupe/Cold Heaven La Colina Junior HighAmbassador of Health ($100,000 +) The Ceil and Michael E. Pulitzer Builders Association Charity Lao Buddhist SamakithamJohnson & Johnson Family of Companies Foundation, Inc. Byron Vineyard and Winery Lopker Family FoundationThe Orfalea Fund Quantum Cabot Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Calvin MarbleWellpoint Foundation Shaker Family Charitable Foundation Chango Coffee Pacifica Graduate InstituteConsul General ($50,000 +) Steinmetz Foundation Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation The Prudential Foundation Matching GiftsAmgen Foundation, Inc. Swift Foundation Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.BASF Corporation Turpin Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Lance Conner and Ms. Nancy Werner Rotary Club of BishopBlue Shield of California Foundation Wackenhut Corporation The Julia Stearns Dockweiler Charitable Rotary Club of MontecitoThe California Endowment Foundation San Marcos High School President’s Council ($5,000 +)Henry Schein, Inc. Elkhorn Area School District Tenet-Matching Gift Program AnonymousPediatrix Charitable Fund, Inc. Firestone Family Estates Ms. Elna Theusen Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. BattagliaPfizer, Inc. The Gillette Company Matching Gift Program The Towbes Group, Inc. BD Matching Gift ProgramReebok Human Rights Foundation Google Matching Gifts Program UBS Matching Gift Program Mr. Rick Belluzzo Mr. Linus Ho Valija Gitana Corinthian Colleges, Inc.Global Emissary ($25,000 +) Ms. Lisa Holte Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Wayne Fireman’s Fund Insurance CompanyAnonymous Illinois Tool Works Foundation Westbrook-Walnut Grove Public Schools First QuadrantThe Sheila Johnson Brutsch Charitable Trust India Association of Garden State Wyoming Area School District Mr. Hendra GalangBush Hospital Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard GodfreyCapital Group Companies Charitable Fnd. Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. GottliebGlobal Brand Marketing Inc./ Mr. and Mrs. Killick Datta Mr. Mike Gross Would you like to help, but haven’t figured out how? Hixon Properties IncorporatedIndependent Charities of America Many people say it just isn’t possible to do all they would like to do Mr. Erle HolmIzumi Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Leaderman to support Direct Relief in providing better lives for people aroundMLB Advanced Media LP The Harold McAlister Charitable FoundationThe PRASAD Project the world while meeting family obligations. They often ask, how can Lower Merion School DistrictVadasz Family Foundation Mequon Thiensville School District we help others and still meet these obligations?World Health Envoy ($10,000 +), Inc. One way to resolve this conundrum is to remember Direct Relief inAmerican Jewish Joint Distribution The New York Community Trust your estate planning as a beneficiary in your will or your living trust. Committee, Inc. The NMC Foundation Dr. Sean O’Regan After you provide for your spouse and any other relatives to whomBig Dog USA, Inc.Bison Films Peruvian American Medical Society you feel an obligation, you can name Direct Relief International as theEstonian American Fund for Economic Ms. Lisa Plaxco residual beneficiary, or you can set it up so that Direct Relief gets some Education, Inc. Red Onion Saloon, Inc. percentage of your estate, assuring protection for your loved ones.Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Mrs. Gaber SempalGlobal Partners for Development Schering Plough Corporation That’s what I’ve done. I found that by making a gift to Direct ReliefHiggins-Trapnell Family Foundation Mrs. C. William Schlosser of what’s left at my death from my IRA and Retirement plans, it not The Schwab Fund for Charitable GivingHost Marriott LP only avoids the income tax on all the untaxed increases in asset valueHy Cite Corporation Tenet Healthcare Foundation Associated Students UCSB in the plan, but also gives me an estate tax deduction. It doesn’tJimbo’s Natural Family, Inc.Mr. Peter O. Johnson, Sr. Ventura County Community Foundation really cost me anything. Had I not provided for a charity, it wouldMs. Julie Ladner and Mr. Brian Fahnestock Mr. and Mrs. James Villanueva not have gone to my family, it would have been eaten up in taxes.Millburn High School Ministers of Health ($2,500 +) Ask your attorney for assistance. Direct Relief has forms to help.Orfalea Family Foundation Abbott Laboratories FundThe Donald E. and Jo Anne Petersen AMD Matching Gift Program Stanley C. Hatch, Vice Chair Foundation American School of Doha
  6. 6. Events and ActivitiesVintners for Humanity SAVE THE DATEJune 2005 to March 2006 Vintners AuctionJune 25 kicked off the third annual February 4, 2006Vintners for Humanity Winemaker The Santa Barbara Vintners Association will hold its biennial galaDinner Series. John Marsch dinner and auction at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara. Thehosted the evening at Montjoie Vintners Association once again has selected Direct Relief InternationalEstate with Byron Vineyard and as beneficiary of the live and silent auction proceeds.Winery pouring. Nancy Walker-Koppelman and Larry Koppelman featured food and wine compliments Special care is taken by the Santa Barbara Vintners Association to pairof Frank Ostini and the Hitching Post at their Bonneymead home on distinct wines with specific auction items. A few examples from pastAugust 28. Showcasing Santa Barbara county premiere wines and culinary Vintners auctions include a variety of 24 magnum wines from Santa Ynezcreations, these dinners benefit the work of Direct Relief International. Valley; wine, food and five nights at a private villa in Italy; Canadian Fly- In Fishing; and six nights at a luxury condominium in Florida’s AmeliaUpcoming dinners include: Island Plantation. This year’s auction items promise to be equally inviting,“Oktoberfest” so mark your calendar and plan to join us for this magical evening.Firestone Walker Brewery Company & Firestone VineyardOctober 23, 2005 Healthcare HeroesJaffurs Wine Cellars October 2, 2005, 6 pmOjai Valley Inn & Spa Montecito Country ClubJanuary 15, 2006 Annually, the Santa BarbaraAndrew Murray Vineyards Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) selectsNew Winery Tasting Room honorees to be named Health Care Heroes. Direct Relief is pleased toMarch 15, 2006 have been selected as one of the 2005 recipients of this reward. DirectTo learn more, visit the Direct Relief International website at Relief International will be honored along with two and click “Notes from the Vine.” To RSVP, please phone Terra Basche at (805) 968-1511 x119. For details about or reservations for any of the activities above, please call 805-964-4767 x126 or visit our website: at please send an e-mail to Laurie Ann Tuttle electronically (and help us save the postage) If you prefer to receive this newsletter address service requested fax: (805) 681.4838 tel: (805) 964.4767 Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Santa Barbara, CA 27 S. La Patera Lane Permit 756 PAID U.S. Postage Non Profit Organization