2010 Spring Newsletter


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2010 Spring Newsletter

  2. 2. A Haitian girl in a tarp shelter in Place Boyer, Petionville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. Over one million people are living in tent cities in Haiti. THE PLAN FOR HAITI ALISON WRIGHT They survived the quake. We’re helping them survive what comes after. In the months following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti’s capital on January 12, 2010, Direct Relief has delivered 55 shipments of emergency medical assistance worth $38.5 million to more than 40 Haitian healthcare providers. Having worked in Haiti since 1964, Direct Relief had strong relationships with the country’s largest hospitals and clinics, allowing us to rapidly deploy resources where they were needed most. Backed by the massive generosity of private and corporate supporters, Direct Relief has put together the most comprehensive emergency response in our 62-year history—more than 230 tons, or 350 pallets, of specifically requested medicines and supplies have been expedited to caregivers in Haiti, much of it airlifted free of charge by FedEx. As unprecedented as the short-term response has been, Direct Relief recognizes that the need in Haiti won’t fade with the headlines. Here are three high-impact ways Direct ALISON WRIGHT Relief is helping to make quality healthcare viable for the long term in Haiti. Doctors examine an x-ray at Direct Relief-supported Hospital Sacre-Cour CDTI in Port-au-Prince.2 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  3. 3. The Right Medicines and Supplies, in the right hands Fifteen percent of the nine million people who live logistical burden off the healthcare facilities, and allowing them to in Haiti were displaced by the quake and forced to focus on patient care—not trucking and warehousing. live in some sort of makeshift shelter. This population Within hours of the quake, Direct Relief was in contact with is extremely vulnerable to the most basic health concerns related to corporate partners, matching anticipated needs with available supply. “Thank you for hygiene and compromised water and sanitation systems. Direct Relief The companies responded with the largest amount of medical product helping to fill the will continue to support the material needs of healthcare providers and support for an emergency that Direct Relief has received in its history. The sheer quantity of donations received warranted the temporary needs of Hospital help strengthen their ability to stave off epidemics. Immediately following the earthquake, Direct Relief ’s partner expansion of warehouse space from 50,000 to 100,000 square feet.Albert Schweitzer. The total wholesale value of healthcare products received for Haiti has facilities were overwhelmed with hundreds of patients, volunteers, You have saved and unsolicited donations. Direct Relief established an in-country eclipsed $50 million. many, many lives warehouse to help work around the logistical bottlenecks that would with your timely have otherwise choked the distribution of aid to those healthcareefforts.” – John R. Walton, providers who needed medicines and supplies as quickly as possible. Hospital Albert Schweitzer The warehouse allows Direct Relief staff on the ground in Haiti Our Top 12 Corporate Board Chair to manage our assistance and control the supply chain, taking the Supporters for Haiti in alphabetical order “ axter was B Abbott pleased to work Amgen Foundation Baxter International with Direct BD Relief to provide Covidien critical therapies Eli Lilly Company to the people of FedEx Haiti after the GlaxoSmithKline earthquake. With J ohnson Johnson Direct Reliefs Family of Companies local partner Merck Co., Inc. PG network and Teva Pharmaceuticals Baxters logistical expertise, we ALISON WRIGHT For the full list of generous were able to get companies, see page 7. the much needed product into the $38.5 million in emergency JIM PROSSER medical assistance to 40 region quickly.” healthcare providers in – Donna Namath, Baxter International Senior Manager, Haiti, including Global Community Relations Partners in Health Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital Christian Aid Ministries Haiti Hospital Albert Schweitzer Visitation Hospital Hospital Justinien ALISON WRIGHT Learn about these and the many other groups Direct Relief is working with in Haiti at DirectRelief.org ALISON WRIGHT WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 3
  4. 4. Mobility for the Long Run: prosthetics and rehabilitation Traumatic injuries were widespread following the earthquake—crushed bones, spinal cord injuries, and amputated limbs. Many of these injuries will result in life-long conditions and most will require rehabilitation. Even if the earthquake had not decimated the healthcare infrastructure, it would have been unable to support the immediate and long-term needs of those affected. Building on the success of the prosthetics and orthotics program Direct Relief created in Pakistan following the earthquake of 2005, Direct Relief has committed $2 million to strengthen Haiti’s physical rehabilitation capacity. $2 MILLION TO STRENGTHEN HAITI’S REHABILITATION CAPACITY Partnering with local groups, Direct Relief will leverage long-standing relationships with A Haitian boy international experts to help establish effective and lasting prosthetic and orthotic centers being treated for in Haiti, and see that these local organizations have the resources to train new prosthetists an amputated limb and orthotists so that the new centers are adequately staffed by Haitians. This work will help ALISON WRIGHT at Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital people long after the emergency of the earthquake has given way to the everyday reality of in Port-au-Prince. health care in Haiti. I n the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Mapping Assistance to Haiti Direct Relief collaborated with a wide range of organizations including Google, the Environmental Sciences Research Institute (ESRI), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the U.S. Department of State to help quickly generate a map of Haiti’s health facility infrastructure. In two months of work, the Interagency Haiti Health Facility Mapping group was able to generate a complete geographic database of all Haitian health facilities, enabling an accurate damage assessment, enhanced operational collaboration, and long- term public health planning benefits for Haiti’s Ministry of Health. Direct Relief has also used ArcGIS Server and Adobe Flex to produce an interactive web mapping application showing the location and value of all Direct Relief aid shipments. By linking specific clinical location data from the UN to our own data, we have been able to demonstrate an unprecedented level of transparency in humanitarian disaster response. Direct Relief ’s collaborative mapping work in Haiti will also be featured in upcoming conferences at the Global Health Council and the InterAction Forum. INTERACT WITH THE ASSISTANCE MAP AT DirectRelief.org4 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  5. 5. Direct Relief staff sort emergency medical supplies with Hospital Sacre-Cour CDTI Pharmacist Vincent Nivenson Jr. (center, front). Efficiency, Ingenuity Mark Earthquake Responses in China and Chile Emergency response presents challenges in countries with stringent customs or importation policies. Most recently, Direct Relief faced these challenges in responding to the 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile and the 6.9-magnitude earthquake in China. Thanks to strong collaborations with healthcare providers and medical manufacturers working in these countries, Direct Relief was able to provide needed assistance to people injured in the earthquakes. The Qinghai earthquake damaged tens of thousands of buildings in a mountainous region of China. Following news of the quake, Direct Relief program staff contacted our partners in- country: One HEART COURTESY OF ALERTNET.ORG and the Amitabha REUTERS/ALFRED JIN,ALISON WRIGHT Foundation, which we have supported with aid and cash grants, as well as Mercy Relief, an emergency response The and medical aid organization based in Singapore. Direct International aid groups have received over Relief committed up to $100,000 for earthquake recovery $2 billion in donations for Haiti, yet many efforts, with initial grants issued to support medical smaller Hatian groups still struggle to access mission trips by these three groups to the affected area, Community funding. including Yushu. Direct Relief has committed $500,000 With the Amitabha Foundation, Direct Relief plans for a Community Grant Fund that will give to help rebuild and equip the village clinic and Yushu Grant Fund local Haitian NGOs and community groups Hospital, both at the epicenter of the earthquake. In 2008, access to cash grants up to $25,000. These Direct Relief supplied Amitabha with a full surgical suite grants will ensure that local groups that were to increase access to quality care. With One HEART, operating before the earthquake and have Direct Relief hopes to help rebuild and bring more the most at stake in the country’s recovery advanced maternal and child health care to the affected aren’t overlooked. region, including a birthing center in the local hospital. FOR HAITIAN NGOs AND In Chile, Direct Relief provided $277,000 in FUNDING PRIORITIES medical material assistance and personal COMMUNITY GROUPS, ➔ Healthcare Services care supplies to FEDES, which distributed aid on medical outreach CASH GRANTS UP ➔ Training and Capacity Building trips to coastal TO $25,000 ➔ Infrastructure and Repair villages destroyed in the earthquake. The Chilean army, “ irect Relief is an amazing group D along with the “ n Haiti, Direct Relief has I FEDES Ministry of Health, with tremendous heart. We could delivered more critically set up temporary field hospitals outside damaged needed assistance in less never thank you enough for facilities so patients could receive both emergency and ongoing medical care, and FEDES helped supply time to more groups than how fast you’ve been in helping. them with critically needed medical products. For ever before. The best FEDES and the people of Chile the thousands of people left homeless, personal care products like shampoo and soap were greatly appreciated interests of local groups are very, very thankful.” as they provided a bit of comfort despite the difficult have long been at the – Steven Colon, FEDES Founder and President circumstances. heart of Direct Relief’s Covidien is supporting Direct Relief ’s efforts work, because we know “ ovidien can always count on Direct C in Chile with a direct donation of pharmaceuticals, Relief’s responsiveness, passion, including morphine, through the company’s relationship that the best interest of the with CENABAST Center for Supply (the central supply network of in-country partners, and community are at the heart agency for the National Health Service/Ministry of clear action plans in delivering our of these groups’ work.” Health in Chile). CENABAST is processing the products to those in greatest need.” emergency medical assistance and will handle the – Brett Williams, Direct Relief Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response – Teresa Hacunda, Covidien Director of Civic Affairs in-country distribution. FEDES will likely receive a portion of this aid. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 5
  6. 6. You gave to help people in Haiti. Whether through cash, product, or volunteer support, Direct Relief honors your generous commitment with leverage and efficiency. WE ENSURE 100% OF YOUR DONATION IS USED EXCLUSIVELY FOR EFFORTS THAT BENEFIT A Haitian girl living in a tent city in Place Boyer, PEOPLE IN HAITI. Petionville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. ALISON WRIGHT PULSE Volunteers Deliver Creative Solutions CASH DONORS FOR HAITI Deckers Outdoor Corporation President’s Council ($5,000 + ) JANUARY 12 - APRIL 15, 2010 Elkay Manufacturing Company All Saints-By-The-Sea The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is a new Ambassador of Health ($100,000 + ) First Church of Christ Scientist Episcopal Church Amgen Foundation Carla Hahn Alwan Family Fund initiative from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) allowing its employees the opportunity to address a clear ANDREW FLETCHER Mayo Foundation for Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Hammett Mrs. Sally Anderson Medical Education and Research John and Wauna Mr. David M. Cantor need at a nonprofit organization while developing Mercer Family Foundation Harman Foundation Mr. Jon Coffin their own leadership capabilities and healthcare The Tides Foundation Mr. and Mrs. S. Roger Horchow / Mr. and Mrs. David Compton understanding. The Horchow Family Continental Electrical Consul General ($50,000 + ) Charitable Foundation Construction Company Hospital for Special Surgery Mr. Matthew J. Currie Since 2009, 16 PULSE volunteers have brought their expertise American Jewish World Service BD Hutton Foundation D’Addario Company, Inc. to Direct Relief in areas such as logistics, supply chain manage- California Community Foundation Mr. Jeffrey P. Jacobs Dolphin Capital Foundation ment, marketing, and research and development. The volunteers The California Endowment Mr. Haamid Jaffer Evolucion Innovations Inc. have helped improve Direct Relief capacities—such as cold-chain FedEx The John Akridge Co. First American Title delivery to Haiti—and increase efficiencies, leveraging our ability Mr. L. W. Harman Johnson Johnson Family Insurance Company to serve more people. Mr. and Mrs. Ed H. Schollmaier of Companies Debra P. Geiger and Mrs. Gertrude B. Johnson Eliot Crowley Global Emissary ($25,000 + ) Richard E. Jones Trust Mr. and Mrs. W. Dodd Geiger To learn more about how PULSE is making C. R. Bard Foundation Mr. Albert J. Kaneb Grey Global Group Inc. a significant difference in impoverished The Hexberg Family Foundation Richard Kurkowski The Harrington / McLaughlin communities at home and abroad, visit: Hospira Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lehrer Family Foundation www.DirectRelief.org/SupportUs/CorporateGiving/PulseVolunteerProgram.aspx Island Outreach Foundation Mrs. Nancy Lessner Michael Heino Jewelers for Children Mr. Fredric C. Leutheuser Priscilla Higgins, Ph.D. and Merck Company, Inc. Glenn and Judith Lukos Mr. Roger W. Higgins / Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughn Kellogg School Network Hardware Resale Marion Moore Foundation, Inc. Higgins-Trapnell Family The VCEP Employees Kubra Data Transfer Ltd Mr. Sheldon Stone / Miracle Ticket Fund Foundation thanks to all our donors, including those who contributed $1 - $2,499, Mr. Richard Venne Ms. Natasha Labbe 25,000 donors gave to Direct Relief for Haiti. We extend our heartfelt Stone Family Fund N V International, Inc. Holborn Corporation Mr. Luis Viveros Mr. Miguel Landa Trust Company of the West New Frontiers Natural Foods E. Carmack Holmes M.D. The Wardlaw-Hartridge School Mr. and Mrs. David Lippman Union for Reform Judaism Mr. and Mrs. Jack Norqual and Mrs. Carolyn Holmes The Waterford Mr. Gregory Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Anant Yardi Ms. Suze Orman Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hotchkis Mr. Charles Whitman Mr. Robert Macey Yorba Oil Company, Ltd. Mr. Steven Perley Ms. Geneva Hughes Mrs. Barbara Wood Mrs. Caroline Madara RGH Enterprises Inc. Mr. John Irish Kenneth Yeh Charitable Fund Ms. Melissa K. Mak World Health Envoy ($10,000 + ) SCA Americas Inc. Mr. Aaron D. Kahan Mr. Robert Zeuner Sandra McEntee Aera Energy LLC Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Schow Kibble Prentice Elizabeth Meyer The Allergan Foundation Schultz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Kingston Minister of Health ($2,500 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Nett Ayudar Foundation Ms. Rachael Schultz Mr. Joseph R. Levis Allstar Marketing Group, LLC Mr. Travis Oefelein S. Balolia Family Foundation Mr. Michael Scott Loeks Family Fund Mr. Ahmad Al-Shugairi Mark Palchak who were too numerous to include here by name. Bishop Garcia Diego High School Silicon Valley Community Lompoc Foursquare Church Amit Patel The Pierre New York Mr. Christopher Blair Foundation The Looker Foundation Arla McMillan Miro Pozzi Brown Family Foundation Mr. Dana White Rachel Luke Austrian American Council West Mr. and Mrs. James F. Puliafico Mr. Bob Byers Stanley Zanarotti Mr. and Mrs. John Macfarlane Big Ass Fan Company reddit community Ms. Amy Clawson Mr. Timothy Midgett Jennifer Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Michael Refermat Ms. Laurie Converse Mr. Gerrish Milliken Mr. James L. Brooks Reiter Affiliated Companies LLC CSU, Chico Research Foundation Montecito Bank Trust Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Chern Rexam Beverage Can Italia Srl Murcor Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Childress Ms. Bonnie Rucks NA Sports Community Melanie Cook Santa Barbara Center Foundation, Inc. VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Ms. Devon Geiger Nielsen Mr. Jerry Cu for the Performing Arts, Inc. CVPartners SBA Network Services, Inc. all the wonderful individuals, Northern Star Industries, Inc. Rita D’Alvarez Seaside Gallery schools, organizations, Ms. Victoria G. Pauley Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Daymude Elizabeth Smoler Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pulitzer businesses, and commu- DMSi Software Ms. Louise H. Stewart Jeremy Richmon nity groups that raised RSP Architects, Ltd. Mrs. Phyllis M. Dunn and Mr. Craig H. Mally Mr. John R. Flynn Jr. Ms. Rosalind C. Stubenberg funds on behalf of Direct Schafer Family Foudation Ms. Penelope Foley Ms. Cynthia Sullivan Relief for Haiti. Bake sales, Schleyer Foundation The Gramercy Park Foundation Mr. Jay Sung Single Step Foundation concerts, art sales, dollar Mr. Ricky Gunawan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tella II Mr. Tom Spies Mr. Wassef Haroun Mr. Erich Tengelsen drives, fundraising pages, Dr. and Mrs. Norman Sprague, III / Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Heffron Union Congregational Church and much more helped The Caryll M. and Mr. Gavin S. Herbert, Jr. V.S. Sport, Ltd. support better health for Norman F. Sprague Foundation Mrs. Juliane Heyman Dudley Warner Mrs. Judith Stapelmann people affected by the Innovasystems International LLC Watts Health Foundation Mr. Raymond Tetrick Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Jackson Western Federal Credit Union earthquake. Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Tobey Dr. Johann Jonsson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wolf Uptown Music Collective Mr. Jeff Katke Mr. Bryan Yeck Mr. and Mrs. Dick Zylstra6 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  7. 7. CORPORATIONS, Nationwide Medical/ Surgical, Inc.MANUFACTURERS AND Neutrogena CorporationDISTRIBUTORS PROVIDING New Chapter VitaminsMEDICAL DONATIONS Nipro MedicalFOR HAITI North Safety ProductsJANUARY 12 – APRIL 15, 2010 Omni-Tract Surgical3M Omron Healthcare, Inc.Abbott OrthofixAdvanced Sterilization Products Ortho-McNeil-JanssenAlcon Laboratories, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Allergan, Inc. PGAmerican Apparel Professional DisposablesAnsell Healthcare International, Inc.Basic Medical Perfect World LuggageBaxter International Incorporated Pfizer Consumer HealthcareBD Ranbaxy Inc. Readying for Hurricane Season 2010BE Innovations, Inc Respironics IncorporatedBelmora LLC RF Surgical Systems, Inc. We’re sending out 30 hurricane prep packs to clinicsBiovail Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Roche Diagnostics throughout the Gulf Coast, filled with enough medicineBoehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation Rye Pharmaceuticals LLC Sage Products, Inc. and supplies to treat 100 people for 3-5 days should a Sandel Medical Industries, LLC major storm hit. sanofi-aventis U.S. Sappo Hill Soapworks Stryker Sunstar Americas, Inc.One Haiti donor stood Tarascon Publishing Equipping Safety Net Clinics with Diabetes Suppliesout—partly because they Tecfen Corporation Thanks to a donation by Roche, we’re working withhave a cartoon alien for a Teleflex Medicalmascot. The community at Teva Pharmaceuticals 200 clinics in 31 states to provide free test strips to That’s Thinking, LLCsocial news site reddit.com Trading Places International low-income, uninsured patients with diabetes.chose us as their beneficiary Tri-animfor Haiti relief funds and set VITAS Healthcare Corporationa target of $31,415 (pi times Zee Medical, Inc.10,000). They surpassedthat total in five hours, Preparing Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)and kept going. To date,redditors have contribut- Volunteers with Needed Materialsed 3,764 times for a total We’re expanding our MRC support into Ventura County,of over $182,000. CA and will equip them with custom-designed response Equipping Surgeons, backpacks filled with medicines and supplies.Bristol-Myers SquibbC. R. Bard, Inc. Preventing Infection more at DirectRelief.org/USACalmoseptine, Inc.Carlsbad Technology, Inc. in HaitiCera Products, Inc.Chattem Inc. Recognizing the need for qualityThe Clorox Company sterilization equipment in the after-Codman ShurtleffCovidien math of the Haiti earthquake, DirectDePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. Relief immediately distributed 35Eli Lilly Company sterilizers to hospitals and clinics inEndoSolutions, Inc.Ethicon Endo-Surgery Haiti and the Dominican Republic In MemoriamEthicon, Inc. serving people in need. This wasFirstLine Gloves, Inc. made possible through theFSC Laboratories, Inc. Midmark Corporation and theirGamma Medical sterilizer donation programs.GlaxoSmithKlineGSMS Incorporated Sterilizers provide quality infectionHandpiece Trading Post / control and support outreach ser- Maramar Dental vices, helping thousands of patientsHenry Schein, Inc. get access to surgical care andHoMedicsHospira, Inc. basic medical and dental servicesInstyMeds Corporation / in Haiti and around the world. For RedPharm Drug more information on Midmark’sIntegra LifeSciences Corporation dental sterilizer donation programJ. Jamner Surgical Instruments, Inc.Johnson Johnson and how you can get involved, visit:Johnson Johnson www.MidmarkSterilizers.com. Consumer CompaniesKaiser PermanenteLife Uniform Company Frank N. MagidLifeScan, Inc. 1931-2010MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Midmark hasMarlex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Mason Vitamins, Inc. donated 3,000+ We note with sadness the loss of Frank Magid,Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. sterilizers to Direct International Advisory Board Chairman andMcKesson Medical-SurgicalMcNeil Consumer Specialty Relief in the past longtime supporter whose generosity, kindness, Pharma. decade, supporting and energy will be greatly missed.McNeil Nutritionals, LLCMerck Co., Inc. hospitals and clinicsMerz Pharmaceuticals, LLC in 45 countries.MicroflexMidmark CorporationMiltex, Inc.Mylan Laboratories Inc. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 7
  8. 8. Leave a Legacy A bequest or planned gift to Direct Relief can extend your generosity beyond Direct Relief received legacy gifts from the your lifetime. Your commitment and dedication will help people in the U.S. following individuals over the past year. and around the world affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest live better, Peter M. Dearden Estate healthier lives far into the future. With such a gift, you will be included in the H. Guy Di Stefano Estate Legacy Society, which recognizes those visionary and caring individuals who Barbara Jeanne Lotz Estate have included Direct Relief in their estate plans. Yvonne C. Lucassen Estate Evelyn C. Lund Charitable For more information on planned giving, visit http://www.legacy.vg/directrelief/giving/1.html, Remainder Trust or contact Jill Muchow Rode, CFRE, Director of Development Charles J. and Esther R. Mlynek Trust at jrode@DirectRelief.org or (805) 964-4767. Peter J. Sellon 1997 Charitable Lead Trust Carol Van den Assem Trust NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA BARBARA, CA 27 S. LA PATERA LANE PERMIT #756 SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 TEL: 805.964.4767 TOLL FREE: 800.676.1638 FAX: 805.681.4838 www.DirectRelief.org BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR Dorothy F. Largay, Ph.D. VICE CHAIR Thomas J. Cusack SECRETARY James H. Selbert TREASURER Kenneth J. Coates Frederick Beckett • Jon E. Clark • Patty DeDominic • Ernest H. Drew, Ph.D. Patrick Enthoven • Gary Finefrock • Paul Flynn • Richard Godfrey Bert Green, M.D. • Raye Haskell • Stanley C. Hatch • W. Scott Hedrick Priscilla Higgins, Ph.D. • Ellen K. Johnson • Donald J. Lewis Robert A. McLalan • Rita Moya • John Romo • Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. George Short • Gary R. Tobey • Sherry Villanueva INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD Lawrence R. Glenn • E. Carmack Holmes, M.D. S. Roger Horchow • Stanley S. Hubbard • Jon B. Lovelace Donald E. Petersen • Richard L. Schall • John W. Sweetland PRESIDENT CEO Thomas Tighe HONORARY BOARD PRESIDENT EMERITUS Sylvia Karczag CHAIR EMERITUS Jean Hay DIRECTOR EMERITUS Dorothy Adams LEARN MORE. FACEBOOK facebook.com/directrelief Get Connected with Direct Relief SPREAD THE WORD. INTERACT WITH TWITTER twitter.com/directrelief OTHER SUPPORTERS. YOUTUBE youtube.com/directrelief EVEN RAISE MONEY! SOCIAL VIBE socialvibe.com/directrelief8 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG SPRING 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST