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2009 Spring Newsletter

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2009 Spring Newsletter

  2. 2. DANIEL ROTHENBERG PHOTOASIA.ORG, DAN SMITH, JODIE WILLARD, BRETT WILLIAMS KRISTIN BROWNCOVER IMAGES: KRISTIN BROWN, LOS ANGELES FREE CLINIC, LINDSY POLLACZEK, TOP 5 HEALTH INITIATIVES DIRECT RELIEF’S Supporting Mothers Worldwide Why we moms. Aside from the obvious—no one would exist without someone having become a mom—mothers are the cornerstones of families, communities, economies, and societies worldwide. That’s why it’s staggering that the World Health Organization estimates that a woman dies each minute from complications during pregnancy and childbirth—more than 500,000 each year worldwide. Pregnancy is often a time of joy and trepidation, but in developing countries, pregnancy is a life-threatening condition, as pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death among women of reproductive age. Many of the risks for pregnant women and children in developing countries are related to general conditions of poverty, nutrition, and severely limited health resources and access that affect everyone. Direct Relief’s core activities have long been aimed at expanding the quality, us fe p ry Help regnancy availability, and access to health services for all people. But a principal focus of this effort is on re sa e a ensu & deliv d create maternal and child health and, more specifically, interventions that directly address the specific e an our mom nlin or y ate o f threats to women during pregnancy through childbirth. Don ute page 7-8 Np trib R EO G MO .OR CTR ELIEF As Mother’s Day arrives, here are the five high-impact initiatives Direct Relief is pursuing to DIRE support mothers worldwide. 2 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  3. 3. TOP 5 Health Initiatives Supporting Mothers Worldwide EXPANDING ACCESS TO CARE When women have adequate access to care, their chance of having a healthy pregnancy and delivery goes up exponentially. The World Health Organization reports that a woman’s lifetime risk of dying from complications in childbirth or pregnancy is about 1 in 7 in Niger and 1 in 48,000 in Ireland. Many factors limit women’s access to care. Scarcity of resources—human, financial, technological, and medical material—and limited access to education and physical proximity to care are among the many challenges. For 60 years, Direct Relief has worked to infuse essential medical resources into in-country systems so more people can receive better quality care. In recent years, these efforts have focused more intensely on ---------- expanding and enhancing health services for women and children, including prenatal care, safe delivery, care for low-birthweight babies, and access to basic medicines and supplies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- ---- In sub-Saharan Africa, only 40% of women are attended by a health professional during childbirth. In building DANIEL ROTHENBERG, PHOTOASIA.ORG access for essential care, Direct Relief has financed and equipped 4 surgical theaters costing up to $50,000 each in Malawi, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe to enable safe C-section deliveries (which reduce the risk of HIV transmission in childbirth) and other surgeries. -------- ------------------ In 2005, Direct Relief formed a strategic partnership with MARIE STOPES INTERNATIONAL (MSI), a leading reproductive health service nonprofit organization with facilities serving five million people around the world. Direct Relief now supplies MSI clinics and outreach programs in 15 countries, assisting women and children in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Financial support from individuals and organizations has joined with support from corporate partners seeking to improve the health and lives of women and children. THE BRETT WILLIAMS ABBOTT FUND and Direct Relief ’s partnership to support the ANGKOR HOSPITAL ---- FOR CHILDREN in Cambodia, where 45 percent of children are malnourished, provides nutritional products essential for patients and also to establish an on-site garden and ----- demonstration kitchen where families learn to grow, prepare, and eat nutritious foods to avoid preventable malnutrition. The company also has provided major support through Direct Relief for the AFGHAN INSTITUTE OF LEARNING, a dynamic, women-run ---- organization which provides education and care for women and children at its four clinics throughout Afghanistan. ---------------------------------------- ----- Ghana, BD has joined with Direct Relief and committed financial support, In ---------------------------------------- laboratory and other medical equipment and supplies, and technical assistance and training by employee volunteer teams. The collaboration has boosted the capacity and quality of services provided by the MARANATHA HEALTH SERVICES, a 30-bed facility in Kumasi, Ghana, serving 300 patients a month. The clinic offers prenatal exams, nutritional counseling for pregnant women, labor and delivery services, post-natal RANDY OLSEN, COURTESY OF BD care, and treatment of common illnesses affecting children. The clinic also emphasizes preventive health and health education, including child-care classes for new mothers. Since 2004, Direct Relief has provided Maranatha Maternity Clinic with more than $800,000 (wholesale) in medical material aid. Sometimes small interventions make a big difference. Prenatal vitamins—which cost $13 for one year’s supply—help prevent gestational hypertension and eclampsia (caused by a lack of calcium and magnesium) and severe iron-deficiency anemia, which kills 100,000 women each year. Direct Relief provides these basic items to partner organizations and is seeking new partnerships with vitamin manufacturers to expand availability of these low-cost, high-impact supplements. More than 130 of Direct Relief ’s international partners provide a broad range of preventive and curative services for women. We hope to support them all more expansively in the years to come. --------------------------------------------------------------------- WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 3
  4. 4. TOP 5 Health Initiatives Supporting Mothers Worldwide SAFE DELIVERY MIDWIFE TRAINING & KITS Pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death and disability among women in developing countries. Having a skilled attendant present during delivery is considered the single most critical intervention for ensuring safe motherhood. Direct Relief is deeply committed to reducing maternal and infant mortality. It supports facilities and organizations that train midwives so that more women have access to prenatal and obstetric care, and more babies are properly cared for during their critical first hours and days. It also helps equip birth attendants with necessary supplies to make use of their life-saving skills. --------------- Midwife Training ------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- ------ Direct Relief supports midwife training programs in 12 countries, including Afghanistan and India. Afghanistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, but the AFGHAN INSTITUTE OF LEARNING (AIL) is working to reverse that statistic. Founded by Sakena Yacoobi in 1995, AIL provides healthcare services, preschool through university-level education, and training to women and girls at four sites in Afghanistan. With support from the Abbott Fund and Direct Relief, AIL has operated a successful - nurse-midwife training course since 2005. To date, 46 women have completed their training, with most now employed in clinics and hospitals. An additional 25 women are currently enrolled and will graduate in August 2009, with a second group of 25 students expected to graduate in 2010. Trainees study a comprehensive curriculum of medical subjects during the 18-month WILLIAM VAZQUEZ program and after graduation are able to treat an estimated 11,000 patients a year. Because it is culturally preferred that Afghan women receive health care from a female provider, highly skilled nurse-midwives represent greater access to care and are highly sought after. The Abbott Fund has funded nurse-midwife training programs since 2005; together, Equipped and Ready Direct Relief and the Abbott Fund have provided AIL with more than $7 million in cash grants and medical material assistance. Training and equipping midwives saves lives and significantly increases and In Maharashtra State, India, PRASAD CHIKITSA provides medical care to a largely improves the chance for safe delivery. Based on input from partners in the field, tribal population marginalized by caste and poverty. Midwifery skills traditionally Direct Relief created medical kits to equip midwives. The kits come in two have been passed down through generations, with a midwife, or dai, learning from her versions: one for traditional birth attendants (TBAs) working at the village level grandmother and mother. With Direct Relief ’s support, PRASAD Chikitsa is providing and another for graduates of formal midwife training programs, or skilled birth a two-year training program for dais to improve and expand their skill base. Thanks to attendants (SBAs). funding from the Abbott Fund, 40 women are receiving training through the program. ----- The TBA kits are targeted to areas where more than 70 percent of ----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --- deliveries occur at home and where providers have completed basic birth- attendant training programs. The program started in 2006, and, with support ---- In Afghanistan, where only 14% of births are attended from the STEINMETZ FOUNDATION, 694 TBA kits have been provided to by a skilled healthcare worker and the literacy rate is midwives in Sumba, Indonesia, and 13 other countries. just 13% for women, Direct Relief and the Abbott Fund --- ---- SBA kits contain the same contents as TBA kits but include higher-level have teamed up for 5 years to support the critical ------------------------- equipment such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and instruments appropriate for either births at home or in a health or maternity center. work of the Afghan Institute of Learning in training MILTEX, INC., a division of Integra LifeSciences Corporation, provided critical midwives and educating women and children. elements to complete the kits. A total of 30 SBA kits were produced and sent to partners in 2008. Kits targeted to partners’ needs have helped increase capacity SUMBA FOUNDATION for safe delivery in several regions around the world: AFRICA – Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda ASIA – Afghanistan, China (Tibet), India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN – El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras PACIFIC – Fiji ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The $50 kit is designed to handle 100 ----------- deliveries, with equipment that is sterilized after each use and supplies that can be restocked by Direct Relief. 4 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  5. 5. SHALEECE HAAS ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECT RELIEF ADDRESSING ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMPLICATIONS EMERGENCY OBSTETRIC CARE In about 15 percent of deliveries worldwide, an unpredictable complication occurs. That’s when emergency obstetric care RESTORING HEALTH & HOPE (EMOC), such as a cesarean section, becomes necessary. But for women in developing countries, access to EMOC is very limited, and without access, a woman who experiences complications during delivery will likely suffer debilitating OBSTETRIC FISTULA injuries like obstetric fistula or even death. The disability or PREVENTION & CARE loss of a mother reduces the survival rates of her other children Every year, more than half a million women die and affects not just her family but the community at large. because of largely preventable complications of In partnership with African Medical Research and pregnancy and childbirth. This tragedy is most Education Foundation (AMREF), Direct Relief has started significant in the poorest countries where the risk of death is many hundred times a pilot program in Uganda to fight maternal mortality by greater than it is in the developed world. For every woman who dies in labor, many equipping health facilities and providers so they can offer more will suffer serious injury if proper obstetrics care is not available in time. quality EMOC services. Obstetric fistula is most commonly caused by a prolonged labor that obstructs the PRINCESS DIANA HEALTH CENTER is one of several health birth canal and renders the woman incontinent. Because of the obstruction, obstetric facilities in Uganda’s large district of Soroti—population 1.6 million. fistula almost always results in stillbirth. Worldwide, more than 2 million women are --- Princess Diana, a primary health center for residents of Soroti town, is living with obstetric fistula, 80 percent of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa. An estimated the EMOC center for the district and a referral center for surrounding 50,000 new cases are reported each year, though the number is likely much higher. areas. High-risk patients are sent to Princess Diana in advance of delivery so they can receive surgical intervention immediately if an Obstetric fistula is preventable. When women have access to quality emergency emergency arises during labor. Nearby, SOROTI DISTRICT HOSPITAL obstetric care, the incidence of maternal death and disability drops significantly. handles all surgical referrals, from road accidents to C-sections. Several Obstetric fistula repair surgery is a relatively simple one, and the success rate of repair hundred EMOC interventions are performed there each month, but on the first attempt can be as high as 90 percent. Direct Relief supports several obstetric women must travel long distances and wait for long periods before fistula repair and prevention programs in Africa, from Ethiopia to Liberia. TOP 5 Health Initiatives Supporting Mothers Worldwide surgery. Delayed EMOC is often fatal -------------------------------------- -- for unborn babies and their mothers. BRETT WILLIAMS In Ethiopia, Direct Relief provides support to the ADDIS LINDSEY POLLACZEK EMOC is part of a care ABABA FISTULA HOSPITAL, the only medical center in the-------------------------------- continuum. Adequate prenatal care supporting the mother and her world dedicated exclusively to fistula repair. The hospital is the model institution for obstetric fistula repair and training ---- unborn baby is paired with careful monitoring before and throughout delivery. At minimum, a midwife is in Africa. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital provides free ------------------------------- ------------------------ present during delivery. Proper training enables a midwife to provide repair services for approximately 2,200 women every year and interventions when complications arise, or to know when to refer a long-term care for 35 women whose obstetric fistula cannot be --------- repaired. -- woman on to an EMOC facility. AMREF trains midwives and clinical officers, and Direct Relief sees that these health professionals have the In Somaliland, EDNA ADAN MATERNITY AND TEACHING tools they need to support such critical decision making. HOSPITAL is the region’s main referral center for obstetric emergencies. The traditional practice As part of the pilot program, AMREF is improving training and of female genital mutilation, common in Somaliland, can lead to complications in childbirth capacity at all facilities in Soroti district to ensure adequate local maternity and increase the likelihood of maternal injury or death. Edna Adan Maternity and Teaching services. Direct Relief supports AMREF by supplying materials, Hospital places a high priority on training nurses, midwives, and community health workers to > continued on next page pharmaceuticals, and equipment. A large consignment of supplies and equipment—including an anesthetic machine, oxygen concentrators, and ------ an ultrasound machine—will enable the trained staff at Princess Diana to ---------- Since inception in 1974, the Addis Ababa Fistula inaugurate EMOC service in the new health center. Direct Relief has also Hospital has treated 30,000 Ethiopian women donated nine motorcycles and several computers to AMREF in Soroti to for fistula repair. assist in service delivery and evaluation of the project. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 5
  6. 6. CRAIG BENDERTOP 5 Health Initiatives Supporting Mothers Worldwide RESTORING HEALTH & HOPE CRAIG BENDER ------ OBSTETRIC FISTULA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . nt PREVENTION & CARE co LINDSEY POLLACZEK ----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Prevention of Mother to Child > continued from previous page prevent maternal death and disabilities like obstetric fistula. Transmission To promote quality obstetric surgery in Somaliland, Direct Relief has helped equip the hospital’s operating room with all the components required for a fully functional surgical of HIV theater. ---------------------------- Every 48 seconds, a child is infected with HIV, the virus that -- The JFK MEDICAL CENTRE in Monrovia, Liberia, has causes AIDS. This is a profound human tragedy, the primary a ward and operating theater dedicated to fistula repair. cause of which is preventable. Without medical intervention, the The center’s multifaceted program focuses on prevention, repair, and rehabilitation/reintegration for fistula patients. chance that a mother will pass along the virus to her child during birth is as high The project was launched in 2007, and in the first year and a as 30 percent, but with proper testing and therapy, this chance can be nearly half, more than 330 women received fistula repair surgeries.--- eliminated. -------------- Nurses and midwives have been trained to provide quality In 2007, Direct Relief began distributing free, HIV rapid test kits. Sixty-nine emergency obstetric care, including safe delivery, and doctors have been trained in management of common obstetric developing countries are eligible for the program, including all countries in Africa, emergency techniques, including cesarean section. where the burden of HIV is heaviest. Direct Relief is working to eliminate the barriers to the testing of pregnant women for HIV in countries where mothers and --------------------------------------- their children face the greatest threat. ----------- ------------------- -------------------------------- ---- -------------- The Abbott-donated Determine® test is quick—results take 15 minutes—and requires no CRAIG BENDER electricity or water, making it ideal for areas that may lack steady access to either resource. If a pregnant woman tests positive for HIV, the healthcare provider can take the necessary steps to -- help prevent the baby from being infected with the virus. ------------------------------------ h watJcK Medwicoaml en m F Between 2002 and 2008, Abbott donated more than 11.2 million rapid HIV tests to prevention programs throughout the developing world. Through 2007, over 7.7 million pregnant -- o fro t thevide and mee has been ic women have been tested and 855,000 of those women tested positive for HIV. Two million tre lt h tetrCen hose hea ugh obs spouses and children of the pregnant women tested were also screened. w hro pair. red t re s/ In many developing countries, Direct Relief works closely with ministries of health and resto fistula rfocu rg/ou la.aspx other major healthcare networks running prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) --- lief.o cfistu ---------------- ctRe i programs to distribute the test kits. The RWANDAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH, one of the first to Dire /obstetr m ch subscribe to the program, has already tested 750,000 pregnant women. In Kenya, where UNAIDS estimates 8.3 percent of adult females are HIV positive and 117,000 children under the age of 14 are infected, Direct Relief partner ELIZABETH GLASER PEDIATRIC AIDS FOUNDATION has lear more abo n tested 117,000 expectant mothers, 8,600 of whom were HIV-positive. ut mothe rs -------------------------------------------------- and child ------ ren living healthier lives at --- This program, along with Direct Relief’s antiretroviral therapy D I R E CT R ELIEF.O drug program which began last year, represents a huge leap RG forward in helping local health providers identify and combat HIV across the globe. 6 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  7. 7. ... USA YOURMaternal SUPPORT ...AND Child Health AT HOME HELPS PROVIDE A RANGE OF ITEMS CRITICAL TO THE HEALTH OF MOTHERS AND BABIES AROUND THE WORLD. FOR EXAMPLE… $25 According to August 2008 U.S. Census data, nearly 46 million Americans A one-year supply of prenatal supplements lack health insurance. The uninsured have few options to receive quality, for two women affordable health care. Nonprofit clinics and community health centers bridge this gap by providing a broad range of healthcare services for $50 millions of people. Direct Relief USA supports more than 1,200 of these A basic midwife kit for a Traditional valuable clinic resources for the medically underserved in all 50 states. Birth Attendant to serve at 100 births Direct Relief USA has provided nonprofit clinics across the country with $250 more than six million prescriptions, plus other medicines and supplies One supplemental midwife kit for a valued at $150 million (wholesale), and $5 million in cash grants. While Skilled Birth AttendantTOP 5 HEALTH INITIATIVES these providers often cover a comprehensive set of primary care services,DIRECT RELIEF’S a key focus of care is maternal and child health. $300 Obstetric fistula surgery for ST. CHARLES COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER (SCCHC) in Kenner and Luling, one woman Louisiana, has provided quality, accessible primary healthcare services to theSupporting Mothers uninsured and underinsured since 2002. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina $6,000 and Rita, SCCHC provided urgent medical care to more than 20,000 evacuees. In An obstetric ultrasound machine, addition to supplying emergency and ongoing medical material support, Direct including printer and extra paperWorldwide Relief provided a cash grant of $75,000 to help the center initiate a Maternal and Child Health Services program in 2007. Prenatal care for the uninsured and Funding for the Afghan Institute of KATIE LEWIS $20,000 underinsured population in the greater New Orleans area has become extremely difficult Learning’s new Maladon clinic in Afghanistan for a year to access due to the post-Katrina reduction exist without someone having become a Why we moms. Aside from the obvious—no one would in capacity and closings of previously mom—mothers are the cornerstones of Latino women are available providers. families, communities, economies, and societies worldwide. That’s 100% OF why it’s staggering that the particular Health Organization estimates that a woman dies each minute from in World need of care, as many are ---------------------------------------- ineligible for government-sponsored health complications during pregnancy and have difficulty accessing care 500,000 each year worldwide. Pregnancy is programs, and childbirth—more than due to language and cultural barriers. often a time of joy and trepidation, but in developing countries, pregnancy is a life-threatening condition, To address this need, SCCHC has as pregnancy and childbirth are thethe Centering Pregnancy CONTRIBUTIONS implemented second leading cause of death among women of reproductive age. Program at the Kenner facility, which has strengthened the provision of maternal ARE DEVOTED Many of the risks for pregnant women and children in developing countries are related to general and child health services in the New Orleans area. Today, women can rely on SCCHC for complete obstetric andnutrition, care, including family planning TO OUR PROGRAMS. conditions of poverty, gynecologic and severely limited health resources and access that affect everyone. services. Nutrition counseling, pap smears, breast exams, and prenatal and Direct Relief ’s core activities have long been aimed at expanding the quality, availability, (non-program) to postnatal care, including treatment for postpartum depression, are all provided by All overhead and access expenses are covered by health services for all people. But a principal focus of this effort is on maternal and child health and, more SCCHC. Pediatric care—vision and hearing tests, allergy and asthma treatment, a generous bequest. dental services, sick-child visits, routine check-ups, and immunizations—is available specifically, interventions that directly address the specific threats to women during pregnancy through at little to no cost. I N M EMORIAM childbirth. Maria Rivas was one of the first patients to go through St. Charles Community Gordon Allen Health Center’s Pregnancy Program. She and her daughter turn to SCCHC for 1924-2009 As Mothers Day arrives, here are the five high-impact initiatives Direct Relief is pursuing to support ------ their primary care, and Rivas advocates on behalf of SCCHC among the area’s We note with sadness the loss of Gordon Allen, former Direct Relief mothers worldwide. growing Hispanic community. director and longtime supporter whose generosity, kindness, and --------------------------- energy will be greatly missed. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST 7
  8. 8. MAY IS FOR MOMS! THIS MOTHER’S DAY, honor the moms in your life with a personal tribute page. You’ll support Direct Relief’s programs that help women around the world have safer pregnancies and deliveries––and help children thrive. Find out more at JAY FARBMAN For a suggested $25 donation, Direct Relief will send a beautiful card to A WOMAN YOU WANT TO HONOR THIS MOTHER’S DAY. Call (805) 964-4767 or visit DIRECTRELIEF.ORG NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA BARBARA, CA PERMIT #756 27 S. LA PATERA LANE SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 TEL: 805.964.4767 TOLL FREE: 800.676.1638 FAX: 805.681.4838 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN Stanley C. Hatch VICE CHAIRMAN Dorothy F. Largay, Ph.D. SECRETARY Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. TREASURER James A. Shattuck Bruce N. Anticouni • Frederick Beckett • Frederick P. Burrows • Jon E. Clark Kenneth J. Coates • Thomas J. Cusack • Killick Datta • Ernest H. Drew, Ph.D. Gary Finefrock • Richard Godfrey • Bert Green, M.D. • Raye Haskell Priscilla Higgins, Ph.D. • Brett Hodges • Tara Holbrook Ellen K. Johnson • Donald J. Lewis • Alixe G. Mattingly Robert C. Nakasone • Natalie Orfalea • Carmen Elena Palomo • John Romo James H. Selbert • Ashley Parker Snider • Richard Steckel, M.D. Gary R. Tobey • Paul H. Turpin • Sherry Villanueva INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD CHAIRMAN Frank N. Magid Lawrence R. Glenn • E. Carmack Holmes, M.D. S. Roger Horchow • Stanley S. Hubbard • Jon B. Lovelace Hon. John D. Macomber • Donald E. Petersen • Richard L. Schall John W. Sweetland PRESIDENT & CEO Thomas Tighe HONORARY BOARD PRESIDENT EMERITUS Sylvia Karczag CHAIR EMERITUS Jean Hay DIRECTOR EMERITUS Dorothy Adams8 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2009 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST