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2008 Spring Newsletter


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2008 Spring Newsletter

  1. 1. PAGE AND 6 GEPA 7 PAGE 2 60 tin g Celebra PAGE 4 RS Y E LAE F . O R G E I CTR DIRE PAGE 5
  2. 2. A mother carries Dr. Hezron Mc’Obewa and Joshua Odongo Oron, clinical officers, Hear Dr. Hezro n her baby inside outside the OGRA Foundation Clinic in Kisumu, Kenya. speak ab Mc’Obewa Foundati out the OGRA a temporary on’s work Direct R in shelter as people elief ’s Sh Kenya at WatchMc’Obewa Meeting areholde displaced by post- on May 1 th rs’ FLIP T 5 . election violence O THE B ACK PAG Hezron video of Dr. irect Relief and E… leave Nairobi. D describing artnership a t RA Fou ndation’s p OG G/PRESS CENTER/ DIRECT RELIEF.OR / IA/VIDEO MULTIMED WA. AS P X NMCOBE DRHEZRO PHOTO: LORI WILLIS “DIRECT RELIEF’S CONTRIBUTION, AND THE FACT THAT OGRA WAS THE FIRST MEDICAL TEAM ON SITE FOR A FULL WEEK RUNNING AND FINANCING THE EMERGENCY EFFORT, HAS BEEN HIGHLY APPRECIATED NOT JUST BY LOCAL RED CROSS BUT ALSO GOVERNMENT AND OTHER NGO OFFICIALS WITH WHOM WE HAVE BEEN WORKING. OUR LEADERSHIP AND FAST RESPONSEPHOTO: REUTERS/ ZOHRA BENSEMRA (KENYA), COURTESY OF WWW.ALERTNET.ORG SAVED A LOT OF LIVES.” KENYA – Hezron Mc’Obewa, M.D., OGRA Foundation Director PHOTO: REUTERS/ MIKE HUTCHINGS (KENYA), COURTESY OF WWW.ALERTNET.ORG A Doctor’s Resolve Amid Political Turmoil People displaced T during post- election violence he widespread civil strife that broke out in the aftermath of Kenya’s December 27, 2007 presidential election was in a temporary shelter in Burnt unexpected and violent. Protests sparked by disputed election results and allegations of vote-counting inpropriety gave Forest, Kenya. way to outbreaks of violence along political and then tribal lines. Exact numbers have been hard to calculate, but the Kenyan Red Cross estimates that more than 1,000 Educated in England, Dr. Mc’Obewa helped start OGRA Foundation as a community-based motion airfreight shipments of additional supplies, and pledged to provide over 136,000 courses Dr. Mc’Obewa maintained regular contact, often via text messaging, the only available means. In a Before fleeing, they sent a distress signal to OGRA, who arrived in time to take them 14 miles away to SINCE 1988 people were killed, and UN officials estimate that organization to provide health care and promote of antiretroviral medicine for patients with HIV chilling entry from mid-January, he described a safety and later to an evening flight out of Kisumu. Direct Relief has provided over 500,000 people were displaced throughout the socio-economic and cultural development. Because whose treatment was disrupted by the fighting. team of OGRA staff going door-to-door, looking for country. Political reconciliation began in the form of of OGRA’s strong community reputation, Dr. injured people who were unable or afraid to come OGRA has handed over the day-to-day running of $13.1 million (wholesale) in a new coalition government agreed to on February Mc’Obewa was appointed as the head of medical As the scope of the violence grew, so did Direct outside and seek treatment. “It is through this that health camps and clinics to the Kenyan Ministry 28, the details of which are still being negotiated. outreach for the Kisumu area’s ad-hoc humanitarian Relief ’s assistance. On top of the airfreighted we are encountering some people with, literally, of Health, but Dr. Mc’Obewa and his staff are still medical material assistance to aid committee, coordinating between aid agencies, provisions, Direct Relief contributed $100,000 rotting limbs – how some haven’t died, only God looking for ways to improve community cohesion Kenya. To date, the OGRA Foundation To listen to Dr. Hezron Mc’Obewa, director of the governments, and international bodies. in emergency funds to help transport fleeing knows,” he wrote. and provide assistance to the displaced. Direct Kenya-based OGRA Foundation and a Direct Relief displaced families, to provide essential medicines Relief will be there to help them. has received over $1.3 million regional medical adviser, is to discover hope for the people of Kenya. Despite being engulfed in the eye of Despite communication issues that arose from the instability created by the violence, Dr. Mc’Obewa and drugs, for monetary support of surgeons, doctors and nurses, as well as for fuel costs and OGRA and Dr. Mc’Obewa’s assistance went beyond medical. On the morning of December 31, of that aid, in addition to the violence and having his personal office burned to was able to contact Direct Relief the day violence other contingencies. about 300 youth armed with machetes, protesting $113,000 in cash assistance. the ground, Dr. Mc’Obewa pressed on to aid people broke out. Direct Relief immediately wired $10,000 the presidential results, attacked Grace and Habel from all tribal groups caught in this crossfire. to purchase needed medicines and fuel, set in Throughout the two months of intense conflict, Odongo at the guest houses they run in Kisumu. D IRECT R ELIEF . ORG2 DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2008 DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2008 3
  3. 3. BEYOND the CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES Direct Relief, along with clinics nationwide, is using the response to last year’s blazes When Damon Taugher, Direct Relief ’s to strengthen emergency preparedness The first was to discuss Direct Relief ’s shelter and a staging point for various Those partnerships also enabled rapid VIVIR con DIABETES Director of Domestic Initiatives, response to the wildfires that burned emergency services during the wildfires – financial assistance ($565,000 thus far) delivered a presentation to the National throughout California in late 2007. he covered the benefits of partnerships to help clinics quickly recoup significant Association of Community Health Along with colleagues from the California that helped Direct Relief deliver financial losses as they suffered from Centers’ (NACHC) annual Policy & Primary Care Association and Mountain medicine, medical supplies, and financial fire damage, increased patient loads, Issues Forum in Washington, D.C. this past March, he had two purposes. Health and Community Services in San Diego County – a clinic that became a assistance to clinics and shelters during the weeks-long evacuation period. site closures, and lost revenue. “THESE CLINICS AND HEALTH en Bolivia CENTERS ARE REFERRED TO AS THE ‘SAFETY-NET’ FOR VERY GOOD REASONS – CVCD staff test a THEY PROVIDE ESSENTIAL Quechuan woman HEALTHCARE REGARDLESS Nineteen million people are for diabetes with PHOTO: DR. ELIZABETH DUARTE GOMEZ Abbott-donated OF INCOME STATUS FOR estimated to have diabetes in products during PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY, one of CVCD’s AND WE ARE PLEASED TO Latin America and the Caribbean– outreach and HAVE DEVELOPED A STRONG according to the International detection campaigns to the CAPACITY TO ASSIST THEIR Diabetes Foundation – province of Cliza, VITAL WORK.” Bolivia. Educational – Thomas Tighe, Direct Relief AND THAT NUMBER IS talks and medical literature about EXPECTED TO DOUBLE TO International President & CEO diabetes are also provided to visited But Taugher wasn’t there just to talk 40 MILLION BY communities. 2025. about past performance. As he sees it, the same principles and systems used to connect Direct Relief and other groups to the Golden State’s network of NACHC members could also be used to create a template for regionally- appropriate emergency preparedness As daunting as these statistics are, the day-to-day strive for early detection and diagnosis, and its main diagnosed learned from the outset how to properlyPHOTO: MARGARET MOLLOY and response nationwide. realities of living with diabetes in an area without clinic provides complimentary treatment for those manage their diabetes, and by living healthier lives, adequate care are far worse. Fortunately, the many who have developed related visual, neural, and they will impact less an already financially strapped “Creating strong relationships prior health complications related to diabetes can be mini- circulatory problems. public health system. to disasters is crucial for efficient mized or eliminated Dr. Feli Hear coordination in post-disaster entirely through early detection and changes In addition screenings, CVCD to “THE HAPPINESS CALIFORNIA Commun x Nuñez from the situations,” said Taugher. “These WE FEEL AT BEING ABLE TO GIVE TO THOSE IN NEED, has ity in daily lifestyle. distributed Los Ange Clinic Associatio partnerships allow for critical resources how low-i les Coun n ty speak abo n of to reach people most often at risk.” WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT WHAT IT COSTS, IS INDESCRIBABLE. printed materials care – Dir come patients re ut WILDFIRE SUPPORT RECAP ect Relie Meeting, f ’s Share ceive holders’ Dr. Elizabeth Duarte Gomez confronted DIRECT RELIEF AND ABBOTT PROVIDE US WITH MATERIALS FOR QUALITY explaining diabetes management, con- FLIP TO May 15 th . Partnering with NACHC gives Direct MEDICAL CARE, AND THUS ALLOW OUR DREAMS TO COME TRUE.” THE FIRES… THE BAC K PAGE… Relief access to the largest association the crisis in Bolivia – ducted group and Caused 10 deaths of nonprofit health centers in the where 4.8% of the – Elizabeth Duarte Gomez, M.D., El Centro Vivir Con Diabetes Founder and Director individual disease Burned 516,000 acres United States. Between its 7,000 health population is diabetic education using Displaced more than 880,000 So. Cal. residents centers and clinics, NACHC members (IDF, 2003) – when Abbott-contributed Galvanized the generosity of many individuals, groups, provide services to roughly 16 million she founded the nonprofit El Centro Vivir Con Direct Relief has supported CVCD since its inception glucose meters and strips, and trained 604 health foundations, and corporate donors, giving $740,000 to patients a year, approximately 41 Diabetes (CVCD). Dr. Duarte, an endocrinologist with primary care medicines and medical supplies professionals (doctors, nurses, and pharmacists) on buoy Direct Relief’s medical response percent of whom are uninsured. trained in Spain, placed the organization at ground that aid the treatment of diabetes-related conditions. the latest diabetes detection and treatment methods. zero of the disease, in the city of Cochabamba, where Abbott has come to CVCD’s aid with blood glucose SINCE 2004 SINCE 1982 This broad reach, especially among CVCD estimates 9.4% of adults are suffering from meters and test strips critical to early detection DIRECT RELIEF RESPONDED WITH… diabetes. and monitoring, allowing for control of the disease uninsured Americans, is also a critical Direct Relief has delivered support to at-risk patients living in the $565,000 in financial support * benefit for the partnership’s other aim: through regular clinic visits and education. The For seven years, the CVCD clinic has been at the company’s philanthropic foundation has also Direct Relief has provided over 71 relief shipments valued at $1.4 million (wholesale) getting medicines and supplies into United States on an ongoing basis the hands of nonprofit health centers forefront of diabetic support in Bolivia, focusing on provided cash grants to bolster the clinic’s outreach $6.8 million (wholesale) in and during times of emergency, Medical provisions including 80,000 masks for and clinics that treat patients without lifestyle education and nutritional counseling along services. totaling over 3,000 shipments residents and emergency personnel healthcare coverage. Working with with providing treatment for the most common medical material assistance to Bolivia. El Centro Vivir Con Diabetes *Cash assistance was San DiegoatCounty thatclinicsfor 800,000 patients of medicine and supplies NACHC, its state-level counterpart diseases that accompany diabetes. By providing With this help, CVCD has gone mobile. Over 13,000 targeted nonprofit caring for low-income valued at $125 million (wholesale), associations, and individual clinics, extensive health education and promoting healthy people have been screened for diabetes in eight of the has benefitted from over patients. 17 clinics in care containing over 6 million annually were granted $515,000 to assist with physical fire damage, mobile Direct Relief has delivered $125 million eating habits, the clinic’s small but dedicated staff nine major Bolivian cities by clinic staff in the last four works against the lifestyle trends that increase the years. Of those screened, CVCD discovered that 7.9% $1.3 million of that aid. prescriptions, and more than clinics, staffing increases, and overtime. $50,000 was provided to the CDF in medicines for working-poor, uninsured incidence of diabetes. The clinic’s outreach services had previously undiagnosed cases of diabetes. Those $5 million in cash assistance. Firefighters Benevolent Fund to support the recovery of injured firefighters. patients nationwide since 2004. D IRECT R ELIEF . ORG 4 DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2008 DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL PAID ADVERTISEMENT SPRING 2008 5