2004 Spring Newsletter


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2004 Spring Newsletter

  1. 1. the bulletin ������� ������� ������ ������ ����� �����DIRECT RELIEF | SPRING 2004Activities:Nov. 1, 2003 – March 15, 2004Over $27 million in medical aidServing more than 4.5 million people Direct Relief “Shareholders” Meet for Annual ReviewIn the following 41 countries: “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart “2003 was our best year ever according to every for all of your help, without which we would not be able indicator – people served, value of assistance shipped,Armenia to serve some of the neediest people in the world. Your fundraising totals. But these numbers alone are notBahamas support is helping real Afghan women and children, and enough. We also want to take this opportunity to showBolivia I am here to thank you for helping rebuild the country, you how we spent this money and increase our level rebuild the people, of Afghanistan.” of transparency.” Mr. Tighe discussed several internalBosnia-Herzegovina changes, such as a changing of the fiscal year, along withCambodia Sakeena Yacoobi, founder of the Afghan Institute attempts to be more transparent externally, by posting of Learning, an Afghan women’s non-governmentalCameroon the organization’s 990 and tax filings online. organization that Direct Relief supports, traveledChina thousands of miles from The panel discussion,Colombia her home country of along with Ms. Yacoobi,Cuba Afghanistan to California Direct Relief’s New Logo Unveiled included Dr. Sylvester to deliver that message. Nsoh of Cameroon,Democratic Republic of Congo Lipson Alport Glass & Associates (LAGA), one of the But she did not come to Elena Palomo of El world’s leading brand and identity consultancies forDominican Republic thank the staff of Direct Salvador, Conrad Fortune 500 companies, developed – at no charge – aEl Salvador Relief. Rather, she came Person of Johnson & new logo for Direct Relief. The new brand mark was to thank in person the Johnson, and EvelynFiji hundreds of private unveiled at Direct Relief’s Shareholders’ Meeting on March 3, 2004. Self of Aventis, Inc. TheGhana individuals and corporate discussion, describedGuatemala donors who make Direct After September 11, Illinois-based LAGA searched for as “heart-breakingGuyana Relief’s support of her an efficient, respected humanitarian organization that and courageous” work possible. could benefit from LAGA’s particular expertise. Direct by one attendingHaiti Relief was fortunate to be chosen for this exclusive pro On March 3, at Fess donor, provided ourHonduras bono project. To create our new logo or “identity”, international partners Parker’s DoubleTreeIndia Resort, more than 200 LAGA, in collaboration with its global branding with an opportunity toIran network, International Design Partnership (IDP), discuss the challenges supporters of Direct donated 18 months of free design work. The creative they face in their ownIraq Relief gathered for its process, which spanned leading design firms in 14 countries and their annual Shareholders’Jamaica countries over four continents, updated our previous efforts to serve their Meeting. The meetingKenya logo to one that more reflected the heart of our work. communities. The included a briefing by We thank the members of IDP and Sam Ciulla, Creative participating corporateLaos Thomas Tighe, Direct Director at LAGA, for their tremendous contribution, donors gave perspectiveLiberia Relief’s President & which we never would have been able to afford. on the challenges that CEO, on last year’sMexico activities and future exist in a commercialNicaragua plans, a panel discussion setting for developing in-Nigeria of Direct Relief’s international and corporate partners, kind donation programs. The rare dialogue between the and remarks from keynote speaker Tom Billitteri, News two groups allowed for positive feedback and presentedPeru Editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. an occasion to converse about improving collaboration.Philippines Mr. Tighe opened the event with an overview of 2003 Beyond these relationships between donor and partner,Romania year-end results and discussion of internal operations. the surrounding world of charitable giving is somethingSierra Leone that Direct Relief and any nonprofit and its supportersSomalia must be sensitive about. Tom Billitteri of The ChronicleSouth Africa of Philanthropy gave a sobering talk regarding the future of philanthropy in the United States.TanzaniaTogo “Our nation should be ready for not only a tremor, photo: Monie Photography but a major earthquake, that will shake the foundationUkraine of charitable organizations in the U.S.,” warned Mr.United States Billitteri. After investigations into September 11 givingWest Bank/Gaza and with new increased Congressional scrutiny, U.S.Zambia nonprofits will be held to a higher level of accountability. Mr. Billitteri praised Direct Relief for its proactiveZimbabwe approach to these changes by its focus on transparency through various means, including events like theHealthy people. Shareholders’ Meeting, but warned donors that such action by nonprofits is “an exception for the sector.” Better world. International and Corporate Partners: (L to R) Sylvester, Yacoobi, Self, Palomo, Person
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors In Focus Direct Relief Ranks in Top 5 inFrom November 1, 2003, throughMarch 15, 2004, Direct Relief Efficiency Among Leading U.S.provided medical aid with a wholesale Charitiesvalue of over $27 million. The vastmajority of these products were Consumers Digest ranked Direct Relief as one ofdonated by American corporations. only five leading U.S. charitable organizations toWe thank our in-kind donors, without receive 99 percent or better efficiency in its 2003whom we would not be able to help The Antioch Company – survey of major U.S. charities. The report, entitledso many people around the world. Our Largest Corporate Partner “Charities: Making Your Donations Count,” provides a “program efficiency ranking” for each organization.Abbott Laboratories The Antioch Company dedicates 10 percent of its The magazine’s analysis reviewed four indicators to giving budget to help developing-country relief efforts determine the ranking: the amount of public supportAlcon Laboratories, Inc. and has generously supported Direct Relief since 2001. a charity receives; the percent of total expenses that isAllergan, Inc. In 2002, with an unprecedented grant of $50,000, program directed; the ratio of fundraising expenses toAmerican Health Products The Antioch Company became the first partner in direct support; and whether the organization claims aAmerican Society for Microbiology our Corporate Partners Campaign and is the largest percentage of their fundraising and program expensesAnsell Healthcare Incorporated to date, having contributed a total of $225,000. The as “joint costs” (an accounting technique that permitsBausch & Lomb Corporate Partners Campaign was established to enable direct mail expenses to be allocated between fundraising Direct Relief to meet the needs of our highest priority and public education). Direct Relief has traditionallyBC Medical Products program partners serving severely impoverished and maintained among the lowest expense ratios forBD isolated communities. Struggling health programs in fundraising and administration of all U.S. charitiesBerchtold Corporation 15 countries, including Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and – less than one percent for each of the past four years.Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Cambodia, have received critically needed medicalDen-Mat Corporation resources (totaling $3 million wholesale value) withEngineered Medical Systems Antioch’s support. As a result, approximately one million people received needed medical treatment thatEthicon, Inc. otherwise would not have been possible. Other 2003Fine Science Tools Inc. Corporate Partners include: Global Brand MarketingFree Wheelchair Mission Inc., Hy Cite Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and Partnership for Quality MedicalGlaxoSmithKline Pfizer Inc. Donations Members’ ContributionsHenry Schein, Inc. Equal U.S. GovernmentJohnson & Johnson New Partnership with The Partnership for Quality Medical DonationsJohnson & Johnson Consumer Global Medical Assistance Provides (PQMD) is a nonprofit membership association ofKendall Healthcare, Tyco Ambulances to Improve Care healthcare companies and nonprofit organizations ofKing Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which Direct Relief is a member. At a press conference Global Medical Assistance (GMA), a non-profitLabEssentials, Inc. following Direct Relief’s Shareholders’ Meeting, initiative of the American Ambulance Association,Lane Instrument Corporation PQMD announced the preliminary results of a survey recently selected Direct Relief as their partner to revealing that its members provided $1.4 billion inLeiner Health Products distribute donated ambulances. These vehicles will medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipmentLombart Instrument make dramatic and direct impacts on our program to humanitarian programs in 2003. The survey wasLW Scientific, Inc. partners, who will use the vehicles both as ambulances conducted by the Center for Pharmaceutical Health to transport patients to otherwise inaccessible hospitalsMcKesson Medical-Surgical Services Research at Temple University. The PQMD and as fully functioning mobile clinics. GMA will solicitMcNeil Consumer & Specialty members’ contributions are significant, especially when and coordinate the donations from U.S. emergency compared to a total of $1.47 billion appropriated forMentor Corporation medical assistance companies. Each unit will be total global health programs from the U.S. governmentMerck & Co., Inc. certified in good condition and either shipped directly in its 2003 Fiscal Year. PQMD is an alliance ofMicroflex to our partner or to Direct Relief’s headquarters in nonprofit humanitarian organizations and medical Santa Barbara for trans-shipment. Direct Relief’sMidmark Corporation product manufacturers dedicated to raising standards partners have met the program with much enthusiasm,Nexxus Products Company for medical product donations globally. For more as historically it has been extremely difficult to secureNorth Safety Products information, please visit: www.pqmd.org. these highly desired vehicles. Our first partner to receiveOmron Healthcare, Inc. an ambulance will be the Ndegbormei DevelopmentOnyx Medical Organization in Sierra Leone. Its director, John Ganda, Wish Granted!Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. recently visited the United States and was able to In the Fall 2003 edition of “the Bulletin,” we listed a inspect the ambulance in Richmond, Virginia. His delivery truck on our “wish list.” We are excited toPfizer Consumer Healthcare words, faxed to Direct Relief the next day, say it all: report that our wish has been generously granted. TheProctor & Gamble “It’s a beauty.” Moccasin Lake Foundation learned of our urgent needReichert Ophthalmic Instruments and generously enabled Direct Relief to purchase a newShaman Botanicals truck through DSU Peterbilt & GMC, Inc. in Medford,Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic Oregon. Our new, larger truck is utilized daily by ourSunrise Medical, Inc. warehouse staff photo: Monie Photography to pick up andTea Tree Therapy deliver contributedTEVA Pharmaceuticals USA pharmaceuticals,The National Pediculosis Assoc., Inc. medical supplies, and photo: JJ TiziouVanguard equipment. ThankVentura Co. Medical Resource you Moccasin LakeVitamin Angel Alliance Foundation!Watson Pharmaceuticals p.s. We need a new Mr. Trace Skeen, Executive Director of GMA, and forklift ($20,000)! Our New 2004 GMC 2 Mr. Tighe signing Memorandum of Understanding. Turbo Deisel Truck
  3. 3. From the Field The Power of Local Leadership: Dr. Adeh Sylvester Nsoh and the Fraternity Medical Center Dr. Sylvester, a Cameroonian double-degreed payments.” The immediate consequence physician who was named a prestigious Gates- was a tripling in the volume of financially Packard Fellow, operates under a simple working excluded persons. philosophy. In his labors as a doctor in a country photo: Kelly Darnell, Program Officer The public healthcare system was failing with dire health needs, he believes that “Local the majority of the population, and a leadership is a necessary pivot for any external consequential rapid shift occurred among intervention.” And it is through the leadership of poor people from public to private health Dr. Sylvester that Direct Relief and its supporters facilities because they could institute have come to help the people of Cameroon. treatment while waiting for money as AIDS has dealt a severe blow to Cameroon and opposed to public health facilities where pre- strained the country’s resource-poor healthcare payment was practiced. system. The disease has orphaned over 200,000 Dr. Sylvester found himself frustrated in the Cameroonian children, according to the World public sector as he was unable to practice Bank. Life expectancy is only 48 years, decades medicine and help those in his community. below the worldwide average. The doctor-to- In his recent visit to Direct Relief for the patient ratio is six to 100,000 people. Shareholders’ Meeting, Dr. Sylvester told Dr. Sylvester hand-picks an infant scale from Dr. Sylvester’s accomplishments offer staff, “My main reason for getting involved Direct Relief warehouse. opportunities outside the enormously challenging and staying in the medical field is to alleviate circumstances in his country. His working suffering by attending to the sick and and CEO Thomas Tighe at the Seattle home philosophy inspired his decision to stay in implementing programs to preserve the health of of Dr. Bert Green, a new Direct Relief Board Cameroon with his wife and three daughters. communities particularly the vulnerable. With the member. Dr. Sylvester was in Seattle in connection new financial crisis, I could no longer help in the with his Gates Foundation Fellowship. Having received his Medical Degree from the public sector alone, and I was motivated to form Following that fortuitous introduction and University of Yaounde in 1987 and his Masters of the Fraternity Medical Center as the first-service subsequent detailed communication, Direct Relief Science in Community Health and Management provision point.” provided the Fraternity Medical Center with from the University of Heidelberg in Germany in 1994, Dr. Sylvester began working in the With the help of two colleague physicians, equipment to upgrade their surgical services, Ministry of Health in Cameroon. In his first few Dr. Sylvester founded the Fraternity Medical including emergency oxygen units, surgical years of practice, the public sector health services Center, a private healthcare facility in the poor instruments, a surgical light, surgical gowns, functioned well and without cost barriers to low- rural community of Ekona in the Buea district of and suture material, as well as hospital beds, income persons. Southwest Cameroon. The district’s population of exam tables, baby scales, sterilizers, antibiotics, farmers and their families confront major health multivitamins and first aid supplies. However, in the late nineties, a severe economic issues, including malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoeal Before the center was built, the women of Buea crisis occurred which led the government to diseases, and obstetric complications. The 30- suffered high rates of maternal mortality, often require that all patients pre-pay for health bed Fraternity Medical Center, staffed by one due to the lack of emergency surgical services. services. People struggling financially were physician, two surgeons, four nurses, and nine Now, women are able to receive obstetric surgical unable to receive health care. To compound the community health workers, treats over 7,000 procedures, such as cesarean sections, and the situation, Cameroon’s currency experienced a patients a year and provides free care to those who maternal mortality rates are going down. severe devaluation, and the salary of healthcare can not afford to pay. Main services include pre officials was cut by two-thirds. Health personnel “Direct Relief International has permitted my and post natal care, delivery services, emergency responded by instituting forced “under-table organization to leverage crucial resources that care, pediatrics, family planning, and other basic primary-care services. have prevented many deaths and improved the quality of life of many people,” says the The Center also conducts an outreach grateful Dr. Sylvester. The resources have been program in remote communities instrumental in the survival of not only the throughout Southwest Cameroon, community of Buea, but also to the doctors and providing immunizations, child nurses who serve them.photo: Courtesy of the Fraternity Medical Clinic wellness exams, baby weighing, and health education on topics such as “Our main goal of the clinic is to convert the healthy pregnancies and HIV/AIDS Fraternity Medical Center into a reference awareness. hospital for the poor and push forward presently stalled or reversing health gains. With the high quality of care available at the Center and little community But my personal future goal is to remain in resources elsewhere, demand for the Cameroon, get more involved in private health clinic services has grown significantly delivery and leverage resources so as to cater for over the past few years. Dr. Sylvester the health of the poor and persons living with and his colleagues at the clinic, HIV/AIDS. While I could leave for the United however, were unable to expand due States or Europe and make more money, this will only work against my career goal of helping those to an overall lack of supplies and in my community and deprive my country as a equipment and the fact that the people whole and my organization in particular of the and the government of Cameroon were human resource much needed to use financial, without funds. material and time resources for the improvement New equipment and tools expand care. Dr. Sylvester and team Last year, Dr. Sylvester met Direct of health. This will only accelerate the decay of perform surgery at the newly expanded clinic. Relief Program Officer Kelly Darnell health indicators.” 3
  4. 4. Program News Haiti: Emergency Response The tenuous political situation in Haiti that had Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted from eroded over several months, reached a breaking office. The political upheaval brought point at the end of February, as violence erupted worldwide attention to the poorest country on the streets of Port-au-Prince and President in the Western Hemisphere and exposed the plight of the people who inhabit the Caribbean island where 80 percent of the population lives in abject poverty, according the World Health Organization. Direct Relief has worked in Haiti for more than ten years and with partner non-profit photo: Genevieve Bitter, Program Officer organization Food for the Poor (FFP) for over four years to assist people in thephoto: Genevieve Bitter, Program Officer country. Throughout the recent rebellion, Direct Relief’s Senior Program Officer Dan Smith remained in close contact with our partners in Haiti. As rioting subsided and relative stability was restored, Dan worked with FFP staff in Port-Au-Prince and several Haitian clinics and hospitals to develop a detailed needs list. He arranged an airlift shipment including desperately needed antibiotics, analgesics, oral re- hydration salts, multi-vitamins, and first-aid surgical supplies. Valued at over $330,000, Pharmacist at Direct Relief-Supported Clinic in Haiti the assistance was airlifted, cleared, and A doctor examines an infant in the Maternity distributed to hospitals and clinics within Ward of Archachon Hospital, Haiti. seven days. New Chief Medical Officer Direct Relief is pleased to announce Bill years, he ran a leading medical practice in Santa Morton-Smith, MD as the organization’s Barbara. During this time, he also founded new Chief Medical Officer. A graduate of the a medical clinic for homeless persons at the University of Southern California’s School of Santa Barbara Rescue Mission and was an Medicine, Dr. Morton-Smith will serve as our active member of the Homeless Coalition. Dr. photo: Monie Photography key focal point for all medical issues, help Morton-Smith most recently served as the Vice- sharpen and shape our international and medical Chairman of the Board of Directors, chaired assistance programs, and serve as a key liaison Direct Relief’s Program Committee, and was with international medical partners and the U.S. instrumental in shaping both the overall strategy healthcare industry. for program activities and keenly involved in our plans to enhance support to low-income clinics Dr. Morton-Smith, who is fluent in Spanish, domestically. began his work with Direct Relief 30 years ago when he partnered with the organization to Direct Relief is fortunate to benefit from Dr. establish a health clinic in Zapopan, Mexico, Morton-Smith’s years of experience in the Dr. Bill Morton-Smith, where he spent two years. For the past 22 medical field. Chief Medical Officer Volunteer Profiles Direct Relief relies upon approximately 400 Both social workers by training (Edythe was and voice for many years. Last summer, Claire, volunteers to perform a wide range of tasks, Joe’s supervisor at the Illinois Emergency Relief along with her parents and 12 other people, from administrative and clerical duties to staffing office during the Great Depression!), they went to took part in the Ride for a Reason fundraising special events and fundraising activities. Our Taiwan under Direct Relief’s auspices for two expedition in support of Direct Relief’s Rio Beni volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, and 18-month tours as volunteer teachers. After a Health Project in Bolivia. She rode her bike each brings unique talents to our organization. hiatus, they returned to Direct Relief, coming at from the high Andes (elevation 16,000 ft) to The following is a profile of three of our least once a week for the past five years. Working the project headquarters in the upper Amazon incredible volunteers. together, they assemble and address most of the rainforest (elevation 500 ft), raising a full year’s individual donor receipts we send and are famous budget for the health work. Since then Claire has At 93 and 96 years old, Joe and Edythe Kirchmaier for their abilities to spot misspelled names and alone raised over $1,500 for the work by baking are distinguished by their long-term commitment addresses. cookies every night and selling them as “Cookies to Direct Relief International. The couple has for a Cause.” She also volunteered recently at been associated with us for nearly thirty years. At age 14, Claire Lauer enthusiastically admits Direct Relief for a full week during a school In 1975, after nine years retirement and touring that she likes challenges, both academically and break, primarily working in the warehouse. Claire the U.S. and Canada in a motor home, Joe and physically. At the top of her 9th grade class at is making a difference in this world and we are Edythe responded to an ad in the paper put out Santa Barbara Middle School, she is also a very very lucky to have her on our team. by Direct Relief for international volunteers. accomplished musician, having studied the guitar 4
  5. 5. Thank You2004 American Riviera Wine Auction:Vintners’ Benefit is Biggest Fundraiser in Direct Relief’s HistoryThe third biennial American Riviera Wine Association Executive Director, Sao Anash. passed awayAuction held February 7, 2004, raised over tragically at age 43 Hosted by Cheryl Ladd, the February evening$300,000, resulting in the single largest and early this year. honored Direct Relief Board Member Morganmost successful fundraiser in Direct Relief’s Clendenen and her husband Jim Clendenen for We would like tohistory. The Santa Barbara County Vintners’ their contributions to the Santa Barbara wine thank the Vintners’Foundation, the charitable arm of the Santa industry and numerous humanitarian endeavors, Association andBarbara Vintners’ Association, sponsored this including Direct Relief. Jim (Au Bon Climat) Foundation, allrecord breaking event, and Ashley Parker-Snider, and Morgan (Cold Heaven) are both award- participating vintners, the Auction Committee,daughter of American icon, Fess Parker, presided winning vintners. Renowned auctioneer Ursula attendees, and volunteers without whomas Auction Chair. Hermacinski directed the bidding, with a dinner we could never have had such a successful“We’re so very proud to be able to hand this arranged by the Clendenens selling for $129,000. fundraising event. The proceeds will providecheck over to Direct Relief, a tremendously The dinner, to be prepared by Wolfgang Puck at millions of dollars worth of medicines andefficacious and accountable organization that Oak Savanna Vineyards, is a tribute to Michael medical supplies to people internationally and indoes so much good for those in need in our own Bonaccorsi. Mr. Bonaccorsi, a much-loved Santa Santa Barbara County.backyard and all over the world,” said Vintners’ Barbara County vintner and master sommelier, Our InvestorsGifts Received from MSST Foundation The Anna Stuurmans Revocable TrustNov. 1, 2003 – March 15, 2004 Nichols Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Sweetland Orfalea Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. TurpinAmbassador of Health - ($100,000 + ) Ms. Nancy Diane Russell Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. WeberAnonymous Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shattuck Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners of AmericaSanta Barbara Vintners’ Foundation Tenet Healthcare Foundation Mr. Joseph Wong Ticor Title Company of California Mr. and Mrs. Robert WoolleyConsul General - ($50,000 + ) Union Pacific Corporation Yardi Systems, Inc.Anticouni & Associates Wood-Claeyssens FoundationThe Antioch Company Ministers of Health - ($2,500 + )Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies President’s Council - ($5,000 + ) AnonymousMr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Stephen AdamsWWW Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth C. Alvord, Jr. The American Society of the Most Venerable Mr. Anderson J. Arnold Order of the Hospital of St. JohnGlobal Emissary - ($25,000 + ) Ayudar Foundation Mrs. Elizabeth P. AtkinsAnonymous Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Begley B & B FoundationMr. and Mrs. John H. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blecker Mr. and Mrs. Arnold BelloweBush Hospital Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. BorisG. Harold & Leila Y. Mathers Foundation Cox Communications Mr. Richard CertoPfizer, Inc. E Funds Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeAngelis Friends of Magic Moments Children, Inc. The Doehring FoundationWorld Health Envoy - ($10,000 + ) God’s Hidden Treasures Fawn AssociatesAnonymous Dr. and Mrs. Melville H. Haskell, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John M. FoleyAmerican Jewish World Service Dr. Karl F. Hens Fox Point LTD.Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William H. Freudenstein, IIIMr. and Mrs. Philip M. Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. George. Holbrook, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen HahnBD Mr. and Mrs. Derk Hunter Mr. and Mrs. David F. HartJohn G. Braun Charitable Annuity Trust Inamed Mr. Linus HoMs. Sharon C. Burgett Mr. and Mrs. Dick Johnson Ms. Karen IversonCatholic Healthcare West Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Johnson Joseph E. & Gina Laun Jannotta FoundationChristian Relief Services The Kingsley Foundation Mr. John JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klavan Dr. and Mrs. John P.J. KellyMr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cusack Mr. Barry Kravitz Mr. Wesley H. KelmanMr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dow Latkin Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John MacomberMs. Dianne Drummond The Lehrer Family Foundation The New York Community TrustMr. and Mrs. Emmette Gatewood Shirley and Seymour Lehrer Organon InternationalMr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Ms. Nancy M. Lessner The Pajadoro Family FoundationGlobal Partners for Development Mr. and Mrs. Frank Magid Mr. and Mrs. J. P. RostonGuyana Medical Relief Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. McCarthy Mr. George E. SchoellkopfMr. and Mrs. S. Roger Horchow Mr. and Mrs. Laurence K. Miller Mrs. Tana Sommer-BelinThe International Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nakasone U.S. Trust Company, N.A.The Ann Jackson Family Foundation Mr. Austin H. Peck, Jr. Westmont CollegeMr. and Mrs. Larry Koppelman Mr. and Mrs. Denis Sanan Wilderness ConservancyMoccasin Lake Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. SchallMontecito Bank & Trust Mr. and Mrs. James H. Selbert
  6. 6. Events and ActivitiesVintners for Humanity Trekking and River Expedition 2003 Nobel Peace Prize LaureateThe 2004-2005 Vintners for Humanity On July 7 through the 21, 2004, Direct Relief is to Speak at UCSBwinemaker dinner series will be kicking off coordinating a trekking and river expedition for Direct Relief International, in collaboration within June! These dinners highlight the exclusive students and parents in the rainforest of Bolivia’s the University of California, Santa Barbara’sand premiere wines of Santa Barbara County Northwest Upper Amazon Basin. This trek will Arts & Lectures Series, will host a lecture andpaired with food prepared by Santa Barbara provide the travelers with an unparalleled first- fundraising dinner with the 2003 Nobel PeaceCounty’s finest chefs, all to benefit Direct Relief hand educational experience in humanitarian aid, Prize Laureate, Shirin Ebadi. Ms. Ebadi wasInternational. Amazon rainforest ecology, and Bolivian culture awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts for and history, while at the same time raise funds for democracy and human rights, with a focus onLast year’s series included wines from Andrew one of Direct Relief’s partner facilities in Bolivia, the struggle for theMurray Vineyards, Au Bon Climat, Cold the Rio Beni Health Project. rights of womenHeaven, Curtis Winery, Fess Parker Winery and children within& Vineyard, Firestone Winery, Hitching This is the second consecutive year that Direct her home countryPost Winery & Restaurant, Margerum Wine Relief has coordinated a trip of this scope, of Iran.Company, Oak Savanna Vineyard, and Sanford offering participants an educational, insightful,Winery. The series raised over $75,000 in and once in a lifetime experience. The lecture atcritically needed funds to provide humanitarian UCSB’s Campbell photo: AFP/ Gettymedical aid worldwide. Hall on May 17, 2004, and the fundraising dinner on May 16, are For details about or reservations for any of the activities above, open to the public please call 805-964-4767 or visit our website: www.directrelief.org. and promise to be informative and Shirin Ebadi accepting inspiring events. the Nobel Peace Prize address service requested info@directrelief.org www.directrelief.org fax:(805) 681.4838 tel:(805) 964.4767 santa barbara, ca 93117 s. la patera lane 27 U.S. Postage