2003 Spring Newsletter


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2003 Spring Newsletter

  1. 1. In the News In the News Direct Relief Official DirectARelief Receives Prestigious Humanitarian Award INTERN TIONALSusan Fowler, Director of Programs for Direct Relief International, was honored with a 2003 Award Nonprofit “Shareholders” Healthy people. Better world.of Excellence from the Diwaliben Charitable Trust of India. Previous recipients of this prestigiousaward have been Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Albert Schweitzer, and the Dalai Lama XIV.The award recognizes outstanding individuals for “alleviating the suffering of the poor in develop- Meet for the First Timeing countries.” Direct Relief International held its first-ever “Shareholders’ expect and deserve to know the value of their investmentThe Diwaliben Trust supports health care institutions throughout India and has been a longtime Meeting and Symposium” on March 6th in Santa Barbara, in human terms – what services were provided, who ulti-partner of Direct Relief’s in distributing humanitarian aid. As Direct Relief’s principal liaison with California. “Shareholder” is a term usually reserved for the mately benefited, and whether the work was done costIndian health organizations for 15 years, Fowler has worked closely with the Trust, overseeing tens corporate world, but Direct Relief’s President and CEO, Tho- effectively.”of millions of dollars in aid to India, including emergency aid after a devastating earthquake in Susan Fowler accepts her award in India. mas Tighe, believes it should have a wider application. “Di-Gujarat, India in 2001. In January, Fowler returned to India to visit some of Direct Relief’s Photo by Jay Farbman rect Relief considers every person who contributes money, ma- To put a face on Direct Relief’s work, three of the THE BULLETINpartners and to accept her award from the Diwaliben Trust. terial, or time to have made an investment in our work. They organization’s overseas partners made presentations. Ma- are our nonprofit version of a shareholder,” explained Tighe. dame Vivian Oku, a nurse and midwife from Motoka Is-In talking about Fowler’s award, Thomas Tighe, Direct Relief’s President and CEO, said “Susan’s chosen path in life has been to help lift others up, land, Ghana, Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar of Pune, India, andwhich she has done with a big heart and a terrifically sharp mind. In her leadership role at Direct Relief, she has embodied our organization’s The event was covered by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which Dr. Ralph Kuon of the Peruvian American Medical Soci-mission and approach—unfailing respect for the people we serve and focus on providing tools that enable people to help themselves.” observed that the meeting “may have been the first such event ety each spoke about their work and how Direct Relief This newsletter was written and designed by Direct Relief International staff. Printed on recycled paper. in the nonprofit world.” The Chronicle also pointed out that, has made a difference in their efforts. To offer the per- “the issue of accountability is especially timely now, given the spective of one of Direct Relief’s many corporate in-kind recent controversies over whether nonprofit groups are abid- donors, Dean Paranicas, Vice President of Investor Rela- ing by their donors’ intent.” tions and Public Affairs at BD (formerly Becton Dickinson), also spoke about BD’s extensive charitable programs to enhance health care. The event’s keynote speaker was W. Randall Jones, editor-in-chief of Worth magazine. Jones annually devotes an issue of Worth to identify “America’s 100 Best Charities”, which named Direct Relief in the 2001/2002 edition. In his lively talk, info@directrelief.org entitled “From Punk Rock to Activist Phi- www.directrelief.org lanthropy— How to Change the World in Fax | 805.681.4838 Three Easy Steps,” Jones talked about his Tel | 805.964.4767 philosophy of “Dying Broke.” He called California 93117 for people to make their charitable contri- Santa Barbara 27 South La Patera Lane butions while living so they can see their Direct Relief overseas partners Dr. Kuon, Dr. Kelkar, and Madame Oku with CEO Mr. Tighe money put to work. He noted that this is particularly important due to the projected The audience of over 200 Direct Relief supporters included massive inter-generational transfer of wealth to the baby INTERNATIONAL Santa Barbara, CA Direct Relief Permit 756 financial contributors, overseas partners, corporate donors, and boom generation that will occur in the next few years. PAID community members. In his opening remarks, Tighe told the Spring, 2003 U.S. Postage audience, “We know that our investors do not seek a personal The full text of “The Chronicle of Philanthropy” article about Non Profit Organization return on investment in straight financial terms – their in- the Shareholders’ Meeting and Symposium can be found on vestment is to benefit others. However, we believe that they our website at www.directrelief.org.
  2. 2. In Focus Volunteer Profile Rick Closson Corporate Industry Leaders Provide Partners New Support Whether it’s sorting in the pharmacy, packing in the warehouse, organizing fundraising events, isfaction he receieves in his work as a health care professional. preparing mailings, or helping to put on our monthly luncheons, Direct Relief depends on the Rick and his wife Cathy live in Santa BarbaraFrom January 1st through March 31st of effortsofmanyvolunteerstobetheeffectiveand where they have raised two children—Caren, who2003, Direct Relief shipped medical efficient organization our donors expect. With- is completing a Ph.D. in Marine Biology atproducts with a wholesale value of over out the 400 volunteers who help out in some ca- Stanford, and Derek, who is studying Computer$8.8 million. The vast majority of these Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. recently Direct Relief has recently received the larg- pacityeveryyear,ourprofessionalstaffof29sim- Science at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo.products were donated by American included Direct Relief International in its est single donation of surgical instruments in ply would not be able to do all that they do. Rick is a graduate of the School of Pharmacy atcorporations. We would like to thank Annual Product Allotment Program. This its history from Miltex, Inc., the world’s lead- U.C. San Francisco where he has also been an in-these corporate partners, without whom gift allows Direct Relief to choose specific ing provider of surgical instruments. Scal- Rick Closson has been helping Direct Relief structor.we would not be able to help so many Volunteer Rick Closson pharmaceuticals from Merck’s product line, pels, scissors, and forceps are among the in- turn hospital excess into humanitarian goldpeople around the world. not just accept excess inventory, and since struments included in this multi-million dol- for the past seven years. As an Operating Twice a month, Rick loads up his car with for- Rick and Cathy have an interest in architecture it is newly manufactured, the product will lar gift, which will dramatically improve Di- Room Pharmacist at St. John’s Regional Medi- ceps, scissors, I.V. sets, and other operating and historic preservation and contribute a signifi-Abbott LaboratoriesAlcon Laboratories, Inc. have the maximum amount of shelf life be- rect Relief’s ability to supply its partner hos- cal Center in Oxnard, California, Rick saw room supplies from St. John’s Hospital and cant amount of their time to the Pearl Chase So-Allergan, Inc. fore reaching its expiration date. pitals and clinics. that a lot of supplies were discarded, and he brings them to Direct Relief. The supplies are ciety, an organization that celebrates SantaArm & Hammer knew there had to be a better place for them sorted, packed, and then shipped out around Barbara’s architecture. Rick edits the Society’sAventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. For 2003, Merck will fulfill Direct Relief’s This gift became a reality due to the efforts than a landfill. He contacted Direct Relief the world in response to specific requests. Rick monthly newsletter, and Cathy is the coordinatorAvon ProductsBristol-Myers Squibb Company requests for product on a quarterly basis. The of former Direct Relief Board Member Jim and found that some of the hospital’s excess believes that the personal satisfaction he real- of this year’s Historic Homes Walking Tour. Di-John O. Butler Company first request was for VIOXX, Merck’s highly Eiting. Mr. Eiting is the Chairman of materials could be put to good use in other izes from volunteering for Direct Relief is an rect Relief is honored and enhanced as an organi-Cordis Neurovascular, Inc. effective pain medication. VIOXX was Midmark Corporation, a longtime supporter countries. extension of the personal and professional sat- zation by the commitment of Rick Closson.East West Associates originally developed to treat osteoarthritis, of Direct Relief, and he also sits on the BoardFine Science Tools, Inc.Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc. but it is also used for post-surgical and post- of Miltex. We are deeply grateful to Mr.GlaxoSmithKline trauma pain control. Merck’s commitment Eiting and Miltex for this enormously impor-Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies has the effect of dramatically increasing Di- tant donation. CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE ...Johnson & Johnson Consumer rect Relief’s budget for purchasing pharma-Landes, Inc. ceuticals and will benefit thousands of 1,000 pairs of glasses donated by Rick FeldmanMattell, Inc.McKesson Corp. Medical Group people around the world. of The Eyeglass Factory in Santa Barbara. ForMedical Innovations, Inc. clinic staff, we left behind a focometer (a Iraq UpdateMerck & Co., Inc. stubby spyglass-looking tool used to determineMicroflex correction for distance vision), along with theMidmark CorporationMiltex Instrument Company dental puppets, eye charts, and diabetes post- In response to unfolding events in Iraq, Direct Relief has sent an initial shipment ofNexxus Products Company ers.Nordent Manufacturing, Inc. medicines and supplies and is coordinating with other groups for future assistance.Omron Healthcare, Inc. On Friday, March 21, 2003, Direct Relief provided 120 pounds of medical materials, “I am so grateful,” Dr. Laura said the morn-Pacific Medical, Inc. valued at over $13,000, including basic antibiotics, analgesics, and first-aid itemsPfizer, Inc. ing we left, “for your creativity, your good- that are recommended by the World Health Organization for use in emergencies. AsHenry Schein, Inc. will, and your ability.” She had us at ¡Hola!Schering Plough Corporation needs assessments are completed and logistics channels cleared, Direct Relief will At the lunch break that first clinic day, weShaman Botanicals provide targeted assistance for humanitarian purposes. For up to the minute informa- were already making plans for what we couldTandberg Telecom AS tion on our work in Iraq, please visit our website at www.directrelief.org.Watson Pharmaceuticals do on our next trip.World Kitchen, Inc. Volunteer Pamela LaVigne traveled to Mexico in Please Remember Direct Relief in your will and estate plans. March with Women for Direct Relief. The trip was the group’s first on-site visit to one of Direct Nancy Koppelman, chair of the women’s group, takes the blood pressure of a clinic patient. Relief’spartnersoverseas.
  3. 3. From the Field From the Field Women’s Group Serves Clinic in Mexico Support for Maternal and Child Health by Pamela LaVigne in Northern Laos by Kelly Darnell, Program OfficerBy any measure — lovely setting, genial host, the clinic that combined Spanish classes at scoliosis, head lice, and ear/nose/throat prob-tasty food, full and satisfying days — the Mar de Jade with clinic work in Las Varas. lems.Women for Direct Relief’s trip to Mexico was Each student stressed that the lack of access Located in the mountains of Northern Laos, During my visit we took a boat up river toa memorable vacation. That it was also a to sophisticated tests and medical specialties We also showed groups of kids how to brush the Nale district consists of 83 villages and visit Ban Hadma. This village is one of 30working visit to one of Direct Relief’s long- provided valuable practice in physical diag- and floss their teeth using two plush animal is home to over 35,000 people. The people villages with a health post staffed by a vil-time local partners…well, that was a bonus. nosis that was less emphasized in their med puppets with big choppers (and a hidden of Nale had no access to medical care until lage member who has been trained and school training. squirt bottle). Before and after their exams, the Nale Hospital was built in 1995 to pro- equipped by Nale Hospital. Each healthFifteen women, including four Direct Relief vide services such as prenatal care, deliver- worker serves as a vital link between the hos-staff members, made the five day trip in early ies, and well baby exams. The hospital is run pital and the village by providing early treat-March to see—and be—Direct Relief’s sup- by Dr. Welcome, who volunteered to be as- ment for health problems such as malaria andport for the work of Dr. Laura del Valle and signed to Nale and is one of a handful of dehydration and identifying villagers whoher clinic, La Casa Clinica Convivencia highly sought-after Laotian physicians who need to be referred to the hospital.Campesina, in Las Varas, Mexico. had the opportunity to do their medical Kelly Darnell at Nale Hospital training in Vietnam. Staffing at the hospital Many villages like Ban Hadma moved down Photo by Bryan WattOur base was Mar de Jade, a resort about one also includes nine nurses, an assistant physi- from higher mountain elevations in recentand a half hours by car north of Puerto cian, a nurse midwife, and a lab technician. years to be closer to medical care after being leaders took turns tying dozens of smallVallarta, which is owned by Dr. Laura. Rev- hit by several epidemics. The chief of Ban strings around my wrist to protect me fromenue from the resort provides for approxi- Hadma said that although the harm and bring me a safe journey home.mately half the costs of la Clinica. We met move was very hard on his village,Dr. Laura on the open-air dining porch, over- he knew his people’s health and Kelly Darnell has been a Program Officerlooking a bay with impressive surf. A lively survival depended on it. at Direct Relief for four years. On herwoman quick to laugh, she pointed out dam- recenttriptoSoutheastAsiashevisitedage from the November hurricane, notably Direct Relief’s first donation to several facilities in Laos and Cambodia,black boulders ringing the beach like rough the Nale Hospital arrived at the including facilities referred to Direct Reliefbleachers. Things were slowly returning to port shortly after my visit. With by our partner organization, Healthnormal since the hurricane, and Dr. Laura virtually no operating budget of Volunteers Overseas. She previouslywas proud to be celebrating 20 years in busi- its own, the Laotian Ministry of served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ivoryness. Health was eager to assist in get- Coast, West Africa. Women’s group member Judy Anticouni administers eye test. ting supplies to one of its most re-That night we met four medical students who mote hospitals. The Ministry Health Volunteers Overseaswere wrapping up a three-week rotation at Our short stay in Mexico gave us two days of kids played with supplies we had brought, worked hard to obtain all neces- hands-on work in the clinic, with a day off blowing soap bubbles, drawing pictures, and sary customs clearance paperwork HVO is dedicated to improving the between for R&R. Each clinic day we saw having their faces painted with stars and glit- and escorted the shipment along availability and quality of health care in ¡ GRACIAS! 100 people, mas o menos, with 50 kids in the ter—all big hits. the 30 hours of road it takes to developing countries through the Thank you to Rick Feldman of The morning and 50 adults, mostly women, in the reach Nale from Vientiane. training and education of indigenous Eyeglass Factory in Santa Barbara. His afternoon. We used every word of Spanish we had, and medical professionals. Each year, HVO donation of 1,000 new eyeglasses was what we couldn’t say, we showed with wel- Out of gratitude for Direct sends U.S. healthcare professionals to hand-carried to La Casa Clinica We set up in the clinic’s multipurpose patio, coming smiles, an arm around the shoulder, a Relief’s assistance, Nale Hospital over 25 countries to train local health Convivencia Campesina on the arranging tables, pacing off distance for the thumbs-up, and pat on the back. staff and community members care providers. If you would like to women’s group’s recent trip. His gen- eye charts, and pulling chairs and benches held a Basi ceremony which in- know more about becoming an HVO erosity has had a profound impact on out of the sun. We had various stations: to Almost every adult we saw required correc- cluded a feast of local foods and a volunteer, please visit their website at the people of Las Varas, Mexico. measure height, weight, and blood pressure; tive lenses, which we dispensed from the Young girl from the village of Ban Hadma small altar of their most precious www.hvousa.org. to test vision; and for the kids, to check for Photo by Bryan Watt offerings. In the end, community CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE ...
  4. 4. Our Supporters DIPLOMATIC CORPS $1,000 to $2,499Direct Relief International gratefully acknowledges the people who make our work possible. (January 1, through March 31, 2003) The Antioch Company Dr. Dorothy Largay and Mr. Wayne Rosing Bank of America Foundation, Inc. Lopker Family Foundation Peter K. Barker Foundation Mr. Stephen McDonough GLOBAL EMISSARY Mrs. Eunice Butler Mrs. C. B. McFie $25,000 to $49,999 Mrs. James Carrigan Ms. Donna Mellon Mr. and Mrs. James M. Celmayster Mr. Karl Metzenberg Anonymous (2) Mr. Warren S. Farrell Mrs. Tom Mielko Liselotte Kuttler Trust FedEx Mrs. Erna Molnar The Estate of Florence Feiler Dr. Anwana Ntofon WORLD HEALTH ENVOY Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pachner $10,000 to $24,999 Fox Hill Farm Mr. E. Bryson Powell Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Gaspar Mr. Michael Schmidtchen and Ms. Linda Thompson Anonymous Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Gateway Apartments St. John of God Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation Mr. Matt Griffin and Ms. Evelyne Rozner The Wm. Brian and Judith Little Charitable Trust Christian Relief Services S.G. Foundation Dr. Eloise M. Harman Ms. Lee Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Mr. and Mrs. C. William Schlosser Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harter, Jr. The Towbes Group, Inc. Guyana Medical Relief Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Mr. Glenn W. Johnson, III Mr. D. F. Tuthill Mr. Stanley Hubbard Ms. Judith Jones University of Florida Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Koepfli Mr. and Mrs. Diego Velasquez PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL $5,000 to $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Adams The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation GENERAL ASSEMBLY B & B Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarthy $500 to $999 Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Forkosh Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moore, Sr. Fox Point, LTD. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Bailey Mr. Christopher M. Moore PacifiCare Foundation Global Partners for Development Mr. and Mrs. Hancock Banning, III Mr. and Mrs. David Morris Mr. and Mrs. Denis Sanan Hermandad del Senor de Los Milagros The Beagle Charitable Foundation Ms. Susanna R. Morrow Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners of America Mr. and Mrs. Roger Himovitz Belizean Relief Organization Nicaragua Children’s Fund Dr. Kathryn Challoner and Mr. A. Dorian Challoner Packers, LTD Ms. Elizabeth M. Cote Paso Robles Rotary Service, Inc. MINISTERS OF HEALTH Mrs. Willard DeGroot Mr. and Mrs. William H. Paxton $2,500 to $4,999 Mr. Dean Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Nett Friends of Aravind Mrs. Jane C. Rieffel Stephen and Denise Adams Family Foundation Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Fundacion Justicia y Amor Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Robinson Christian Aid Ministries Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shattuck Mr. and Mrs. David Goldmuntz The Roney Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Derk Hunter Westmont College Ms. Ruth Gonser Rotary Club of Atascadero Mr. Wesley H. Kelman Ms. Barbara Graper Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hotchkis Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise Ms. Margot Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Royce Mrs. William Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Scheiss Mr. Neil R. Kudler and Ms. Nancy Flam Ms. Janet E. Singer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Jan E. Smit Charles H. Bell (1907 - 2003) Ms. Andree Lindow St. Mark’s Church of Los Olivos Mr. Zachary Lockman and Ms. Melinda Fine Mr. and Mrs. Harry TurnerDirect Relief International mourns the passing of Charles H. Bell. A stalwart supporter of Direct Relief, Ms. Kate G. Lopez The University of ChicagoMr. Bell died in Santa Barbara, California, on April 12th at the age of 95. Mr. Bell was the former Mr. and Mrs. Thad MacMillan Ms. Deanne G. ViolichPresident and Chairman of General Mills. He retired in 1969 after 47 years with the company. Direct Dr. and Mrs. Armand Martel Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence WallinRelief was fortunate to be among the many nonprofit organizations that benefited from his support. Mr. Mr. Arthur Milligan Westwood Baptist ChurchBell was also active in conservation and the arts, and he founded Belwin, an outdoor educational Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mogan Mr. Jeffrey P. Whittemorelaboratory in Minnesota. His family has asked that memorials be made in his name to Belwin and Ms. Jan Mc M. Montgomery World Reach, Inc.Direct Relief. Ms. Jan N. Mooney Mrs. C. W. Youker